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  1. I lost my daughter in July this year and have got some films I never had developed,I know at least one of them is her 21st birthday and another a holiday we had I have about nine thanks
  2. Can anyone recommend a good vynil /carpet fitter please.
  3. Lost on Wadsley common long lane last night mans silver rotary watch with blue face sentimental value x
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy cucumber plants from tried couple nurseries b&q etc:
  5. The sun are well known for telling lies and that's been proved over last few week I for one won't buy the sun again one min they condem fans for hills borough and praise police and now they're critizing police for having a drink after work the sun spout a load f crap load of cr@p the news of the world went because of corruption and now the sun should follow They should not be damaging Ben needham case to sell newspapers .
  6. Well it's about time the people of Sheffield do what the citizens of Liverpool did and stop buying the SUN NEWSPAPER I for one will never buy it again Matt fen wick is one of the best cops this city has and him and his team worked 11 hrs that day and then went out and had a drink and a meal The sun call it a binge lol xx
  7. Before dj ing he sang with a group called the pentagons.
  8. Is there no longer a Carboot megathread
  9. come to put computer on this morning and the modem seems to have no power to it ,tried a new fuse and cable can to no avail anyone help.
  10. I believe there are som on http://www.picturesheffield.com
  11. oh what a shame you dont know anyone who may want it .
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