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  3. The speed limit has nothing to do with it. Although that maybe true as some will be drivers that learnt during covid when traffic was lighter, the main cause, in my opinion, seems to be that the 'me, me, me' type attitudes are becoming increasingly common on the roads. The 'I must get in front' & 'I'm not waiting a few seconds' types.
  4. But none of that is about solar panels on council houses though.....
  5. To get back on topic. I worked in social housing maintenance for several years and the repairs/upgrade budget was eroded by the condition properties were left in when tenants left and or damage caused during tenancies which had to be repaired for H & S reasons. Although financial charges were applied to tenants the prospect of recovery was minimal which impacted on the budget for improvements outside legislative upgrades
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-60059761 Now steady on .This article comes direct from MSM,but seems even handed to me regarding the lifting of mask restrictions. I am sure that this topic will be current for a few weeks so at least it gives a framework
  7. I think it flies in the face of fact based on a basic re definition. What do you think of the several links that I provided for you. Youve not looked at the them have you?
  8. Damn. That must be why my tube was cancelled and I had to faff around finding an alternative. Oh what a disaster... it all ends with me stuck on a train...... oh wait. False alarm everyone. But....... maybe it happened. Maybe this is it. The afterlife exists and seems its nothing more than a mirage of sitting in a budget hotel room eating Five Guys and drunkenly replying to SF posts
  9. But are you as right as Chekhov,who is always right but has taken the poison? Which one is the rightest?
  10. I would say the main problem is inexperienced drivers incapable of judging the speed of approaching traffic, making a dash for it and stalling.
  11. He says he wants to stay. Over to you, Wednesday.
  12. Honestly! I used to follow this thread for decent conversation, then much later a decent beer in Padders Bar, then when that closed I followed the updates from the roving reporter Rudds, and now I am faced with bedroom electric frolics from a variety of sources. Strange! Yet, .......interesting........ please continue!
  13. Yesterday
  14. So for the record only you and JC used "greater good" on here. Another martyr and prophet.
  15. Well now we all know who to thank for helping us through all this
  16. Martyrdom and Prophecy in one sentence-wow!
  17. When the dust settles it will be the people who resisted the lockdowns, the masks and restrictions who will be proved right I supported the first lockdown but that was nearly 2 years ago And even now people still want restrictions, masks and laws They think they are virtuous but they they are the selfish ones Shame on them
  18. We were pointing out it's used by idiots that have believed the nonsense perpetuated by the Gov and MSM.
  19. No I don't. I Snipped the good part of your post because I thought it was worth highlighting your unnecessary dig at the end.
  20. Only you and Jack Grey who have used the term "greater good" in relation to Covid protection and vaccination on this thread.
  21. You are seeing it because you are incompetent in your use of the forum software. Your inability to use the ignore function is analogous to your inability to understand basic science.
  22. I've never said any of that, We're just going round in circles, this thread is never going to end. We should just agree to disagree but then you have to be right so.
  23. Again don't know why I'm seeing this but I will take take the moral high ground as you gullible ones were spectacularly wrong, you'll be the last to admit it which makes it even funnier, absolute desperation. 🤡
  24. You have repeatedly said that vaccinated people would start dying in the street. Full marks for your hypocrisy exam.
  25. Don't need a prophet to see the obvious, just a bit of nous and common sense.
  26. Early and late on in this thread, you were ridiculed. That's because the things you post are ridiculous. You've been wrong from end to end. You are one of the 7% who have ensured that this has gone on for longer than necessary. You should be ashamed. Don't you dare try to take the moral high ground.
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