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  1. My dad worked for him for a while, some years ago. Said he was a nice bloke. Joe turned up at my dads funeral which was unexpected, but very nice. I always promised that if ever the time came I would return the favour, but I can't now due to restricted numbers at funerals.
  2. The Admiral in Crookes is a great chippy, and much better than the other Admirals Ive tried.
  3. Would that have been Huddarts next to the petrol station?
  4. My current favourites.. Kelham Friary, Gibraltar St Trawlers Catch, Castle St I like the Jolly Frier on Egerton Rd Dronfield, behind Alfred Dunhams.
  5. Public transport is of no use to me when finishing work at 3:30am and trying to get home.
  6. To be fair to the authorities, i don't see that they can do anything.
  7. Sheffield town centre was an awful dump of a place to walk through today. The beggars were everywhere, most smelling strongly of cannabis. A few clearly on spice. Shouting and swearing aloud. What a dump of a city centre we now have.
  8. But the jury say he isn’t responsible. It would appear that no one person is solely responsible. It would appear to be a number of different contributory factors that resulted in the deaths, but without any individual being to blame. The courts seem to have decided so. I understand the ‘want’ to blame someone but it would appear there isn’t an individual that is to blame.
  9. I think lots of things contributed to the deaths, but no single event was to blame, but a coming together of many things. Remove one of them and perhaps it wouldn’t have happened? Duckenfield played a contributory part but the courts, justice system and jury have decided he’s not to blame for manslaughter. I fail to see where else this can go now.
  10. I don't see the need to look back at the enquiry, the outcome of which lead to Duckenfields trial, and when the jury were presented with the evidence they decided he wasn't guilty. His defence stated that the blame can't be put on one person, and I think they were right. He might be to blame for some things, but clearly not manslaughter.
  11. Some of the lane markings are blatantly incorrect on the approach to the roundabout, which doesn't help.
  12. Location makes no difference. An unlocked bike is an unlocked bike. I never leave mine out on the drive. It’s easier for the thief to steal from a driveway than a supermarket car park as there’s less people around to see them, as proven here. You wouldn’t leave £5k cash on your drive whilst you went back inside to put the kettle on, so why leave a motorbike there?
  13. But why would they. Regardless of any rule changes, which I think were only implemented in the Met police, to ram a motorbike could lead to the cops being suspended and investigated. Even if exonerated it would be 2 years of worry, not knowing if they are going to prison for assault & dangerous driving, and that’s assuming the thief didn’t die. It would be a brave/stupid cop that would do that.
  14. But when left on the drive unlocked and out of sight you have no control over its safety. It’s not victim blaming, it’s common sense. Either enjoy the convenience of leaving it out momentarily but risk it getting stolen, or suffer the inconvenience of never letting it out of sight when unlocked, and reduce the risk. I do the latter with my motorbike but it’s a pain in the arse. Long gone are the days where you could leave things out and they wouldn’t get stolen, if ever those days existed at all, which I doubt they ever did.
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