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  2. You heard it here first. The one you lot judged, loathed and wouldn't stop harping on about. He's about to pull on a ble and white shirt.
  3. Sunday papers Emergency departments are already being “overwhelmed”, according to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM). NHS performance figures published last week showed that nearly 1.4 million patients had attended A&Es in England during May – the second highest figure recorded since the 1980s, according to Dr Adrian Boyle, vice-president of the RCEM.
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  5. And bring in who? Top 3 has been a work in progress since Strauss left. Selection has been awful - bairestow has been "rested" but has been smacking a white ball around for fun. I'm not saying he'd have faired much better than bracey with the bat (taking in the change from white ball to red ball battimg) but he's be better with the gloves, you might as will stick cymbals on braceys gloves. No spinner? Twice? Root bowled 13 overs yesterday - day 2. Do silverwood and root trust leach or Bess? I'm not convinced they do, and after India I'm not sure I blame them. Yes, we are missing stokes and butler, but NZ were missing 3 or 4 first choice players. We can call it a side in transition but its all over the place. India and the Aussies are going to give us quite a spanking.
  6. While people are sheepishly doing as they're told without question the longer the lockdown concerns will hang above us. I'm by no means an anti government nut job, maybe just a nut job but when the general public are trying to enjoy their time as much as possible simply because they're scared in a couple of months we will locked in again, I think we perhaps need to take a look at what power we're allowing them to have over us.
  7. Well, partly because we have so many people waiting for jab two. Partly because we don’t know how the new variant is going to translate into serious illness. And partly because we have around 10% of the public being nobs and refusing to follow public health advice. It’ll be done soon though. Just wait, see and keep your chin up.
  8. Said it on here earlier and got offered a £50 bet / should have taken it. Nailed on. Not convinced. If we’re down to vaccinating 18 year olds then why would we be worried.
  9. I think we are near the end Maka. I hope so anyway. Viral pandemics usually last a couple of years. That’s their natural span. We are down to vaccinating 18+ year olds here. So, soon we’ll have everyone sensible covered. The anti vaxxers can take their chance IMO. So we should be ok in the U.K. It might take longer to free up foreign travel, but stay optimistic.
  10. I know I'm butting in on this point, but others read these posts and I may have something to help clarify this point. Sheffield will shortly be opening a new "Special School": https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/schools-childcare/new-special-school There is also a term currently used for in education for funding purposes called SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). Some educational establishments (perhaps with a certain proportion of students with additional learning needs?) tap into this funding, and include it on their literature and websites. This may be what is being referred to. I can see it easily being shortened to a previous term "Special Needs". The poster may wish to clarify, but also may not due to confidentiality, or not wanting to be identified as reporting on his visits or work in these institutions without permission.
  11. I hope not - although you're not the first person I've seen say this. I'm in bother if this happens.
  12. let’s face it - we’ve got til probably end of august before we’re all back locked in the house again. Don’t bring it forward by being a div.
  13. Let's all be honest with each other this thread is a total waste of time and adds nothing to the football section, bringing up the past which everyone is happy to see the back of and the OP head spit his dummy our because someone had the audacity to disagree with his view on the topic....... Precisely what ruined the section in the first place.
  14. I don’t think you are lying. I know you are lying. Shall we start with the lie about PCR tests not distinguishing between Covid and Flu? Because that’s really not true. I know a few other things about your personality too, but hey. Have a great weekend and ensure that it doesn’t get ruined by having to be considerate of others.
  15. If you think I'm lying you really do have issues with this situation, the press has got into your head, I'll be going into work on Monday and having a week there that has virtually no difference to what it was prior to March 2020, the truth is out there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  16. That’s the worlds worst Haiku. You've been lying your backside off for two days, and now you want us to take you seriously. I think we are well past that. Keep posting Top. Every crazy utterance will convince a vaccine/ virus sceptic that they don’t want to be on your side. I can’t see anyone being convinced by your ridiculous posts and your constantly shifting positions. Or, just join the team and fight this thing. Your call.
  17. Ridiculous lies in your jaundiced worldview, give Cloverfield Lane a watch you might see similarities.
  18. I remember a similar post some weeks back about Treeton which may be of interest to you in addition to any new replies you get from this. A search in the box top right of this should take you there.
  19. Evening all. So can anyone please help and give me an honest opinion about the area Treeton Rotheram. I have found a house which could be ideal for my family. I am not from the area at all and do not know what Rotheram is like. I have a few friends and family in Sheffield who have warned me that Treeton is a no go place for people of Asian heritage. When one friend said it I thought they were exaggerating but then someone else and then another. Why would they have this opinion. The house is on station road near a lovely church. I really do not know what to do for the best. Can anyone help me out please.
  20. No. Its the fact that you’ve told a stream of ridiculous lies on this thread. I’ve no idea why you’ve thought that such clumsy lying was a good idea, Equally, I’ve no idea why people would resist actions designed to ease restrictions, then moan when the restrictions aren’t eased. Its your fault. They have a lovely putting green in the park.
  21. What's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know...
  22. Hopefully it's his pole for tomorrow's match.😮
  23. What’s extending though ???🤔🤔 Not that bad. Most distance between drops is only 27-30 miles and all on way back.
  24. Padders you are too generous, I really shouldn't 8 more drops!!!!!!!! you work really hard Rudds. You deserve a night off in Padders Bar
  25. All over the place tonight. Another 8 drops and done. One very hard drop to do in that lot as well Bit of afterburner then ?? Stay open till about 4 and will get my water
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