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  1. Went to school with a Philip Harding who will now be in his early 60's. He is on Facebook.
  2. Farrar's Fun Fair returns to Hillsborough Park from May 2 to 6. Visit their Facebook page to enter a competition to win free ride tickets
  3. Surprised there is never a speed camera van on that road, they would catch loads.
  4. Barkers Pool as usual. Its at Lincoln Christmas market at the moment.
  5. info on facebook page, Sheffield Xmas market.
  6. Five Live and The One Show will be at Sheffield's Christmas Market from 2pm on Monday December 3.
  7. Heard a few years ago that Tesco was going to build a super store on here but it was found mush of the site is contaminated.
  8. When the Circus and Funfair visit the park (and any other council owned sites) they pay a substantial amount of rent and a bond which is non refundable if they leave a behind mess, so i would imagine this would apply to the organisers of Tramlines as well.
  9. Well Hillsborough Park will benefit in the long run, read somewhere the organisers of Tramlines are donating £10,000 to the park.
  10. Whats happened to Manor Lane chip shop?, different miserable staff, slow service (2 people walked out, got fed up of waiting) and the food is terrible. At least mine was today, more batter (which was soggy) than fish, chips only just warm and all small chips. Will be thinking twice about going again in the near future.
  11. Try Oliver's tyres, Craddock Road, off City Road just below Quick Fit heading down from Manor Top.
  12. From April 27 to May 29 the Big Wheel returns to Sheffield, open daily in Barkers Pool.
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