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  1. Remember twins, not Sheena. Also Philip Harding (delivered something to our house a couple of years ago) Lynn Flecther, heard she's in a wheelchair now, hope she's going on alright. Beverley Evans.
  2. Remember both David Reynolds and; Dennis Hague Mick Clark & Susan Stubbs (who got married) Rodney Cottam Glen Byrne Ian Parkin Tony Lindley Pat Stokes Ann Stones Philip Hibbert Neil Sissons Karen Cotton
  3. Yes, she got married and became Mrs ? Also remembered ; Needlework - Miss Pearson Welfare officer (went to you house if you were wagging it!), Mr Muscroft.
  4. L.P., long playing record! The record player was a brown wooden box containing a turntable and a small speaker in the lid. No stereo or surround sound in those days, the cassette had just come out and the C.D. was still a long way off.
  5. Try John Lewis, not as expensive as you may think, free 2 year guanentee ( including frozen food loss) and usually a selection of reduced ones, ex repair or damaged that carry full guarentee.
  6. Just remembered it was cigars he smoked not a pipe.
  7. Used to get off the bus there on way to school and would call in for 5 Park Drive and a 1/4 of liqurice and blackcurrants. Remember the older guy, Mr Barnard ? who smoked a pipe and the smell drifted through the shop. Sometimes we would call at Hibberts sweet shop on other shopping precinct next to chemist in the same shop as now occupied by the Halifax agency, glass jars full of sherbert lemons, pineapple cubes, penny liquorices.Happy days!
  8. Yes, remember Miss Hebblethwaite for RE, used to make us listern to LP - Jesus Christ Superstar.
  9. Can remember the teachers names, but not the year I left!, think it was 72 or 73.
  10. J & BW was on the right hand side going up from town of London Road near where there is an optitions now. Think it was run by a husband and wife team and nothing to do with Johnson's Soundaround which was on the other side of the road higher up on the corner and was owned by Mr Johnson. Roy Millington and Andrew Colley who later became the owners of Cloud both worked there, both of them were ex tv engineers.
  11. There was Moon Electronics as well run by Kevin Mooney, orginally an hypmostist on the clubs. First shop was on a little street corner opposite Hillsborough Park, used to have an upstairs showroom. Then moved to London Road before selling up and emigrating a few years ago.
  12. There was Revolution Records as well on the Gallery. Used to have lists on the wall with prices of Motown and Nothern Soul singles that you could not buy anywhere else. Then Roulette in the market, now 'Their price', also outlets in the hole in the road and Aldine Court just off High Street and in later days a little shop on the Moor. Prior to that there was Kens records in the old Rag & Tag market. Also a good shop at Rotherham in one of the shop units outside the market. Can ayone rember its name? Used to catch the 69 bus and always come home with something.
  13. Does anyone remember the outdoor pursuits centre ?, Brownhead Farm near Pickering on the North Yorkshire moors. Think we had a few sponsered swims to raise money for it. Went a couple of times, no proper toilets, only an old style porto loo, remember we had to take it in turns to empty it, dig a hole in the ground and empty its contents into it. Think the school has since sold this farm, does anyone know?
  14. Michael Mckevitt whose dad had the pub, Manor Castle then moved to Eckington. Teachers remembered. Mr Simcox - Biology Mr Ring - Science Mr Godbehere - Pyschics Sport, Mr Dalton, Mr Tomkins, Mrs Matthews, Mr Moxon, Mr Bromby, Mr Naylor, , Mr Radford. Mr Battams & Mr Evans - Art Mr Peter Hartley, Mr Croft, Mrs Eddowes - English Mr Eric Hartley - R.E. Mr Ward, Mr Greenhough - History. Mr Carr, Mr Robinson, Mr Beavers, Mr Dunford - Woodwork & metalwork Miss Jepson - Drama Mr Chatterton - Music Mr Savage, Mrs Bush, Mr Peppal - French Mr Jennings, Mr Pringle -Science Headmaster Mr Adams, deputy's Mrs Green, Mr Houdmont. Mr Turton & Mr Houdmont - Miss Kelly, later to become Mrs Standing, married Brian Standing who ran youth club - Maths Library - Mr White Lab tech. - Steve Richardson Mrs Butler - Cooking 'Digger' Clive Davis used to live on City Road, just below Keith & Gloria's wine shop. got old books and reports somewhere, will post more names when I find them.
  15. Remember looking in the window at those FAL disco decks. Anyone remember a shop on London road called J & BW. You could hire a twin deck dj unit, that was just 2 garrard sp25 turntables built into a carrying box, no mixer in those days. They also has regular supplys of new older Motown singles, used to stick them in the window.
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