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  2. no, the rich are rich, they will always stay rich, doesnt matter what side of the brexit arguement they are on, it will ALWAYS be the poorer in society that will take a hit, NOT them. its NOT a class war issue.
  3. Why would anybody by happy with change that makes them poorer and reduces their rights being imposed on them. Think about it
  4. It strikes me as being as sensible as joining or voting for the same political party every time they vote. Its called a choice and people have been given a democratic right to state their choice regardless of the outcome as that is what makes democracy. It didnt come through mine, should I now complain?
  5. Rees-Mogg is a member of a very tiny number of rich, right wing politician capitalists who support Brexit for their own reasons. The overwhelming majority of the super rich establishment - the political elite, big business, the banks and international finance all support Remaining in the EU. How much of their profits do investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup (all of which have donated money to the cause of keeping the UK a part of the EU) give to the poor?
  6. I know and mix with all sorts of people which is why I have a much more informed outlook than most people.
  7. It wasn’t a slogan when they put it in the referendum brochure that went through every letterbox in the country
  8. Annie Bynnol

    Carpet prices in general

    Attracting and retaining customers is essential to any business and if there are problems beyond their control l am happy to accommodate. I pay for a service to fit carpets. I was instructed to remove grippers, carpet and underlay- no mention of doors. Previous fitters (same firm , same month but different fitters) had correctly removed a door that obstructs the fitting, not walked off the job leaving a door jammed stuck half open- this initiative was appreciated and resulted in a further order. Keep an eye on your fitters, ask for feedback that day ASAP.
  9. To be honest and perfectly truthful no, that is not until it was pointed out by you lot or maybe on the BBC website as I'm not sure which was first. As I have stated before and will state again I do not buy newspapers and do not watch TV nor am I a member of any political party or group so I was never influenced by any media campaign or Cameron's attempt to persuade the public to be Pro-EU. The problem, as I see it, with many remainers especially on SF is they dont want change because it suits them to keep the status quo, and when people vote for change they are not willing to accept that they can do that as it goes against their will.
  10. In the 1950s there was a clinic attached to Shiregreen School on Bracken Rd. Does anyone know where the records of anyone attending the clinic will be kept? Thanks
  11. gene

    Change a Letter (Part 21)

  12. nikki-red

    The fountain outside the midland station

    As Mike84 has already said... From... https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/parks-sport-recreation/public-spaces/sheaf-square.html
  13. darylslinn

    The fountain outside the midland station

    I thought that they had originally stated the steel was sourced in Poland.
  14. Will you stop it with this class war idiocy, brexit has nothing to do with a possible class war. Austerity was brought in by our own government, NOT the EU. You got one thing right, it was caused by the banks, mainly in the US though, NOT the EU, it started in the US https://www.thebalance.com/what-caused-2008-global-financial-crisis-3306176 as for brexit, heres an article from early this year https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/jacob-rees-mogg-line-huge-personal-windfall-britain-exits-single-market/07/02/ i take it this 9.6 billion will be paid to the poorer in society? https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2018/02/08/2198570/jacob-rees-moggs-huge-personal-windfall-after-brexit/?fbclid=IwAR0ZSKhaxetJ5UAVykgjWJmaXCqw7Xj_YBg36FB2HqNwI-theeAJ7Pd0N4A
  15. Padders

    Blades v west brom

    Tough one again, hoping for a blades win... but as you well know, anything can happen in this division. Blades will apply the pressure, then give a sloppy goal away..West Brom to nick it.. hope I"m wrong.
  16. gomgeg

    Carpet prices in general

    At one house we bought when we moved in we bought top quality Axminster (I seem to remember it was graded AO or something like that) for the lounge,dining room, hall and stairs. Even though we had kids at home then we couldn't wear them out and after a few years we were fed up of the sight of them and wanted a change even though they were still in excellent condition, we now go for the cheaper options , I can't remember how much the last one we bought cost per square metre but wouldn't dream of spending 60 quid PSM.
  17. Padders

    Guess something about next poster

    Yes, all none of them.. Next person has seen a shooting star.
  18. Today

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Branson should have won his bid for the lottery. Camelot and the Goverment thick as thieves. I do the Irish instead. Camelot con bunch.
  20. mickf

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Around the walls last time I went. Then a party left and we got a table.

    Lottery numbers strategy

    Thanks to the Shady Goverment getting big backhands is the only reason Branson isnt running it. Thats why I have a go on the Irish. Camelot-con bunch.
  22. Padders

    Keep counting up til

  23. Rootin Tootin Padders back on the trail 🤠.
  24. francypants

    Keep counting up til

  25. Looking good, lets hope it is a success.
  26. mickey finn

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    White Boy Rick, based on the true story about Richard Wershe, the youngest ever FBI informant and cocaine dealer, had high hopes for this but turned out a bit of a disappointment, not even Matthew McConaughey could lift it out of the doldrums, 5/10
  27. MattUK2018

    Room/venue hire in Sheffield?

    Thank you! I assume you mean Sheffield City Council?
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