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  1. for the life of me i cannot understand why stagecoach are rerouting the 43 to go round Newbold when the folk in Newbold have the Newbold circular
  2. been a while since i have been on here but i would like to comment about the severe flooding on Woodseats i firmly believe that sheffield city council are responsible for it because they have let the lakes in graves park silt up so when it rains they cannot hold onto excess water all they need to do to resolve it is empty the lake and dredge all the silt out
  3. Northern Rail fail in their commitments to the Equality Act by treating disabled customers less favourably than non-disabled customers. They allow you to book scooter/ramp assistance and then deny access to the train when the customer arrives. This can be intimidating and humiliating them at times. Northern Rail’s policy is outdated and their treatment of disabled people is unacceptable. The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to help ensure businesses treat everyone fairly. It protects anyone who is disabled, is thought to be disabled, or is with someone who is disabled. It gives these people rights to access goods or services in a way that means they are not treated less favourably than people without a disability https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/228103
  4. Hi my niece has had a baby its a boy and will be 6 month old at christmas what can i get him for christmas???
  5. Hi i have seen a secondhand flashgun i am intersted in its a canon 550ex is it compatible with my camera
  6. I get most of my plants from http://newleafplantcentre.co.uk/
  7. A young woman launched a vile racist attack at a shop worker and told him to 'go back to your own country' The woman, who was apparently drunk, can be seen in video footage spitting at the chicken shop worker in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The victim of the racist abuse filmed the disgusting tirade as the girl's friend tried in vain to pull her out of the shop - but the woman appeared determined to end her sickening rant. She yelled: “Go back to Algeria. You're a disgrace. This woman needs to be named and shamed https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/were-english-go-home-womans-12335195
  8. Hi i need some advice i had a pip tribuneral 31st january i won and was awarded top rate care & mobility . I have not heard anything since no brown envelope to tell me whats happening or when i am getting paid what should i do ???
  9. There was a choice of three candidates all female BEX BAILY ALISON MARTIN AND CHRIS PEACE
  10. Yesterday north east derbyshire elected a new parliamentary candidate she is from sheffield http://www.chrispeace.org.uk/ to hopefully win back the seat currently occupied by a conservative mp
  11. I have aspbergers but i am in dronfield do i qualify for this help???
  12. Hi fellow photographers i am after a good video camera for use at airshows must have good optical zoom on it whats a good one to get
  13. have you looked on this website ??? http://www.autism.org.uk/about/adult-life.aspx
  14. Hi can i ask are there any model shops left in sheffield city centre i understand antics has shut down which is a shame as it was a good shop is the only shop in sheffield http://www.marcway.net/ or are there others were i can get 1/35 model kits???
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