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  1. Resident

    UPS battery replacement

    £14.89ea delivered on Amazon
  2. Tim Cook & Donald Trump are friends. Huawei made in the region of 59million sales Q1 2019, an increase of 50% over Q1 2018 Samsung made in the region of 72million sales Q1 2019, a decrease of around 8% over Q1 2018 Apple made in the region of 42million sales Q1 2019, a decrease of 20% over Q1 2018 Both Samsung's and Apple's decreases are clearly due to Huawei's rise. Apple are known to act 'in bad faith' when it comes to business, whether it be towards other companies or it's customer base. It's not a stretch to consider Mr Cook had a whinge to Trump about being bested by a non-American company. Yeah Samsung isn't American but not a lot they can do about Samsung, huge corporation, deep pockets. Huawei however, relative newcomer on the cell phone market, easy target.
  3. Resident

    UPS battery replacement

    Great. Thanks. I'll order a couple as I have another UPS of a similar age.
  4. Hey guys, My UPS battery has decided to no longer supply power and began to bulge. I've tried searching for the same one online but I'm getting confused with all the battery codes The battery I currently have is a Kung Long WP7.2-12 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery. When I search, loads of results for the battery but as an unavailable product & I'm being steered to a Yuasa - NP7-12 AGM S65-12V 7.0Ah - Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery. Is NP the same type as WP? I don't want to order one and have my UPS explode when it tries to charge the new battery. The UPS is quite old as it stands but it's never let me down, until now of course, and I would prefer to replace the battery as it's cheaper than buying a whole new UPS. Any advice would be great
  5. I've seen it a few times. Plain white with Apple Maps on the side. I gave it the finger each time.
  6. Resident

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    Leftist nonsense and even you know it.
  7. Resident

    Samsung S6 help

    My old S6 edge did this. A factory reset was the only solution
  8. Resident

    Learning to Drive?

    Tell her from me, get it done soon or she'll regret it. I was a late starter (late 20s) & up to that point felt I didn't need to drive despite, like you, with parental insistence. The moment I passed I was a wake up call. It cut 2 HOURS off my daily commute to work for a start. (1hr 25m each way on the bus down to 20m each way in the car). It meant that going out with friends didn't mean either waiting for them to come get me or wait till I got to the destination. Impromptu trips to the coast became a reality. I know we should be championing those who chose not to drive and use public transport but reality is that it's just not convenient.
  9. Resident

    Blue Badge parking

    It's not against the law, you're absolutely right in that but maybe there should be a caveat to combat this utterly selfish abuse of the scheme. Maybe a maximum wait time for BBHs whilst driver/BBH remains in the car or all occupants must exit the vehicle before a BB can be used.
  10. SYP are useless. The number of times I saw Barnsley officers ignore driving that broke the law simply because they were on their way back to the station for breaks/end of shift. (I lived on the same road as the station). We no longer have a police force fit for purpose.
  11. The issue is the lack of enforcement. Junction blocking falls under Section 137, Highways Act. I used to live in Barnsley and almost daily BMBC would write "Junction blocking at Alhambra/Stair foot" on matrix signs yet failed to ever act on it.
  12. Resident

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    If you want dusk to Dawn lights then fit them on the perimeter facing inward towards your own house. Firstly the fact that your neighbour has blinds is irrelevant. You mentioned they were venetian. They don't block all light. If you were my neighbour pointing a light through my front window I wouldn't just come and tilt it down, I'd be taking a lump-hammer to it. YOU are being antisocial.
  13. Resident

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    There are a number of factors that could have led to that decision. PTE not sanctioning the route Route would run at a constant loss No operators licence availability. Bus companies have several OLs not just one. Fleet availability. Busses cost between 140,000 to 200,000. Driver availability
  14. Resident

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Maintenance of the fleet is done by the manufacturer for both the normal and TT units. My point really was that people are bashing stagecoach for the upcoming works and they're not responsible.
  15. I drive a modified vehicle and all declared to insurance (for a hefty premium). I have not yet had the car remapped however it's on the cards. Having spoken to my insurer they're happy for me to do so & providing, in total, the modifications including the map, do not increase my power output over 25% then I've no increase on my premium.

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