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  1. To be fair, you can't blame the bus for this...it's clear on the photo that the pedestrian crossing is showing a red man, so those people shouldn't be crossing. It's not the drivers fault if he has right of way at that time.
  2. This is a valid point. I work on Eccie Road, and whilst I'm not sure of the restrictions as I don't drive to work, I do remember recently seeing a sign on the bus stop near Champs advising that the bus lane restrictions were changing and for drivers to make sure they are aware of the new times...this means the ones on google aren't reliable.
  3. I'm sorry, but I don't see what your response has to do with my message quoted above it? It just seems that you are now trying to pick a fight with the OP?
  4. Have you tried Hobbycraft? they had loads of different easter moulds last week...not sure what they do with the stock after easter, but they might be selling it off cheap?
  5. I'm S2 also and still not collection for black bin. This wouldn't normally be a problem as we hardly ever fill the bin, but it's been out on the pavement for 5 days now and cheeky people have now filled it to the brim. I'm concerned that it now won't be taken as the lid doesn't shut? It also means that our bin inside, which is now full, can't be emptied as I've nowhere to put it!
  6. The only reason I can think that you'd prefer not to use a rescue is because you want to avoid the home check they do before hand? Or perhaps you've tried a rescue and have failed the home check for some reason? I'm not sure why else you'd not want to try and help out by adopting from a rescue where there are plenty of kittens and cats needing homes?
  7. I book taxi's to work for 3:45am on a regular basis and both Mercury and City have always been reliable. I found City slightly cheaper, and they text you when their on their way AND then give you callback when they get there.
  8. I subscribe to "Cake Decorating" magazine (http://www.mycakedecorating.co.uk/), which is a weekly publication. It's £2.99 a week, and they take the payments monthly so you get 4 magazines a time. It's really good, because you get a "free" decorating tool with each issue and then they show you different ways to use them, as well as giving you some yummy recipes to try. You also get some free gifts (cake caddy, tool storage box, silicone bakeware and more) for subscribing which is good. I'd thoroughly recommend it. :-)
  9. Yeh I also got the impression we were being judged, and looked down on. The person I spoke to didn't seem willing to believe me about my past work history, making out I wouldn't have been there lookin for a job if I really had the experience that I do!
  10. I went on Thursday, and was very disappointed. I too went dressed ready for interviews as I was told by my advisor that most of the companies would be there meeting people. On the day, after quite a long queue (only letting in 12 at a time and there were at least 60 there) there were a few A4 sheets on the wall, but when you looked at them closer, they were the same 4 or 5 jobs just duplicated. I was also told to take a lot of C/V's so I printed quite a few out, and not a single one was needed. It was all forms, or apply online. I spend about 15 minutes there and I was out again. I'm going to an advisor meeting next week, and I'm going to tell my advisor how much of a waste of time, and tram fare, I think it was.
  11. My opinion - you could be making absolutely stunning cupcakes, but when you can't even use proper English on your Facebook page, I'd not buy any. "Ov been trana think ov new ideas all night" - that put me off straight away. If you want to make a name for yourself, at least try and start being more professional about it.
  12. Is this just classed as a normal film, that Unlimited holders can use their card for? I know that there's some limits for "special" screenings that aren't included in the unlimited price, but it doesn't define "special"?
  13. I did a segway rally not so long ago, and absolutely loved it, but I think the standard segways (as opposed to the off roaders) promote laziness - anywhere that's close enough to comfortably get to on a segway, should also be close enough to walk to. Don't shoot me down - just my opinion
  14. Why not pop into one of the various surrounding sandwich shops instead. I recommend The Bread Bin, on the corner of John Street and Shoreham Street. They have lovely food and freshly made hot drinks
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm 26, so can't go down the apprentice route, so I think i'm going to write to a few hotels asking that they consider me for any events related role to give me a foot in the door.
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