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  1. It should'nt wobble, there was a guy up a ladder with a big hammer yesterday afternoon hitting the structure in various places.
  2. Graves Park is advertised as Sheffield's family weekend with stunt bike shows, giants etc on the Saturday and Sunday as well as a funfair including adult and children's rides.
  3. 31st July, 1st & 2nd August. Also a funfair at Rother Valley this Sat & Sun as part of Party in the Park.
  4. Been boarded up for a few years, went past today, boards off and workmen inside, any one know if it is re-opening?
  5. Just had yet another automated phone call, getting fed up with them now. Must think i'm getting forgetfull in my old age!
  6. Just off Woodbornre Road near Makro is a place that sells them, think its called storage solutions or something simalar.
  7. Been refered by my dentist to Charles Clifford Dental Hospital for possible removal of some roots he could not do. Already had two letters the same day with the same appointment on , then today had recorded messages sent on 8 seperate occasions to my mobile reminding me of my appointment. Who is paying for all the postage and phone calls, NHS?
  8. Been told by 'a man in the know' today, if everything goes to plan it should be up and running by the end of next week.
  9. Just been in Town and workmen are cutting out lamp posts and cycle racks at top of fargate to make room for the wheel, so it must be arriving soon. Told it comes on 20 trailers, should be fun in fargate then.
  10. Listern to Steve White on Radio Sheffield, Wednesday nights 7 - 10, he gives out all the local events and plays Northen Soul and Motown. You can listern again on the Radio Sheffield web page.
  11. Someone did a runner from a car on City Road, which the police got towed away. Police with dogs were searching the area around the top of Granville road until around 2am. Did not see them catch any one.
  12. They are factory sealed units, same thing happened to me. The only way is to have new glass fitted, plenty of glass company's will do this.
  13. Thanks for replies, now found out i am covered on household insurance.
  14. Just tried to close upstairs upvc window and one side hindge has broken, anyone out there repairs / replaces them?
  15. Had a spot about the size of 1 pence of soot land on light brown carpet, any ideas how to remove it?
  16. Is parking free?, last year you had to pay on the nearby car park, which I think is part of Fletchers.
  17. Thanks, do you have to score a line, like when cutting tiles? Used this method as you suggested many years ago, but forgotton how I did it. Thanks.
  18. Without the use of any power tools,does anyone know a way of cutting straight edges (not fancy shapes) on paving slabs?
  19. There's a good club band called Big Business, don't think they have a website though.
  20. Police car not letting traffic go down City Road at junction of Granville Road, lots of police about and helicopter been hovering. Any one know whats happened? When I asked policeman if there had been an accident, his reply was 'cannott comment'.
  21. Hellicopter been hovering around the area all late morning / early afternoon.
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