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  1. It does. It was reported from an investigation by a Lord Carter in 2016 But that's a discussion for another thread, let's not derail this one.
  2. If the NHS didn't waste nearly 8 billion a year then a lot of people would agree they might need more. Look at it this way. You give me £100 to spend. I burn £40 in front of you & then tell you that you didn't give me enough & you should give me more. This happens every week. Would you cave and give me £140 to cover the £40 I keep burning?
  3. Definitely. Treating it like some bank holiday weekend. I have friends in both Whitby and Buxton. Both have said their respective towns were heaving over the weekend as though it was the height of the summer season.
  4. Probably down to the lost business through rampant mis-selling. Phones4U did exactly the same. Sold a pack of lies and when customers weren't happy within the returns period, fobbed them off to the network
  5. All depends on your routing settings. Most, if not all, Sat nav and Sat nav apps give you the option of either shortest or fastest route, so to state that the sentence in question is outrightly incorrectly is, in itself, incorrect.
  6. Obviously it's changed since I did mine then because I wasn't charged. My photo was taken (and was when I renewed it) from my passport document. In any case if you're still driving in 2033 you will be required to exchange it. (ref: MSE)
  7. Exchanging a paper licence to a photocard doesn't cost anything.....
  8. I'd have more sympathy for taxi drivers if they stopped ROUTINELY breaking the law whilst driving. I drive around the city for a living, everyday I see: Speeding Reckless driving (especially cutting up large vehicles such as buses) Illegally parking Driving whilst using electronic devices.
  9. With some laptops the CMOS battery is soldered in. They last years and manufacturers expect it to outlast the laptop itself.
  10. In my opinion, due to how complicit our own police force and authorities are in the whole affair, we should be demanding that our government allow an outside investigation. Invite this criminal investigation team and give them unrestricted access to whomever they see fit, no one off-limits, no race card, no diplomatic immunity, no privilege.
  11. I'll write a coherant response to this when I finish laughing at it's complete absurdity. Current estimation of when that'll be is around the middle of 2050 (year not time)
  12. Xbox uses to forms of chat, Party & Game. Party chat only allows communication between those within the party group. Game allows anyone in the game session to communicate. If you're in a Party chat group you can still hear the Game chat but not respond. I would assume that as you're talking about cross-platform, all participants would have to be in Game chat.
  13. This only applies if the offending car is blocking a vehicle already on the driveway. If the offending car is blocking an empty driveway then CPE won't get involved. It's also worth knowing that if the offending vehicle parks ON your drive there is little you can do. Police & CPE won't touch it & if you block it in by parking across your drive YOU can be given a penalty.
  14. In terms of the residents of Castleton, do what I did. Move them. Last time I had one of the residents come out shouting that they were his cones and I had no right. I just told him to do one else I'd call the cops and have him charged with handling stolen goods and Sect 137 Highways Act (Cones were stamped inside with TMS & Sect 137 - Wilful obstruction of a public carriageway). He hastly retreated.
  15. Short answer of no has already been given. Long answer is still no and you're commiting an offence if you do so, Section 137 of Highways Act 1980, Wilful obstruction - If a person, without lawful authority or excuse, in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a highway he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding [F1level 3 on the standard scale].
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