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  1. Are there any in Sheffield? Considering buying a 2003 CLK 240 but would like to know if there's any garages that specialise in Mercedes please.
  2. Thank you, I'll give them a call. I'm not sure if they have soil to look at at their Attercliffe depot or if it's just an office?
  3. Have you used them at all?
  4. Anyone able to recommend a supplier of top soil who can deliver to Sheffield please? There are a few suppliers I can name but looking for recommendations please. I'm probably wanting 4 tonnes delivered for a new border.
  5. What engine is your 2017 Rapid? The water pump wont 'need' changing, it's just sensible to have it done at the same time, but only if it's connected to the cam belt, or if its a big job to get to it. Otherwise it's a gamble, it could last years and years, or fail and them you have to pay the £500+ again. Whilst I've been using Skoda Rainsworth for servicing, that's only because my Yeti came with their warranty and their service plan already paid for, otherwise I would use Auto Tecnic on Amos Rd behind Meadowhall. When I needed the Haldex pump filter cleaning (part of the 4x4 system) , they were the only VW garage in Sheffield that knew about the need for it to be done, and did a good job, even Skoda denied that it needed doing, but it definitely does at 30k miles. But this wont apply to your car.
  6. Check with Rainsworth to see if the water pump on your Rapid is connected to the cam belt, some Skoda models aren't and don't need the pump changing at the same time. Though I think the Rapid has a timing chain rather than a belt??? If so get the chain sprockets changed at the same time as I think they come as part of a kit? The high cost of the belt change is mostly labour as it's a big job to get to the cam belt, so makes sense to change the pump if needed. If the pump was to fail then it would still be the same price to replace it as the same labour intensive work has to be done to get to the pump.
  7. What model of Skoda do you have? Just had the cam belt replaced on my 2017 Skoda Yeti. With the Yeti they do need replacing after 5 yrs, even if low mileage. If your Skoda also has the water pump driven by the belt then it makes sense to have that changed too, it's only a £100 part, but if it fails it's big job stripping the engine to get to it, so makes sense to replace it when the cam belt is being done. I paid £650 at Skoda Rainsworth Sheffield for belt & water pump. I rang some independent garages and they were a similar price, so I let Skoda do it.
  8. Can anyone recommend a workshop that can alter wooden furniture please. I have an oak table that needs to be shortened in length.
  9. So they are all part of the cover up? Even the independent barrister who was part of the hearing panel? Wow.
  10. The chippy on Gibraltar St has Hendo’s on the counter. Nice chippy too.
  11. Doesn’t seem to have been posted on here so I thought I’d try and bring some balance to the agenda. Former SYP Detective Sergeant David Walker who was under investigation having been accused of not acting on CSE intel received has been fully cleared. I’m sure if he had been found guilty it would be getting discussed at length.
  12. When St James retail park was being proposed, plenty on here were quick to quash any concerns of there being traffic issues, but during certain periods of the day, and at weekends, most of the concerns have come true. It's a bit of a nightmare around the junction at times. I try and avoid going there eon Saturdays, and if I do I sometimes walk there instead of driving, but that limits the quantity of shopping I can do as I have to carry it all home.
  13. Did you find anywhere for your Hyundai? I've just bought a Hyundai IX35 and would like to find a suitable independent Hyundai garage.
  14. You are just being a bit stupid. You need evidence of someones involvement in the offence, how can you get that from a cop who has only just joined and know nothing about it, and had no involvement in it? You are showing yourself up a little.
  15. Every single officer in the force? Even those who have had no involvement in CSE? Even those who have only recently joined SYP? All of them?
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