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  1. Handsworth Parish Centre also known as The Rectory at the rear of Handsworth Church, Handsworth W.M. Club, Darnall Lib. Club.
  2. Anyone been, it was like Xmas with, 10 deep at each checkout and they had run out of bags, was using blue plastic bags.
  3. WTV above Williams at Woodseats. Often with todays prices its cheaper to buy a new one, 2yr g/t at John Lewis.
  4. Darnall Liberal Club, not nicest room in Sheffield, told its a bit grubby and toilets are smelly,but it is cheap and cheerfull and has a large concert room that they hire out.
  5. Driving past clubs on City Road friday night got me thinking a lot of private hire taxi's must have plenty of upfront bookings as there must have been at least ten of them blocking the road, some parked on the pavement outside the clubs. People were just going up to the waiting drivers and asking for lifts, thought that was against the law! Thought private hire taxi's could not wait in a rank like black cabs. They seem to do this regular outside the clubs each weekend. I've nothing against taxi drivers, but if I parked there on double yellows, I would soon get a ticket or get moved on.
  6. quickfit on City Road are usually open
  7. Heard a wealthy Indian guy has bought it.
  8. Heard its going to be a mini market downstairs and appartments upstairs.
  9. Brownhills is owned by one of the guys that ran the shaver repair shop for many years in the market and before that in Cockaynes. If he can't fix it, no one can. Over 30 years of shaver repairs and servicing.
  10. Thanks to everyone about this, knew nothing about it, rang up and Yes i am entitled to a refund. Ta.
  11. Looks like the Old Harrow at Gleadless is about to re-open soon, its had a make over with new windows etc fitted and is looking good.
  12. you can buy reading glasses from places like Asda, Boots. Ok for emergency.
  13. If anyone knew my father, Fred Sissons, the joiner who worked there for years, he peacefully passed away today. I know he spent many happy years at J.N. and knew alot of people there.
  14. Just been through Darnall and noticed Greenthorpes famous garage has been demolished.Another landmark gone.
  15. To keep the chavs out!, actually heard they were knocking it down and building flats.
  16. The old Hurlfield Youth club?, is it still not used as a youth club?.
  17. Drove past The Cutlers (Leighton Road?), just past Gleadless Town End on frid and sat night, in darkness both times and car park empty. Has another pub shut?
  18. Much easier to get the bus if you can, but depends where you are coming from, or park the car on the bus route and then catch a bus.
  19. Dad was in a care home, as the title says care is all they give, assistance with feeding, washing and toilet etc if needed, but no qualified medical staff. When diagnosed with diementia he was moved to a nursing home,more expensive if you are paying, but full time nursing staff on site who can deal with minor problems without sending the patient straight to hospital. Fully trained staff also who know how to deal with the oldun's as they become more difficult to look after when dementia sets in. I know others who have been moved from care homes to nursing homes for same problems. Think care homes are more for people who are not seriousley ill, but for various reasons, loss of a partner, just come out of hospital etc are unable to look after themselves any longer. After a hospital stay the hospital very often recomend moving into either a care or nursing home. From what I see the staff in both types have a very difficult and demanding job.They have got to be dedicated, could you assist someone going to the loo? and dressing them after, don't think I could.
  20. The one at Big W is now working, I used it yesterday.
  21. Zippos Circus is visiting Endcliffe Park, Sep 25 - 30, that will please the locals!
  22. Don't think Robinson's Waltzer ever went to Oaks Park, as this was Ling's fair and they had two Waltzers in the family of their own.
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