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  3. If you'd been arguing that the report did a poor job of helping readers understand Mr Baker's comments by providing some context I'd have agreed with you. For all we know he may have mentioned economic issues but the report omitted that. Instead, you have been arguing that the report was inaccurate and Mr Baker's final comment was disingenuous. You haven't yet demonstrated either. If you still want to argue those points I suggest you try doing so. Just repeating that the report doesn't mention something that you have agreed is essential to any rural telecoms provision doesn't do so.
  4. In addition to the City Council elections, PCC elections and referendum (has there actually been any sort of campaign for the existing "strong leader" model?) there are 4 Parish Council by elections in Ecclesfield following the disintegration of the group of "independent" councillors elected in 2019. 2 of the councillors who resigned are standing in the by-elections they caused and the literature from the 2 warring factions of independents seems focused on flinging mud at each other. One of said factions consists entirely of people involved with (and focused wholly on) Chapeltown market, which is a very unhealthy situation when you stop and think about all the other businesses and voluntary groups in the local area. We don't need any branch of government, no matter how junior made subservient to the whims of one business.
  5. All the faux fury from the Left about Johnson taking & responding to calls & texts from James Dyson. As if the likes of Leonard McCluskey et al don't have Starmer on speed dial & at their beck & call, calling in favours. Only the naive would believe different.
  6. Agree on the economic downside of rural telecoms - but as I seem to have to keep repeating, that was not part of the BBC report, which is why I keep asking for its relevance to the actual content of that report, and the point of my original post was that Mr. Bakers parting shot (as reported) was, to say the least, disingenuous.
  7. We only have enough generating capacity if most people charge their cars overnight using a slow charge (so that the car charges slowly from midnight to 6am say rather than quickly from midnight to 1am). There is currently no mechanism to make this happen automatically.
  8. Rural telecoms infrastructure is rarely economic. Without government subsidies most of it wouldn't get built. That government funding inevitably distorts what gets provided and when because governments have their own priorities. It's also implicit in any discussion of rural telecoms infrastructure because without it the only thing to discuss was why there isn't any. Without it neither patchy mobile signals nor poor broadband provision will get fixed. If you want to argue the financing of telecoms infrastructure is irrelevant to it's provision then please do. I doubt you'll be convincing.
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