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  2. Is that your only problem with it then? We could fix that issue by simply making it legal!
  3. The tory party membership just happens to be made up of a higher proportion of white men than you would expect if it were representative. It also happens that it's made up of people who are more wealthy than a representative sample would be. It's not wrong to point these facts out.
  4. They're not though. Literally no-one is conflicted on this issue.
  5. They are. I can also see how the right would be too, given they would not like either Muslims or homosexuals. Both extremes will be conflicted.
  6. Did any residents find it difficult to park yesterday in the blocked off roads where they live ? Took me over 30 mins to find a space ..similar to when the footballs on . The system they used during Tramlines last year seemed to be much better . I spoke to one of the Marshall’s and she said she thought they were not all residents getting through.
  7. You've tried to strawman everyone then. Nobody has talked about doing 70 in the 50 zone, nor is there a proposal to change the speed limit for the 50 zone. Driving at 50 in the 50 zone isn't too slow, nobody has said it is. Just to remind you, this is how you launched in, on a thread that is specifically talking about the 70 mph section of the parkway. You then proceed to argue for several pages before coming out with the gem that you don't even drive on the section being discussed and are in fact talking about a different part of the road to everyone else. You then seem to think that this is every else's problem and not yours.
  8. It harms the child obviously. But if they want to homeschool they can obviously. The protesting, and the way they're doing it though is also harmful. I can see you repeating over and over again that the left are conflicted on this issue, but it just appears to be in your head, nobody is actually conflicted about it, no matter how much you think they should be or how often you say they are.
  9. You already answered it. Fundamentally, do you agree or disagree with homophobia? No, it's the left that is conflicted over this. Tolerate the intolerant. A real juxtaposition. That's why I reduced Mister Gee to a meltdown. His brain just fried. And don't baselessly accuse me of not liking Muslims or being homophobic. I just wanted to highlight the conflict, which I've done.
  10. You should have bought one with a mate. Then you could have spent the best years of your life arguing about who really owned it....
  11. Today
  12. Or Needs some Earex or to rely on the old fashioned remedy...olive oil....never understood how that could even possibly work?
  13. Peeked at Padders previous post. 🧐
  14. Mr Brooker, I'm sorry if I am upsetting you with these observations. I do understand fully the points you are making. None of that changes my views in terms of your club's prospects for this season. You are becoming rather irritated, that much is obvious. So let's leave it there because I have not come on here to seek an argument. Maybe , I can just reassure you thought that as someone who heads up two companies, one of which is global in nature, and has represented the UK government Dept of International Trade, promoting UK business overseas, I do know a little bit about finances. And I also always wanted a Scalextric - but never had one.
  15. Bickering and insulting posts and follow-ons removed. If you are unable to remain civil then don't post.
  16. Thats good it was my daughter who was told no more at tesco infirmary road.Thanks for info i will pass it on We go at 7 its normally syarted then
  17. Sometimes the OU is better regarded . My niece left school with only GCSE's ,eventualy found a job she was good at .The Mgmt wanted to promote her but couldn't without qualifications so she spent three years and her own money getting a relevant qualification from the OU . Result next employer was really impressed and paid for her to go to the next level
  18. Yesterday
  19. I specifically said defend it. I would not no as you suggest above.
  20. Now they're some sad things known to man But ain't too much sadder than The tears of a clown when there's no one around.
  21. We’re not talking about an invasion here. If Boris Johnson asked you to go to Ireland to wipe out the Irish nationalist population to remove the ‘problem’ of the Irish backstop, would you do it?
  22. What do you mean exactly? I would join the British Army not the Sheffield Army. I wouldn't want around on Devenshire Green till the enemy came. No matter what, even if we kinda deserved it as a nation, I would fight to stop an invasion here.
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