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  1. Has anyone ever heard of St Michaels Church City Rd Sheffield? I have seen a postcard of a photo of a church so labelled, but can't find anything about it or where it was on City Rd. Someone suggested it might be St Aidens as it looks similar, but I can't find anything about a name change.
  2. Would they be happy to lose the income they get under the Barnett formula I wonder?
  3. It seems to me that there is a much deeper issue behind much of the increase in homelessness, particularly amongst the younger people. Why are there so many fractured families now? I am lucky to be a part of a very close extended family and it really pains me to hear about youngsters leaving or being forced out of the family circle. I think this is where there needs to be action (though I don't know what) to prevent family breakups. It can't all be laid at (any) government's door, people themselves must change.
  4. I can't see how Scotland would be better off independent from the rest of the UK. They would presumably lose the income from the Barnett formula. How would they fund free uni tuition, prescriptions etc? Would they expect the EU to step in?
  5. Contact Amazon. They should send you labels to return it free. Do not hand the parcel to anyone at the door.
  6. I am a leaseholder in a block of 9 flats. Last year there was mice infestation in several flats, including mine. The council put poison down free of charge. That actually didn't work, but I caught several in traps. I found where I thought they were getting in, blocked the hole in the skirting board with a brillo pad and saw no more mice.
  7. Minimo


    I've also discovered a possible alternative. I hadn't known, but Boots do a perfume free detergent as wel. So one way or another I am sure to get something tomorrow. Thanks again.
  8. Minimo


    Thanks so much, I will get down there tomorrow, and also check out ebay.
  9. Minimo


    Unfortunately that is for online orders, I have tried ordering there but it was £7 delivery for a minimum £40 order. Tesco used to have it at the Spital Hill shop but no longer. Sainsburys in High St didn't have it.
  10. Can anyone help please. I am looking for any shop in Sheffield that definitely sells Surcare detergent, powder or liquid. I am not interested in buying online, only locally please. I have quite severe eczema and this is one of the very few soap powders that don't have perfume as an ingredient. Thanks for any help offered.
  11. Thanks very much, we have made contact now.
  12. Does anyone know if Simon of STR Services is still running his computer repair business please?
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