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  1. I reject City because of poor service, and Uber cos I don't have app facility on my phone. I am 74 , terminally ill and need help when I go out. Thank you for your very nasty comment.
  2. Uber, no thanks. I wouldn't trust a company that can arbitrarily change the fare depending on time of day and other factors. Not for me.
  3. It was City Taxis on 2393939. I emailed them but got no reply. Someone has recommended A1 Taxis, anyone know of them?
  4. Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi service in Sheffield please. I used City Cars for years but after a recent experience with them I will never use them again.
  5. Why are some people so quick to jump on a poster and attribute ulterior motives. The op asked a simple question, all he wanted was an answer, not veiled accusations that he is homophobic.
  6. I couldn't get anywhere so I involved my councillor. I very quickly had a named officer to sort my ct out. Upshot, they owe me nearly £400 but I have to apply for a refund.
  7. I thought it had been demolished. I remember only going in once, but my aunt lived on the Common so would pass it often.
  8. I think so, I've found the name now, it's Cafe 112. Looks very interesting.
  9. I am trying to find out the name of a new cafe on Mansfield Rd opposite the Ball Inn. Does anyone know please, and has anyone been, is it to be recommended?
  10. Just to add a thought. I have severe breathing problems. While I manage ok indoors, be it home or shop, as soon as I get outside in the cold I really do suffer. 10 yards is nothing to most people but for me it really would be an ordeal. Please try and think beyond yourself and what you can do.
  11. Thanks David, that worked! But after all that I'm afraid I don't recognise anyone, certainly not my mum. It's possible there were other Odells I never knew and don't have photos of, so we may never know which is a shame. Happy New Year.
  12. Well I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm in the right group Sheffield History. I clicked on media then photos but the only search box is the general one for the whole group and all I get is posts by a couple of members called Meldrum. Inputting your name doesn't do anything either.
  13. Thanks Jeffrey, good advice from you as ever. I'll just get Christmas out of the way then I'll get on to my solicitor and tell her I want some answers.
  14. Thanks Carosio I will bear in mind what you say. I' m beginning to worry they might pull out, meanwhile I'm paying double council tax on top of rent for flat and my savings are disappearing fast.
  15. Hi David, I've been looking for the photos but is there an easy way to find them? There are so many with no information or date attached
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