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  1. No fair planned for Penistone Road at the moment, but Farrars Funfairs who have been presenting fairs since 1876 and are travelling showmen not pikeys will be visiting Hillsborough Park later in the year and are vistiing Firth Park May 22 to 31 and then Endcliffe Park 5 to 14 June. www.farrarsfunfairs.com.
  2. Unit f, Castor Rd, S9 2dh (attercliffe)
  3. The pick up with L plates on it is doing the rounds again. spotted driving down City Road yesterday.
  4. Try Sisman Electrical in the Wicker, there's not much elecrical stuff they don't sell.
  5. Its the grotty toilets that let many places down, especially in working mens clubs. They smell and look as though they have not been decorated since the 1970's. This often happens in a refurbished pub as well, loads is spent on the pub, but nothing is done to the toilets.
  6. I remember the open air outside cafe round the back and Pullins Dodgems used to come and open.
  7. Heard the usual rumours, it was going to be a pub, mosque, indian rest, but nothing ever happened.
  8. I used to take a bowl out in the 1970's to Manfredis van when it came round our way. They would put you as many scoops in as you asked for, complete with wafers and rasberry sauce topping.
  9. This would be The Motown Revue, never been, but heard all the up and coming names appeared on one show including people like The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder,Temptations, Marvin Gave, Junior Walker, Edwin Starr, Tammy Terrel, Marvalettes etc. All little unknown in the U.K. at the time, must have been a great show, imagine how much it would cost today if something like this was put on, probally half a crown in those days. If only we could turn back time.
  10. Did you not think to take any photo's to use as proof?, pity if you didn't.
  11. May be Tesco are 'getting their feet under the table' by taking over Sommerfield, then when they get permission build a superstore on the T.A site and close down the Sommerfield store. They will not be bothered that there is a Netto across the road. I am told Tesco own land all over the place, perhaps so they can 'move in' when the time suits.
  12. The spare land opposite S.W.F.C as used by fairs and Circus' in the past belongs to Tesco. I heard the T.A. were moving there and Tesco were building a new super store at Manor Top on the present T.A. site. But as Tesco are suppose to taking over Sommerfield on Manor Top, things may have changed.
  13. Are these the same rip off merchants that organised the so called show at Hillsborough Park last year.
  14. Yes Dereck always smoked a pipe and wore a brown coat. The store I work at is the one That is Never Knowliny Undersold!, and they give you a free 2 year guarantee on dishwashers.
  15. Dereck Needham was the foreman, my dad was assistant foreman. Another ex joiner Graham Elliott (who saw it in the star), an ex plummer and a guy who made the journey from out of town (can't remember their names) and Tom Mason who played cricket turned up at the funeral. At the time I did not know how to contact Dereck Neeedham, but have since spoken to him via his wife who rang where I work to report a problem with her tumble dryer, which is part of my job in aftersales at a large Sheffield store. She used to work there herself many years ago.
  16. Report it to the Police and have a look youself on any spare ground / bins nearby as he has probally smoked the cigs and then thrown the bag away. Unless he has ideas of coming back later for the car.You may have to have the locks changed via your car insurance if the keys do not turn up. Good luck.
  17. Yes and dark looking, he played cricket for J.Neills as well.
  18. When i drove past it looked as though they were pulling cars in for spot checks in a side road near the top of P.O.Wales road.
  19. Was thinking today when walking down Fargate, a few years ago some brilliant pavement artist's used to draw pictures with chalks. Not seen any for ages, does anyone else remember them, or know what has happened to them?
  20. Yes , it has its own bar and catering. Nice room, went to a function there a few weeks ago.
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