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  1. Thanks very much, we have made contact now.
  2. Does anyone know if Simon of STR Services is still running his computer repair business please?
  3. Thank you all for your replies. It is now June and the repair has still not been done. I will be approaching one of the local councillors again.
  4. I have no idea, that post was a long time ago. I must have picked up some reference somewhere as I would not have dreamed of saying it otherwise. I don't come on here much these days, it got rather unfriendly, perhaps it has improved now.
  5. If there are any old girls from Grange Grammar here there is to be a reunion next month. A few spaces still available, you do need to join the Grange Grammar School for Girls (Sheffield) first. 90+ members so far.
  6. I am a leaseholder of a flat in a block of 9. I pay service charges for repairs to communal areas. Recently the lock on the block's outer security door was ripped out, the council replaced it, and the next day it was torn out again. This could become a running saga of destroy/replace/destroy etc. Would a leaseholder still have to pay a portion of the costs of such repairs? (I could ask the council but I don't want to put ideas in their head)
  7. Nothing wrong with wearing a sombrero. I'm not the one who screams cultural appropriation at the slightest excuse. You guys are so easy to wind up.
  8. I thought I'd said exactly what I meant. And I was just waiting for the attacks from all the usual suspects.
  9. He is an absolute disgrace. Who the hell voted him in? And isn't wearing a sombrero cultural appropriation?
  10. Peace after pain, sleep tight little man.
  11. Why would you need to stop on the zigzags? Just a couple of feet/yards away wouldn't be such a hardship would it?
  12. I regularly use the Tesco on Spital Hill, and frequently see groups of young men near there. One day I needed a helping hand and asked help of these young men. One of them came immediately and gave me his arm while I got my balance. Beware making assumptions.
  13. There's an oldish lady sits outside Tesco on Spital Hill. I've never seen her actively begging, nor have I seen anyone approach her. She just sits there, very sad.
  14. I am looking for someone who will source and fit 7 internal doors for me. Any recommendations please? ---------- Post added 18-06-2017 at 09:16 ---------- No offers? This is a serious enquiry.
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