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  1. The ambulance must have been on Swanbourne before the chopper arrived because they both left at same time. Chopper wasn't there more than 15 mins
  2. We were just leaving Job Lot car park when it landed reight in front of us. Couldn't see any sign of an accident. We then went to Iceland and by the time we came out a few minutes later it had taken off again. Ambulance with Blues and Twos went up Swanbourne followed by First Responder while we were loading car
  3. They have competition from Excel and TBH it's hardly fair to say they don't have to work on Christmas Day. People rely on them to get to parties, pubs etc. What do you suggest as an alternative when there is no public transport. Not everybody who wants to go out at Christmas is capable of walking distances?
  4. I used to run the Harlequin one after Swami had to stop doing it. The numbers dwindled but not because of fall outs. Monday was the only night the Harlequin didn't get packed and not many people go out on a Monday especially if they work. I now meet up with friends both from SF and FB but not as a regular planned meet
  5. I war being sarky. The council treat it as a normal day but the buses don't. What about all those who are working?
  6. Are the buses running a normal service then? Which people would be more consistent
  7. Why female? Neutered males are just as loving. The one I have is the most beautiful, laid back and clean cat anyone could wish for
  8. Whale halo and thank you Mr Black. Your Christmas jingle allus cheers me up
  9. It's a breadcakes not rolls and you can get 12 for a quid at Joblot. For the OP. I don't know and TBH I don't care. We are quite happy with our trusty Peugeot 406. All cars are for is to get you safely, economically and relatively comfortably from A to B without breaking down. The Peugeot 406 is all that. Ours is 15 years old and sailed through the test in August
  10. It was a big lorry ie a car transporter not a bin lorry ---------- Post added 12-12-2015 at 14:24 ---------- I've seen cyclists doing this many, many times as well as other stupid things like going round inside of red light on footpath and then running gauntlet of traffic legitimately coming through lights at green (at junction of Wooley wood bottom and at the end of Carlisle street. A route I went down five days a week for 10 years ---------- Post added 12-12-2015 at 14:26 ---------- [
  11. Hope the planners who thought up new routes see this. The temporary bus stop at the Firth Park end of Hucklow Road IS A BLOODY FARCE . Passengers have to walk into the middle of the road between parked cars to get on the bus. Any elderly, infirm or mums with prams will have real difficulty getting on or off bus. The once neat grass verge is now a mud bath. The cretins should have put a temporary ban on parking there while a permanent bus stop has been put in place but I won't hold my breath on that one because the one that they put on Petre Street has been there years.
  12. OMG. Condolences to person killed and family. Makes you wonder about peoples mentality doesn't it?
  13. York is Capital o t'North, followed by Whitby and Sheffield ---------- Post added 11-12-2015 at 19:14 ---------- That's a load of rubbish
  14. Halo Mr Black. High thing it's haw fill bee course purple miss con strew hay pear fecktly hinny cent fraze hand then bee mar deebums hand reap ort yew
  15. It's very expensive but their butternut squash and tomato soup is to die for
  16. A responsible dog owner would put a fence up to keep the dog safe irrespective of the crapping bit. It's not OPs place to do that and suppose it gets out and bites a child or causes an accident as the owners clearly don't train it.
  17. The best charity shop in town is the Childreens Society on King Street. For things like socks, hats, underwear etc. try Poundland. There is also Sheffield Freecycle for furniture
  18. What's the pint of having a heater on if you live the door and window open?
  19. Butcher at bottom of Bellhouse Road at Firth Park. May have to order it though
  20. Blimey it's only across the road from the Crucible and Lyceum. Nobody is compelled to stay until the pub shuts
  21. Theft is theft, if it was your pushbike you'd want it found. Stealing off a charity is lower than a snakes belly
  22. What should OP do with this info then, go down there themselves or send the police? OP is a woman and I wouldn't advise her to check it out. The police wouldn't go either without proof
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