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  2. I am going to remind you of the sticky at the top of this section. Any further baiting WILL result in your account being suspended.
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  4. Anyone wear a Balaclava as a kid Anyone have to wear Thermogene as a kid?
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    pioneer car stereo 6.1 inch screen comes with box ,instructions and wires do have video of working before taken out of car if needed £80 collection s8 or s12 ring/text 07718167133


  6. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    single storage bed with mattress grey material bottom, sliding doors for underneath storage £25 collection s12 ring/text 07718167133


  7. The vast majority of drivers are ok but it only takes a few bad drivers with poor driving skills; an attitude that the roads are entirely theirs with their inconsiderate driving & parking where they shouldn't, leading on to causing delays in traffic movement & inconveniencing pedestrians to get the rest of us a bad name.
  8. I didn't watch the full interview but I've seen the fallout. One thing that I don't understand is given the fact that Epstein had been found guilty of sex offences years ago & Prince Andrew was apparently going to distance himself from him & drop him as a friend, why didn't Andrew just pick up the phone? Why travel 5,000 miles & stay in someone's home for the best part of a week to tell them you no longer want to be their friend? See that big business is now reacting to the interview. Accountants, KPMG have dropped their sponsorship of one of Andrew's projects. Also Huddersfield University students are calling for Andrew to be removed as Chancellor.
  9. Clown leading the Party resignation. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/election-2019-50467321
  10. if you followed samsungs nagging to create a samsung account, Then it may have auto-set you to use the Samsung one, (as opposed to the standard android/google one) - samsung account isn't worth it, remove it, sign out, hide all samsung apps, just use google/android and life will be much simpler
  11. You mean like James Dyson, who moved to Singapore without any help from Jeremy Corbyn? Seems they leave when the Conservatives are in Charge.
  12. Take a placard with sheff forum on it.
  13. Yeah yeah blah blah. Heard it all before Anna. Of course corporations should be paying less percentage rate than an individual. The world of business and particularly large corporations employ millions of people, creates investment keeps the economy moving. Civil service doesn't make money it just spends it. I get fed up with this constant simplistic argument that the rich must be taxed more as if it's even that simple. You say Amazon makes sales of 5.3 billion but where exactly did they make those sales? How much that sales total resulted in a profit? How much was deemed as loss? How much are overheads? How much are assets and loans and interest and charges? What countries has the overall control? What country has the tax collection? What subsidiary applies to the figures and where is that subsidiary located? Amazon just like any other company pays what the law in the relevant jurisdiction says they have to pay. That law is an extremely complex, contradictory and confusing world. Even more so for huge global corporations operating out of multiple jurisdictions with multiple different tax laws. "... Oh change the laws then..." They all simplisticly scream. Maybe people need to go to take a proper look at how that actually happens. Some people need a reality check as to how laws are actually made and the parliamentary process. See how long it actually takes for a bill to be presented, the readings, the debates, the votes, the amendments, second readings, third readings, approval, escalation to the lords, readings, debates, further amendments, second readings, escalation for royal assent..... I'm sick to death of Labour's solution to everything being "...tax the rich..." It's a pathetic cop-out. Don't you bet your life that he won't go after small and medium enterprises either. Labour will never be satisfied until they finish spending other people's money. Even more so when Jezza wakes up to the reality that is not so easy to keep increasing tax on big corporations as he seems to think. Just like any other sensible organisation who are pushed too far they will simply up sticks and go somewhere else. See how that plays out to the economy. See how consumers like it if a their favourite company suddenly stopped operating in the UK. Typical soundbites. Just another load of simplistic, unrealistic, impractical load of hot air from an incompetent weak leader.
  14. A paraphrase of: "I think the reason why the report has not been published is possibly because there is not much at all in the allegations about Russian involvement in both funding or manipulation and because of that it will automatically be made out to be a whitewash by this government" which I interpreted as meaning that Mr Johnson is suppressing the report because: 1. The report doesn't contain much of substance about Russian involvement, which 2. Would lead people to think that it was a whitewash, i.e. a cover up. I suppose it partly depends on what the "by" is referring to. I've interpreted it as referring to the whitewash (i.e. it's the government that's doing the whitewashing), but I suppose it could also refer to the making out (i.e. it's the government that's automatically making it out to be a whitewash, of which it disapproves - but that seems unlikely as it's also the government that's being whitewashed, ex hypothesi).
  15. No need to apologise, it just confirms the fact that people just make up statistics when they want. I agree, not sure where you got the quote from though. Don't worry, mine usually are as well.
  16. "We're suppressing the report because it completely exonerates us, and that would make people think there's been a cover up." That just sounds like a very odd argument. Completely unbelievable in fact. Whereas the fact that the report has been suppressed, for whatever reason, really does make (48.1% of) people think there's been a cover up. Again, my prediction is that it won't touch the Tories as such, but will cast yet longer shadows over the Leave campaign. Not that 51.9% of people will care about that anyway. Water off a duck's back. FAKE NEWS!!!! Then again, my predictions are usually wrong.
  17. 90% against Labour was probably an underestimate. Sorry.
  18. In that scenario, if city bound traffic via Langsett / Infirmary Rd was given greater priority by the lights at Hillsborough Corner, all you'd do is create a huge jam back up Holme Lane and beyond.
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