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  2. Does any one else think that all these student accommodations will one day end up like the slums of Harlem
  3. Which is the most classy
  4. Sdawg


    Where’s the best American restaurant in Sheffield
  5. Wigan are nothing to write home about,Beaten them twice this season H and A
  6. Doe anyone remember what happened once rock and roll started to take off - middle 50s? As far as the City Ballroom? Was there still a band?
  7. Mistakes happen,tell you something he's scored the same amount of league goals as a striker someone paid twenty odd million for,not bad for a goalie.
  8. If people are researching which scientists and medical professionals to listen to and take advice from, and coming to the conclusion that the ones to listen to are those advising, at best, vaccination avoidance, then that research leaves a lot to be desired. And many people aren't really researching which scientists and medical professionals to listen to, are they? They're not assessing who is the most reliable, qualified and experienced boiler engineer scientist and medic; they're casting their net to include talks show hosts, celebrities, Facebook friends and so on. Which doctors and medics and what are they saying that should be included in the advice to keep people safe from infection? Because someone is qualified in a given subject does not automatically mean that their advice is sound. Wakefield, Sheldrake, McKeith, Oz, Chopra et al, plus a glut of purveyors of pseudoscientific nonsense all claim qualifications of some description. That doesn't mean their words should be given equal weight to those which form the scientific consensus on a given subject. I don't disagree that Johnson is a liar. My thoughts about about him and the government are for another thread. Advice changes because what we know changes. That's how science works, particularly in a novel, evolving situation; you adjust position based on the consensus of accumulating new evidence. Only 136,000 people dead in the UK. But hey, we're not bleeding from various orrifices and suffering necrotic, suppurating lymph nodes, so that's ok then.
  9. Hmmm... I agree Mr Risen! From what I've read of their performance... ... 32 hours a week does seem a little excessive to me!
  10. Help! Newbie gardener here, wants fresh tomatoes in winter. Anyone have experience they can share? Googled around but all the advice is either for people who have a lot more experience than me, or for people who want to grow cannabis. 😂 Thanks!
  11. I have n I have never been a driver so I can't speak with any great knowledge about driving instructors from that era. However, I do remember Roxy very well. Apart from Roxy and B.S.M. (British school of motoring) I can't think of any others at that time.
  12. The Brits love panicking, it’s in their life blood, I dearly wish that I had something that everyone would want if I made out that it was going to be next to impossible to purchase in the near future.
  13. i hope we dont that would be awfull,need goals and a win
  14. Today
  15. I couldn’t agree more with you. The armed forces are UNSUNG HEROES. They also helped with the covid vaccine rollout and you often see them building flood defences when rivers are expected to overflow to reduce flood risk to people’s homes. If they are called in to help with HGV shortages they will do a brilliant job and ease some fears of panic buying.
  16. well what about the patch officers?,what about the tree planting saga?also what about all the staff used to collect the 10p levy? this is all waste,plus why do we need all these people working in the buildings for scc council housing? theres lots of waste there or staff that could be deployed to better jobs or those where need is most required.not trying to be clever,just my observations over many years working with these people,who for the most are good workers.
  17. Look , when Henderson was having a dodgy time at the Lane , he had some United so called supporters on is back , he was not a United player then , when he was signed he became the back bone of the team , I for one stuck up for him . As before on these threads people have short memories . Pahahahahah whatever that is . By the way Would have stuck to the two young goalies we already have at Hillsbro , Like all youth team players they need time , .
  18. So despite two people on this thread telling you they dont work 32 hour 4 day weeks, you still think they do work 32 hour 4 day weeks because this is how it worked years ago. Its fine to admit you are wrong you know.
  19. I am against Big Plumbing, they seek to undermine the average person, and treat us like idiots! Look, I have watched some YouTube videos on how to fix a boiler, let me come round, I'll fix it for you! Big Plumbing will come into your house, and install spy cameras, which will tell Bill Gates everything you are doing, and you don't want that, think of the kids!
  20. Well guys were not together as of yet so lm predicting 1-0 blades.. Hope everyone's keeping well l became 60 few weeks ago feel it too.. Of course would like a win but l can't see it 😟
  21. It was a genuine question. No need to have a poke at me because you don't agree. I'm all for encouraging an interest in science and the arts in older children who'll get something out of exhibits aimed at them, but it seems of questionable worth in an educational context for younger kids who see it as nothing more than a play park.
  22. No Probs. Another suitcase find Who killed Bambi (Bambi - South West Cameroon) Rock 'n' Swindle LP. Sex Pistols. (is it too early for Belsen Vortreffich?)
  23. I filled up at Morrisons on Meadowhead this morning and noticed there was an E5 pump next to the E10 I was putting in.
  24. Talking of old...... On Richard Strange's program last week he mentioned that he's re-recorded the old Doctors Of Madness track 'Don't Panic England' (originally done with Dave Vanian) with T V Smith for an upcoming release....so I'm having it 😀 . 'Don't Panic England' - Richard Strange & T V Smith
  25. 😝😝😝😝. I've just seen the Ipswich goal. Pahahahaha.
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