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  1. There's always the guy outside City Road cemetry every sunday, usually sells a good selection of cut flowers.
  2. The one opposite Bernard Road incinerator is good. For a car £4 for wash and leather, £8 mini valet - wash, rinse, dry, windows inside and out polished, dash and interior trim polished, inside vac and tyre wall put on- good value.They give you a free air freshner as well.
  3. That's cheap, Hotpoint's call out is around £80, Electrolux around £55.
  4. The one with ginger hair who did Bridget the Midget sadly died a few years ago, the other along with someone else two run the Cee Bee club act booking agency.You certaintley had to arrive early to get a seat in the club when they was on.
  5. Was closed on Wednesday when I went past with a notice on the door saying sorry closed today.
  6. The leaflet called Labour listerns on City Road is from Jan Wilson.
  7. Had a flyer from Labour Party today saying they are looking at doing away with the clearway restrictions on City Road on one side only, the side opposite the Cemetry from park Grange Road to Granville Road, so residents can park outside their house at all times of day. Think I might vote Labour if they go ahead!.
  8. Ecclesall road south, past the Wheatsheaf carvery on your left going out of Town, go in right hand lane at lights, carry on, not very far on your right, entrance with gates.
  9. There's a section on the Freeview web page that lets you put in your postcode and it tells you whether you can recieve it or not in your area. Freesat via a satalite dish or sky can normally pick up most chanels even in a poor freeview reception area. For freesat you buy a box from a high street shop and pay a one off instalation fee for the dish, no further subscpritions.
  10. Give them a ring and check, but if you go if a large vechile you have to book in first as they think you might be trade.
  11. Think they work till about 11pm or even later.
  12. Did anyone else go to Cleethorpes yesterday, hundreds of ladybirds everywhere, never seen so many. Wondered what the reason was?
  13. You can buy a laminator that comes with A4 pouches from Wilkinsons for around £9.
  14. They still have a gala, but no funfair. maybe a few kids rides attend.
  15. Not the same buzz these days as the kids have too much other things to do, there was no Playstations etc when we were young. I remember the good old days at fairs that you talked about, today its usually kids with no money just messing about.
  16. I know the current owner of Farrar's Fairs who are still in business, they would love to come back to Beighton if someone could find them a suitable ground to put the fair on. Some of their rides are currentley open in Rother Valley.
  17. Manor Top, Market, City Centre, City road, Mosborough, Birley Moor shops all got them.
  18. Fri 12 - 9, Sat 12 - 9, Sun 12 - 6, there's loads of money off vouchers in the shops that have posters up.
  19. If you put in the night before when it is dark, no one will ever know!
  20. Or you could always look in neigbours bins on collection day and fill up any of their unused space.
  21. If you tie it up in neat piles and put in beside the bin they normally take it. Otherwise places like B&Q and Asda have paper/ cardboard bins also availble at tips like Blackstock road if you have transport.
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