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  1. Terrible what happened to him ,he was so good on the radio too.
  2. I might be wrong by saying it was a mugging . Like someone's said I can't find anything since 2019 about Him It would be nice to know just how He is now .
  3. I know that Jimmy Carroll who used to be on Radio Sheffield was sadly mugged in Benidorm a few years ago and was on life support,but I have never heard anything else since . Does anyone have any updates regarding Jimmy please?
  4. After the success of Tramlines it would be great if The Sheffield Show was brought back ,it was an ideal family event . I have put a petition on please click on this link http://chng.it/XhKWvcqrtr
  5. He did daily updates during lockdown in Paulettes 's show they used to be around 12 .45 pm each day till around beginning of August
  6. Still nothing as regards Rony I thought there would be something in the Star if his show has been dropped
  7. Does anyone know why Parkers Jewellers is still closed? I haven't been on Hillsborough since before lockdown but my Husband says its still closed. I hope the staff and the owner are OK as I've gone in there years and got to know them well.
  8. Yes is there any updates on how Jimmy is now please?
  9. Thanks for replying . Where is that forum please ?
  10. She is still missing ,that's the last two years,I tried to ask Radio Sheffield if they could find out ,but they haven't rang me back .
  11. I saw that but other pubs in the same company are closed
  12. I have seen various articles regarding why Meadow farm is still closed ,but I have heard that at least two other pubs in the same company ,are also closed . Does anyone actually know the real reason why they are closed?
  13. Its the one that was Tony's Daughters and was previously in Castle Market It closed a few months ago ,and I wondered if it had reopened elsewhere?
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