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  1. Anyone recommend a car body repair garage? Our car got rear ended with minor rear bumper distortion Other driver was a young lad who seemed a very decent guy who wants to avoid insurance companies which is fine by us. Would like to find a reputable body repair shop for a quote and repair.
  2. The reset finally worked this morning (pressing a paperclip into the reset hole) Can any router be purchased and connected, to replace the standard one supplied by your provider?
  3. It’s the WiFi on my Vodafone router that isn’t working. Devices connected by Ethernet cable seem fine. Whilst I’m waiting weeks for Vodafone to dispute the fault and send a new router I’ve connected an access point to it which is now giving me Wi-Fi.
  4. Anyone got Vodafone internet problems? Our Vodafone broadband went down this afternoon and still isn’t working. I’ve heard other Vodafone customers in Sheffield are also having the same problem. been told there’s a problem at BT Exchange but can’t confirm this yet.
  5. I guess three not really anything you can do to cater for drivers that might do that. But even sensible and proficient drivers can and will fall foul of wanting to go straight on but suddenly realising at the last second they are in the wrong lane. Sensible drivers would carry on around the roundabout, others will suddenly veer to their left and change lane, oblivious to the fact theres are cars already in that lane.
  6. Sadly, doing this when approaching Meadowhead roundabout from Greenhill can put you in the wrong lane. All three lanes have arrows painted on the road surface indicating you can go straight on, but in actual fact only the left and centre lane actually go straight on. If you've chosen the right hand lane then as soon as you enter the roundabout you discover that you're now in a lane for only turning right. If you didn't see the arrow painted on the surface of your lane (which you might not in heavy slow moving traffic when the car in front is driving over the arrow), then you'd probably still think you can go straight on, only realising last minute that you can't.
  7. Doesn't mean someones unobservant if the lane markings are wrong. If theres a big arrow painted on the road surface telling a driver that they can go straight on, when in fact they can't, and doesn't mean the driver is unobservant. In fact it suggests that they are observant for seeing the arrow and getting into that lane.
  8. Its quite badly marked out as far as white lane markings go. Approaching from the Audi garage you can only go left if you are in the left lane, but cars often go straight on, cutting into the other lane. More obvious lane separation markings could help here. Approaching from Greenhill, there are three lanes all indicating that you can go straight on. However, if you choose the right hand lane to go straight on you soon find that once on the roundabout you can't go straight on and have to turn right, meaning cars suddenly cut into the lane to their left to go straight on. When approaching from Dronfield, you can turn right from within the middle lane, which often surprises the car to your right who is in the inside lane and isn't expecting you to be turning right alongside them. This can also surprise those who are waiting to join the roundabout from Woodseats, who assume you are turning off towards Woodseats. It could be better signed to cater for those who aren't so observant.
  9. How do you know they were instructing? They could have just been driving with a family member, or teaching a family member.
  10. Even though he hasn't been found guilty? Really? So cops should be sacked based purely on allegations? Surely the court case will decide if he's guilty or not guilty.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, I have started visiting most of those mentioned, including 1) Tec-Nick Autos, Dannemora Drove Sheffield S9 2) The Garage, Sheaf Gardens Sheffield S2 3) Autotecnic, Amos Rd Sheffield S9 4) German Auto Centre Autotecnic seems to know the most about the specific work I want doing. Hope to choose one soon.
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