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  1. Absolutle lunacy. Can someone explain to her that the traffic was there as the cycle lane has cut the road's capacity & if there were two open lanes there would have been the facility for both lanes to move to the side and create space down the middle allowing the ambulance to proceed.
  2. What SCC say and do are usually opposite. Can you tell me, How would one go about raising a vote of no confidence in our civil leadership?
  3. How about the ambulance that got stuck in this moronic scheme whilst trying to attend a 999 call earlier today & their only recourse was to get out and move the barriers in order to get around the STAND-STILL traffic CAUSED by the scheme? Someone potentially died because life-saving equipment was held up because someone in a position of power that they should not be anywhere near and quite frankly, based on this decision, shouldn't even be trusted to ask "do you want fries with that" because it's too intellectual for them. Unfortunately Sheffield and larger, South Yorkshire will never vote out a labour council, unable to see the forest because the trees are in the way is probably the politest way of describing Yorkshire's voting public.
  4. It's the same as The Moor. Signs both ends which state NO VEHICLES (the signage shown includes bicycles) with an exception plate for traders at certain times yet cyclists go blasting up and down. I might just get tired and need a stretch one day and 'accidentally' cloths-line one. ....
  5. On my commute to work (10+ miles) I often see city workers driving into the city and parking up in areas like Farm road, Princess street and other border areas then pulling out a fold out bike for the sub-mile ride into city centre. It'll only increase once SCC introduce the CAZ and ultimately include private vehicles (if you think they won't then you're an idiot). Instead of inner city pollution you'll end up with a pollution ring around it. As it stands it's not fixing the issue it's just displacing it elsewhere. On a personal level I think spending on cycling infrastructure is a waste unless we have legistlation that mandates it's use where it's available. The most common moan I hear from cylcists is that they're often shared spaces like split pavements and the moan is that they can't go as fast as they want because they have to watch for other users and that's an inconvience. Well I can't go as fast as I want when there's a cyclist in my path, that's an inconvience but I have to endure it, why should a cyclist be any different when it comes to other road/pavement users, what makes them so special that they shouldn't be impeded in any way?
  6. It's about time our justice system had a change and made it so assets of criminals are seized and sold off. And by assets, I mean everything the criminal owns bar the clothes on their backs.
  7. It'll be the police plane. It's transponder is hidden on FlightRadar during 'operational flights' but does show occasionally.
  8. Seems to be one of those that thinks his opinion and will is better than the law. Time he saw a different set of bars to show him that he's wrong.
  9. Most other successful pub chains are mostly franchises and were still charging rent/rates during Covid. Greene King being one.
  10. So 300+ buses in all areas of South Yorkshire, all asking for police attendance. ....
  11. Apparently the union bosses signed off on it.
  12. That and the total lack of support from management regarding enforcement, under the guise of safety. Drivers have been told they CANNOT enforce it & CANNOT refuse travel to those that refuse to wear. With this I'm not surprised drivers aren't bothering.
  13. This happened in Streatham which is covered by Lambeth Council, a Labour run operation. But let's not let facts ruin your vendetta against the Conservative government. 🙄
  14. I passed through Furnival Gate at just after 3pm on Saturday. The bit that SCC are supposed to be opening so buses can travel down towards Arundel was nowhere near completion, basically only lifted the paving slabs, and not a workman in sight. You'd think that "emergency" works would have boots on the ground all day to get it done. 🙄
  15. £8.6 million. That's the loss FSY filed 2018/2019 if I'm reading the statement correctly. (Link, Profit/Loss on Page 9). In current times I very much doubt a council can justify that loss on a yearly basis.
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