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  2. Maybe, but then it balances all the total negativity around raising the minimum wage. I'm all for a more balanced view, and I do believe that neoliberalism means that positive views like Nick Hanauer's fail to hit the mainstream media.
  3. What a brilliant way to put it. I had been thinking along the same lines, but this is a classic. True of so many 60's and 70's bands where the drummer's second cousin had a coffee one night with the aunt of one of the roadies
  4. They can say "Look. That's what a lady looks like. Bet she's cold!"
  5. i think theres little chance of this new date going ahead,but hope i am wrong as we need live music,but we need to live,so its a balancing act.
  6. Good news Nissan has got confidence in the UK economy. It’s said it will also move battery production from Japan to Sunderland possibly creating more jobs. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/motoring/nissan-investment-in-uk-post-brexit-a-great-vote-of-confidence-says-pm/
  7. Pity they have recently sold of the Leaf battery plant to the Chinese who have not got the same commitment. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/sunderland-battery-plant-envision-nissan-18367089
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Excellent condition drives like new, 192,000 miles, full MOT, full service history, stop start ignition, all electrics, 2.litre sport , cheap insurance, diesel , £1,550, or swap for big van , 07857598021,


  9. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Rotary skeleton automatic watch water resistant etc as new in vgc wanting to swap for pc parts or decent tablet consider laptop or why try me would make nice gift


  10. Thank you both for your replies. It’s put my mind at rest.!
  11. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Looking for a non suspension mountain bike with 26" wheels around £25/30. Nothing fancy, just a bog standard steel bike Anything considered. Can collect. Thank you.


  12. The meters automatically transmit their readings, so you don't need to do it, although it doesn't hurt to keep a note of them for your own records. Once in a while a real meter reader comes to the house to verify the readings.
  13. If you have smart meter, the point is it can report back to your supplier, so no need for readings again.. I believe you can still submit them if you wish, but it shouldn't be needed anymore!
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  15. I have gas and electric smart meters , and receive a quarterly bill through the post for them both. Are they automatically read by British Gas ( as I’m under British Gas for them both) ? Or do I have to read them myself and pass the readings on ? I have left them for British Gas to read automatically but have often wondered about this.
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9173671/Hard-man-Peter-Swan-stained-betting-scandal-rocked-Britain.html
  17. I've been watching various European dramas from 'Walter Presents' on My 4. The last one I watched was 'Locked Up' from Spain about life in a women's prison which is fantastic but has graphic scenes of sex and violence. There are 51 episodes but it was worth the long journey. I'm now watching 'Nordic Murders' which is set in Germany but never mind.
  18. Every day my daughter and husband walk their dog over the dam at Hollow Meadows,the other day they got the shock of their lives!.On the return journey this day walking along they noticed a female compleately in the nude exiting the water without a care in the world,then further out was a man also in the buff swimming along in the freezing cold water!.It seems a group of wild swimmers have decided to move there from another location that does not suit their needs,now I am broad minded and are not bothered by this but what about if someone has children walking with them what then?.Has anybody got an opinion on this?.
  19. The Drifters are like Triggers brush same one for ever just 6 new heads and 4 new handles.
  20. Thanks Jomie, I appreciate your input.
  21. On the general point you've made, yes I'm sure the muck rakers are already scouring every available avenue to find evidence, or if that fails make up evidence to throw in the Democrats collective face. On the specific point I made, when did the values of inclusion and the simple recognition of transgender people, or the treating of LGBT people become such a hot political potato? Why do some Trump supporters behave in such an extreme way to basic politeness? Should these even be political issues? Or is this evidence of rather than policy differences, some weird culture war waged against public civilty set alight by Trump is the new battle ground in American politics.
  22. The veteran vocal harmony group will be celebrating over 60 years of The Drifters at Sheffield City Hall on Sunday 17 April 2022, rescheduled from Friday 11 June 2021. The Drifters are the longest-running singing group in pop history still performing live, having enjoyed over 50 hits world-wide. Performing all the hits ‘Saturday Night At the Movies’, ’You’re More Than a Number’, ’Come on Over to My Place’, ’Up On the Roof’, ‘Under the Board Walk’, ’Kissin in the Back Row’, ’Save the Last Dance for Me’, ’Down on the Beach’, ‘Stand By Me’, ’Like Sister and Brother’ and many, many more. The Legendary group have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, performed for the President of The United States and are listed among the greatest artists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. No other vocal group has achieved as much success artistically or commercially as The Drifters and they remain among the best-selling acts of all time. More info: https://www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk/event/the-drifters-2022
  23. I'm glad that Sunderland are no worse off than before for car jobs. I've also decided that the impact on fishing is good, because only 3 species in British waters are not overfished. I hope they all go bust, then I might think Brexit was worth it.
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