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  1. I have food, bowls, bedding etc and think I'd like to give it to the Sheffield Dog Rescue. I've been googling but can't find an address anywhere - does anyone know how I can get my things to them and if I can go on a Sunday?
  2. A few years back there was a thread going about dolls houses and I remember replying to it - am obsessed with dolls houses and miniatures so ranted on a bit! I either get my stuff on-line from the Dolls House Emporium or make it myself. I won 2nd prize in their competition once for a model I made of the Chatsworth temple and cascade which I was well chuffed about. Don't have it anymore unfortunately as downsized and just have 8 "projects" now. Not all houses - range from a block of flats to a wartime garden. I ended up only buying things in Tesco that I could use the packaging to make something and kept every little lid top, bead, box I had so had to nip that in the bud before I became a Dolls house bits 'n bobs hoarder!! Don't have much time these days but hoping to do another garden after I finish a course I'm on in January.
  3. I emailed Elite Greenhouses in the end. Turns out you do have to take the door off, dismantle it a bit, lay in the glass and rebuild the door. Glad to have finally sorted it out. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. I've been staring at it for a week hoping the answer will pop out at me - no joy as yet and can't find any instructions online:(
  5. Thanks for the advice, I got the old pane out OK. However, I now can't work out how to get the new pane in. There is a large lip running along the top and up the left-hand side and with no way of bending a piece of glass I can't see how to get it in. There doesn't seem to be a way to slide it in place though I guess it must be possible somehow. It's the top pane of one of the doors and the greenhouse is a Maxim Elite. HELP!
  6. I am having trouble getting the W clips out so I can change a broken pane. I found a bloke on YouTube giving instructions but you can't see how it's actually done due to the poor camera angle and his hands in the way. He used a screwdriver but on a different style of clip. Don't know what tool would be best and am scared to apply too much pressure in case I break the rest of the pain or have a clip fly out and end up in an eye!! All advice appreciated...thanks!
  7. I get bark from Homebase or B&Q. Comes in bags so handy to store and they usually do offers like 4 for price of 3 and so on. It lasts ages. Ecclesall Woods saw mills also sell it.
  8. I use play bark in my dogs outside run bit. They like to chew it, dig in it, wee on it and lie on it as it gives off warmth, especially in the sunshine. It smells lovely so the area never has a nasty dog wee smell and is easy to change and fairly inexpensive. My dogs really seem to like it and it looks nicer in the garden than tarmac or concrete. Pebbles are uncomfortable on their paws, grass will last about a week and if they're on dirt and it rains, it'll all come back into your house on them. I found an off-cut of hospital lino for the base of the run which is naturally anti-bacterial and nicer for the dogs than hard concrete. The wee soaks into the bark pretty well so keeps it away from the dogs so they stay clean and smelling lovely!
  9. Whereabouts is the shop? I was going to do my annual car boot sale but I don't have the time and would be very happy to give my things to a dog charity.
  10. Hatfields Sharrowvale Road - Chrysler/Cruiser garage.
  11. This is completely untrue. As I have mentioned, the school hired out their pitches formally and we paid to use them. Why say we played without permission when you don't actually know.
  12. Crosspool Juniors Girls FC played on the High Storrs pitches for many years on Saturdays, up until the site was closed off to accomodate the mobile classrooms, contractors equipment etc. when the refurbishment began a few years ago. The school charged the club for the use of the pitches and it was all arranged formally via their finance department. Can't now remember if any of the boys' teams used it on Sundays - I was Secretary at the club at that time and posted all the cheques! The teams are playing in other venues now and am happy to report that they have not reverted to underactive computer-playing couch potatoes as mentioned by 1 concerned poster
  13. Eh? Isn't that what the OP wants - advice on not getting pregnant. The solution would seem to be a reliable and practical contraceptive method rather than veering off on a tangent about chastity and single mothers. I have a Mirena coil - 18months of hell to start but worth it as it is super now, very reliable and reduces period pain and length.
  14. The world is a small place and major events in other countries and their consequences are often felt elsewhere and of course the rise of the Nazi party and causes of the 2nd world war is a HUGE part of British history.
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