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  1. I am trying to find online information about a car accident i was involved in. It happened in 1973... not sure what month but any time from may. I was in a mini with my parents and a coach crashed into us at the wicker. I was a few months old, i was in the care with myself, mum dad and aunty. I don't know where to start looking online and any help would be appreciated.
  2. Do not want to sound drab but what is the REAL meaning of halloween. It seems to me people see it as an excuse to party and kids to eat loads of e numbers.......
  3. EVERYONE WITH VIRGIN SWITCH TO SKY!! nowt but grief from them for four solid weeks!
  4. they cut my phone off by mistake and they said they would resume services within 72 hours. After 15 phone calls and waiting 4 weeks i switched to sky...........
  5. I am going away for the week end of sept and i have a kitty. I need a good catery for him. S8 area. Any recomendations?
  6. went in got a top and a toy for my son... told them to keep 8 p change and i swear if she smiled her face would have cracked! no thanks or anything! worst charity shop on woodseats.
  7. anyone any ideas what i can transport him in as i don't have a cat carrier???
  8. I have a kitty waiting for me but the thing is i cant drive and i have no one to collect it for me... It is from the Wybourn area to woodseats.... I am desperate and willing to pay... Any one willing to offer? Thanks for reading.
  9. no idea, my mum lives on elm cresent... where abouts?
  10. Has anyone been to the seaside thing at the peace gardens? I am after some comments about it. Thinking of taking my 3 yr old but sont want to gt there and be disapointed.
  11. it just riles me when they can see how desperate people are.. if i do get it after an appeal i will let you know and tell you what they said etc. Sorry to hear about you and the loan shark> ia m avoiding thm at all costs. =\
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