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  1. What about all the burn marks as well left on the grass from bbq's. The fair has arrived today, I know the owner, if he leaves fuel splliage marks on the grass, he is charged to put it right.
  2. Anyone been today?, a great day out, and it was free. Lots of people enjoying the sunshine and you could even go in the Museum to cool off! Ten out of ten to the organises.
  3. I was refused on a bus the other week with a long curtain track by the driver you said you are not getting on here with that, its too long , you might poke someone in the eye. Fair comment, but the next bus(same company) let me on, no problem. Think is up to the driver.
  4. Was a shop at bottom of Moor, Big & Tall or something like that, think its still there, right at the bottom in the block of shops just past the old post office and the toilets.
  5. If you mean the type to stop birds landing, HPC on City Road fit them, don't know if they sell them. You could give them a try, phone no is 0114 2722926.
  6. Not Sheffield, but not a million miles away, theres one at Doncaster racecourse until this Saturday.
  7. i think castlegate is an horrible area. it seems to attrakr all the winos and loud mouth yobs
  8. type in Scott Mays Monster Trucks on google - full details - its at Twin Oaks Hotel car boot site this frid.
  9. Think Park Hotel at Hillsborough still have an upstairs function room.
  10. Read somewhere recently, it is not been made any more.
  11. Tuby's Funfair at Platts Common behind ambulance station May 7 to 11, closed Sunday. Farrar's Rotherham Spring Fair, Herringthorpe Playing Fields Rotherham, May 14, 15, 16, 17. Firth Park , Sheffield, Farrar's May 22 to 31 Both Rotherham and Firth Park will be bigger fair's than when Farrar's were at Rawmarsh last week.
  12. Farrar's Funfair is now at Rosehill Park, Rawmarsh nr Rotherham until Bank Holliday Monday.
  13. Tonight being the last night, the fair will close anytime between 8.30 and 9.30 pm depending how busy it is. Today and yesterday it has been packed, the owners are impressed how many people have turned up and despite the credit crunch have still been spending.
  14. Yes the advance publicity team have been in the area today.Hillsborough Park April 23 to 26.
  15. With so many pubs closing down, its good to see someone is stil investing in them. Went in The Sportsman on Harvey Clough Road last week, which according to this forum was boarded up earlier in the year. It was like a new pub, both inside and out, new furniture and fittings, even the toilets have been done. Someone has spent a small fortune on this place, hope it pays off for them.
  16. Hillsborough Park April 23 to 26.
  17. I think they need some sort of disposal licence to produce at the scrap yard and I think I read on here before that the police have done spot checks in the past at various scrap yards.
  18. My 18 yr old son took his for the first time today and passed.
  19. Do you know if it was a red motorbike as someone I know on Littledale has just had their door kicked in and a large tv stolen by two hoodies on a red motorbike. This was filmed on ctv which has been passed on to the police.The tv has uv markings on it and serial numbers etc are known, so it can easily be identified. The passenger carried the tv, which is probally now for sale in a second hand shop on the back of the bike.
  20. My dad bought a brand new Hillman Avenger for £750 from Fred Wilson's in 1972, I think they were somewhere at Hillsborough then. He ran it until 1989!
  21. There are lots of mechanics and body shop repairers (good ones as well) that operate from lock ups and back st garages. It makes you wonder how well they are prepared for an instance like this, or if they had a fire. I supose that is why you pay a lot more by going to a main dealer who have all the proper insurance etc.
  22. same at Manor Top, i think the red means do not drive on this section
  23. Get your facts right before posting offensive comments about travelling show people, some local ones are members of this forum and will not like being refered to as pikeys and *****'s etc. They leave sites often cleaner than when they arrive, pay their rents to the Councils for use of the parks and one local showman has even been invited for tea with the Lod Mayor as a thank you for the money he has donated to charity from fairs held in the City Centre at Christmas and Fright Night. Another local showman has rasied thoushands over the years and still does for Macmillan nurse's. Like any other profession there is probally a few 'bad eggs' amongst them, but the majority are carrying on a family traditional that has the support of local coucils and the police. Travelling showmen hate pikeys and *****, who even steal from them. Diesel tanks have been drained during the night and even washing stolen from outside their mobile homes whilst in local parks.
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