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  2. Sorry I'm not following you. The opposite of ignorance is knowledge and education, and these are positively correlated with a lack of religion.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor Caldwell
  4. When it goes bang , the few will sail of into the sun set , and la bour will be left holding the baby , similar to after the second war , Sorry not politics just the truth ,
  5. A reply to the post rather than the poster would be appreciated. But I wont hold my breath.
  6. Good point both lying so and sos , it a good job they both failed , when trumps wife waves bye bye , you will know the writing is on the wall ,
  7. No worries, you know more about the PSV industry than I do - always grateful for your useful input - but I've been interested in IT for close on 50 years, so I kind of like to offer advice where I can. as an aside, notice that @Fudbeerhasn't been back.
  8. Post removed, as it replied to and quoted a now deleted post.
  9. Kidorry, I didn't mean you personally.
  10. It would achieve little with trolls like yourself. You would need to lighten up first a bit and open your eyes in a way that appreciated life instead of some metal containers. It's your choice I'm not surprised.
  11. It wasn't intended to add to your point. It was intended to illustrate one of the reasons why Stonewall uses the 'you shouldn't be concerned about what's under someone's clothes' argument. As such, your question might be considered an insensitive, potentially offensive, irrelevance.
  12. Hackey, You have not returned your acceptance form by the above date, perhaps an oversight on your part. I know you were keen to join our ever growing membership (Currently standing at 6) However, due to what seems like a lack of interest on your part, The committee have decided to declare your membership null and void. You can of course make an appeal, citing the reasons why you haven't returned the acceptance form. The management team would like to wish you well for the future, and politely tell you to BOG OFF!
  13. Ok so sod the rent, sod the rates, oh and sod the changes in shopping habits accelerated by Covid, a few flowers is all that is needed? It would achieve very little.
  14. Colourful flowers. I am at fargate right now and it's all a grey running down area. Of course people like you do not understand this.
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