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  1. Some of the lane markings are blatantly incorrect on the approach to the roundabout, which doesn't help.
  2. Location makes no difference. An unlocked bike is an unlocked bike. I never leave mine out on the drive. It’s easier for the thief to steal from a driveway than a supermarket car park as there’s less people around to see them, as proven here. You wouldn’t leave £5k cash on your drive whilst you went back inside to put the kettle on, so why leave a motorbike there?
  3. But why would they. Regardless of any rule changes, which I think were only implemented in the Met police, to ram a motorbike could lead to the cops being suspended and investigated. Even if exonerated it would be 2 years of worry, not knowing if they are going to prison for assault & dangerous driving, and that’s assuming the thief didn’t die. It would be a brave/stupid cop that would do that.
  4. But when left on the drive unlocked and out of sight you have no control over its safety. It’s not victim blaming, it’s common sense. Either enjoy the convenience of leaving it out momentarily but risk it getting stolen, or suffer the inconvenience of never letting it out of sight when unlocked, and reduce the risk. I do the latter with my motorbike but it’s a pain in the arse. Long gone are the days where you could leave things out and they wouldn’t get stolen, if ever those days existed at all, which I doubt they ever did.
  5. People can do more to help themselves. Leaving a motorbike on your drive unlocked to anything has the strong possibility of not being there when you return to it. Saying you left it there for just 10 mins means nothing. It only has to be there for the few seconds that the thieves pass your house, and the bike is gone. Ive never understood why people say things like 'I only left my car unlocked for 5 mins' etc. Even if the police arrived say 15 mins later, theres not much they can do other than see if any neighbours have CCTV, and thats something you can do yourself. Saying its not your job to check for CCTV is missing the point completely. If the cops saw a moped with 2 up, they wouldn't catch it, as soon as it drives fast or they take their helmets off then the chase ends, they aren't allowed to continue it. Even so, theres no way of proving that the lads on the moped are the same ones who tried to steal the bike. You'll probably get recontacted by the police in a few days, to talk about any local CCTV. Other than that, theres not a lot more can be done. If it was me, i'd be checking myself with my neighbours to see if they have CCTV, and if so I'd be emailing it to the police to speed things up. But even if there is CCTV it has to show the thiefs face clearly, and even then someone has to be able to recognise them. Cops are swamped with live events where someone is in danger, so they aren't always able to turn up to things that have already happened in the past, even if it was just 10 mins ago.
  6. Thats because most of them should have been on their day off, but had their day off cancelled instead. It's done this way so they have enough cops to staff the match, and they get a day off in lieu. Years ago it would have ben done for overtime, but not anymore. Beat cops don't get many full weekends off, so when their rare Saturday off gets cancelled they get even less.
  7. Can anyone please recommend any musical instrument shops in Sheffield that sell electric/digital pianos? Im not wanting a keyboard, but an entry level electric piano. Lots for sale online but I'd like to buy from a local shop. Thanks
  8. D o you have any photos of the base from when you were there?
  9. And creeping slowly through a red light when there’s no traffic is ok as well I assume?
  10. Not if it means risking peoples lives for the sake of saving a few seconds of driving.
  11. No, they aren't solved. Using the pedestrian crossing isn't compulsory, and anyone walking out of the main entrance/exit and wanting to immediately cross and turn right wouldn't really want to have to turn left instead, and walk to the crossing. It's quite acceptable to assume that its safe to cross when the traffic from their right comes to s stop at the red light, whilst traffic from their left then proceeds through their green light to turn right into the shopping centre. Thats when the danger rears its head - a pedestrian crossing the road whilst a car from their left does a U turn. Lots of school kids walking home from school in the afternoon use the shopping centre, quite easy for one of them to believe its safe to cross at that point.
  12. No its not, I watch them do the U turn at high speed as they are probably not sure if traffic will be flowing from the other traffic lights, or they do it at speed whilst theres a gap. A pedestrian crossing at that location wouldn't necessarily be expecting cars to do a U turn it would affect the pedestrian as they are crossing where the cars are doing their U turns, and not using the crossing at all.
  13. So it might, but it doesn't help a pedestrian crossing the road at that point (instead of using the crossing) who isn't expecting cars to perform that manoeuvre.
  14. Offences such as parking on double yellow lines don't actually fall under police responsibility, and haven't for some time.
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