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  3. It's The_DADDY. At least have the decency to spell my name right.
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  5. What you mean is you lied.
  6. I must have misunderstood you. What did you mean by “dropping like flies”?
  7. Still waiting on a reply as to whether you stand by the claim ALL 141 hospitalized in Sydney are vaccinated.
  8. My bold. I didn't say that.
  9. Is this going to far.... I agree that years ago footballs were heavy especially when it rained they seemed to get heavier like concrete.... Footballs today are like beach balls I feel this as been over thought !!!!! It won’t be long until football won’t even be recognised as football !!!!... I for one hope this rule doesn’t come into effect !!!....
  10. It will. To fill in the time between now and the vaccine causing the collapse of civilisation as we know it, perhaps you could inform us of the rationale for your claim that we are all going to die from the vaccine. Off you go.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell I suppose.
  12. Unless you have evidence for your claim, you are simply joining in with the CT groupthink. I’m not sure that’s a great place to be.
  13. I know it’s been a long time since this post but I wondered if you knew my Dad? He will have been 13 in 1955 though. He lived at 37 Swanbourne Road. I’m a bit apprehensive about writing his name but if you could help with that limited information then that would be great!
  14. Ive never watched that so I don't know reference. Any chance you can enlighten me? Hold your horses I haven't been proved wrong yet.
  15. In which case, maybe you’d like to stop being part of a global conspiracy to spread an unfounded rumour. Your call.
  16. I'd like nothing more than to be wrong, you guys have no serious side effects and you both live long and fruitful lives I'd be delighted to buy you both a pint and that way we can all laugh at how wrong I was and how stupid I sounded together.
  17. Africa is a young continent, which has probably helped them to avoid the worst of Covid. It’s still not good there, but you are correct that malaria is worse. Malaria is parasitic though and transfers via insects, so comparisons with Covid aren’t all that relevant.
  18. Africa for the most part lacks the resources to effectively monitor the situation. It may have done better than the West in terms of deaths because it has a much younger population although this would be difficult to determine.
  19. Right folks its been emotional but the wooden hill to Bedfordshire beckons, don't think too much about what Boris and the MSM have led you to have pumped into your arms too much or you'll never sleep. See you on the other side. I've already replied to this, I love how the covid cult jump on any mistake but totally ignore anything that proves them wrong, pathetic.
  20. Inevitably, I went and checked. Although I can only give modest marks for your answer the list was shorter and less complicated than I remember.
  21. Apart from the hundreds of thousands hospitalised, thousands with long covid, the people having 10 days off work with the sniffles...............
  22. I just said what was in mine. Not arrogantly, just factually. You seem to be threatened by facts and perceive them as arrogance. Its just possible that some people know more stuff than you.
  23. In Ghana malaria is a major killer, Covid has had billions thrown at it and they've had just over 800 deaths, unsubstantiated claims say that the Ghanaian president is really enjoying the covid cash. Africa does seem largely to have escaped the brunt of this deadly virus which is also odd.
  24. Just today there's a news story on MSM about malaria
  25. You really don't or you'd be arrogantly stating it on here. I never mentioned killing thats your words.
  26. My Dad lived at 37 Swanbourne Road around the 50s - 60s. I don’t know the exact years. Does anyone recognise the address or knew someone that lived there?
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