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  2. Some of the stories may not be the most up to date. I've just found:
  3. Re-run of 'The Bridge'. Just started on BBC4.
  4. Hi. I need to find somewhere off road to take my son to practice driving.
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  6. Don't go paying daft prices for what is effectively not a pedigree.
  7. Another day on Netherthorpe road... i wonder what could be causing such mayhem ! About 20 seconds later a motorbike with two helmetless muppets on came flying off the roundabout and staight down the middle with jam sandwich in hot pursuit , pursuit which lasted about 3 seconds when they saw the jam (pun intended)! Blues and twos went off and they just sat in it with the rest of us . Atleast a few push irons got a nice ride home 🤔
  8. Oh my days its been a long time since i've checked in on here did not think that it was that long ago so would this make us 2nd cousins not sure lol yes i would love to know more even take the family up to sheffield one day in hope to meet family etc
  9. I blame the individuals carrying out these acts - you are responsible for your actions - no-one else. And you would blame the government if you sneezed.
  10. Hi I’m moving to Manchester with my 2 little kids. The job would based in the city centre. So I’m looking for somewhere, and thinking of Eccles, Bury, Didsbury.... actually I like Sale because of the good schools nearby, but the rent is higher. and my second choice is Eccles, could anyone give me some advices. thank you very much.
  11. it seems monks got a big back room staff now and what are the thoughts of our supporters?,have these new guys got a good CV?
  12. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    PEUGEOT 206 HATCHBACK - 1.4 Look 3dr, 2007, Black, Manual, 1400, First Registered 01/09/2007 Apart from body damage, due to accident, Power steering is not working and Battery is dead. Excellent Engine, has only done 28000 Miles


  13. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Hyfive 6 Amp Battery Charger Robust Design Suitable for use with car, motorcycle, motorhome, van, marine and lawnmower batteries Reliable safety and high performance Automatic voltage and current protector Automatic Short Circuit shut down protection Steady output current protection Battery level charging light indicators Safe and secure sealed heavy duty enclosure 1.6m Power Cord (approx) 1.3m Charger Cable (approx) 16.5cm x 10cm x 18cm (W x D x H) Complete with instruction manual CE Approved RRP £18.99


  14. My bold, but that sums it up nicely. You couldn't make it up
  15. Yep. Thanks Loob. Nice to read things which agree with me 😁.
  16. The letter starts ‘despite having written to this address previously..’ What does the first letter say?
  17. "As long as this property remains unlicensed, our investigation will continue. If you fail to get in touch, you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1000, plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay" There is no legal requirement for non customers to get in touch with TV Licensing, a BBC trademark, for any reason. A response is entirely optional - but the wording of the letter implies that a harsh legal punishment will follow if a non customer does not do as instructed. I don't see how anybody could see such a misleading and threatening approach being used by the state broadcaster as being acceptable.
  18. It tells you what to do if you don’t need a license in the letter. Is it difficult to understand?
  19. Below is a genuine letter that the BBC, under its trademark TV Licensing, has sent out to non customers. These letters threaten non customers with prosecution and a fine unless they take a particular action. Any response from a non customer is entirely optional - but the BBC uses threats, coercion and deception to mislead non customers into believing that they must cooperate or face a harsh legal penalty. Vulnerable and disadvantaged non customers have been frightened into purchasing a TV licence even when they did not require one. What type of organisation seeks to mislead and frighten the public in such a way? The BBC.
  20. Just read through this thread - absolutely hilarious. So I tried to help by trying to find when the Platters played Sheffield City Hall approx 1959 and could only find 1957 or Jan 13th 1960. Not looked for a newspaper article though......... Sue
  21. Now you can reopen any idea what the first event back will be for any of your venues?
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