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  1. Noones stopping the retailers from going to Hammersons or whoever and saying yes we will definitely come to your shopping centre if you get permission. The Council pretty much has bugger all to do with that. Write to George Osborne and tell him to stop being such an idiot and start putting some confidence back into the uk economy. I blame the lack of Tory effort in 3 years and I blame the Lib Dems locally for not even granting any of the bloody planning applications when they were originally submitted.
  2. 10 years? stop taking the ****. Always someone moaning on and being a complete prat.
  3. Is the ski village on fire? all i can see is flames on the hillside?!?
  4. I like it, use it for browsing, playin games and watching videos on train journeys. I use it as an addition to my Mac when I dont want to sit doing more serious tasks or need the processing power for photo editing etc. I rarely find an issue with lack of flash, most websites i go on use HTML5 video now or there are dedicated apps to get round things like the BBC News. All in all I like it. Hope that helps a little bit. Any other questions feel free to send me a pm.
  5. I know my parents get just under 20Mbit download and 8Mbit upload with BT Infinity. Lucky! Im in a modern flat and I get normal broadband. booooo So in answer yeah! get it! the upload is amazing.
  6. Ryedo, try the Kata brand. The 3 in 1 are both backpacks and slings together and are very well built http://www.warehouseexpress.com/buy-kata-3-in-1-sling-backpack-3n1-20/p1027699
  7. Mels Mum you can read a bit about the area in the conservation area appraisal at this link. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/planning-and-city-development/urban-design--conservation/conservation/conservationareas/broomhall
  8. People in Sheffield are obsessed by the castle. Its talked about almost as if the remains would become tourist destination of the north but its not something that people will want to see from outside the city or if they did they would never come solely to see a bit of old rubble. At the end of the day when we have a national deficit why would spending money on yet ANOTHER white elephant in Sheffield be even remotely sensible We have a tonne of heritage destinations already. If people went to those more maybe they wouldn't be in such financial trouble. The markets will be judged on whether they have enough special character / architecture to warrant a listing. Personally I dont think they are going to achieve that, there are much better examples around the uk of post war buildings serving the same function. Interestingly enough, the markets were jointly designed by Womersley who did both the park hill and the Arndale centre in Manchester and by Darbyshire who did York University.
  9. Some people need to chill out. For the record I wasn't dissing the fire department merely stating it seemed odd that it was still burning. Obviously the answer has now come to light. No wonder people don't come on here anymore. It's the Internet equivelent of being lynched! And yes! I do respect the fire department! Jeez...
  10. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrm no. Not unless someone was shouting at the same level as a nuke going off
  11. what a surprise always some comedian who has to make some pathetic comment
  12. ***** sake. It woke me up at 6am smoke coming in through the window from across the way. I cannot believe its been goin on since past 4. only now I can hear sirens at 6.30??? what the hell is taking so long to deal with this
  13. not sure about meadowhall, but harrisons do a good selection. also if ur interested online warehouseexpress.com are great
  14. my best voucher was leopold. brilliant day off. yum
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