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  1. it is probably VIP escort training it regulary happens
  2. The Application was Published in Sheffield Star 03/01/2015
  3. Make sure you got radio code if taking Battery out
  4. He had an affair with his Housekeeper as well They found her pants in his vestry And his vest in her Pantry
  5. There are several on City rd with late Intake road I have seen 3 different ones
  6. It was that's why they asking about SAT afternoon
  7. Try http://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking-tyres/#list_top they seem have a few listed
  8. Someone on facebook said St. George's Day Parade led by 74th Oak Street Scout Group 74th Oak Street Scout Troop, Canterbury Road, Sheffield, S8 9QS. Tel: 07876 400786 Hope this helps
  9. Make sure you check expiry date as all the money disappears then
  10. Time Bandit I was also at Newfield and remember this The corner by caretakers was called Suicide corner if you missed it you were down big bank onto rugby pitch
  11. The older tram 189 is at Crich Tram museum
  12. If you use Flightradar24 up near Aberdeen you can see Helicoptors flying to and from rigs
  13. There is application in the Star to make limit 50 from A57 end all the way to Parkway
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