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  1. D o you have any photos of the base from when you were there?
  2. And creeping slowly through a red light when there’s no traffic is ok as well I assume?
  3. Not if it means risking peoples lives for the sake of saving a few seconds of driving.
  4. No, they aren't solved. Using the pedestrian crossing isn't compulsory, and anyone walking out of the main entrance/exit and wanting to immediately cross and turn right wouldn't really want to have to turn left instead, and walk to the crossing. It's quite acceptable to assume that its safe to cross when the traffic from their right comes to s stop at the red light, whilst traffic from their left then proceeds through their green light to turn right into the shopping centre. Thats when the danger rears its head - a pedestrian crossing the road whilst a car from their left does a U turn. Lots of school kids walking home from school in the afternoon use the shopping centre, quite easy for one of them to believe its safe to cross at that point.
  5. No its not, I watch them do the U turn at high speed as they are probably not sure if traffic will be flowing from the other traffic lights, or they do it at speed whilst theres a gap. A pedestrian crossing at that location wouldn't necessarily be expecting cars to do a U turn it would affect the pedestrian as they are crossing where the cars are doing their U turns, and not using the crossing at all.
  6. So it might, but it doesn't help a pedestrian crossing the road at that point (instead of using the crossing) who isn't expecting cars to perform that manoeuvre.
  7. Offences such as parking on double yellow lines don't actually fall under police responsibility, and haven't for some time.
  8. They get a lot of shoplifters in that store.
  9. Maybe Greggs aren't actually charging extra for eating inside, maybe thats the normal price and they are just giving a discount to folk taking their food away?
  10. Not with the way some drivers position themselves at the junction. Doesnt matter how competent you are, if others aren’t.
  11. I’m not so sure if all this has done poor Tony any good. I understand people wanting to feel they are doing the right thing by publicising him, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who wants all this attention. He feels an immense guilt at what happened, and he has dealt with that in his own particular way. Being broadcasted to millions probably isn’t his thing. Maybe what he needs is some privacy, but he’s unlikely to get that now. He’s a great man, though he wouldn’t recognise or agree with that. I hope all this attention doesn’t have a negative impact on him or his health. Bravo Tony. But let’s not get carried away with our own emotions at the expense of his.
  12. There have been annual services at the memorial for years, with American military present.
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