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    MoT'd it last week. Excellent condition. CD player, alloys, tinted back windows, spoiler (all standard so no extra ins). spotless. 02 plate. 1.3. All brakes are new (last year but unused) same with battery. Got both original keys. Been sat on my drive for a year now while I decided whether to keep it, but since not using still, I'll reluctantly let it go. Straight through Mot after freed up back brake cylinders from standing so long. (even MoT bloke commented on how good condition it is in) (S6)


  3. Yeh ok ! What have you done, installed an Olympic size swimming pool.
  4. If it's who i'm thinking of, it was Woodcock freight. I used to take stainless steel in there in the 90s from Shepcote lane. The foreman was a bloke called Sid. I noticed you're down as Tufnell driver, i did YTS there in the 80s, remember a couple of lads Stevie Rooker off the Manor & Jim off the Wybourn, i think Jim was seeing a gaffers daughter. Hope that helps. I've just thought on, there was also a team in the yard who rented a bit of warehouse, i think ( 90% ) they were called Land Sea & Air, age is a right ******* to your memory.
  5. There are some superb productions on at other theatres for lower prices - we regularly go to the University Drama Studio, a wonderful building, easily accessible, with some excellent productions at good prices. I also saw somebody mention the Lantern Theatre. Maybe try those?
  6. Th eu isn’t corrupt billy liar. Stop lying. And unless Boris is going to start knocking of MPs and forcing by elections, he still hasn’t got the numbers. There are some tories prepared to bring down th government rather than go out on a no-deal.
  7. Tha get what tha gi'en, and thall like it or lump it.
  8. And in turn betray their own party, they’re called the conservative and unionist party not the conservative and little englanders party.
  9. Well the games people play now Every night and every day now Never saying what they mean Never meaning what they say.
  10. Well it absolutely is - in very concise times - exactly what the discussion is about. The reasons why people have made their own decisions and developed their own belief systems is really just an abstraction of that. And we can of course be as nasty or as kind or as in denial as we want to be about how based in reality all of that is, for any given individual or clearly defined group.
  11. Well, Porter pizza is started as a takeaway place, with only some sitting in the shop. Perhaps it is more targeted to the takeaway market and with smaller premises that's why probably Proove is dearer. The toppings honestly I do not know because I only order Margherita pizza - not the fancy ones. Can tell you however how the best Porcini mushrooms pizzas are made in most of Italy, and it is not from fresh Porcini. They come from a can of "Porcini Trifolati" of 1Kg, best brands are Demetra , Robo or Logro'. When you need them , you drain them and put them in a pan where you have melted in two spoons of water a Porcini Mushroom stock cube. Toss them together and use them on Pizza . Perfect.
  12. I would think they smell of people who dont take personal hygiene seriously looking at the state of some of the passengers getting on and off the buses
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  14. so glad Scotland are out of the woman's world cup tonight 3.0 up and they let the Argentinians score three great goals,not that i like Argentina but Scotland ,never stop moaning
  15. stop this moaning ,if you cant afford to pay then dont go ,end of you are making more of the issue than you should
  16. Wow. I'm guessing you think Boris would be a good PM too.
  17. I think the point the article was making was less about older people going out and spending more (although I'm sure that's part of it) but more about the additional health benefits that older people get by going out and about, and the extra volunteering and unpaid care work that they are able to do that they might not otherwise. I would imagine these benefits (especially regarding health) are greater for poorer pensions that would be less likely to be out and about otherwise. I've not looked into the research to see how the actual figures were worked out.
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