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  1. The only time it would be viable is when they hold the music festivals at Magna, which isn't often, maybe twice a year & they currently run shuttle buses for these. There are 2 frequent bus services that run along Sheffield Road on the opposite side of Magna and from experience, again unless there's a festival going on, aren't well used. At best a handful of Parcel Force employees either side of the day. Any stop built for Magna would need to come off the main line and the time it would take would need to be factored into runtimes of heavy rail trains. I doubt that they would see close to the numbers they're claiming. Parents taking their kids to the science centre aren't going to take their over-stimulated, tired child onto a tram to get home when they can easily bundle them into the car, parking right outside and stop at their front door.
  2. So he'll be out in April. Judge's comments are far too soft and reads as if he's scolding someone for pinching a Mars bar not killing someone.
  3. And we're back with dodgy ads that hijack the browser and redirect it to some scam page. Fortunately my unwanted solicitation software captures it and stops it.
  4. Had one at the top of our road. Disappeared before the last snow back in March and hasn't been seen since. It got used because we're at the top of a hill with a crossroad junction. Residents like myself would take it upon ourselves to grit the hill approaches to the junction to make it safer for all. I have asked the council why it was taken and no response. It would be relatively easy for the council to remove these when they were no longer needed in the season.
  5. It's anyone's guess but I'd go with a ring as far out as PoW junction on Parkway with the possibility of the whole Parkway becoming a CAZ corridor.
  6. But that's the plan. Give it 2-3 years and suddenly there will be a report that the levels in the areas surrounding the current CAZ are now 'excessively polluted' and the zone will be extended. It's almost carbon copy of what Kommandant Khan has done with ULEZ.
  7. £71 for back of the arena & Front rows paying same as VIP, £211+ * 😟 * at time of posting
  8. 18 years as per any other offender. Age/Maturity comes under the mitigating factors. https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/crown-court/item/causing-death-by-dangerous-driving/ The offender's actions fall under Cat A for culpability under the term "Deliberate decision to ignore the rules of the road and disregard for the risk of danger to others" This put the sentence into Cat A sentencing which has a starting point of 12 years with mitigating factors able to reduce to 8 years. (Age and guilty plea deal for DBDD over murder charge in this case) Remorse reduction shouldn't be applied given the comments made by the offender at the time of his arrest, "Looks like I got my first kill" Going by the actual sentence passed the judge has used Cat C culpability which is ridiculous. At 12 years old (at the time of the offence, you know you aren't allowed to drive (legally on a public road for the pedants) and you certainly know that driving a car at someone could result in death/serious injury (death in this case) which is clearly a Cat A so the absolute minimum sentence in this case should have been 8 years, which IMO still wouldn't be enough. CPS also failed to bring charges for carrying a bladed article (knife) found on the offender, which would have further impacted the sentence.
  9. Toffee. As for the sentence it's ridiculously lenient & the judge should be removed from the bench.
  10. Not so much as being racist towards whites. But still racism. Choosing NOT to act based on someone's ethnicity is just as racist as choosing to act based on ethnicity. Change the context slightly, Would it be acceptable not to prosecute someone for domestic violence because the offender is a woman, or would that be sexism?
  11. In an official hearing into the scandal a whistle-blower, a youth worker at the time, said this:
  12. Local forces that did nothing in the first place and will, in all likelihood, go back to doing nothing. SYP are incompetent and I'll go as far as racist. They KNEW it was happening but chose not to act for fear of upsetting the Pakistani community. They CHOSE not to act based on ethnicity.
  13. Operation Stovewood will no longer investigate new CSE claims front January 2024. This is disgusting. Many have yet to be brought to justice. Victims yet to be heard.
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