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  1. My Bold - Another money pot for Jarvis to dip his hand in. The man is a snake oil salesman. People really need to wake up and see this. SYPTE covers all of South Yorkshire & whilst I agree a change is needed, why should it be under the perview soley under the Mayor of Sheffield? Rotherham, Doncaster & Barnsley have their own Mayor yet won't have any overview or say regarding public transport?
  2. But those events have nothing to do with the 5th of November and everything to do with criminality. But lets's ban Bonfire Night and also we should ban: Diwali Eid New Year Chinese New Year All annual events that have taken to using fireworks as a traditional method of celebration.
  3. It's basically how Royal Mail SHOULD work. 😂
  4. Why not? The machine may have been tampered with in order to collect cards and PINs for the purpose of theft. The fact that the business that 'owns' the machine doesn't want anyone warned of that potential speaks volumes.
  5. Just drop it at your local shop point. They scan it, you get a reciept for proof of postage so you're covered.
  6. Nissan have never dealt with Lexus, they're owned by Toyota. As for Infiniti, I can cound on one hand how many I've seen in the last 10 years, so hardly a major brand.
  7. What major manufacturer has pulled out of the UK market? The answer is none.
  8. Why would anyone present a car for MOT with warning lights on the dash, especially low tyre pressure warnings which is easily solved by adding air to the indicated tyre? Same goes for people that present them with failed bulbs, no washer fluid etc. Presenting a vehicle with these basic check faults should not only fail the MOT but the owner issued with a fixed penalty for failing to maintain the basics.
  9. Only RENTED scooters are legal, for a limited trial period. Private ones are still illegal but like cyclists who break the law, they are being ignored by SYP.
  10. Italic - It will never reopen as a road, the university & SCC have been trying to find reasons to close it for years. Bold - Absolutely no surprise. Until authorities start enforcement and fine people like them then they will continue.
  11. I assume that's yet another claim you cannot back up. Of course some won't go back, maybe they'll retrain and find a new career that they enjoy more, which is a good thing for them but to claim everyone who currently works in the arts will abandon it forever is pure fatuousness. Given the level of academic acheivements needed to become a nurse I very much think that there would be an abundance of career options they could retrain for. However as you say we are in short supply therefore why would there be a need for them to do so?
  12. So basically you cannot back up your claims that hard prisons don't work yet require others to provide proof of their counter?
  13. I don't see the issue with what he said. If there aren't enough jobs in the industry you're involved in then retraining and getting a job in an industry that needs workers is a perfectly reasonable option. It's not like he's said you can't go back to the industry once it picks back up. Those that are moaning about it, just smacks of entitled behaviour for me. "I'm not getting what I want, waaaaahhhh"
  14. It won't be long before EV points require their very own meter, operated by HMRC
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