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  1. Having a lovely time in Jersey with dad (Padders) and rest of family. Dad told us he wanted a lobster one night. Looked at lots of fancy seafood restaurants but dad had a 35p steak slice from the reduced shelf at Morrison's instead. He's chuffed to bits! Hotel running out of toilet paper thanks to mad sister! Is it time to go home yet??
  2. Two old men in Brid. One goes by the name of Scruffy, the other Padders. Which is which??
  3. Number 4 went from Firth Park to town via Wincobank. Then became 93 (I think) later on. No idea what it is now. Also was a 59 that was a circular with number 2, not sure what the difference between the two routes were.
  4. Is there still a taXi rank outside what was The Marples in Fiztallen Square? Please answer quick, I'm on my way into town now! Thanks ?
  5. Thank you for your reply That's a different site though, the one I'm talking about is just around the corner from there. But thanks x
  6. Does anyone know what they are building on Totley Brook Road, just opposite King Ecgberts School? I heard years ago, that there was planning for some flats and there was a road entrance created across the path but nothing ever happened. The wasteland has been cleared and there is a sign up saying Roe Developments but when I have googled, I can't find anything. Anyone know?
  7. Brantano sell them all year round I think.
  8. Yes I agree. I couldn't remember the name of the place and still couldn't find it by googling various things! I looked through some texts to find the name. I think a relative of my friend who is currently there found it in the yellow pages, but can't be sure. I hope you find it useful, it seems to be helping my friend
  9. http://www.sheffieldmentalhealth.org.uk/providers/display?providerId=158 I don't know if there are any vacant beds and I think its expensive - not sure if they have free places for people with no money or not. The person I know had to pay but did have the means to do so. Good luck
  10. You could catch the 98 to Totley Brook Terminus. Its a 10 minute walk up to Dore Village. I think they run every 20 mins or so.
  11. How did you get on Vizzbucks? Did you get any answers? x
  12. In our case the prognosis was longer, but we were given this info about the benefit and the blue badge before any length of time was given at all and by a support worker, not a doctor/consultant. So when we did get the news, it could have been more or less, they just didn't know at this stage. They really did make sure we knew that it would state a life expectancy of no longer than 6 months but to not to take that as a prognosis. x
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