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  1. BD1 hit the nail on the head. Viable HFC vehicle technology has existed since 2007. The issue was of fuel production but there have been vast improvements in this field. So we'll see street fights erupt as everyone tries to park next to the streetlamp to charge..
  2. I guess we'll just ignore the fact that GF was shouting this long before he was restrained on the floor and the fact that someone who can't breath could not possibly continually shout for that long. At most it was unlawful killing by negligence.
  3. A good driver will always self-regulate inbetween where possible. However I know drivers that will arrive at a non-timing stop upto a minute early however know from experience that the next junction or whatever takes time to negotiate that's not built into the journey so will carry on and use that minute for the junction in order to keep, as best they can, punctual. My personal view is that you should be at the stop no less than 4-5 mins before it's published departure time and use those spare minutes to get your cash/card/pass/pre-paid ticket ready. It really grates on me when there are people queued in front of you that have been there more than a few minutes and leave it until they're boarding to start rummaging in their pockets/bags or messing with their mobile to load the ticket meaning it takes longer to board. If 3 or 4 people do this then the bus ends up leaving minutes late, assuming it's not a few minutes early.
  4. Ah you're using that disingenuine fact are you? 1. They were complaints not disciplinarys. 2. Those complaints spanned a 20 year career. That's a pretty low average for cops in the US. 3. The major of the complaints were not upheld. As for the video, the one where he's shown to be kneeling on GF's shoulder and not his neck as initially claimed, a restraint taught by instructors and in the training manual? Manslaugther via negligence, ie not acting quick enough once GF was unconcious was the only crime here. As for the warrior training, I take it you've researched what it actually entails, of course not. You've instantly gone to it being all violent battle training. "According to a news release posted to the Law Officer website, the free online training — valued at $55,000 a year — is offered to officers for as long as Frey remains mayor. The training, which covers a range of issues, from “officer survival” and leadership to fitness and de-escalation, was designed to ensure that officers could “return home each day to their family regardless of the dangers that they may face and the ignorance of some politicians,” In any case this isnt' over and far from the last we seen of this trial. There are four potential and likely grounds for appealing the conviction. Judges failure to move the trial Judges failure to sequester the jury Interference by Maxine Walters (and others) - which makes point 2 stronger The $27m payout by the city five days before jury selection. A lot of legal people in the US are saying that these four things made it almost impossible for him to get a fair trial. At the very least, at appeal, Chauvins sentence will be drastically reduced, possible even some of the convictions vacated or a mistrial declared.
  5. I would disagree. Using AG and closing the Interchange would mean even more buses when the ones currently using the interchange are routed up there. There isn't enough room for the current vehicle numbers without adding more. Recently it seems to have become home to a few ne'er-do-well's which, despite being stood in the open, have evaded the attention of authorities. Bus drivers have been assaulted and even stabbed on AG in recent times too so there's a big safety issue, particularly at night.
  6. Pretty sure you can no longer turn right from Lady's Bridge/Wicker onto Blonk St due to changes made througout 2020. Unfortunately the imagery online is of 2019 vintage. I'm certain there are now signs from, LB at the former junction, stating straight ahead & the road layout has been made to make right turns difficult but not impossible, presumably for emergency vehicles. This however does not stop people from making the prohibited turn, especially drivers with extra id plates on the back ....
  7. A full tank of fuel for the car to get me to the nearest claim office But seriously, if it was a large amount such as the Euros when 100+ mil, the services of a financial advisor as I already have a finanical investment plan in mind & would want to check it's still viable.
  8. Would what they posted have bearing on residents whom have erected 'Residents only parking' signs, albeit on their garden fences, on a public road? Asking as there is a current bone of contention where a friend works.
  9. You know full well that I would not be able to confirm or deny the existence of evidence nor that of any ongoing investigation with definity. Back in your box. The adults are talking.
  10. Yet other OpCos around the country report good user numbers and even make profits. It's my personal belief that SY suffers because the fares have been kept down whilst other counties have raised prices & been able to reinvest in vehicles & infrastructure. SY loses money every year so there's nothing to invest with. Especially in Sheffield where the fares (before Doncaster's Tap & Cap trial) were a good amount cheaper than in Rotherham/Doncaster because god forbid someone from Sheffield pay a normal amount for a service. And certain councillors & MPs more than likely grabbed a back-pocket share of the funding too. Then they misspent what was given. Has any disciplinary action been taken for the Shalesmoor debacle? If SCC was a private company then the decision maker would have been fired over it. You might be but what of the elderly or disabled who aren't able to make that extra distance, many of whom regularly frequented the businesses around Fargate, Peace Gardens etc.
  11. As I said in the other thread. Looks a lot cleaner and fresher but to repeat, a 'dark mode' theme is needed, time to bring SF into the 2020s
  12. If it was the last bus at night & I was the driver then I would probably have taken the risk but middle of the day and more than one an hour.
  13. I like it. It's a fresh cleaner look imo But Staffers, Can we PLEASE get a dark mode, even if it's set as a user-selectable theme (The software does support this)
  14. All part of the master plan. Now Arundel Gate will become a hotbed of pollution and as it's now the primary route through city centre SCC (or it's puppeteer) will use it as justification for introducing ULEZ charging.
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