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  1. Resident

    Optional dark theme?

    Hi, Is it possible that an optional dark/night theme might be added to the forum? Most websites now offer this to users. Reason I ask is that I use a lot of websites that utilise the option so when I flick back whilst browsing at night to SF I'm blinded by all the empty white space. (Trust me, on a 32" monitor, there's a LOT of it)
  2. Resident

    Climate change protests

    Based on no evidence? Go stand outside a school between 7:45am and 9am or 2:30pm to 4pm, Mon-Fri during term time. You'll find plenty of evidence of hypocrisy.
  3. Resident

    Climate change protests

    Did I say we should give up? No. I merely pointed out that these protests are futile as they aren't aimed at the real culprits. The great irony is that these protests are mostly populated by younger generations who are the largest demographic of electronic consumer goods (mobile phones, tablets, consoles etc) which are produced in the same country as almost 30% of the CO2 in the world. It's also highly hypocritical of those kids who joined in as most of them will be driven to/from school every day despite living in walking distance of the school. Ok some may not but that's why schools hire mass-transit providers to run bus services) Here's an idea. Let's hire some people to patrol a mile radius around schools and fine any parent/guardian dropping off or collecting their child at the start and end of the school day. Two birds, one stone. Lower emissions, particularly around schools and part-time employment so lower unemployment figures.
  4. Resident

    Climate change protests

    The UK's output in 2016 was 367860.35 kton China's CO2 output in 2016 was 10432751.35 kton, that's 28.35x more. By another contrast, China's output was more than DOUBLE that of the continental United States of America. Also China has been at the top of the CO2 output statistics since 2005. China hit over 1000000.00 kton in 2013 and averaged 1040000.00 kton every year since (figures rounded by myself) Source - EDGAR We are trying to stop a Tsunami with a poundland water-pistol.
  5. Resident

    Speed Limits

    It's only the badly designed slipways that keeps Parkway at 50 limit, with on-slips joined to off-slips so you get vehicles trying to join as others are trying to leave. It's why after Handsworth it goes up to NSL (70). No more stupid junction designs all the way up to J33.
  6. Resident

    courrier services collecting large item

    A 330 mile round trip, courier wise it might just be cheaper to drive yourself. Based on a guessed weight of 18KG (average alloy weighs 15-20kg for 16-24") x 4 wheels + tyres you're looking at 80-85kg for the entire package. Quick check online for couriers and you're looking at 90-120 quid depending on courier and level of service (insurance etc) A tank of fuel is going to be less than that.
  7. I said when the Rotherham scandal dropped that Sheffield would be implicated. Mark my words, Birmingham will be the worst case of all.... Also it cannot be mere coincidence that all the towns/cities where these gangs have been exposed are either at the time or still currently run by Labour councils. ...
  8. Resident

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    Honda obviously had a solution. They had 4 filling stations dotted around the area and there were 6 production ready vehicles being driven around California.
  9. So I have a Compaq Presario CQ61 given to me as no longer wanted. I've stripped the HDD from it but the rest of laptop seems viable. Is there a spares/repairs market for a laptop this old or am I better off just binning it?
  10. Resident

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    I'll wait it out till people realise that battery operated vehicles aren't viable for the masses. I'll wait until Governments and Car manufacturers go back to an EXISTING clean technology, something Honda had several road legal vehicles using in California & featured on Top Gear by James May TWELVE YEARS ago & disappeared a few months later The technology used the most abundant element in the known galaxy & the byproduct of using it was clean water. It's combined the speed and ease of refuelling an ICE powered vehicle with the cleanliness of electric and required only a small battery not much more powerful than what we use in ICE cars today. The vehicle was called the FCX Clarity.
  11. Resident

    Shamima Begum

    The moment she chose to turn her back on this country and join it's enemy she and any future offspring became no concern of this country. If you're that sympathetic to the terrorists then you're quite welcome to join Begum.
  12. Resident

    On the fiddle.

    Threads on this topic are always dripping with the aftertaste of hypocrisy. I guarantee people who, like the OP, that moan vehemently about tax avoidance, would do the EXACT same if they were able to. Do I think that it's fair? I don't think fairness comes into it as we'd all do it if we could. It's immoral certainly but you don't get to be a billionaire by having morals....
  13. But it's an offence to fail to identify the driver "The offence of failing to nominate a driver at the time of an alleged offence used to carry a maximum of three-penalty points and a £1000 fine"
  14. The MCDonalds on the Moor closed because of typical Sheffield City Council thinking. McDonalds was told the store needed to be renovated to comply with something to do with the HVAC emissions as one of the major issues (the grill/fryer extractor system) but then denied planning permission for the changes necessary, insisting on a different approach which would cost almost 20x as much (running into millions of pounds) & that McDonalds had to fund it. McDonalds decided to end their tenancy instead.
  15. If they're Ford lock nuts then you can get one from them. They'll know which pattern key from your reg/vin number.

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