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  1. Speaking selfishly, all I can look forward to (as an elderly person with medical issues) is a much longer walk to/from bus stops to shops. I depend on being able to use High St bus stops. But that's progress I suppose.
  2. I could understand it better if, for instance, the students who object to the statue of Cecil Rhodes didn't accept one of the scholarships in his name.
  3. it could be either, memory is failing a bit now. Apologies, I wasn't thinking. Please delete if not appropriate.
  4. Long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone remembers Sheila? She lived on Clun Rd early 60s. We were at Grange Grammar School together but sadly lost touch when we left. I often think of her and would love to know how she is.
  5. I rarely drop in these days so I am slow to hear about PT's health. I would like to wish her all the best. Her posts were always interesting, and I hope to see many more in the future.
  6. Thanks DeZeus, I 've only just seen your reply. I am able to watch youtube and other videos. As the funeral is now over it is no longer an issue. Thanks for your interest and help.
  7. Thanks for replying. The site has a short test so we can check sound and vision is working before the day. It is this that just hangs, getting nowhere. Other relatives have been successful but they all seem to be on ipads which I don't have. The link is contained in an email sent to everyone.
  8. Please be gentle, I am not techsavvy. The funeral of a relative is on 3 April and I have been sent a link to view it. There is a test to check it is working but all I keep getting is a revolving circle , it just won't open. I am hoping someone can offer some guidance. I have Win7 and use Google and Firefox. I have tried on both with no luck, I have cleared cookies etc and closed down and restarted but nothing helps. Is there anything else I can try that is simple for this old woman? I'll be really sad if I can't partake in the proceedings, albeit remotely.
  9. Nobody know anything at all?
  10. Has anyone ever heard of St Michaels Church City Rd Sheffield? I have seen a postcard of a photo of a church so labelled, but can't find anything about it or where it was on City Rd. Someone suggested it might be St Aidens as it looks similar, but I can't find anything about a name change.
  11. Would they be happy to lose the income they get under the Barnett formula I wonder?
  12. It seems to me that there is a much deeper issue behind much of the increase in homelessness, particularly amongst the younger people. Why are there so many fractured families now? I am lucky to be a part of a very close extended family and it really pains me to hear about youngsters leaving or being forced out of the family circle. I think this is where there needs to be action (though I don't know what) to prevent family breakups. It can't all be laid at (any) government's door, people themselves must change.
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