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  1. I've found buying an internal drive, a separate caddy & just putting the two together.
  2. What it needs now is a loud siren in the cabin connected to a light sensor. It gets dark and you've not put lights on then it goes off. Volume should be around 150db.
  3. So apply the handbrake and take your foot on the pedal. I drive auto for work and each manufacturer (and driver training) says to do this.
  4. Emergency works tend not to care about time. More flood warnings were in place this morning.
  5. Big difference between a tyre expert and a tyre fitter.
  6. Gotta love this forum. Government doesn't do something positive: "Ah they're evil and in it for themselves" Government does something positive: "Ah they're evil and in it for themselves" Always the same suspects flip-flopping.
  7. Stainforth Road stop isn't that far. Nice healthy walk...
  8. The X1 suffers from heavy traffic in multiple areas along its route, particularly Arundel Gate, Meadowhall & Bramley/Hellaby, sometimes in Maltby (Queens crossroads) It also suffers from the fact that route planners haven't allowed loading time at Meadowhall. Timetable gives it about 80 seconds however it's often a busy load so can end up 5-10 mins late from Meadowhall. By which time the next one has caught up because it's not got anybody to pickup. Put these together with the 10 min frequency and that's why you get the bunching. They also use those blue buses for the route as that's what they were bought for and they've proved unreliable as operational vehicles. Says a lot when you consider the manufacturer, Wrightbus, recently went bust despite large orders for these buses, Streetdeck (doubledeckers) Streetlites (single deck). Wrightbus also made the London busses known as Boris-buses.
  9. Trams and trains are somewhat limited in their pickup / destinations though.
  10. Are these actually more dangerous than first thought? I don't like them. They're unnecessarily creepy. However my thoughts turn to their longevity and with that, the future danger they potentially pose. To me, eventually drivers will get used to them and they'll be just part of the road furniture and something that your brain will dismiss as not a hazard during normal driving. But then one day it'll be a real child about to run into your path & your brain dismisses it as a static roadside object & you'll not react to it. One dead child. Is it just me or does anyone else think this?
  11. I'll let you in on a secret. Kids meals are about 6 quid but are pretty much an adult portion. 😉
  12. Yes, yesterday as it happens. They found a private landlord who was sympathetic to their situation & appalled by the lack of support from the council. The landlord has agreed (in writing) to suspend their normal bond requirement for 6 months (12mth tenancy) to give them time to save it. They've also seen a housing solicitor who's stated that the reason for not granting them a council house (affordability) isn't legally valid and has advised lodging a formal complaint with a hint of legal action as they have this in writing from a council email address.
  13. It will be 100% a financial decision and they're just spinning it in order to garner publicity to attract custom.
  14. I love the fact that most pools now are mixed sex. It allows me to still take my young daughter swimming when my other half can't make it, meaning she doesn't miss out (she loves splashing about).
  15. Something that isn't being reported is that the offender was in court 2 days prior to the attack on charges including threats to kill, robbery & possession of a bladed article. The offender also has a string of previous arrests/convictions for similar offences. Yet the judge saw fit to release him.
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