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  1. re:feed the birds,We feed the birds every day and we have all sort's of birds come into our garden,[dove's which have been breeding and having their young in our garden for a few year's,magpies,tit's of all kind's,crow's,woodpigeon,wren,thrush'es,a robin that stay's all year,sparrow's,starling's,and lot's more,we once found a dead bird that had flown into the the window and died ,i had to look it up in our bird book as i had not seen one before,it was a treecreeper,we were so sad it was a lovely bird,but yesterday and today [3rd & 4th of jan]we had a great suprise when we saw in the garden,in with the dove's and pigeons was a male pheasent, what a bird,it's tail feathers were so long and the colours were great,we hope it come's back again tommorow, we did get a few photo's.we live near the countryside so that must be why.[keep feeding the bird's]
  2. Can anyone remember anything about things being buried under the tree outside the Big Tree pub in Woodseats.I seem to remember many years ago reading that archives such as coins,letters,newspapers,and other objects were buried when the tree was planted, to be found in years to come.
  3. Boldocks on Woodseats, [Great]
  4. Thanks escort1 i have phoned Brian and he is calling in the morning.
  5. Thanks everybody i will give them a call.
  6. I have had moisture between my bay windows and now they are all streaky and look as though they have not been cleaned for years, i wondered if there was anywhere that cleaned inside the panes and replaced new seals.I phoned a company called Window Doctor but they said we don't do that we would have to replace all the lot,it seems a shame when there is nothing wrong with the glass ,it is the glass that wants cleaning inside and new seals fitted.
  7. Love it Harry O, Tell you what i'll share it with you, just send me your email address,phone number ,bank details,date of birth, ect.
  8. Sorry i made myself sound stupid and i supose i deserve all the comments about me ,I would not have replied to the email as i know that they are all scams,i just did not think when i put [is this a scam] i was just wanting to know if anyone had had one from the same company.WE all make mistakes don't we. [O, K. I'm Thick] Ha ,Ha
  9. My partner as just had a email from camelot group p.l.c. saying that she has won in a draw a share of money ,£422,983.She as not entered any competitions or given her email address to Camelot.the email tells her to contact a George Smith with her name, age and address to claim her money. Has anyone else had this kind of email.Thanks.
  10. Buy The angling star,in Sheffield and it gives you a report on all the local fishing places and also is good reading,well worth the money.
  11. Try Roneys, Sharrowvale rd .phone no 01142660593. ask for Adrian or Janet.
  12. I ,remember all the artists that have been named on this forum but i can't remember one singer who we followed around the clubs ,but his song i allways remember was The ugly bug ball.He never failed to sing it.Could anyone remember is stage name.Last time i saw him was at the Shiregreen club in the sixties,
  13. Must say Depoix is absolutely right,clean up the banks by all means but keep out of the river .
  14. Trying to contact stephen denniff who's dad had a butchers shop on portland rd,I could be some relation.
  15. Saw one at k.j.s. fisheries while fishing the canal ,it was on the opposite side,thank heavens,it was about three foot long.
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