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  1. Don't see the probably tbh. IMO 15min intervals between services is perfectly reasonable for any public transport service, buses included.
  2. I just find it very suspect that we have this massive spike in Covid pings on the T&T app, just whilst we have this heatwave weather.....
  3. Contact them again. Tell them if it's not sorted within "insert arbitary time frame" you will hire a private firm and send the invoice to the council.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeznTN0YW-4
  5. My Mrs is the ones that usually puts them out. Not because of sexism or any prejudice. Our bins live next to the garage at the end of the drive, I'm usually the first to leave so her car is still in the way.
  6. Most forum software these days has some form of Captcha built into it's core. It's usually just a matter of selecting which one and enabling it within the master/registration settings. Invision (SF's software of choice) supports ReCaptcha2 and KeyCaptcha, both great methods of blocking bots from registering in the first place. Invision also employs it's own spam system by default. Without looking further into it, but from experience there's usually a coder community behind the software too who make addons to compliment or add further features & usually they come with a bit of an installer system making it no harder than uploading the files and enabling it just like a Chrome extension.
  7. And? It's not the first time since '66 that England have been in a European/World football final. Happened in '84 and more recently '09. Where were the clamours for a big screen and/or an extra bank holiday then? Oh wait, that's because those were the women's team....
  8. My parents lived in Aston. My disabled father used a Class3 to go everywhere, including into Rotherham Town Centre and back & did so without a decrease in range over time. There is nothing wrong with the width of the pavement down Fence hill, It's standard width or wider from the crossroads all the way to the roundabout at the bottom. There are a number of crossing points to access the bus-stops on the opposite side however there is no pavement beyond the stop areas. Towards Todwick, I assume you mean he was using the 50mph dual carriageway, which under the law requires an amber belisha beacon. Quite why he wouldn't use the 10ft wide pavement. Quite where you're getting this "Group 4" from I have no idea. There are only 3 mobility scooter classifications.
  9. IIRC several councils are forging ahead with making all of their Hackney vehicles wheelchair accessable. I believe Knowsley have already acheived this.
  10. Both topics have been complained about to police and council. It shows just how much an embarassment South Yorkshire's police FARCE & Sheffield City CLOWNCIL are. Both these issues happen YARDS away from the city's main police station & nothing gets done. Sorry, once in a blue moon they'll hold some token enforcement day which goes back to the problem the following day.
  11. The fuel calcs online tend to only calculate the cost of the fuel only. I've just run one for the vehicle you mentioned, making the assumption that it's a common 1.5 diesel model and got £11.73 @ 126.8p/litre over 120 miles. However if they are using their personal car and being paid by business for that use then they should also be informing their insurance.
  12. If it wasn't for work I wouldn't venture into Sheffield other than to use the train station on occasion. In broad daylight I often witness drugs being dealt & anti-social behaviour by 'undesireables' within 100m of Snig Hill police station.
  13. See below. This, but 2 rounds. 2 in the head, you know they're dead. But it's not just a bit of anti-social behaviour is it? It's a complete and utter refusal to abide by any form of rules, has failed to rehabilitate after multiple chances and refuses to be a contributor to society in general. It's a waste of resources and a Glock 9mm and 2 rounds is a cheap and effective permanant solution.
  14. Put down would be my choice.
  15. Arundel Gate - Main road often busy & transport corridor - Persistently has cars parked on the pavement outside the university building next to the Odeon. - NO enforcement present despite a DAILY issue Wicker - transport corridor, probably the busiest after Arundel Gate - Persistently cars parked on double yellows, junctions and bus stop bays. - NO enforcement despite a DAILY issue Spital Hill/Burngreave Rd - Persistent parking in restricted area and/or double parking - NO enforcement despite a DAILY issue Attercliffe around junctions of Staniforth Rd & Shortridge St - Parking on restrictions/pavements/bus bays - NO enforcement despite a DAILY issue Firth Park Centre - Parking on restrictions/pavements/bus bays - NO enforcement despite a DAILY issue. I could go on and post more but I think you get the jist of what you posted is complete and utter nonsense about priorities. Parking services & council HAVE been told MULTIPLE times by individual members of the public & the transport operators. Other than ONE token enforcement event, of which they blew their own horn about in the local media, in at least 4 years has ever been undertaken on the Wicker and 24hrs later it was back to 'business as usual'. As for 'not permit zones', from that you're suggesting, as far as parking services/council are concerned, that only areas with permit schemes deserve to be patrolled and enforced, sod everyone else that pays council taxes to pay for the services.
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