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  1. You've stated that you do drive at 50mph on the motorway in good conditions and even that you slow down when there's a HGV behind you. That is the epitome of incompetent driving. The fact that you even state that you're so nervous to drive on particular roads at given times shows that you shouldn't be driving. Nervous/timid driving causes accidents just as over-confident driving does. I've already linked evidence to that fact. The revelation that you're a professional driver yet drive in a manner that falls well short of a basic driving test is astonishing.
  2. I love it when people continually spout the "crap at the bottom of the tank" myth. It makes me chuckle at how dense people can be. Where do you think the fuel pump pickup line sits? I'll give you a clue, it doesn't float...
  3. No they don't. They're taught to drive safely and at an appropriate speed. Who's a competent driver? Certainly not you.
  4. So by your definition moving in any direction whatsoever is speeding. You're travelling at a measurable rate. Let me clarify it for you. In a 70mph limit zone, travelling at 70mph is NOT speeding, you have not exceeded the determined limit. Furthermore that limit has been determined as within safe limits in good conditions. Current motorway limits were set on DECEMBER 22, 1965. At the time the vast majority of vehicles were still using drum brakes and by today's standard had unsafe chassis design. Many did not have even the luxury of a seat-belt. Today's vehicles are much safer. I can stop a 2015 12ton vehicle in less time/distance that it would take to stop an Austin/Morris 1100 (best selling car of 1965 weighing in at 0.83ton)
  5. 50 mph on the motorway isn't careful, it's nervous, timid driving and causes a hazard that doesn't need to exist. General rule of thumb for the motorway in good conditions, Unless there's traffic ahead or you're exiting at a junction if you're being overtaken by a HGV then you're driving too slow. Speed up or leave the motorway. Just to reiterate a point @Cyclone made, why is it that you think that driving at the speed limit in good conditions is tantamount to speeding? I'd love for you to go and do a Rospa driving assessment. I have no issue in stating that they would find your driving below the required standard.
  6. As I linked earlier you can be prosecuted for careless driving if an officer deems that it's causing an issue. That would get you at least 6 points . You wouldn't be prosecuted for 71mph. There are too many variables to make such an accurate detection which is why most forces employ a leeway. It used to be 10% plus 2 meaning you could actually travel at 79mph before being flashed for speeding on motorways. However with increases in detection accuracy and accuracy of speedometers some forces have lowered this leeway.
  7. I've been using supermarket fuels for 2 decades and never had a single issue. This is a good post in relation
  8. I passed my PCV first time with 3 minors 9 weeks ago if that counts?
  9. So now people "nutters" & "maniacs" because they drive at the speed limit in good conditions, yet those, such as yourself by your own admission, who drive INAPPROPRIATELY slower than near or at the limit, when road conditions are good and do not warrant such over-cautious/hesitant driving, proven to be similar as dangerous as driving over the limit, are completely and utterly virtuous & saintly for doing so? And yes, I've mentioned the driving test as a point to show that your driving falls below the required standard of a competent driver. I've even pointed out that your driving, again to which you've admitted to falls into the category of careless driving. Unfortunately neither of these points seem to be permeating your "I'm always right because I'm old" ego.
  10. The only person harping on about driving too fast is you. The rest of us are talking about driving up to or at the predetermined speed limit in good conditions. Limits that have been set at their respective figures because it is safe to travel at those speeds in good conditions. You are the one that has stated you driving significantly under the limit despite optimal conditions. This has been pointed out to you to be similarly dangerous as driving too fast and also reminded that such hesitant/timid driving is actually grounds to fail your test. Furthermore doing is an offence under careless driving, the penalty of which is actually greater in terms of fines/points than a SP30 offence. Now that said, I would like to offer you some assistance. Must be difficult constantly moving the goal posts.
  11. Slow drivers also cause accidents & fatalities https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1064849/UK-Road-death-figures-slow-drivers-department-for-Transport
  12. Most collisions occur at or under the speed limit. One study in the US after a state increased their roads from 55 to 65mph actually saw a decrease in fatality rates. Charles Lave and Patrick Elias. "Did the 65 MPH Speed Limit Save Lives?" Accident Analysis and Prevention, 26.1 (1994), p. 49. "We find that the 65 mph limit reduced statewide fatality rate by 3.4% to 5.1%, compared to those states that did not raise their speed limit." So going at a higher speed isn't the killer you make out. Seriously, if you're that nervous a driver you need to question whether you should drive at all. Bus passes don't cost a lot these days. As should those who drive <5mph under the limit where conditions do not require it. After-all under driving test conditions it would cause the learner driver to fail the test.
  13. But that signpost isn't located at Handsworth now is it? I regularly drive the full length of the Parkway and get on the M1 South. I don't look to move over till after the lay-by unless it's busy in which occasionally I'll start making the move a couple hundred yards earlier.
  14. And all the results (including the above taken from Tesla's own lease plans) have 'taxi' missing from them, indicated by the fact that the word is struck-through. BTW, according to your Lord and Saviour, Google, the average taxi driver covers 30k miles. So your 24k lease plan falls 6k short.
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