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  1. Outbound from Rotherham is a nightmare at times because of the trucks, all parked up, on double yellows, in a line from River View all the way back to Bradmarsh Way at times, which then forces other traffic into the oncoming lane for ~350m (~1100ft). Oncoming traffic have no option but to take to the bus lane. The trucks themselves are serving Newell Wright Transport or Templebrough Power Station. The local clowncil and plod have been advised of this dangerous situation but so far nothing has been done, as usual they'll wait until someone is seriously injured or killed.
  2. Highways claim the gritters were out in the early hours (before 5am) whilst it was raining however previously they've stated that they don't go out that early when it's raining due to the salt being washed away. I went down the Parkway towards Sheffield about 0945 this morning, gingerly as it was blanketed. About 3 hours later I returned down the same route. Other than snow cleared by vehicles it was still coated and it wasn't until almost at J33 that I saw a gritter, heading towards sheffield. It also wasn't fitted with a plough. So nearly 5 hours of snowfall and no gritting or clearing of snow on one of Sheffield's major arterial routes. In fact in the afternoon I saw at least 3 gritters, none of which were fitted with a plough. One of those was stuck on an incline. Had it had a plough the snow it was stuck on would have been cleared before the wheels. However footage from North and West Yorks show their highways divisions out and ploughing/gritting from early on. Once again South Yorkshire CLOWNcils have failed in their obligations.
  3. My sister has a Golf with an electronic "handbrake". Hers has a manual release tool in the spare wheel well. I suspect other manufacturers have similar systems.
  4. RightMove have been allowing the developer of the Skye Edge development to advertise NO DSS/UC recently too
  5. If anyone ever needs to know a route for a bus use this link: http://yorkshire.acisconnect.com/ Once it loads, select the dropdown that says West Yorkshire and change it to South Yorkshire then enter the service number in the box next to it and press enter. It will give you a few options depending on the service so just pick the option suited to you. So in the OP's case he'd enter X5 then select Sheffield to Dinnington and the website will draw the route on a map.
  6. Your countersignatory must: have known you (or the adult who signed the form if the passport is for a child under 16) for at least 2 years be able to identify you, for example they’re a friend, neighbour or colleague (not just someone who knows you professionally) be ‘a person of good standing in their community’ or work in (or be retired from) a recognised profession 1. Has your local MP known you for at least 2 year? 2. Would your local MP know you from Adam? 3. Not sure a criminal conviction would count as 'a person of good standing' but maybe that's just me.
  7. They claim that they're over capacity yet I recieved a parcel today, ordered Monday evening, not using any special post options, Surely I should have been waiting a lot longer.
  8. I can't wait till it's built and residents are moved in. Then I'll wait for the flood of noise complaints because of buses and taxis.... You know it'll happen, just like the plebs that complain about noise from nearby race tracks and try to get them closed even though their house is 5 year old and the track has existed since the 1950s.....
  9. Where have you seen a Leaf for 3k? I've looked on all the major sites and the cheapest ones were 5k & spares/repairs. The one I found, running at 5k was a 2011 so 9 year old and will be ready for new batteries, at upto 7k in cost... The world needs to stop with the idea of plug in, battery powered EVs and work on the true future fuel, Hydrogen Fuel Cell. It's been proven to be a better alternative to fossil AND battery environmentally.
  10. Saw the same instructor on multiple occasions, different pupil each time, at least 5. So what are the chances of 5 young adults, all from the same household, needing lessons?
  11. I saw quite a few DIs giving lessons DURING the 2nd lockdown, most without any form of PPE on either the pupil or the instructor.
  12. I only saw the original proposal earlier in the year, there wasn't any bus station/interchange.
  13. If you look at the proposal for the Sheaf St removal , that seems to be the plan.
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