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  1. Have a look at Nankivells they have a showroom in Atkinsons on the moor, and a factory and showroom in Chesterfield. www.nankivells.com
  2. Our ground rent is around £1650, it's due by March for the start of the season starting 15th March, although if paid by December they offer a £100 discount. We have a friend who's site offers monthly payments but ours is due in 1 lump sum.
  3. Old chequers sunset brook in Croft near skegness
  4. not a cavalier sri but still a nice car currently for sale at Carters in Chapletown opel monza in great condition. https://www.cartersford.co.uk/opel-monza-gse-3-0e-coupe-1984/
  5. my wife had hers done at rotherham hospital a few months ago, i think she had a 8 week wait
  6. put it on gumtree and see if you get any offers before selling to a trader
  7. My dad had a magnum when we were growing up I must have been around 10 or 11 at the time, it's the only car I can really remember from my childhood, keep looking on e bay for them but there aren't many around.
  8. Were looking for a company/individual who can fit a suspended ceiling in an upcoming kitchen project, the rooms around 3.5mtrs X 3 mtrs and in Clowne. Were happy to supply the materials if required. Please e mail grant@nankivells.com for further info
  9. Looking for recommendations and cost to service a system boiler, just moved in and the previous owner couldn't supply evidence of any services carried out, so no idea when it was last done. Located in Scholes Rotherham S61
  10. I've just sold and bought all cash buyers involved so you would think pretty easy, we were at a point to exchange contracts on the sale of ours, but the solicitor dealing with the sale of the one we were purchasing hadn't even at that point made contact with my solicitor despite several attempts to contact them. Ended up being 20 weeks for a straight forward purchase, the people we were buying off had already purchased something so there wasn't even an upward chain.
  11. Nothing wrong with wincobank, I lived there for 10 years before moving to Scholes Village in Rotherham, And again nothing wrong with where we live now in Rotherham
  12. I'm not against the bikes, the opposite really and I hope that the initial problems with the idiots damaging them stops, but I do think there should be some kind of option to pick up a helmet rather than having to carry your own around just in case you decide to hire one, it doesn't really promote the safety aspect of safe riding with no option to collect a helmet, Could they possibly have pick up and drop of points at shops/retail outlets over the city which would help with the damage issues and also you'd be able to pick up a helmet
  13. If you hire a car which has faults who's to blame? If you had an accident in a faulty vehicle then there's the use,cause and permit law which can result in prosecution of the company who hired you the vehicle, Say you hire a bike and your going down a hill and the breaks fail, and your left paralysed, who's to blame?
  14. Seen a few damaged ones around such as the front whell bent in half and one with a seat missing, Also a few in areas that I thought were out of the area such as parson cross and ecclesfield. Also concerned about the safety aspect as you riding without an helmet which isn't a good idea, and also who's to blame if you have an accident and injure your self or so,embody else due to some kind of fault on the bike from mis use from the previous rider.
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