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  1. Thanks Carosio, I'll try that.
  2. Thank you, I've no idea about the tuner, in fact i'm totally clueless about anything technical. I paid someone £50 to sort it out so I at least get some channels. I'll give Sky a ring. Also try and find the signal level.
  3. I recently moved from S4 to 12. Whereas I could always get all the freeview channels with no problem, I now find quite a lot are missing. In particular channels 18 to 25 is one group. I also get picture breaking up/no signal at odd times. I have retuned several times but it makes no difference. I am in a block of flats and I believe the aerial is a communal one, there also seems to be a sky cable. I don't want sky but am wondering if freesat is the answer, as my computer guru suggests? Can anyone offer any advice please?
  4. I've restricted myself to taking just one in the morning and one at night. So hopefully I will be ok (terminally ill anyway so already on my way out)
  5. Interesting advice to stop taking Co codamol. It was the pharmacist who prescribed them. What would you advise instead please?
  6. I've just been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. i had a visit from physios who gave me some exercises to do. I find Paracetamol does nothing for the pain so have just bought some Co codamol to see if it helps. I was up at 4.30 this morning because I couldn't get comfortable. I hope it does go soon, I have enough other health problems to deal with .
  7. So people can't sanitise their hands before a library visit?
  8. But what is the difference between that and people picking up stuff in shops and putting it back?
  9. I am disappointed that there are still such restrictions on using libraries. Only one person allowed in at a time. You have to say what books you want and an assistant will bring them to you, no chance of browsing. Really not worth going yet.
  10. Am I alone in wanting to know a little more about each of the local election candidates? It is not enough to know which party they represent, I want to know something of their suitability for the position. Do they live in their ward, what experience of work etc have they had, what have they done previously for their community? Try as I might, I can find almost nothing on any of them . How can one make an informed decision with so little information?
  11. Thanks Nikki-red. That's a real shame, I don't relish trying to find a new hairdresser.
  12. Does anyone know if Karisma at Firth park will be reopening please?
  13. Speaking selfishly, all I can look forward to (as an elderly person with medical issues) is a much longer walk to/from bus stops to shops. I depend on being able to use High St bus stops. But that's progress I suppose.
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