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  1. Were can i purchase warhammer figures in sheffield i know about the warhammer shop at end of moor were else should i go ???
  2. I used to attend a monthly a autism social group down near sheffield castle and walk through the city centre to fitzwilliam gate. I hope they develop the castle into a big tourist attraction. That area near castle market along waingate and haymarket is scruffy and run down and need some investment then you have debenhams on the moor thats going to leave a big empty space there are already a number of empty shop units on the moor
  3. Hi everybody do any of you know if there is a shop mobility scheme in sheffield city centre like the one at crystal peaks???
  4. Hi can anybody tell me were i can get SWFC gift wrap and gift bags in sheffield for a wednesday fans birthday
  5. You cant beat a local show but it needs to be in a central location with good public transport links so its easy to get to maybe combine it with the lords mayors parade if thats still going and have the floats start and end at the show a show would be a good oppertunity for local companies to advertise what they do
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/636170444018483/ new group for local fishkeepers in chesterfield and sheffield
  7. On 22nd august 2021 its chesterfield pride The Main Stage will see an array of amazing talent including Big Brovaz, Booty Luv, Kelly Wilde and Black Lace Cabaret Stage which will see a host of local artists perform including Rachael Webster, Yesterday’s Gone, HBBRD and Andrew Warner. The cabaret stage will also see some amazing drag performances from KY Kelly, Jackie Love, Donna Trump and star of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Joe Black. The event will also see a market area packed with stalls, food outlets, bar area adult tickets £15 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chesterfield-pride-2021-tickets-88245706283?aff=erelpanelorg
  8. hi on my windows update list i have this has anybody experienced any problems after installing it ???
  9. Defo don't want casual nookie just want to meet other trans people in sheffield
  10. A friend of mine is a cross dresser are there any places he can go for a makeover taken to buy some clothes then have hair and make up done and a photoshoot
  11. Hi are there any clubs in sheffield for (crossdressers) to go in a safe relaxed environment a bit of company were they can meet other people that cross-dress
  12. I don't know why the council is installing these in the city centre there has never been a terrorist attack here if they were going to attack somewhere they would attack a bigger target like meadowhall https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-51571285?at_custom4=3DD09EEA-549B-11EA-8E60-1AAB96E8478F&at_custom1=link&at_campaign=64&at_medium=custom7&at_custom3=Regional+BBC+Yorkshire+&at_custom2=facebook_page
  13. Hi i want to get a minnow trap so i can live bait for pike perch and brown trout anybody know were i can get one from
  14. Just had a letter my pip ends in may so i have applied again as i have aspbergers and a umbilical hernia the size of a football making it difficult for me to walk far hope its not like last time when i had to appeal and take the dwp to court
  15. No i didn't mean All united supporters just the ones who broke into Hillsborough and crapped on the pitch
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