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  1. Pretty much this. Basically the system tracks mine or my partner's location via the phone app. If myself or my partner move within the set radius distance then the system will turn on (if required) and if we're not within the radius it won't turn the heating on, even if it drops below the preset temp. It means that the heating won't be active when it's not needed. Saved us over £150 in gas last winter.
  2. Have you, ALL of your life, followed EVERY single rule laid out before you? No you won't have. As @ECCOnoob said, the party was distasteful/hypocritical at best and everyone should be punished ACCORDING TO THE LAW as it was set out, by means of a fixed financial penalty. NOBODY in the country followed Covid rules 100%, nobody. Anyone who claims they did is an absolute liar.
  3. Our house is smart thermostat controlled. We set a temp and it comes on and off as needed. The house is geo-fenced so if we're out then it won't come on if it drops below the preset unless we come within the geo-fence radius. Overnight (2200-0530) it's set to 12°c though looking at the app over this winter so far the house hasn't dropped below 17°c.
  4. It is time, now that the takeaway delivery industry has massively grown, in part due to covid, that we start thinking of proper regulations. Proper checks on drivers done by local authorities as they are with taxi drivers. It's now getting to the point that mosts delivery drivers pretty much do as they please on our roads without fear. Offenses including but not limited to: Speeding Dangerous driving/driving without due care Driving in restricted areas (pedestrian zones, bus lanes, unmonitored bus gates) Parking in obstructive manner/illegally parking Now you might say those are the perview of the police & mostly you're right, but you need to remember that it's South Yorkshire Police FARCE I also suspect a great many aren't properly insured either, given that I went to a local fast food chain and they had deliveries stack up waiting. Staff were told by some driver that the others were cancelling jobs and not going to the location because the police were in the car park...
  5. Most of the problems with buses in Sheffield are the passengers. Typical Sheffielders that everything should cost next to nowt & be of a 5-star quality. They want picking up at a moments notice from their front door and depositing at their destination without delay, all for 10p. It's like they're stuck in the 1970s.
  6. I know with First the tracker info for their own app and bustimes.org comes from the ticket machine so as long as it's powered then there should be a tracking signal however: 1. The machine is not infallable and not 100% accurate in terms of position although not usually far out. 2. If the bus is in a covered location such as Donny or Rotherham Interchange the GPS signal can be blocked 3. The GPS receiver is separate to the ticket machine and sometimes loses comms with the TM 4. If a bus is running out of service then the ticket machine isn't logged to a service number so won't show on either tracker apps. * This is how it was explained to me, I cannot gaurantee it's full accuracy.
  7. Road tax is a well known and commonly used colliquial term for VED. I do believe there should be some form of taxation for cylcists however. Roads are used by everyone, even those that don't drive (public transport users etc). They are paid for by general taxation. Cycling infrastructure however isn't used by all, in fact by a tiny fraction of the populous, but the cost of installing and maintaining this infrastructure comes from general taxation. Maybe we could kill 2 birds and introduce a yearly licence plate, an ID number to show that the individual has paid this tax and also a way to identify those poor riders who think that the Highway Code/Road Traffic Act/Highways Act doesn't apply to them because they're a cyclist. I await the usual crowd with their whataboutery about drivers.....
  8. Punctuality can also be improved by passengers by the simple act of actually being prepared to board the bus. Fare/passes out ready before they're stood by the driver's cab. Far too many times I've been waiting at a bus stop and people have left it till they've stepped on the vehicle to then rummage around their pockets/handbags for their money or smartcard or in some cases opening the app on their phone then faffing purchasing the ticket via the app whilst the bus sits there losing time. Evening services are always going to lose money and as you say, Sheffielders are tighter than a duck bottom, so making money in the daytime to cover the loss isn't easy. I think most Sheffielders would have a cardiac arrest if they used a bus in some counties. For instance, I took a 30min journey in Cumbria and for a single it was over 7 quid. Bus Stops, well where do I start? There are a great number of sheltered stop that used to be lit but have been turned off. The only ones that seem to be lit these days are the ones that have the solar panel roofs but they only work if there's been enough daylight. IMO all bus stops should be lit, by mains, currently the only ones that are lit are the ones handed over to Alight Media for the ad boards. To save power they could employ something like a PIR sensor to activate the lights & displays. It'd also help drivers as an unlit stop would show that no-one is waiting. One thing I've never understood is the PTE's choice of colour, particularly when it's dark. Which fool chose midnight blue? It must be almost impossible for a driver to see a single pole in the dark at distance in that colour at night. Surely a dayglo colour infused with some retroreflective material would be better?
  9. Very firmly on the same page as you, even as a regular bus user.
  10. "South Yorkshire MP Alexander Stafford calls for new body to run 'abysmal' buses" LINK (Facebook) Willing to bet that Mr Stafford would end up on any commitee/board set up to run this proposed new body... Some of the comments are absolutely hilarious. Bleating about how expensive buses are now (they are not, some of the cheapest in the country by a long shot), moaning that they can no longer get across the county all day for '34p'. We have a body that is meant to do everything he wants, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. They're useless & don't do anything. Much of their charge has been sold off to private contractors Operation & maintainence of bus stations - BidVest Noonan Bus Stops & Shelters - Alight Media Affordable fares - TravelMaster tickets are fairly cheap
  11. To anwser the OP question: The worst drivers, which cars do they drive? It's not one specific make or model but an attachment, an additional identity plate, supplied by council's licencing department. Yup, you got it. TAXI! Should force them all to have council monitored telematics.
  12. Shame supermarkets couldn't do a deposit-return scheme type thing where you keep the trays and swap them out on the next delivery. If you don't return the trays then you're charged X amount. Cuts down on plastic waste, doesn't require paper. (because we're all about saving plastics but cutting down even more trees for the paper to replace it) & helps everyone all round.
  13. Ah Sheffielders. In need of a letter from Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk.
  14. CPS should now start to look at charges for Judge Richardson, the original trial judge who tried to halt the prosecution of Ahmed by ordering a permanent stay on the case.
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