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  1. Chinese Circus is coming to Meadowhall, Bourborne st Car park, 15 - 25 april.
  2. I have the Lp and remember many years ago when this band drove arround Sheffield in a blue transit van with Shape of the Rain displayed accross the windscreen.
  3. Last day Sunday, 2pm and 4.30, then it starts again on Wed until Sunday at Sandal Beat next to Doncaster Racecourse.
  4. There are no animals, it is all human acts, but good ones including acrobatics, a quick change act, comedy clown car, comedy trampoline act, motorbikes in a globe, plate spinning, a wheel of death, etc. A lady i know who went last night said it was the best Circus she had ever been to, 2 hours of first class entertainment if you like that kind of stuff. Drinks , hot dogs etc are expensive but most people sneek their own drinks and sweets etc in.
  5. Its Uncle Sams American Circus - 13 - 21 march.
  6. British Oak , Mosborough, think they have one tonight.
  7. Went past 3 hours ago and again just now and its still there, a 58 plate Focus estate car on the lower part of City Road with a smashed back window and what looked like a bullet mark on the windscreen.
  8. Until recentley those nice new double deckers were on this route, now nearly always a single decker. Is that because not as many people using them?, or another reason.
  9. Has The Cutlers on Leighton Road closed?, went past frid and sat night, pub all in darkness, same lights on both nights in upstairs in living accomodation, but that all looked empty.
  10. Just remembered the one on Change Alley was called Berts or Burts.
  11. Yes in the same building, think was a Bingo place after bowling before it became Rileys.
  12. Last time i went for a game of pool, was talking to the manager about when it was a bowling alley and he told me the lanes are still there under the current floor.
  13. John Lewis sell a range and sometimes have people demonstrating them.
  14. Think it was Marsdens, my late gran worked there and i remember her refering to it as Marsden's milk bar.
  15. Yes, been to functions at both the S&E Co op that used to be a bottom of the Moor (remember going up in that ancient looking lift) and at the B&C in Angel St. Also once went to a function held in Atkinson's restuarent. These sort of places used to be popular before places like foot ball ground function rooms and hotels took over for functions.
  16. Wasn't Davy's restuarant above there somewhere?, remember going in there as a young child. Good old fashioned silver service.
  17. Just got the name of it from a friend, went here last year to party, nice room, you could do your own food and take your own dj. Its called Springwater Com Centre next to St John Fisher School on Springwater Ave at Hackenthorpe. ( New building behind older one).
  18. Birley squash club has been closed for about 18 months.
  19. Norton House Country Club Mosborough Mimers Welfare Club Eckington Civic Centre Transport club - Meadowhead.
  20. Went in a few weeks ago with my mate for the tue night quiz, stayed till 9.45, only three people in, think they called off the quiz!
  21. Mosborough Miners welfare club, or Queens Pub. both have function rooms.
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