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  1. Thanks, have you used their soil? That does look decent soil, thanks
  2. Can anyone recommend a top soil supplier in Sheffield or Chesterfield please? One that you have used and can actually vouch for the quality of the soil? I need a few builders tonne bags for my garden, Thanks.
  3. Why is the proximity of the police station relevant? Police stations aren't full of cops waiting to spring into action, they are normally all at incidents or travelling to/fro.
  4. Thanks, some useful info there, and good knowledge shown
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Hoyland Dismantlers wont deliver to Sheffield, but I'll try Ebay and railway sleepers.com
  6. Thank you, that's useful to know. Google maps suggests the Number 1 bus to Eyre St, then walk to Charter Row and get 83A close to Crimicar Lane. Approx 1hr.
  7. Need to get from Meadowhead to Crimicar Lane area, anyone know the best way by bus please? Im guessing I will have to go into the town centre and change bus, but which bus do I then need, and where from please?
  8. I believe it will last longer than tanalised soft wood.
  9. So I know they aren't bent, warped twisted or cracked. Plenty of tanalised softwood sleepers around, but I want oak.
  10. Anyone know of a place to buy oak sleepers from in Sheffield please? I need them 20cm x 10cm x 2.4m Lots on Facebook but I would like a place I can visit to actually see them.
  11. I visited your chip shop today, (Chip Inn at Whitwell) having read about you on this thread ages ago. Have to say they were some of the best fish n chips I've had in a long time. I find most chip shops serve chips that are pale in colour, soft and bland, but yours were a nice golden colour and crisp. Next time I'm passing I will return, thank you.
  12. Sadly it looks like the Trawlers Catch on Castleton Street hasn't reopened since closing during lockdown. It was a good chippy.
  13. Hopefully this whole saga can finally be put to bed now all prosecutions have come to an end.
  14. If there were a group of people around him then sadly it will probably be on Youtube by now. Hope he's ok.
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