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  1. Unless I've got the wrong end of the stick it sounds like a reference to the EU. If so it's typical Brexiteer ignorance of the facts I'm afraid. "We voted leave to take back control (but we can never actually quote anything we want control of which we haven't got at the moment)".
  2. I wonder whether he's a machine politician as well, like all the Labour councillors I've had dealings with this year. Apart from possibly one, Francyne Johnson, though she's too naïve to be leader of the council. These councillors, and indeed most politicians, can come across well, until they're asked to do something which needs them to create waves with anyone, particularly other Labour councillors.
  3. Funnily enough, in my experience, a woman is more likely than a man to admit she might not be the best driver in the world, which, ironically, makes them better drivers. The accident statistics (I'm talking serious accidents here not car park nudges) and the consequent lower insurance they pay, bear me out on that
  4. What I find most significant about this is I reckon the driver is very upset about the whole thing, and had he killed the biker he'd possibly have been distraught. And yet...... I sometimes see people driving like absolute lunatics and endangering other road users, so I gesture for them to slow down. But, almost without exception it's taken very badly by the drivers concerned, and I'd bet good money it would have been taken very badly by that particular driver in his souped up Subaru, right up to the point he had his smash.......
  5. I'd use rather stronger and more negative language about it. After all, cretins like him are putting other people's lives in danger......
  6. But people should not be parking there anyway, quite apart from the safety aspect it's straightforward obstruction and, if they could be arsed, the police could issue them with a ticket If you look at a map of western Oughtibridge you will see there are about 4 roads (with around 150 houses on them) which all have to use that tight left hand turn. I think it almost certain that those wanting the double yellows would outnumber those not wanting them by a factor of 10 to 1, or more. As for the cost, basically the double yellows should have been put in when Bedford Rd was blocked off at the bottom, and the cost accounted for in that scheme. Thus it was bad planning on the part of the council in the first place.
  7. Why do I not find that surprising. Mary Lea is the perfect example of a machine politician, thus she'll probably get the job of leader of the council..... To give her some (minimal) amount of credit, she does at least answer the phone, even if it's just to fob you off. Julie Grocutt also answers the phone and says all the right things, but similarly, when it actually comes down to it, doesn't want to cause any waves. Francyne Johnson and Neil Gibson never answered the phone, it was always straight to voicemail.
  8. I hope they do, as I said in my previous posts Labour have proved to me that they're a load of machine politicians,
  9. I can concur with P1, parking wardens can't do anything and the police (if it's obstruction) can't be arsed, therefore the miscreants will almost never get a ticket. There is an junction in Oughtibridge which shows this better than anything. The top of Bedford road where nearly all the vehicles (from loads of houses) turn sharp left down Cockshutts Lane. All that traffic used to get out at the bottom till they (quite rightly) blocked it off for safety reasons. Unfortunately when that happened the council neglected to paint any double yellows round the aforementioned junction (at the top) which became far busier. Now, if anyone parks near the junction, a relatively frequent occurrence, all the traffic turning left out of Bedford road is having to pull out blind and hope for the best. If they meet another car coming up they then have to reverse back round a blind band, and if there's a car behind them that's also pulled out it's absolute carnage. But the council have never put double yellows round that junction despite residents apparently complaining about it for years. All in all it's a classic example of poor planning because those double yellows should have been put down when Bedford Rd was shut off at the bottom, now it probably has to come out of a different budget and will never get done.
  10. That road is a 60 limit, therefore they were both speeding, thus they were both in the wrong before we go any further. What's interesting is you always get loads of petrol heads on here saying "speed isn't the cause of accidents". It's absolute ****** of course, if that guy who caused the accident had been going 7mph slower he may well have made it round that corner, and, the laws of physics dictate that the consequences of his appalling driving would have been significantly less.
  11. I take quite an interest in politics, and I hear all these political reporters saying they don't like the lack of respect politicians get, "because most / all the politicians they know are in it to make a difference". And I'm sure the politicians themselves would say the same thing. But, after my experience with a number of Labour councillors this year, I would not apply that to any of them. My issue, without going into details, is a proven case of being very badly treated by a linked organisation to the council. The fact is that any of those councillors could have taken the time to let me prove my case to them, then "made some waves". But, with the possible exception of Francyne Johnson, none wanted to do that. They wanted an easy life, not having to risk upsetting senior managers at SIV, or indeed other Labour councillors. As I said before Mary Lea wouldn`t even give me her position in writing ! I do not know whether such attitudes are unique to Labour councillors (I may well find out in the next month or so.....) but at the moment I`m even more cynical than I was before.
  12. If Julie Dore is like the rest of the Labour councillors I know, from my own experience, they're what used to be known as "machine politicians". That is to say they are not in it "to make a difference" and stand up for their constituents, at least not if it means making waves and being put in an awkward position. They just want the power and an easy life. I had/have a very serious issue with SIV ( a major linked organisation to the council who are subsidised by them), but none of the Labour group were interested*, the worst being Mary Lea who actually said to me she wasn't interested in what I could prove and would do nothing about it. Even worse she declined to give me that in writing, such was her confidence in her position. None of them deserve to be in office and I will never vote for them again. * Actually that's not quite true, Francyne Johnson did agree to look into it, but, without going into details, displayed a typical left winger's personality, idealist but naïve. And she was the best of them, which is all you need to know.
  13. It was not "an error of judgement", as in one error of judgement. If he'd been driving like that for a few miles than every corner he went round too quickly, every blind bend he ignored, was an error of judgement, i.e. many errors of judgement. I'd bet pound to pennies that bloke drives like that frequently in his stupid "sports car", and they're all "errors of judgments". It's just this time his luck, ran out. Or, to be more accurate, the person he hit, their luck ran out. The very term "sports car", or "sporty car", is completely inappropriate for any car used on the roads.
  14. There should be some sort of official notices / signs about whether a road is actually private or not and the parking law regarding it. I checked with the council about Arundel Rd, and the residents have no more right to park on it than anyone else, just like a "normal" road. And all those notices like "Number 62 private parking space" are illegal. Saying "Private road no parking" is a lie and the residents concerned should be warned to take down those notices then, if they don't, they should be prosecuted. The reason I checked on this was a friend of mine parked on that road and got a resident giving her a hard time about it. It was confirmed to me that the resident had no right to do that whatsoever, cheeky sod. I wanted to be prepared with an answer if they ever tried it on with me. There are arguments on both sides about whether residents should have a right to park outside their house, but on balance there is no practical way to introduce such a system other than parking permit schemes*, thus everyone should be treated fairly. People can park outside my house (though not across my drive obviously), and I in turn have the right to park outside other people's houses. * which, ironically, not all residents are in favour of because they have to pay for them ! But even a parking permit scheme doesn't give you the right to any particular parking space.
  15. Selfish ignorant git, I hope he never gets his licence back.
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