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  1. Are their prices negotiable, or fixed price?
  2. Well obviously, but then theres the issue of price.
  3. Anyone know if I'm right in thinking hat they don't negotiate on the advertised selling price of their cars? I'm sure years ago I heard that their policy was they don't negotiate, as their cars were priced reasonably anyway. Or are they just like any other car showroom where haggling is the norm?
  4. Not exactly. There are cameras monitoring 'certain' bus gates in the city centre which I believe is for that very purpose.
  5. Some of the pubs would no doubt have closed by their own accord, regardless of any police suggestions etc. They just don't want them in their pubs, historically they take over, serve themselves and refuse to pay. Despite the rules on limited numbers at funerals, how can the police realistically stop the travellers from attending/ With the numbers involved attending the event, theres nothing really the police can do to stop them coming. Even If they start arresting them then it triggers them to cause more trouble everywhere, and there aren't enough cops to deal with that, or police cells to put them in. Even if some got arrested, it wouldn't achieve anything as the rest of the travellers would carry on attending the event.
  6. Thanks Brooker11, do they sell Solidoor brand? I'm hoping to buy it under the forthcoming Government £5k Green Houses scheme, so will need to make sure the supplier/fitter is registered with the scheme.
  7. I'm looking to get a Solidoor branded composite from door fitted, can anyone please recommend a supplier/fitter for Sheffield?
  8. They are horrible chips from there aren't they, shame as Robs used to be very good.
  9. But what harm has it done to you? I don't see the problem.
  10. The Dolly Mix shop next to the chippy in that photo was a sandwich shop around 1988, owned by the same owner as the chip shop, a guy called Al. He introduced me to bacon and cheese sandwiches with brown sauce. Thanks Al In one of the pictures on this site https://www.dhi.ac.uk/mobile-tours/sheffield-music-map/tour/location.php?app_id=1&tour_id=1&marker=6&n=1 you can see the name Big Als Fish and Chip shop.
  11. I left school and started work on West St in 1988, for four years, which is the period where i have my memories. From my work place (which was actually the next block up from these shops) I watched the chip shop, sandwich shop and other shops on the other side of West St being pulled down for a large new government office block to be built, next to The Limit. Maybe even The Limit wa puled down for this office block, I can't recall.
  12. Yes, Conway Taylors. From where I worked (just a few shops up) I would walk down to the sandwich shop and back numerous times each day, getting everyone breakfast & lunch. I would walk past Conway Taylors and he would often be stood in the doorway having a fag. I always thought it must be an old fashioned tailors and the place never appealed to me at the time (not that I could afford a made to measure suit back then), but I guess they would have been good quality suits. I wonder what happened to him, and why he closed? Slightly further up and across the road was a fish n chip shop and a sandwich shop next door, they were owned by the same bloke who I think was called Big Al? He was a big bloke with black hair and looked Greek or Turkish. He was a nice bloke but for some reason I hardly used his sandwich shop and always felt guilty when he saw me leave the office and go to Hallam Bakery instead. So when the new pub opened next door - Barkers, was it knocked through into the Red Lion from the start, or was that later? I also remember Millionaires opening on Carver St and went in for lunch on its open day. I'd be about 16 back then in 1988.
  13. I remember when the tattoo sop was a sandwich shop, back in 1988 when I left school and started work in a business in the same block of buildings. I was the office buttie boy, back and forth with everyones orders. On Friday afternoons the ladies in the shop would give me all the buns that would otherwise be going to waste over the weekend.
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