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  1. But Graves Park isn't wasn't the councils land to sell, but they were going to sell it anyway.
  2. Well they did a great job of stopping SCC selling off part of Graves Park for development. I'm grateful for that.
  3. Such as student accommodation
  4. They will still be good for buying TV's online with 5 year guarantees. The people that did go into town purposely to visit the store will perhaps have also nipped to other shops whilst they were there, but that footfall will now perhaps be gone which will have a negative effect on all those other shops.
  5. They could fill each floor by moving all the charity shops into the building. Bulldoze Haymarket area and city centre might have a chance of being reasonable again.
  6. The St George peregrines will be having their 10 year anniversary next year.
  7. It will only be the first few cars that initially gets the fine, as they are clearly waiting to turn left into the gates instead of going straight on. I would assign they would be asked to move among, and get a fine if they refused. Cars further back in the queue on Blackstock Rd might not know it's a queue for the tip, so would probably innocently wait in line oblivious, so I doubt they could get a fine.
  8. They probably said that about Don Valley stadium too.
  9. The ring road from Herdings to Meadowhead might even be wide enough to accommodate the tram in the central reservation, especially along Bochum Parkway. By the time it gets to St James retail park there might be less free width in the road to accommodate two tramlines. I wonder if a single tram line would work, but with less frequency? Or perhaps sharing road space with cars? I can imagine at morning rush hour the tram would fill up at Meadowhead, with nobody being able to get on by the time it gets to Townend, and vice versa in the town centre heading out of town.
  10. I think Sheffield FC themselves are selling the idea based on there being 3 billion football fans that might want to see where their sport first began. I just hope those 3 billion don't descend on Meadowhead all on the same Saturday, though Im happy to rent out my driveway for parking, reasonably extortionate rates apply 🙂
  11. The corners are tight. I don't think car park access is the best. I guess the long entrance road into the retail park is to get as many cars off the main road as possible? But the tight T junction at the end makes traffic trying to enter to move slow, causing traffic to back up, This can affect traffic on the main road waiting to turn into the retail park. Even as a pedestrian getting from one side of the park to the other can be a struggle with limited gaps in the fencing to get through. It's just not a very well thought out car park for being user friendly. They probably designed the car park to have the maximum number of parking spaces, at the expense of traffic flow.
  12. If you want to see big rats, park up at night time in MacDonalds car park at bottom of Granville Rd, the spaces directly opposite the entrance doors. I've often sat there watching them, There are loads of rat holes in the steep grass bank and they run about without a care in the world.
  13. Last year I took my Bosch motor ebike to a cycle shop in Dinnington, cnat remember its name but was on the main road of shops. They are a Bosch approved specialist if that helps.
  14. To close the park at a time when it was perhaps the only place folk could walk to who would otherwise be trapped in their homes & flats?
  15. I ended up using Autotechnic who I was very impressed with. They were the only garage I visited that were aware of the need to have my Haldex pump filter cleaned, non of the others had any knowledge of the need for this work to be carried out. Autotechnic also correctly diagnosed an electrical fault that had developed. Will be using them now for all servicing work.
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