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  1. Witnessed that too, and boy were they travelling fast. Maybe false alarm?
  2. I'm having big issues over last four days too. Many pages simply will not load. First time I've had problems with Infinity. Speeds test normal
  3. Must have been a great day but for me simply driving from manchester airport to sheffield I was miffed to find one of britain's main arterial roads gridlocked for hours. It took us two hours to drive from Glossop to Moscar. It was an absolute shambles with no police or traffic control whatsoever. I would guess there must have been a jam all the way back to Glossop at one stage.
  4. I like him on Radio Sheffield but today he confessed on air to regularly drinking coffee when he drives. Not only that but he put down the person on his programme who suggested it was dangerous. I'd never dream of drinking anything hot I could spill on my lap if I had to put the brakes on. Is it me or is this normal motorists behaviour? No wonder he's been in the dog house at work.
  5. Eldon Street has wooden blocks, they sometimes get exposed below the tarmac after bad weather
  6. it is worth pointing out that parking meters must be about the only cash machines that don't give change which is very convenient for the council. I would like to know how much profit the council has made over the years by snaffling motorists' money through pocketing the change which is rightly the motorists
  7. Kelham Island Museum might be useful. I can't remember what they have but there might be something about the armanents industry in the city during the war
  8. forgive me if i have missed this in this thread - as far as I'm aware you can park legally on single yellow lines on Sundays and after 6pm or so during the week, and also during Bank Holidays. Is this going to change, or is it outside the remit of Sheffield council? Perhaps Planner1 can answer this?
  9. if you want a short term solution I'm sure I read somewhere that backpackers carry a squash ball to use as a sink and bath plug as they work for most sizes
  10. why do you have to put water out? Can't they eat snow?
  11. it's easy to make these critical comments on here when things don't affect you. Post your name and addresses and tell the council you would welcome this facility next door to you instead.
  12. I've been talking about the same this week with Gavin Cousins at Galvyn Training and HR Consultancy Services at Dinnington. He seems very much on the ball and represents both firms and employees on these matters - much cheaper than lawyers
  13. I get allergic reactions to insect bites and hated going out in the summer after dusk. Once bitten, there is nothing you can really do but wait until the bites go down. I tried all sorts of repellent but nothing really worked until I discovered DEET, mentioned by others on here. Now I go everywhere and don't get bitten. It is strong so use with care. Best value and very reliable I find is Boots Repel which comes in grey spray-on bottles. I use the 50 per cent DEET version rather than the 25 per cent one and the little blighters don't come near me anymore. It works with mossies too
  14. I remember it. Nail bomb. The name Coulton, or something like that, rings a bell
  15. hi sharrovian. Yes it was Larry, I think he was in his 80s
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