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  2. It's true that "family history is the strongest risk factor for prostate cancer", but I wouldn't say that a PSA check is worthless. It's more of a screening thing. If you have high PSA levels, it may be worth having other, more expensive and intrusive, tests. True, "70% to 80% of men with an elevated PSA who have a biopsy do not have cancer", which could be seen as false positives if that was being used as the only test and not as an indicator for one of several conditions; but that still means that 20% to 30% do. The corresponding "false negative" rate is about 20%, according to the same link, but no tests are ever 100% accurate. Even some biopsies, short of removing the whole gland, have false negative rates above 30%, so even they shouldn't be used by themselves. Thoughts and best wishes to anyone who is living with cancer, or the fear of it.
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  4. The birds in the trees Would be sad and lonely If they heard from the breeze That you left me lonely They'd be sad, if you're bad to me.
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  6. Reckon setdi will be Bullys last game in charge,looks like weve settled on a new gaffer,DCs team are negotiating terms with advisors of the other party
  7. Your comments are bewildering 😂
  8. I know, was tekint' pesh.
  9. Good of you. Will be PM you shortly....
  10. This is perhaps something to take up with your elected representative (councillor/MP). Simply put the 31 isn't financially viable without public subsidy - it isn't really busy and many of the passengers travel for free on a concessionary pass. our local authority SYPTE keep having their funding cut and simply cannot afford to pay to save the service. There are other issues too - carr road is often impassable due to inconsideratly parked cars for example. Many parts of the current route 31/31b will be covered by other services - 52a, 61/62, 95 and 135/135a. However it does still leave a few bits around Walkley without. Community transport had been running the 31 with no subsidy mon-fri daytime but having lost a lot of contracts to other operators such as Powell's and First that is non longer viable.
  11. Yes - got the set with Halifax and Hell(aby) Maltby
  12. Early days, only missing out on a playoff spot would be a failure, winning the league would be great for the Owls, but promotion by any means would mean success this season.
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    New car arrived so need drive space cleared asap so looking for quick sale so priced to sell!!! Will still consider reasonable offers!!!!! 3 Owners, Tyres all very good, Service history, Next MOT due on 30/09/2019, Electric windows, Air conditioning, CD player, Bluetooth, Height adjustable driver's seat, Folding rear seats, Child seat points (Isofix system), 15" Alloy Wheels, Power steering, Steering wheel rake adjustment, Central locking, Driver's airbags, 1 key. 101400 mileage Located in Grimethorpe, Barnsley.


  14. Longcol

    A To Z Of Bands

    KC and the Sunshine Band
  15. One thing's for sure, if the Owls don't win the league from here the season will have been a complete failure. Massive favourites for the title now.
  16. Johnny is a joker (he's a bird) A very funny joker (he's a bird) But when he jokes my honey (he's a dog) His jokin' ain't so funny (what a dog) Johnny is a joker that's a'tryin' to steal my baby (he's a bird dog)
  17. Birds in the treesShook dust from their wingsI thought of the heartachesThat shattered our love not long agoBirds in the treesNow asleep
  18. Mine is a medical condition I had testicular failure, Testosterone levels dropped to 2.8 then following a couple of removals 0.8 after a dodgy start to TRT and questionable levels of greater than 52, so high it wasn't recordable, currently I'm at 18 which my Endo concluded 15 is the low end where I function, anything in the 20s is good for me. I know that seems high, but as she told me the levels they work from is based on an average sample of 1,000 men and some are high some are low, and for me high teens to mid twenties is ok, as it doesn't impact on my blood tests, PSA 1.3 was exceptionality low given I'd had relations with the G/F with 12hrs prior to testing and the rest of my blood work is excellent. its crappy that doctors won't entertain TRT until testosterone levels fit neatly at, I think it's 8 or lower. Only downside is they do test and inject a lot,
  19. I'm sorry my mistake I read the name at the top in green, my post was intended for ian. Thanks.
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