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  1. thornseat lodge, wow wat a place , its really strange as been 40 yrs since i was in ther and lately have been having dreams about the place reminiscing , loved it there, experienced loads of things while ther was taught alot, staff wer brilliant ,met some good friends , met my 1st love there and gt pregnant with my 1st child , all at thornseat , i went back to visit few yr lata saw pete linacre and his wife helen an little girl rachel still liveing up ther , neva eva felt the hauntings though must admit , all happy times , bit creepy , we all used to go for midnight walks down to village , for the laugh haha , staff used to go mad , aww good times loved that place , went past it few months ago hardly hardly recognised it , so sad wen such a beautiful building like that is left to ruins , if only i won lottery 😊
  2. hi john was engaged to my sister , and yes bess had to be put to sleep , she couldnt cope weout john bless her i was in thornseat myself 79/80
  3. john died in a housefire caysed by a chip pan he was engaged to my sister at the time she wasnt ther he was alone with his dog who was outside barking her head off to get bc in , i also was ther 79/80
  4. hi yes its the same person appealing on fb . my friend , its her mums chain very sentimental value , ope she gets it bc an the scum get caught
  5. i no the ladys daughter in question , she is ok but very shuck up as you can imagine this was a very violent unprovoked attack/robbery , this scumbag needs finding and bringin to justice , noone deserves to go through wat her family are going through , anyone with any infirmation please contact the police immediately , he needs catching bfre he does it again , thankyou for all asking after the lady , x
  6. Hi who was your sister ? And which speight did she go out with lol ? ---------- Post added 23-02-2013 at 09:16 ---------- Good to see this thread still going strong , such happy memories , if anyone remembers me pm me for a catch up !
  7. Hi weve got one for sale its on sf we will take 70 its lovely take a look
  8. Wer is the best place to advertise a 4month old kitten and ensure it gets a good home ? I've advertised on a few sites , but to be honest I don't always think people replying are genuine , the kitten is free to good home only , but yet people are suspicious of ths. But y ? Not everyone wants to make a fast buck as they say
  9. Rehome or Sale? sale Reason for Rehome / Sale, my rabbit doesnt get along with them Sale Amount- 15pound for pair Location, s21 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? no Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? yes Age & Sex, 8week old & 1 year old (around) Breed/ Mix- guinea pigs Colour/coat type, try colour & white Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? yes Live in / out- out Neutered/spayed- no Chipped-no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues- no Temperament- good Vaccinated & Wormed- dont no not had these long Any special knowledge needed- no General Information you can share, lovely little guinea pigs, just my rabbit doesnt get along with them and i bought them for company for my rabbit.. call 07985522875
  10. weve had 2 akitas pinched off our bc garden tnite between ten to 6 and 20 past 6 if anyone knows anything or is offered any plz contact me via ere they av been reported to the police as stolen they are much loved pets and very vulnerable dogs , noone knows ther likes or dislikes , whoeva did this is a very cruel person,people, any help !! plz plz contact me , thankyou
  11. id double check that information, and did you tell them u wanted maternity grant ? its just that its called the surestart grant, it may make a difference, request an application form it tells you on there who is eligable to claim, but im sure you can claim, its still a benefit ur on , but you can only claim, from 30 weeks pregnant, and its for your first child only,
  12. hi there , yep another fellow ratsville occupant here lol wonder why they call it that (nothing to do with the amount of rats round here is it ) why are you so curious to know if anyone else from renishaw useing this site wer not that far out are we
  13. does anyone know the best place to advertise avairy birds ,as ive gt a few for sa le, alexanderer ringneck,normal ringneck,a rosella, 2 budgies, and a kakariki they all need to go together this weekend so if anyone knows anyone that will want to buy them ther 100 pound for them all thanks
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