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  1. Cigs have gone up as well, my brand from £5.04 to £5.29 in our local shop.
  2. The Bridge Inn at Ford, Ridgeway has a general knowledge quiz on tues nights and music quiz on a thursday.
  3. I am trying to locate a rear near side tie bar pivot arm for my 1989 Ford Escort 1.3 Popular which has broken in half. The rest of the car is in 90% good condition for its year and has only done 36,000 miles. It has been in the family since new and I would hate to have to scrap it. Does anyone know where a car like this may be laid up or is been broken up for spares?
  4. He's been dead a few years now, but used to be a Wilf Maw that lived on City Road, he ran a coal delivery lorry business with his brother from a yard some where near the Junction pub at Woodhouse.
  5. Don't leave it outside, or it will find its own way to the scrap yard!
  6. Back in the late 70's early 80's anyone remember the one day sales at Channing Hall on Surrey St. Some were geniune sales by a company called Emkay if i remember right who sold watch's, walkmans, clocks etc and even had their own shop at one point on Charles St opposite Suggs. Others were mock auctions where you bought 'an empty bag' for £1 that normally contained a pen and this was your passport to purchase larger items.
  7. Was you shopping in Wickes, because the car park is only for their customers and if the car park attendent did not see you go in the store, that is why he gave you the ticket. If you go in the store and then nip up town and return within the specified time period, i think that is ok.
  8. Someone I know took a 10 year old ford to Lookers because of shaking/ vibration. They told him a wishbone had cracked and other things, it was the worst case they had seen and wanted £450 to fix it. He declined and was thinking of scrapping the car as its not worth much more than this when a friend suggested taking it to a local mechanic he knew for a second opinion. He put it on a ramp and could not find any of the problems Lookers had found, changed a weight / balance whatever they are called that fit on the wheels, even got another mechanic friend who is a qualified mot tester to check it who could not find the faults either suggested by Lookers and guess what - this rectified the vibration - cost £40. So he will not be using Lookers again.
  9. Opposite Manfredi's on City Road, don't know how much, but there is a board up with cintact details.
  10. Knowing this council in about 20 years time, then after 5 years they will knock it down again.
  11. Has this traditional hardware shop closed down, shutters down each time iv'e been past. Alway's loved the cat in there that sat on the counter.
  12. Been told Joseph Glover, formally the Mill at Mosborough is now closed.
  13. They will only get paid peanuts by Electrolux for doing your repair, there is a much bigger mark up for them if they can sell you extras.
  14. no , they do not have one any more. There is one at Fox and Hounds, Marsh Lane near Eckington.
  15. Brampton leisure centre plus funfair - Friday.
  16. due to alot of health and safety red tape, no more bonfires at Ridgeway Arms.
  17. the Fox on Marsh Lane near Eckington.
  18. Brampton Leisure centre near Wath, Rotherham this friday night, funfair as well.
  19. Last time i had fish from there it tasted and looked about 3 years old.
  20. a much better event is held at Rotherham's Clifton Park. This wed from 6pm, 2 firework displays, a bonfire, a funfair and plenty of food outlets. Ok you have to pay if you want food or go on the funfair, but otherwise it is free to go in and is surpervised by security.
  21. was'nt there a firework display as well, one was advertised.
  22. he'd dozed off!, forgot about him, it was a long time ago.
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