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  1. Can someone tell me what justification there is for shutting the car parks at all these reservoirs etc ? All that will happen is people will park on the roads, which is worse in every possible way. You could answer "to try and stop people going to these places", but all that will do is concentrate more people in parks and so forth, thus squashing them together, which I thought was the opposite of what they wanted. In fact some people can't get to reservoirs or wherever and so have to use the parks, so is it fair on them to crowd out the only place they go for their exercise ? Lastly, if the government want to encourage people to stick with this lockdown they should try to avoid annoying them too much with it, particularly things which are of dubious benefit for it.
  2. Thanks Gawd for things like the Sheff Falcons, they remind us in these surreal days, that life goes on in nature as if nothing had happened. Maybe we're not quite as important as we think we are......
  3. Nobody knows for certain whether God exists, nobody has proved he doesn't for sure. But, as I said to an agnostic friend of mine, surely it's wise not to annoy him too much just to be on the safe side !
  4. Just so long as you don't have to drive a long way then there is no reason why you shouldn't walk round Damflask, or anywhere else, quite apart from anything else, it's a much more effective way to social distance than everyone crowding into the parks. TBH the only reason why you should avoid a long drive is because it increases your chance of an accident * with the consequent increase in the load on the emergency services and NHS. That said the NHS are not under pressure at the moment anyway, and don't take my word for it (or anyone else's), ask anyone who works in a hospital. On the subject of avoiding pressure on emergency services via car accidents, I'd have thought a much more effective strategy would be to target the appalling drivers we're seeing even more than usual...... * though if you're a careful driver we really are clutching at straws here. Don't you wish we lived in Sweden....
  5. They aren't all scumbags. I had genuinely lost my money and couldn't get home, a 7 mile plus journey at about 14. What I would say is don't give "beggars" money, if they say they need the bus fare, give it straight to the driver or if they say they're hungry, buy them a sandwich, etc etc.
  6. It was a smart phone. Sorry, but someone who has the money and organisation to get a smart phone, and knowledge of how to use one, is not someone who needs to be begging. Actually, whilst I'm on, we were in Gloucester just over a month ago. A beggar was asking us for money etc saying he hadn't eaten etc. As mentioned before I remembered when someone had helped me when I'd lost my bus fare years ago, so I offered to buy him a sandwich from Subway. He then changed his story to "no, I need the money for my leccy bill". No, he was a scammer, and people like him should be ashamed of themselves because they put people off from helping those who really do need it. Like I did when I lost my bus fare all those years ago.....
  7. A couple of points either way..... There's a beggar in Hillsborough who always looks helpless and poor, I saw him on his mobile phone the other day...... People asking you for a bus fare aren't always scamming. I can remember when I was about 14 and I'd lost my money. I had nothing for the bus fare home and it was about 7 miles to walk.... Some kind bloke gave me the fare *, I've never forgotten that act of kindness. * or he might have given it straight to the driver, which is what you should do to avoid scammers
  8. From long years of experience I can recommend a few. Ghia garage on Penistone Rd for repairs, servicing and MOTs. National Tyres on Leppings lane for servicing, tyres, exhausts etc. They're honest and don't advise you to spend more than you need, they also sell exhausts with a reasonable warranty ! For car body work I've used Xavier (Hoyland Rd, Neepsend) the last time and they seemed OK.
  9. Errr, no. I'm reminding everyone how Leave (narrowly) won the referendum. It is not "old news", it is promises and predictions that voters will expect to come to pass. And as for a big majority for "get Brexit done", pro Leave parties got a smaller percentage of the vote than pro Remain parties (or at least those committed to giving the country a chance to change its mind), and that was with the main opposition party being essentially unelectable anyway. So no, I don't accept your simplistic and biased interpretation of the GE result.
  10. I do not regard insisting Brexiteers stick to their promises as a "cheap shot". They said, if you remember, "we buy more from the EU than they buy from us so they'll give us more or less everything we want", in fact we'll be able to give the NHS another £350 million a week. Or, to put it a different way, we will get a "a cake and eat it Brexit". * and, BTW, Turkey are jinging the EU Let me remind you :
  11. I can't help thinking that one of the many negatives of this exceptionally unfortunate coronavirus, is that it lets the Brexiteers off the hook. Most people knew that leaving the EU would affect the economy but Brexiteers always denied it. Now, due to the effects of this virus (which will definitely put the world into recession) any poor performance of the UK economy can just be blamed on the virus. I accept most of it will be, but not all of it. They're off the hook, again.....
  12. I suspect much of the shortage wasn't actually caused by "bulk buyers", it was caused by most people buying just a bit more than they would normally, and it's difficult to blame them really. But with finely balanced supply chains it was enough to cause empty shelves. You do have to feel sorry for these manufacturers though, in a few months when this is all over they'll be laying off staff because Joe Public won't need any loo roll (or whatever).... "Panic buying", shouldn't that be "pasta buying"....
  13. It wasn't empty when I was there, though I accept there was only the more expensive products left.
  14. I have been putting off visiting Morrisons (Hillsborough), the sight of queues and empty shelves would be too depressing, that's why I been shopping (quite successfully it must be said) at smaller shops. However, this morning, I needed some stuff only Morrisons sells, I can report there were no queues, and minimal empty shelves. Is panic buying over now ? Thank Gawd.....
  15. I agree with you, they should be more pro active, but I've been swimming for over 30 years and I cannot remember the last time a lifeguard told a swimmer to get out of the fast lane. Actually I can come to think, of it. Me and my lad accidentally got into the fast lane at Hillsborough once (they'd moved all the lanes around) and the lifeguard came down off her high chair like greased lightning to tell us to get out, yet my lad, who was only just past his 6th birthday at the time, was actually a better swimmer than a fair proportion of the adults in that pool *. I'd have had every right to feel annoyed about it but in actual fact I didn't because they should be doing that, though more consistently, obviously. * this is him diving to 8ft one week before his 4th birthday !
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