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  2. I'd come here to post that my family like this one
  3. Wow! Even Carl Lewis would be proud of that gigantic leap.
  4. To be fair, I thought you were above judging a whole town on the response of a few people. There are some that think this way in Sheffield, no doubt. Does that mean we should feel ashamed of coming from Sheffield? Would you consider repeatedly using the same made-up names to a poster in posts, without really adding anything to the debate, an act of bullying?
  5. 🤣 Surprise! 🥳👻🎂🎉 But everyone agrees it's 95% May's deal. And they've had plenty of time to digest all that, so surely, they've just got 5% of the deal to scrutinize. Should easily manage that in less than a week.
  6. And haven't his family benefitted from the EU Gravy train!
  7. The very rich always benefit the most from everything. Then Labour will be doing them a favour, as working class Brexiters' feel Labour have deserted them and Labour MPs who supported the deal will pick up more votes as independents.
  8. Let's vilify an entire town because a tiny handful of its residents have been deliberately chosen by the mass media to belittle anybody daring to vote Leave. The tactics of the Losers is beyond belief.
  9. We have already had a referendum on whether to Leave the EU or not - the result was decisively to Leave. If we do have another referendum it should be about HOW we Leave. If Remain is an option then the referendum is simply a Losers' Vote. A few thousand sore losers trying to overturn the democratic vote of 17.4 million people, at a time when 54% of the British public now support the UK abiding by the referendum result and leaving the EU - regardless of the way they voted in the Referendum. Most people’s preferred outcome is for the UK to leave the EU, not to have a Losers' Vote to rerun the 2016 referendum.
  10. I think that you will find it is more than just one or two. Some of the most reactionary views on Brexit have been from interviews done with the people of Barnsley. Let’s not forget the guy in the barber shop interviewed on Look North the day after the referendum who said “Great news! Now when are we going to get rid of the effing immigrants?” I know a load of people who still think that when we leave the EU, all non-white people will have to leave. If Car Boot thinks that he is going to build a revolution with the help of the dumbest, most racist and reactionary section of the working class he is in for a shock.
  11. So one or two people voting for their own reasons in a UK wide ballot means we should disapprove of an entire town?
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  13. So why dont we all get together one weekend with them ,get some vans and clean the place up . It would be a start .... From small acorns mate ,and all that ..
  14. You aren’t wrong. I was thin as a whippet as a lad. But I was out running around, kicking a ball about, what kids used to do back then I guess - and I’m in my 40s. But back in the 80s/90s consoles were available, and we played them but did stuff outside as well. Are parents frightened of letting their kids out now? Because it isn’t just diet - in my late teens I ate terribly - I recall two mega Macs (remember them?) in the middle of an all dayer, followed by more pints and pizza at the end of the night. I was still thin because I still played sports back then and walked everywhere. Maybe it was the smoking. God, I miss the smoking. Now, I have a rare biscuit with a cuppa and I’ve put half a stone on. But as a kid there weren’t many fat kids. Drive past a school now and there are many.
  15. Gogglebox was a repeat and Spank Me Harder was so boring I switched it off.!
  16. It's time for our new neighbours to stop treating the areas around their homes as a pigsty. Once that happens it would be nice to think that more of us could become more friendly, tolerant and caring.
  17. It's happened to me (albeit in London) when several years ago I bought a beggar at Kings Cross a cup of tea having been asked "could you give me 50p for a cup of tea?" I bought the "gentleman" concerned a cup of tea from a nearby outlet only to have him throw it at my feet saying "I don't want your f**king tea I want your money". Hopefully the ungrateful b*stard's dead now.
  18. Poor old ken, he only wanted someone to kick in for a bit of petrol.
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