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  1. OMG. Someone at work asked if I like sushi. I didn't realise they were being racially discriminating. I thought they were trying to organise a work's dinner do and trying to decide a menu 🙄
  2. However you can respond with "I decline to answer". They cannot take that as a positive or negative response so it nullifies the question.
  3. A roof top terrace to gaze down on the roofs of passing 95s
  4. I know a few drivers and they've all mentioned issues with what they call "twerlies". People with passes, who know the restrictions yet still get offended when their pass is rejected outside the time limits.
  5. That's absolute nonsense. I sent my v5 off for a change of address on Friday last week and got my updated V5 in the post yesterday. What's more likely is that the dealer didn't send the relevant paperwork to DVSA...
  6. Unfortunately if something doesn't change and soon there won't be a public transport system for them to ride for free on. Some pensioners think that their bus pass entitles them to a lot more than free travel too. I've personally witnessed one oap walk past ~40 queueing passengers to the front of the queue when the bus pulled into the stand & when challenged stated "I'm allowed, I've got a bus pass" as though it also gave them priority boarding. On a separate occasion I witnessed one oap chastise an already seated passenger for not moving from "their seat" & "seats at the front of the bus are for people with passes.". The seated passenger in question had a thigh length plaster-cast & crutches.
  7. Mobility (disabled) passes are not time restricted, at least in South Yorkshire.
  8. Automated systems can ring several people at once and don't require wages. There were full call centres devoted to these type of scams (probably still are) which shows you how lucrative it is.
  9. It's a case of reap what you sow in Sheffield. Thousands complain how incompetent SCC are yet continue to vote them in every time. It's a toss up who's the dumbest, SCC or voters.
  10. If you're unlucky enough to need a bus when the route starts just before 09:30-10:00 then you'll know that often buses fill up with OAPs. I once was on a bus and an OAP tried to use his pass at 08:40 and then refused to either get off or pay when the driver advised him of the time restrictions, citing "I'm an OAP I have a right to travel free" Personally I'd like to see a nominal charge applied. Nothing major, say £1 per trip similarly to the Student single in Sheffield. £2 there and back isn't going to break the bank.
  11. 6 points & £200 fine for that. Mobile phone law considers it as part of 'driving whilst using mobile device.
  12. Firstly, where was I being misonogist? I invite you to go check the definition and try again unless you prefer to continue showing yourself up. The crux is that you will be having medically unqualified personnel making medical decisions. Doctors and nurses train for years & are required to pass qualifications to make those medical decisions. Will receptionists be required to join the NMC, like qualified doctors and nurses, will they be required to sit years worth of training and gain recognised medical qualifications? I very much doubt that & as such will not speak to a receptionist regarding my medical well-being. This has nothing to do with them being either gender.
  13. TekRunPro - It's a dot.com domain registered to an individual in India. The registrar for the domain is GoDaddy.com You would be be wise to email them a copy of the email to spam@godaddy.com. If they agree that it violates their T&Cs they will terminate the domain and blacklist the user.
  14. Except A&E triage is worlds away from what's being suggested. In A&E Triage is by a QUALIFIED nurse, someone who has undertaken years of training, sat many exams to a predefined standard & continues to receive ongoing training in relation to their current role. "Janet", the glorified secretary hasn't.
  15. They're also supposed to give out the right information and print timetables correctly. When the 95 changed route they printed that it stopped opposite Westfield Health on Charter Row. The issue with that being that the stop in question is 50yrd AFTER the route turns off Charter Row and up Rockingham St. I have to imagine that many complaints taken by TSY probably don't make it to operators.
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