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    I lost my wife 9 years ago, (I can't believe it's 9 years) The first 12 months I was in a sorry state.. The computer was standing idle (I'd never used it) I then started fiddling about with the computer and found SF. This gave me an escape route to the outside world. At that time the "Technology" was astounding to me. I found it remarkable that I could interact with other people, and people like yourself have helped me through those dark days. The forum has gone down hill a bit recently, but I still try to add a bit of humour, its what keeps me going.
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    Hmmm... Rumour has it that a dodgy batch of cheesy chips with gravy bought from a local catering business may be responsible for a mild outbreak of dicky tummy...
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    Nobody pays Road Tax.
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    I remember when you could edit a post a few minutes after posting it.
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    Seen some pathetic threads in here of later but this one is right up there
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    Jesus, how much I hate that phrase. The arrogance of some people that somehow only a certain category of residents can be classed as 'proper Sheffielders'. What a load of bull. The vast majority of sheffielders couldn't give a flying toss about the 'historic trading site' or some alleged location of where the first point of the market originated from. The castle remains itself, which I feel much more worthy of legacy and preservation, was buried underground to build that ugly concrete monstrosity of Castle Market and no one gave a toss about that did they. All people will ever remember is ugly concrete blocks of Sheaf, Castle Market and the crappy office tower stuck on top of it. They were run down dumps for decades and not that much better when they were in their prime. They were seedy dirty spaces filled with delinquents hanging around the pee soaked galleries with their rows of empty shop units. That was the reality. You are deluded. They were not mirroring Covent Garden or The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. They were not set in some charming Victorian arcade. It was a crap hole that most of Sheffield has been happy to see the back of. Lest we also forget the blindingly obvious fact that at the time of its closure , shopping had been moving to the opposite end of the city centre it was therefore making sense to move it to a brand new fit for purpose building in the right location.... You know, one where the shoppers actually are. Go and get therapy or something. You really need to get over it as it's been over a decade.
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    Agreed. There should be no death penalty anyway. Too many mistakes have been made in the past and there is no correcting that sentence.
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    I think I just figured out why I never visited 😉
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    Thought you lived under a bridge.
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    It isn't about 'the forum'. It is about humanity. I do get your frustrations. I personally feel Israel has taken a long-awaited opportunity of reacting to outrageous and unforgivable aggression by Hamas, has overstepped and created a humanitarian disaster bordering on genocide - which I personally feel they should be called out on, and all other influential nations do what they can to interject and bring about a solution to the crisis. I wouldn't ever blame all Jewish people, shout at someone in the street about it or even be 'heartened by a rise in anti-Semitism' because of it. Saying things like that undermines any argument against what Israel are doing, and even just thinking it shows a lack of objectivity at the very best.
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    Are you stupid enough to think that loaded questions are a good thing? Or, do you agree with me and the clever kids who all think that they are rubbish?
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    My attitude towards the Islamic world has always been very simple - keep it at arm's length i.e. trade with it but don't interfere in their internal affairs and don't allow Muslims to come into western countries. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened and we're now seeing the rapid spread of Islamic values and attitudes in this and other western countries, eroding our enlightened values and civilised standards. Islam is a medieval, intolerant religion which operates in the same way as fascism did in some European countries in the 30s and 40s, i.e. by creating a climate of fear through indoctrination, backed up by bullying, intimidation and violence. Islamic cultural attitudes and values are completely incompatible with those of advanced western democracies and we're now seeing the same climate of fear spreading throughout this country as is the norm in theirs, through mob rule outside schools and cinemas, attacks on politicians and the terrorist threat from radical Islamists. We have an Establishment who are too frightened to stand up to the the Muslim bullies, hence the cover up of the activities of the grooming gangs and the feeble response by the police to these violent, threatening mobs. Their attitude towards women is also incompatible with western attitudes but they always seem to slip under the radar of the feminists because there's a general acceptance that they're a law unto themselves and must never be challenged or criticized for fear of causing offence. They're coming here in their tens of thousands every year and I dread to think what the future holds for this country.
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    Can't quite get my head around the thought processes that result in someone not only thinking that but writing it down for all to see.
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    Have we not progressed beyond 'an eye for an eye?' I admit there are some cases that are unforgivable, and I understand why people call for the death penalty, but we have to do better than this. It is proven to not be a deterrant. Too many mistakes, mitigating circumstances, mental illness, redemption and many other reasons for thinking again in a civilised society. Having to Find new legal ways to execute people is pretty abhorent to me.
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    I know Snow Patrol are more current(ish)…. But wouldn’t it have been more of a night if the Human League has been the closing act? Not a blockbuster line-up on any night, by any stretch.
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    From what I can see, all three parties are at fault here, using the suffering of the people in Gaza for their own party political ends. I'm not sure how much of it was about Gaza at all. SNP used a motion to try and divide Labour. Labour tried to come up with an amendment to hold their party in unity. The Tories were largely out to support Israel, and attack both SNP & Labour. The Tories daren't risk a motion passing which could show the government in a bad light, since they still approve exports to a country accused of genocide.
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    😁. Sheffield utd have released their season ticket prices this morning. 3 categorys , 45 minutes a game 60 mins a game and 75 mins a game.
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    Hmmm... What puzzles me is how anyone can spend more than 2 hours in a supermarket... ... in which case, how can it be the "loyal Tesco customers who will be fined"?
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    Hmmm... Nope... I just don't get it! Is this what we've come to accept as "an amazing achievement" these days... ... the ability of someone to put one foot in front of the other without falling over? And what documented proof do we have that he's managed to walk EVERY street in Sheffield? I'm sure many postmen postal delivery operatives will have done something similar. So why is it even of any interest to anyone else?
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    Look, I really hate moderating such nuanced and sensitive subjects like this so let most things go in these types of threads. But, there are lines and saying you are 'heartened by anti-semitism' is one of them and is bordering on a hate crime in itself and won't be allowed.
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    Some motorists like to use 'road tax' as it's a term which suggests that they are paying for the roads, and therefore have some greater ownership/right of control over them than users who 'don't', which isn't true at all. The reality of the situation is that they are paying a tax based on vehicle emissions. Accepting that reality would mean those some die-hard motorists accepting that the money they pay towards their car merely offset the costs inflicted by their car and therefore, no greater ownership or control over the roads than any one else. It is used regularly like this, yes, but shouldn't be. It should be challenged, for the reasons above. It gives a false impression of road 'ownership'.
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    DSA was / is perfectly viable to run as a major and profitable airport. They had enquiries from some of the larger airlines interested in operating there just before it was closed down. It's simply down to Peel who own the place wanting to finally realise their long term vision when acquiring the airport - to use the land for warehousing. They were never going to get the land in the first place if they stated such intentions. Once they were in and over time, they made it harder and harder for established operators to make money by constantly increasing the fees to on be one of if not the most expensive in the UK which in turn put off any other interested airlines wanting to come in. Eventually, Wizz told them to go forth and multiply and that set the chain reaction going for Peel to declare it unprofitable and they could then get their warehouse land all with the nice new roads ready made for them. Don't be fooled by anyone saying it will be unprofitable or unpopular. If a company comes in that wants to actually make it work as an airport, it will absolutely fly.
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    The party of Islam has no place in our political system. Same with any religion. Politics should be totally separate and not influenced by religion.
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    I remember the old mods and their little clique that they'd allowed to flout the rules constantly but if you weren't in that circle and you put a comma out of place, out came the ban hammer...
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    Well there will be no shortage of bare arses lined up waiting for Chansiri to get the Vaseline out so they could park it in any one of those.
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    Hmmm. The original poll question is only defined by the first post, which is supposedly explanatory for the poll, and is addressed only to those who the OP defines as "Virtue Signallers", or those to self admit to being. As such it's a loaded question, where only "Virtue Signaller" are eligible to answer, only given two options, and thus forced to admit some degree of culpability to the proposals etc. That assumes anyone is daft enough to answer of course, as they directly plead guilty to culpability; who's answered thus far? Similarly the wife beating question, would only be offered with a yes/no option, and no third opportunity to deny the assault, so a direct comparison really; again a loaded question. In reality I'd suggest it's yet another post with the express intent of stirring religious and/or racial division.
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    I hate round-a-bouts especially when I'm on the phone to someone... A bit of consideration wouldn't come amiss from other drivers.........
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    Fox is just another in a long line of tedious blokes whose careers were on the skids and realised that their dwindling fame and inner core of essential twatishness could be monetised. Has he done the Tucker Carlson interview yet?
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    "Don't Indicate, I'll guess where yer going, Left, right, straight on, there's no way of knowing All I ask is some indication And that you've taken your medication"
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    Not sure why the negativity here; Sheffield is known for its music, and for films, and sports and events — we have a fantastic cultural base! Surely a pot of £250k to help people in those areas is a great thing?
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    How do you get through the day?
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    My favourite bit was the ruling that calling him a racist didn’t cause material harm to his reputation.
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    I'll start it off then... I like the "Outdoor City" branding - pushing the proximity to the Peaks, build on Sheffield as a great base for exploration/climbing, mountain biking etc. Its unique to other cities for that reason. Get investment in facilities to do these activities - we already have I think half a dozen climbing centres. A slightly burned perfect place for mountain biking... For business - Industrial heartland of England/innovation/"Heavy Metal " Not exactly unique to Sheffield but the captive customer base of 2 big universities - make a use of the large population within a short proximity of the centre Friendliness - Sounds a bit crap now I wrote it but other cities just aren't. Never felt that Leeds or Manchester was particularly "friendly" and I lived in Manchester for 2 years! Also ties into Business - lots of service industries like Yorkshire accents as they are seen to be friendly and trustworthy.
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    Cue 100 pages of moaning.
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    Thinking about it ......... it might have been Padders who dropped his wallet. 😂
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    So. A man who can’t see parked cars, or indicators in the dark, turns off his headlights whilst driving in the dark. And we’re supposed to take you seriously?
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    Wouldn't it be nice to hear from a menopausal woman on this thread, instead of a bunch of old lads. Then we might learn something.
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    I agree with all those posters' names you've quoted Cressida. I joined SF in 2005 when I started doing my family history. I read the posts several times daily but, I rarely post because of the rather insulting and childish behaviour of some posters. I love the humour, it's typically Sheffield and I admire posters such as Padders who can not only find comfort by posting but, also do it with humour. I think SF has improved this last few weeks, just a pity about the usual childish insults, there's one in every class of schoolkids. Regards Duffems
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    About the vote last night,Most off the shouting was about scoring political points Israel will only stop the bombing when they re good and ready All that childish booing it sounded like kids at school
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    Vet all prospective tenants, it doesn't work thinking bad tenants will learn from good tenants.
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    I was rather sceptical about the initial grey to green scheme on West Bar, but they are well looked after and any litter is regularly removed.
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    I must’ve been on annual leave the day these were signed. And I’ve never lied to anyone. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals alone employs 18,000 people. I can’t believe anyone would be deluded enough to think that this could happen.
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    The fourth plinth art project has been going on since the 90s. I rather like it, though some of the projects are a bit nutty. Antony Gormley did one fifteen years or so ago with members of the public getting up there to do their thing: performance, art, podcasting, comedy, drama, whatever. That was rather fun. Queenie deserves something a bit better than an old empty plinth in a tourist trap. Top click bait article though. Trebles all round.
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    What local newspaper and how much would you pay for salacious gossip about some members on this forum? 😀
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    Excellemt video. Everyone should watch it. Covers more than just 15 minue cities, but what the future may well have in store for us. Jordan Peterson is no crazy conspiracy theorist but a well respected academic. When he talks people should listen. The rudimentary building blocks of this distopean future are already in place....
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    That's before we get onto the amount of land required for all the link roads, all the protests, counter actions, legal challenges and stoppages caused the unhappy residents and environmentalists and 1001 who might not be so keen to have another Motorway type system blasting through the middle of the Peak District. Goodness me talk about an overreaction from some people. This has been the first bit of snow we have had pretty much all winter. Looking at the weather forecast, it will be dissipating by end of tomorrow and probably be gone for the weekend when the forthcoming rain will wash it away.
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    I counted 6 of mine in the first dozen or so pages then the traffic lights turned green so I had to stop looking.
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    They know where I am if they need me!
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    The bottom has fallen out of the unqualified virologist market. A man has to grift a crust somehow.
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