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  2. Didn't they call that "red lead"? I remember as a kid some 60 years ago in a quaint pit village near Doncaster some folk having red (edges) and white (middle) to their doorsteps.
  3. Lol - back in the 80's I reckon I bought the last piece of donkey stone in Sheffield as a wedding present for the lass who was getting wed to my best mate. I know, I was too generous 🙂
  4. Contagion....7/10... Well.... Enjoyed it for its accuracy considering what's going on now but a vaccine in that time frame........................... Thought Jude Law was miscast but I had almost finished a bottle of homemade Blueberry wine so forgive him!
  5. So what is this from #5207? "Sampling areas of people - which is why when we get told there’s been 2000 Daily cases found the media reports the ONS data which is sampled from such surveys and suggests much more." (btw - if you look back it wasn't me who used the phrase "smoke and mirrors".)
  6. I haven’t made any assertions. you have - you said that the government testing figures were “smoke and mirrors”. You put some links up about the eligibility of tests and the handling of the pandemic etc. but if you could post a link as to why saying 115000 people being tested and 200000 people being eligible is “smoke and mirrors” I’ll have a read.
  7. Lol - the sole judge and jury of relevance - you win the interwebs!!!!!! Now some relevant links to back up your assertions would be useful.
  8. Patents already expire after 20 years so people do have limitations on how much they can make before everyone else can just copy their ideas. To add on a financial caps as well would just kill off any incentive to develop. Why on earth would any company spend sometimes millions or tens of millions on developing and testing and launching their product only for their earnings opportunity to be stifled. Also who are you or anyone else to judge that someone has made "enough money". What is this definitive line that seems to be crossed here. What if that billionaire is creating mass employment and huge contributions to a nation's economy. Does all that just get tossed aside because they have reached a certain level?
  9. None of your links are relevant - none of them show that smoke and mirrors relate to the number of tests and the available tests.
  10. A link or two would be handy - I've posted several - you don't appear to have posted any.
  11. Sampling areas of people - which is why when we get told there’s been 2000 Daily cases found the media reports the ONS data which is sampled from such surveys and suggests much more. you seem to be trying to catch me out. you said that saying 115000 tests were done and 200000 being available was “smoke and mirrors”. ive shown that you’re wrong on that - put your views on other matters regarding the virus to others if you wish.
  12. Explain what is positive about the footage. Some blurry something that could be more or less anything. (Is that over analysing the topic?)
  13. James Dyson recently became the UKs richest man, he has also set up a charitable foundation. Dyson complained that China benefits from stealing foreign designs and flouting of product copyrights; why not allow any UK firm to make Dysons too, make copyrights cease to exist once they have made a billion. I know that is an over simplification, but he has made enough money.
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  15. It pointless putting anything on Sheffield Forum without users over analysing the topic of discussion.... Your way too deep Annie Bynnol... Take a deep breath and put something positive regarding the footage released....
  16. Isnt that what they do? They earn loads of money and then they start to give it away. As of 2018, Bill and Melinda Gates had donated around $36 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . Since its founding, the foundation has endowed and supported a broad range of social, health, and education developments including the establishment of the Gates Cambridge Scholarships at Cambridge University.
  17. Well you’ve answered your own question then. the missing 100000 is you and me. They’re doing that already though.
  18. Why would I want to queue jump? I'm a tad more principled than people who put their kids in cars and drive when they need an "eyesight test". There will still be, for example, loads of front line workers needing one. Then we have to track down and test the asymptomatic spreaders. Still looking for HMG to come up with a strategy based on something more than wishful thinking.
  19. You’ve missed the point again - there can be 200000 tests per day. you could say you’ve got a cough and go and get one tomorrow if you want to get the numbers up people need to present for a test - unless your advocating testing everyone that is well - in which case we’d pretty much have to test everyone.
  20. Just walk away Renee You won't see me follow you back home The empty sidewalks on my block are not the same You're not to blame
  21. Swedish porno often raises titters Porno
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