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  1. Me too with Phil at PJ Dog Training... what a star!!
  2. Happy to report that Mattie is back safe and sound with her family. She approached some children who were having a picnic as she was hungry and thirsty... kids told their Dad and he phoned Mattie's owner... she has sore paws but is now being spoilt rotten. Good news!
  3. She's a nervous dog apparently... there are many people helping to try and find her.
  4. A handsome Mog 'look-a-like' visited our doorstep some years ago and we started to feed him. After a while he became less timid and ventured in doors occassionally. We discovered he was a tom so the lovely Cat's Protection paid to have him neutured. Since then he has been a lovely cat who will sit on your lap as soon as you make yourself comfortable. He loves fuss. The only problem is that we have another cat, Tilly, whom we've had since she was a kitten. She is a tiny little thing and he tends to dominate her and causes her stress and it's not fair on her as this is her home. But we cannot kick him out either as that would be unfair also. We wondered if there was anyone out there who could offer him a loving home? Ideally no other cats. He is a lap cat but he does struggle with anyone that tries to pick him up. He is timid around women carrying things in their hand. This makes us wonder if he was beaten by a woman in the past. He loves men. If you like the idea of a cat who is relatively independant but will jump on your lap as soon as you sit down please get in touch. We have no idea of his age but he maybe about nine or ten? Thanks for reading.
  5. You can have so much fun with Iridium Flares. Was at a NYE party in 1999 and I knew when the flares were going to be passing. We were outside when I pointed up to the sky and suggested that folks watch a particular area... lo and behold a bright flash occurred... was a -7 if memory serves me well. The look on their faces like I was some kind of higher being for predicting the light was so funny! Had an interesting ten mins or so explaining about heavens-above.com so hopefully got some converts out of that funny incident.
  6. Actually I can only see the blades of the turbines above the horizon to our east. They are three miles away as the crow flies. They do make an intriguing addition to the silhouette of the skyline however.
  7. A long shot but is it possible that it was light disturbance caused by an isolated heat haze? I ask this because I fell foul of the same thing once and was staggered at how much the heat haze made the particular light in the sky dance around. We got in the car and followed the star which was not moving about. Got back to our original position and the star was dancing around again. We discovered a heat source and realised it was causing atmospheric disturbance.
  8. Steve: Can you remember when were they actually erected? Would love to know so I can either pat myself on my head for good observation or kick myself in the butt for being useless.
  9. Hiya, We are in Halfway (S20) and our landing window looks east to the ridge beyond the M1 Motorway. A couple of days ago I noticed the horizon had changed so I grabbed my bins and had a better look. Was suprised to see the blades of three wind turbines and I was positive they were not there last week. Anyway the hubster and I got in the car to investigate early evening yesterday and eventually ended up at Loscar Farm near Harthill. They are enormous things. There were quite a few other cars site seeing so I can only guess they have only been recently erected. At least it gave me faith in my powers of observation. According to the site's board they have been erected by the Cornwall Light and Power company and will provide power for 2000 homes per year - impressive. My take is that we should have more wind farms, I appreciate they do look alien but then so do TV arials and mobile phone masts.
  10. Yeah... what if they were not insured! Yes we have building insurance, accidental damage etc but would that apply to Kamikaazi hot air baloon pilots? My insurance premium is up for renewal at the end of the month - I better enquire. Or are they like lightening and don't strike twice in the same place?
  11. Did anyone see the extremely low hot air balloon on Tuesday morning about 7.30am in the vicinity of Halfway (S20)? I was still in our bedroom when I heard a very peculiar 'woooshing' sound. I opened the curtains to observe the neighbour's dog opposite running up and down the close, barking excitedly at the sky, in a Chicken Licken (sp?) way. The dogs owner also looked transfixed at the sky so peered up to see a hot air balloon basket passing over head at an unnervingly close proximity. The balloon continued to descend crossing the Rotherham Road (B6035) and into the valley but its burners were on full blast. About 15mins later it gained altitude and continued above Killamarsh. There were about eight people in the basket and I think they must have been quite concerned for a time. I shouted to my neighbour, 'that was close' and he replied, 'I thought your chimney pot was a gonner!' An interesting start to the day.
  12. Dave Godin was a much revered character in the Northern Soul scene and I attended his funeral which was an amazing experience that matched his wide and differing interests. For any soulie in the 70s his column in Blues and Soul was a 'must read' along with Frank Elson's. Didn't know him personally but, like many soulies, attended his funeral to show our huge appreciation of his input to our musical world. Regards and KTF
  13. Abolutely not as it would imply that we lived in a prosperous area... I do wonder why people do by groceries at Waitrose when they cost so much. Yes to the specials for nice meals but every day stuff?
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