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  1. Why not take on a part-time role in one of these establishments. Lots of older people do so. I'm sure you can manage on 16hrs at 9 quid an hour like you're saying others should....
  2. First Group is separate to FirstBus. FirstGroup only made a profit this financial due to the sale of Greyhound in the US Firstbus is then separated into individual operations, each responsible for it's own operation and budget. 2013-2019 First South Yorkshire LOST £26 million. 2019-2020 was slightly less on yearly losses due to government funding starting just before the end of the financial year. Even so, it was still a loss of £2.7 million. Bus companies are not, as you say, making vast profits. Vast losses. Those subsidies you mention from authorities. Imagine your the bus company and I'm the council. I promise you a subsidy of £1 per passenger in the first year. All great, the subsidy covers the operational costs, you don't make a profit but you don't make a loss either. Except the following year due to inflation and rising operational costs, you ask for £1.10 per passenger and I refuse and offer 80p instead. I won't budge from my offer, you either take it or opt out of running the service because you cannot shoulder the additional 27% costs as this would be a loss.
  3. From my source with SY public transport. NOBODY, not even the bus companies, currently know the situation for the October changes. Negotiations regarding funding are still ongoing. To me this is nothing more than an attempt to undermine public opinion and swing towards gaining control of public transport through decieving the public.
  4. Because they live with this utopian, rose-tinted view that Labour councils are the saviour.
  5. Unfortunately the world has largely become "me, me, me". I was once on a bus and came across a ped vs car hit & run. With the casualty still in the road the bus driver positioned the bus to block the road entirely whilst the ambulance crew worked on the victim as people, like in your instance were trying to drive through the scene. The driver was later commended by YAS & his managers.
  6. I'll ask again, since you ignored it the last time, do you work?
  7. It is billions, but it turns out I was wrong about the full extent of TfL's debt. I had read a time-period restricted article. The whole truth is MUCH worse. Link So yeah, let's do the London model, doesn't matter if it's billions in debt, as long as Doris can go shopping with her trolley 6 times a week and pays nothing into the service she's using.....
  8. TfL is publically run. It's currently almost £5 BILLION in debt and begging the government for bailouts on a WEEKLY basis. This is AFTER they made huge service cuts (bigger than SY ones) No operator in SY is making a profit, in fact they're in the red by millions. Subsidies from the former SYPTE for tendered work and pass reimbursement initially were an insult yet they slashed those whilst increasing fees to the operators for facility use (bus stops/stations etc) The former SYPTE did anything and everything it could to keep hold of funds given by government to improve services rather than actually spending it on service improvments. This new PTE (new name, same S***-show) will do the exact same. They already have, funding a scheme that in it's 9 month initial run made ZERO impact on passenger numbers. Used to be the last buses were about 10pm. There were any buses till after 10am on a Sunday either. I know a few drivers and they often tell me on late duties, after 10pm, quite often they're just driving around on their own for 2 hours.
  9. In one respect that's actually a good thing. I knew of an individual a few years ago who was given a disabled with carer pass purely because she REFUSED to learn basic English despite being resident here for 10+ years but in the same financial period refused several truly disabled applicants for "not meeting criteria"
  10. There was funding. He decided to use it to extend the 18-21 scheme which has had ZERO impact on passenger numbers during the first 9 month scheme. The thing is that it's 18-21 year olds that are paying passengers. So reducing the prices to child fares & giving a poor subsidy in return is damaging not helping. The other issue is the number of non-paying passengers, subsidised by the taxpayers. The eldery and disabled, from here known as NPT. One driver was telling me not long ago that in his first half of his duty (4.5hrs) he had processed 138 passengers. 136 of them being NPT. From what I understand the subsidy payments for these NPTs are absolutely abysmal and do NOT cover the cost of the journey. I'm not blaming the elderly/disabled but something needs to change in the way the services are paid for. I have spoken to quite a few elderly passengers and they have said that they really should pay something. TSY gives students a £1 single fare so why can't that be extended and used for NPTs, with the subsidy topping up the shortfall. Free travel is no longer viable as the number of elderly/disabled card holders has increased massively in recent years.
  11. KFC don't set wages for the stores. In fact they don't operate any of them. Each one is operated by an independant business trading under licence which gives them access to the branding and supply chain. Everything else is upto the independant including pay rates. KFC take a licencing fee + % of profit from the independant.
  12. Never thought I'd see the day I longed for the old moderators.
  13. Surely you mean hypothetical? In either case the detail given often shows that the person is often speaking from an experience and trying to spin it as not to embarass themselves. To use your own words, In my opinion, on all known evidence in the public domain, you are one of the very morons you claim not to wish to deal with. An assertion that I suppose others within the thread would agree upon. I would also enter the supposition that this is because you hate being reminded of such fact which is why you continually enter into battles of wit, despite being unarmed. @RollingJ @driver151 @busdriver1 Did I miss anthing there, I mean he made me bring out the big words?
  14. Hitting another vehicle, regadless of speed is still a collision. Your assertion that the bus driver is a numpty after stating such brings an age old adage to bear tbh. 'takes one to know one'
  15. Well having so much in common I think you'd be perfect for the job.
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