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  2. No bubble burst here Doc, you're the one telling him he only has to go on company house website and what's sadder is the Muppet tried to. Posts 20 and 21 . Pop ,who's bubble's burst now Doc.🤣🤣
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  4. Looking forward to this game later today. 14/1 for a home win, anyone fancy a dabble? Thought not. That’s with Will Hill should anyone be interested got to be worth a fiver hasn’t it? You never know, new manager bounce, ok, not strictly a new one. I can see Tufty pulling this off you know.
  5. Green Onions -Booker T & The MGs
  6. Are a great transposition of the Penny Lane lyrics.😃 We can’t get away from the Beatles even after 56 years, can we, thank goodness. Denny of course joined Paul in his Wings band after the Beatles went their own ways. He helped to produce many superb tracks with both the Moody Blues and Wings. echo.
  7. Yesterday
  8. You underestimated it. Well done for having a partial opinion though. There’s progress
  9. Is this a tag team? Then I think I'll slope off and listen to some tunes.
  10. Yes, I am so I can spot them easy. Watch. Found one☝️
  11. You are quite the expert on the subject of moronic posts. Carry on.
  12. Yes but think of how much we spend on food thus contributing to the economy. 🤣
  13. Took a girl called Julie from work ( NCB Ranmoor Hall) to see Denny and the Moody Blues in concert at the Gaumont cinema on Monday, 11th February 1965. They were on with Chuck Berry. Both were brilliant, as was Julie! Wonder where she is now? “Go Now!” Reached number one in the charts later that month. RIP Denny and thanks for the memories. echo.
  14. Nice one. We're all pals again. Even though it's not a protected characteristic, I wouldn't dream of fat shaming you. It is costing the country £100bn a year though, about 100x what we spend on foreign aid for example.
  15. Thankfully not many do, but those who do are indeed hypocritical. Not quite as hypocritical as British people complaining about foreigners coming to this country uninvited though, given how the empire was formed 😉
  16. The Montgolfier Brothers, assisted by David Blaine and a pair of braces, couldn’t keep United up.
  17. Cool, cheers 👍 And yes, I know I could be wrong. I just don't think I am in this case. I'm very pleased for you 🙂 Are you fat shaming me?
  18. I'm just having some bants, and you seem to have gone all serious, triggered you might say. Your proprietal tone made me wonder if you owned the place, that and the ridiculous number of threads you start that where you don't have any 'thoughts'. It made me wonder if you were just generating pageview clicks n that. Maybe lighten up now?
  19. The point is that if they had been certain nationalities, the right wing racists on here would be having a field day. Being as they are not, the whole thing doesn't seem to matter much. Delbow's posts are usually interesting and to the point and he says it without playing games. You can believe what you like but that doesn't mean you're bound to be right.
  20. I believe the poster was trying to score points rather than trying to make one. I'm allowed to believe that aren't i?
  21. The poster was making a point. Could it be that you didn't see what that point was ? That's what your reply suggests.
  22. 🤣 You really have lost it.. Yeah, I'm Geoff. Happy now?
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