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  1. Yes, Goose Fair starts 30th September. Some of the rides are going straight there after Swallownest. Oakes park - yes spent many a happy hour there and plenty of money.
  2. Bowshaw fair is by Farrar's.
  3. I am not suggesting you did, so please do not accuse me of suggesting you are a thief, but without a reciept how did Asda know that you had not stolen them? That is why more places are insisting upon reciets these days before they will do anything about returned goods. I returned a faulty dimmer switch to Wilkinsons the other week that was only a week old, I could not find the reciept, but had paid by debit card, so I took a copy of a down loaded bank statement which did not itemise the item, but proved I had made a purchase there and they accepted this as proof of purchase and exchanged the item for me.
  4. The fair (not all of it) then moves to Swallownest Miners welfare club from Sept 23 to 26, when the same prices will apply. Anyone who likes fairs, there is also a fair at Dinnington at the moment until Sept 6, Penistone Sept 17 - 21and Wombwell, Barnsley Sept 16 - 21.
  5. Have another look at the posters, just under where it says all rides 99p, it says except Freak Out £1.50, Dodgems £1.50 per car.
  6. All rides (except Freakout and Dodgems, £1.50) are 99p for the duration of the fair.
  7. Thurs,frid,satand sunday,then its gone!
  8. Heard this one before about SWFC taking over the car park of Hillsborough Park on match days. They rent the whole car park for use by permit holders only that means if joe public want to visit the park, they have no where to park. You would think they could leave a few spaces for non football fans who may wish to visit the park, that as you say is a public place.
  9. Perhaps they are trying to squeeze the market out by high rents and little support and put one store in there ie Aldi otr Netto or even a Currys or simular superstore who would want to pay the rent. Thats not much help to the market traders, some who have been there a very long time, but as they say money talks. Good luck with your new venture at Crookes.
  10. Not been yet, going Sunday, its always free admission and tommorow is the vintage car display as well. Always a good show, normally better than some of those that charge to go in, but could a little smaller this time due to its new location at Rosehill Park, Rawmarsh for this year only as Clifton Park is still been re-devopled.
  11. Andrew Gardnier opposite corner to Suggs old store has had the shutters closed for the last week, any one know if they have moved or just shut down?
  12. Do you want a pub, hotel, community centre?, any particular area, and for how many people? Might have a few suggestions.
  13. The main concert room used to be standing room only at weekends a few years ago, but last time I went in it was only used for private parties and about only 20 regulars were in the rest of the club which was looking very run down.
  14. One of the problems these days, and iv'e done it myself, people go into a store like Reverb, try out a piece of kit and then go home and order on line alot cheaper. This will kill a lot of smaller high st shops, but its the way things are these days.
  15. Reverb music shop on city road formally Acadamy of Sound has had the shutters closed all week with a note on saying closed until further notice. Anyone heard why?
  16. Good news it had been found when I left around 5pm.
  17. Go onto Google, type in Whirlpool .......(model no.) freezer instructions and you should be able to down load a copy.
  18. Heard The New Inn on Duke St is the lastest pub to have closed.
  19. North's funfairs are still in business. operated by relations. J.T. North's grandaughter Alexandra Moran presents Kimberworth Park fair each year, her cousin Arthur North Jnr owns a set of Dodgems and attends Firth Park fair each year. J.T. North's other grandson is William Percival, the owner of Farrar's Funfairs who put on many fairs each year around Sheffield and Rotherham and next week return to Greasbrough nr Rotherham for the first time in around 30 / 40 years since J.T North put on the last fair there.
  20. Curtis hi fi and record shop rings a bell.
  21. Sheffield Fayre, Norfolk Park , Sun & Mon. Worksop Festival, Kilton nr Worksop, Sun & Mon.
  22. 07 Zafira, dropped some pound coins in between drivers seat and centre console and they are stuck in the carpet beside the seat suports. Don't think it is possible to take seat out as I think wires for air bag are connected to it. Otherwise removal of central console may be answer, does anyone know how you can remove it?
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