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  1. Might be time to make an urban legend come true. Set up a little hut and charge £5/day. £75/day, tax free, 5 days a week....
  2. I'd suggest saving the cost of this venture and spending the money elsewhere, perhaps training staff how to drive and park responsibly would be an option.
  3. Basically the bolts securing the rails broke and the weight of the train pushed the rails apart. Report states that those bolts broke weeks, if not months before the incident. Report blames Network Rail for not identifying the derailment risk, despite it being a high risk & therefore had not followed correct maintainence checks.
  4. Whippy machines, generally, the product is still in a chilled liquid form until it's processed in the machine, it's frozen down there and then. This means the machine uses a lot more than 30-50 watts, more close to 3kw. A quick google suggests a typical machine runs at 12A @ 220V, so 2600w. You then have to factor the inverter power usage, converting 12v to 220 takes power and the inverter will probably be much larger than needed due to efficiency & loading. You don't want to be loading the inverter almost at max constantly so they will use one with a much higher output.
  5. I had to talk to the other people in my house. Apparently they're family, they seem nice.
  6. As of this post, all four of Facebook's major server farms (Fremont US, Toronto, Singapore & Johannesburg) are not responding. Comments from around the world show this is a major issue with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all affected.
  7. Worst placed ice cream van I've witnessed in Sheffield was outside Western Park. Parked up, engine running next to a mobile pollution monitoring station ...
  8. I hope you've submitted a formal complaint to the surgery and the GMC..
  9. So here's my recent experience. My son was born just over 2 years ago and whilst gestating was diagnosed with enlarged ventricles in the brain which was kept an eye on, however at one point we were facing the possibility of our child needing surgery not long after he was born. Thankfully that became unnecessary. His neuro issues have subsided but still registered with neurology. Recently both myself and his mum have noticed that he has developed a 'lazy eye' & given his previous we wanted to get it checked. Our GP offered a PHONE appointment 🤬 How in god's green earth is a GP meant to diagnose a new, physical issue without seeing the patient? Mark my words, in the coming years there will be an investigation by somone that will attribute scores of unnecessary deaths directly linked to GPs and their cowardice. Because that's what it is, cowardice. Refusing to see patients and then sending them to their colleagues in the hospitals.
  10. Prison meals should be basic nutrition, not picking and choosing from menus and having themed days. Thanks to leftism, prisons are no longer feared because they're nothing more than captive holiday camps.
  11. As a driver of large, wide, long vehicles, it really isn't. Whilst I don't disagree with a segragated lane there was no need to take so much from the carriageway. These new lanes have taken nearly half of the road space (20ft) from the existing carriageway. This is an area constantly used by HGVs in both directions, which is why it was made wide in the first place. You also have the added complication that now with the lanes that the several bus-stops on Sheffield road now mean that they stop in the carriageway, blocking it, rather than being able to pull over and allow other traffic to continue to flow. This is going to have 2 very negative effects: 1. Pollution. During periods of heavy use, when buses are stopping in both directions, you're going to have 2 columns of traffic stopping and idling for several minutes then increased revs setting off whilst the buses board/alight passengers. 2. Invariably you're going to have those that don't want to wait and will go around into oncoming traffic, raising the risk of a collision. Yes you will say, and be right, that's the responsibility of the driver in question however the council has a responsibilty to make sure changes do not increase risk on a given road & impatient drivers is one of the metrics they have to consider. Phase 2 is going to be worse if they take the same amount of road: 1. It's not as wide as the one already completed 2. There are 3 active lanes from Rotherham to Templeborough. (2 lanes in either direction + 1 bus lane, Roth - Temple) 3. There are right turn filter boxes to allow HGVs to turn into the power station & allow traffic to continue to flow Phase 3 is going to be just as phase 2. As for the consultations, pretty much every business in the area rejected the proposals & there were many that made personal views against it . Once again RMBC ignored the results, which isn't surprising as they have form for ignoring their residents.
  12. I have to say that over the last 3 days the star has hit an all time low. At this point I'd probably find a scouser willing to read the Sun over the star Over 20 different social media articles about the tradegy in Killamarsh, most involving images of the child victims or the grieving father, even including what appeared to be a drone shot over the crime scene. It's time the press standards whatever it is stepped in and shut this Scum-rag down.
  13. When you're elderly or disabled it might aswell be. That's just the city centre though, there are parts over 500m ASL.
  14. It's also almost entirely flat with very little elevation change in comparison. (Not so scientific) Clicking on an elevation map randomly 15 times showed an elevation of between 6m & 25m above sea-level for York centre, giving a delta of 19m 15 random clicks of Sheffield city centre shows between 53m and 105m, giving a delta of 52m.
  15. The problem is, yet again the bus industry has been forgotten about by the media. During Covid, when they were the ones risking their health and their families health, making sure key workers could still get to/from work they weren't mentioned much (apart from London) in the press. They weren't offered the freebies and discounts etc. Now we have driver shortages in professional categories but yet again the media once again ignores the bus industry and focuses on the HGVs. ALL bus companies are struggling as drivers are leaving in droves, largely because HGV companies are offering big money sign-on bonuses and inflated wages so PCV drivers are taking the opportunity because they're already used to large vehicles.
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