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  1. Do they still have it ?, remember going on the night walk in the late 1970's. Calling at various churchs for refreshments on the way. Think it finished at a church on Ecclesall Road.
  2. try the Star newspaper, they have a website with extra photo's that are not always published in the paper itself and attend most events of this nature.
  3. open till 10pm tonight, closed sun, open again mon 6 - 10. All rides except Dodgems and Freakout(£1.50) are 99P.
  4. Yes. ex members of Hot Quiseen including David Clayton, I have a single, love on the rebound.
  5. The ex school playing next to the now industrial estate was Allens farm. I remember as a kid all the pigs in the field.
  6. The milk people were called Downings, think the farm was known as Downings farm.Mr Rattigan took over their round.
  7. Used to go to down town saturday on norfolk st, all the stars that were on at the Fiesta at that time, maily stopping in the Grovesnor Hotel would come along for an on air interview. Remember seeing Jimmy Ruffin.
  8. You could opt for Freesat instead- about £40 for box, one off instalation fee arround £80 for dish, and you then pick up 80 chanels even in a bad reception area. Availble from John Lewis.
  9. Not many people know he used to be a vicar before working on the radio.
  10. no book, no membership, a bit like before then!
  11. Just been past, the shutter is half way up and a sign outside says re-opening friday, anyone know anything?
  12. No sand this year, but heard a simular event with kiddies rides etc is taking place, but not sure of date.
  13. After queing for ages you got to meet santa who gave you some liquirice allsorts and he had a massive yale key, that was the key to get into your house with. Anyone rembember the dancing waters in the Peace Gardens, 1966 i think for the World Cup.Also the Guiness display, some simular to dancing waters in Fitzallen Square.
  14. always parked on City Road just below Sound Control, prior to this was a transit pick up with drivers window always open parked there.Believe owner lives in one of the houses there. So if you see your garden bench etc sticking out of the back, go and get it back!
  15. Anyone going, free admission this time, but £2 to park for NHS anniversary show organised by Green City Days.
  16. Remember going to a wedding reception in the hut in the 1970's.
  17. Got some good cd's today, orginal artist only £1, £2 & £3
  18. Some of the locals have now complained about the owner of the fair allowing cars to park on the grass in the park last weekend. It will not be allowed this weekend, so their drives and roads will be full instead. If this is what they realy want, lets hope they get blocked in this weekend and then they will wish they had never complained. As for the residents of Firth Park area who glad to see the fair has gone, do they not relize the owner of the fair has just sponsered banners etc out of his own pocket for their forthcoming festival.
  19. Did anyone else see them going down Ecclesall Road this afternoon, one way to keep cool!
  20. It mentions 17,000 in the Star, bet it was more like 1,700 who went in and the rest who turned around and went home when they saw what was there. Full marks to Green City Days for putting on Sheffield's worst ever event.
  21. There are some letters in todays Star and also The Telegraph slating this event.
  22. Dyson's if purchased brand new now come with a 5 year g/t. So no repair cost's for 5yrs.
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