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  4. The Gas Lamp that Roger Moffet referred to and eventually he painted it, was opposite the top of Union Road on Brincliffe Edge road at the side of a police box which was built into the wall.
  5. Let's just say the C2s just aren't 'woke' (I hate that term but you'll have to forgive me.) You can't wake people by just talking to them, they have to venture down the rabbit hole and do the research for themselves. It's time consuming, complicated, and you have to care enough to do it. Most people don't. Until people recognise Neoliberalism for what it is, what a danger it is, and where it will lead, the 'Conservatives' will continue to dupe people, just like they've done this time. And it's going to get a whole lot worse with archneoliberalist Boris at the helm.
  6. Yes, the only lasting effect of the Limehouse Declaration (coupled with the Falklands War) was to keep the Tories in power for the next 16 years. Before that particular double whammy, Labour had a consistent double-digit lead over the Tories in the polls, Michael Foot or no Michael Foot.
  7. Unfortunately they're more likely to swing back to the hard right. Even Jess Phillips appreciates that that's not a great idea: "If there are still those who think victory relies on digging out New Labour strategies, they are just as delusional as those who have spent the last two days trying to explain away the scale of the defeat. In the 1990s, Labour needed to bring middle-class voters into a coalition with a working-class base. Today we have the opposite problem." Which I think is a very apt comment. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/14/working-class-voters-didnt-trust-labour-jess-phillips How you go about that, given the Brexit-shaped driving forces behind the defection to the Tories, is another matter. You'd probably need to be economically left wing (creating jobs and infrastructure via an expansionary fiscal policy) but at least make some noises about curbing immigration. And you'd still have the insoluble problem of a hostile propaganda machine. In any case, there isn't really a centre-left faction within Labour. The only party in England that could plausibly be described as centre-left is the Greens: https://www.politicalcompass.org/uk2019
  8. Do you really believe this? Boris Johnson is the drift to the right. In fact he's already far right, and more than ready to take others with him. The new MPs that were elected are Conservatives, with Conservative values and a Conservative mandate. If people don't agree with them, they shouldn't have voted for them. Like it or not, the constituencies are now Conservative, why would they hold a Conservative cabinet to account? Now they've been elected do you really think they give a toss about the electorate? .....That's why trust was always such an issue.
  9. Exactly. We may be 'out' of the EU by the end of January, (?) but we have at least another 4 years 10 months of Conservative rule to worry about. They can do an awful lot of damage in that time...
  10. What weed are you smoking? SSDs are the superior back up medium when compared to mechanical drives. If a mechanical drive fails, you are toast unless you are able to find a service that can recover the data by disassembling the drive. SSDs however, when they fail because they have exhausted their PE cycles are specced by JEDEC to still be readable for a year after this happens.
  11. Yes, just press and hold the power button on the V5 remote.
  12. The Guardian? Step up and read the FT, the peasants lol. In all seriousness, moderates still actually exist. With Corbyn on his way out along with the rest of his gang, it is now time for Labour to come home to the centre-left.
  13. How many Labour Prime Ministers have been elected in your lifetime?
  14. Following on from #36 (ie the letter K) Last Christmas
  15. Remember it well - by the late 80's "Care In the Community" was giving somebody a carrier bag for their belongings and their bus fare to town. And yes - people with complex needs are being sanctioned at the drop of a hat. Grants to support providers have been slashed due to massive cuts to Local Government funding and it is the most vulnerable who are suffering.
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  17. I used to work at Middlewood in the early 70s, and yes they were not always nice places, but they were better than a shop doorway. Care in the Community was a great idea, and it was part of my job to prepare people who were institutionalised for life outside before they were moved into smaller group homes with a carer, (quite possibly with catmiss' mum...?) When it works, it works well, but this kind of care was/is expensive. As with all cuts to services, it wasn't long before problems arose and the level of criteria for this type of care was raised, so many people began to slip through the net. For the many there were eventually few placements available, and an inevitable downward spiral, until finally there was no care at all. As Ms Macbeth says, there are now many people with mental health issues living chaotic lives who just can't cope, especially when up against a complex, difficult system like Universal credit.
  18. Any one remember Sam Hague ecclesfield homing pigeon society
  19. Used them once never arrived despite them having said they sent if three times seems to have the worst reputation if you read trustpilot hundreds of bad reviews.
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