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  1. You seem to be under the impression that "agenda" is some kind of magical argument winning word, it isn't.
  2. Given the disastrous start under Weir it's hardly surprising that attendance was low early last season.
  3. Turns out that the world is just chock full of secret Wednesday supporters, many of them who've long made a pretense of supporting other clubs even United, who knew?
  4. Given that there's every reason to think Sheffield United will continue to wallow round the lower leagues for the foreseeable future chances are they wouldn't want to go anyway. People have long been bemoaning how kids these days are all "glory supporters" more likely to support Chelsea or even Real Madrid than their local team. Small clubs these days have to really work to get the good will of potential supporters, trying to sign unrepentant rapists isn't a good way to go about doing that.
  5. Pointing out ways in which the behaviour of the club and some of its fans have been beneath contempt and how that disgusting behaviour has impacted the image of the club is discussing it.
  6. United's punishment is a tarnished name that will make the club less attractive to potential supporters and sponsors. As I said in my original post in this thread, United are my local club, I've previously been to see them, I would have been happy for my kids to go and see them. This is no longer the case because of the clubs attempt to sign Evans and the behaviour of the club and fans in the ensuing controversy.
  7. The thread title is "Will Sheffield united recover there name in football" am I not allowed to discuss that topic in this thread?
  8. It's difficult not to be "holier" than supporters of an unrepentant rapist.
  9. So what you're objecting to is the "agenda" that rape is a bad thing and that giving an unrepentant rapist a prestigious job at a "family club" is a bad idea?
  10. They tried to and disastrously persisted in that attempt long after it was clear to everyone else what a terrible idea it was, generating huge amounts of negative national and international press for the club in the process. Consequently for many of those who aren't fans of Sheffield United the club is now synonymous with the attempt to hire and unrepentant rapist and bitter attacks on all those who thought that was a terrible idea. Why?
  11. I said "a not insignificant proportion of Sheffield United fans" not "all Sheffield United fans" maybe you should work on your comprehension before telling others to do theri homework. How will this stop the attempt to rehire an unrepantant rapist being the first thing that springs to mind for many people when Sheffield United are mentioned? This ongoing pretence that all those who spoke out against the the attempt to rehire and unrepentant rapist in some way had ulterior motives really isn't helping "Sheffield united recover there name in football".
  12. It's rather telling that most of the posters who think that Sheffield United will quickly "recover there name in football" are those who were all for the club rehiring an unrepentant rapist in the 1st place. Before the attempt to sign Ched Evans I had no strong feelings towards Sheffield United, I've been the see them in the past and as my local team I would have been happy enough to take my kids to see them when they were old enough. Now I won't go to see Sheffield United again and I'd rather my kids supported pretty much anyone else, apart from maybe Liverpool or Leeds. The behaviour of the club hierarchy and a not insignificant proportion of Sheffield United fans throughout this whole affair has been disgusting. Singing the name of an unrepentant rapist, lashing out at everyone who questioned giving an unrepentant rapist such a prestigious job, whining about "mob like behaviour". The woman Ched Evans raped has been forced to changed her identity more than once because of ongoing persecution by Ched Evan's supporters. Female "patrons" of the club who spoke out against the club re-employing an unrepentant rapist were on the receiving end of vile abuse replete with rape threats. They would seem to be the victims of "mob-like behaviour". The demonstration against resigning Evans last week was organised in secret and located well away from Bramall Lane, why? Because the organisers with good reason feared the same treatment that Evan's victim, Jessica Ennis and so forth have received and worse from his "mob" of supporters . Yet throughout this whole affair it's been the rapist and his supporters have tried to pretend that they're the victims. Die hard supporters of Sheffield United will soon move on from this but it will linger long in the minds of neutrals and potential supporters. The club are unlikely to make the national headlines for any other reason for some time so from now on for many people the prolonged attempt to hire an unrepentant rapist will be the first thing that springs to mind when anyone mentions Sheffield United, kind of hard to "recover your name" in such circumstances.
  13. Jehovah's Witnesses shun ie. cut off all contact with friends, children and other family members who leave the church. Here's an example of a letter from a "loving mother" telling her son that he can never see her again unless he rejoins her church/cult. Is that the the kind of thing "great people" do?
  14. Indeed, Bramall Lane is the closest ground to my house, my wife & I went to see them earlier this year. When our kids are old enough despite my allegiances lying elsewhere I'd have encouraged them to take an interest in the local club and been happy to take them. Not any more though the club is toxic and anything but a family club.
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