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  1. in the 1970's, Dave, Dee, Beeky, Mitch and Tich (one of the top groups at the time)who were on at the Fiesta that week came to Hurlfield school to give out the awards on prize giving day.
  2. told by a freind who goes in, its only just open, not many customers and looking very grotty.
  3. I was refered there a couple of months ago as some roots were left behind from a back tooth my dentist had taken out and he said they had specialist equipment there that he had not got. I was dredding it. The worst part was the waiting as students under supervision were doing the job, but four chairs were in use at once in seperate cubicles with only one senior teacher who kept flitting in between. The students could tell i was very nervous, but soon put my mind at rest and were chatting about everyday things. I think the one who gave me the injections had never injected before as you tell she was nervous, but all the time a senior dentist was watcthing her, she even apologised for taking her time, but i replied you have to learn sometime. It was the senior dentist watched by about four students who took the roots out and I did not feel a thing. I would not hestitate going back if i was refered there again, all a lovely bunch.
  4. Type dj star cloth into Google and loads of sites that sell them will appear.
  5. They are in Fargate today for Frightnight and then return daily from Nov 6th until Xmas as I was talking to them earlier today.
  6. Just been told by a freind who works at the Hallamshire Hospital, they were giving away free tickets earlier in the week to staff. Not sold enough tickets? could be the real reason for cancelling.
  7. Circus Mondao, go on their website and you can download a money off voucher.
  8. Christmas cards have been on sale in the Card Factory since august and the Christmas shop on Pinstone st opened on saturday.
  9. Thats how much I have paid in the past for basic white panel doors, better quality doors would be even more.
  10. Rother Valley park have a firework event, details on their webste.
  11. It was called Bomber & Graham, Graham being Graham Longden who now owns the jewellers next to the chemist. It was some sort of joint venture between them, hence the name.
  12. James Neil's sports ground used to be at meadowhead where the Park Hotel is now. Used to go a lot in the 70's to watch dad play cricket.
  13. Roger Moffat died a few years ago, Keith Skues is still broadcasting, can't remember where, but he has his own website with all the details on it.
  14. In the Star tonight, former Hallam dj Dave Kilner has died at the age of 48. Think Hallam today is a load of cr.p, and do not listern anymore, but in its orginal guise Dave Kilner was a good presenter and always enjoyed his programmes. He was the baby compered to people like Roger Moffat and Keith Skues but knew how to capture listerners, not like todays presenters. RIP Dave.
  15. Our water appears to be ok, but he was sending the samples to the lab for further testing.
  16. Had a random caller to our private house today from the Waterboard. Officail guy in Waterboard van with id, to check if any bacteria in our water supply. He took squabs from water supply and filled some bottles.
  17. Opposite Manfredis on City Road was selling used cars, now up for let.
  18. No, it was Manor hardware store, just above chippy where Martin Kemps are now. His mate owned the flower shop next door.
  19. Trevor, he's still around, was talking to him last week.
  20. Faulkners snooker hall was on this site previous but was burnt down. Think B.H was purpose built as a pub.
  21. Just been past The Cutlers at Gleadless, all in darkness, another pub closed?
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