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  1. The issue in the UK, based on the complaints I've heard about buses lately, isn't the cost. It's over-expectations of the services. "Oh they've changed the route and now I have to walk 100yrds" "They've changed the times and now I have to leave 10 mins early or I'll be late for work" Vary the comments around the core point and ad infinitum. People expect public transport to be moulded round their individual needs. Unfortunately for me public transport isn't an option. It's either not available when I start or it's not available when I finish. Taxis would far exceed the costs of my car.
  2. This was a fake ad on Facebook. ML has always stated he endorses nothing on social media.
  3. PTE/TSY have been notified. Ball is in their court. As previously stated they are the ones that decide which stops are in operation & also the ones that produce the literature. As far as I am aware it was only ever meant to be temporary. It's never been painted up as a bus stop and has only ever been used as an alighting stop.
  4. As I've stated First nor the driver are responsible for producing public literature. The literature has an error by including Charter Row because the bus turns right before any OFFICIAL bus stop on that stretch of the road. The TEMPORARY stop is soon being removed. The permanent pole has already gone. Drivers have been instructed not to stop there anymore except for a few select services, 95 isn't one of the select. So justify ABUSING someone for doing as their employer and the PTE have instructed and not chastising the organisation that made the error.
  5. Got more chance of winning Euro Millions than cyclists obeying restrictions on where they cannot ride. See it everyday on the Moor. No vehicle signs either end yet they still ride up and down
  6. It stops on Furnival St/gate but not Charter Row & has not since the changes. This is from the PTE not First or the drivers. Drivers have been instructed not to stop there. PTE are the ones responsible for the stops and associated literature not First. Admitting to abusing bus staff on a public forum, well you're hard aren't ya?
  7. Unfortunately you've both contacted the wrong organisation. Most, if not all changes have been ordered by Passenger Transport Executive (Council essentially) A lot of changes have been made because SCT have pulled out leaving bigger gaps than the ones you describe in the network so routes have been tweaked to try and cover the shortfall. The 56, as far as I'm aware, stops in the bus station. There are an array of buses available to the destinations you have both set out in your posts.
  8. At my old property I enquired about a dropped kerb. I was told if I waited a month and bought the required stones they'd do it as part of the resurfacing work planned. Cost me about 65 quid ircc.
  9. I have to smirk at some of the parking tales here. Where I'm currently living I'm the only house ever built on the street. When it was built the developers built a 30 space car park for workers. The car park became the street. So in a sense I have a 30 car driveway 😂
  10. As someone eligible for a blue badge (I chose not to apply as I manage my disability enough to walk unaided) , blue badges and spaces should be limited to those that physically cannot get about without aid. These new inclusions will only further the rampant abuse of the scheme.
  11. Nah she lives 3 doors down from Bill Payers. But I need his permission to tell you anymore.
  12. Hi, You'll need to inform DVLA & your insurance company regarding your change of address. The likelihood is that your insurance will change, more than likely more expensive. Not doing so puts you on the wrong side of the law and can lead to fines, refusal to pay out & cancellation of your policy (which you then have to declare when you apply for insurance again)
  13. Give over. Far too late for that. They're not bothered so long as they're not under their feet.
  14. You're right of course. Why I wrote 173 is a mystery
  15. Short answer is they're not. Long answer is they will be in contravention of Sec 173 of the Highways Act. The right to protest does not trump this however due to the fact that our police are a farce not a force these days they'll just stand and choose which laws to uphold as normal.
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