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  1. The anti Windows stance is simple - it is a security nightmare. Why would anyone want to put their personal data at such risk? You make out that its almost impossible to have a secure machine. It isn't but you are making it extremely difficult by using the worst possible OS and Browser, and taking huge risks by visiting warez sites which you know to be infected.
  2. The first thing you should do is make sure you have the latest firmware (3.1.2), and then do a restore in itunes. This will sort out most issues. You need to book an appointment to take it to the store, and if you haven't tried a full restore then they will tell you to go and do one.
  3. Loob - you've already stated that you managed to get infected from browsing EBAY - hardly the darker side of the web. However, this week I picked a couple when surfing eBay auctions: I started with a fully-clean system, and didn't browse any other sites at all (Google search is my homepage, I went straight to eBay uk from favourites, closed browsing session after that), which is how I know that's definitely where they were picked up. I actually suspect you WERE already infected, and that the trojan lay dormant until you booted IE. If you must use Windows, then at least use a better browser.
  4. Good - this goes far beyond using reasonable force to protect his family. You cannot allow people to take the law into their own hands.
  5. Not very funny considering that things like this have recently been happening http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-ginger-attacks1-2009dec01,0,7737967.story
  6. Yes it was! Never comes across so much cr*pware in my life
  7. I too have never had a single issue with CCleaner, having run it on old and new computers for years. Unwarranted scare-mongering.
  8. Aaaaargh! I had the misfortune last night of setting up a brand new Windows Netbook, running XP. (Not my choice of OS, but not my netbook). It took 4 whole hours and at least 12 restarts just to get it to a usable position to hand over to the user. The main problem is removing all of the awful crapware and trailware they put on there. It came with time limited versions of McAfee, Office, about 15 rubbish 'games', and loads of rubbish 'utilities' that the idiot manufacturer had set to load on start up - garbage that you really don't want eating into to a modestly powered netbook. The Windows updates themselves (there were 81) took nearly an hour, and counted for 3 of the reboots - this on a machine that is stamped on the bottom as having been built in October of this year. Removing Macaffee took two, then installing the new security software took another two. Even removing one of the GAMES took another reboot! - What?? It really is no wonder that people end up turning off updates and closing error messages, inevitably leaving themselves open to all manner of malware - it is annoying, confusing and time consuming, even for someone who knows what there are doing. Windows is absolute rubbish- I'll be suggesting Ubuntu is installed as soon as possible.
  9. Same thing happened to me with AirSharing and Camera Genius - It resolved itself the next day. Problem is that App Store announces a new version, eg 1.8, but the file it sends you is still the old version eg. 1.7. Check this by looking at the version number of the new download as displayed on screen. Let the 'new' one download, then right click it and click 'Reveal in Finder' or the Windows equivalent. The file name will have the app name and a version number. Annoying but not worth emailing or going to the store. It will resolve itself before you can get an appointment anyway.
  10. That system prompt is if you want to allow inbound connections, Little Snitch gives your control over outbound too.
  11. Is Windows that bad? This never happens on OSX or Linux.
  12. Its pretty cheap and even has a free version. Plus there are plenty of serials available for that too if you want to steal it. I always thought it should be part of the OS - it simply prompts you whenever something wants to go online - you choose to deny or allow, either temporarily or permanently.
  13. Why would they want Ubuntu? Simply - because Windows isn't secure. Drivers on Ubuntu? What version are you thinking of? I never had any problems from 8.04 onwards. That's on an old Dell Laptop, an Acer Aspire One and a HP Pentium 4. It even went onto my Mac as a VM in parallels with no problems. For me, having a secure system is far more important than playing any game - so for me using Windows is not a risk I am willing to take.
  14. Loob has pointed out that even taking comprehensive security steps isn't enough and that simply visiting the wrong site will get you loaded up with 2 or 3 trojans that your AV software will happily ignore.
  15. But why bother? Adobe offer full 'trial' version of their products on their site. All you need is a serial to activate it, and Little Snitch to stop it 'phoning home'. Cracks and keygens are dangerous and pointless.
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