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  1. No, I'm a small business owners and, I don't "want certainty", quite simply, I don't want to shut full stop. More to the point, from social distancing or any other anti virus defintion, I shouldn't have to, it will achieve absolutely nothing other than cost me, my staff and the country more money. I can certainly agree with you on that.
  2. Read in "The Times" this morning that Labour are demanding a comprehensive list of "critical businesses" from the Govt, then all others should "be ordered to shut down". What absolute <removed>. In my business we've shut down the shop (face to face) and now only operate on mail order, furthermore we've reorganised our staffing so only one employee is in at a time, so why the hell should we have to shut down ? What would it possibly gain, other than costing the country even more money.... Typical socialists, naïve, not thinking about practicalities, and who is going to pay for all this.
  3. You'll pardon me if I don't bother replying to your post, other than to say use of the word ilk is perfectly respectful and accurate : Definition of "ilk" = a type of person or thing similar to one already referred to.
  4. I suspect much of the shortage wasn't actually caused by "bulk buyers", it was caused by most people buying just a bit more than they would normally, and it's difficult to blame them really. But with finely balanced supply chains it was enough to cause empty shelves. You do have to feel sorry for these manufacturers though, in a few months when this is all over they'll be laying off staff because Joe Public won't need any loo roll (or whatever).... "Panic buying", shouldn't that be "pasta buying"....
  5. It wasn't empty when I was there, though I accept there was only the more expensive products left.
  6. Funny isn't it, Tories and their ilk always say it's about efficiency not giving the service (what ever it is health, schools the police etc etc) more money. That's just to abdicate responsibility, particularly as the Tories have been in power for 10 years anyway..... I can tell you from personal experience that NHS staff are working harder than ever and being treated worse than ever by their managers. The latter is possible worse even then the former. Not really, footballers we are told, particularly by Tory politicians, should "set an example". Then the Tory party vote in as their leader a proven liar and adulterer. Even worse he has an affair when he`s got kids : NO RESPECT.
  7. It may be true. You have to remember that people are still getting ill from other things, and, in fact dying from them. In fact I'd suggest the death rate from "other things" will go up because so much attention is being focussed on this virus. Even more significant, most of those who get this virus severely have underlying health issues, which skews the death rate from dying from the virus, to dying with the virus. To put it in its base form, they'd have died anyway, it sounds cynical, but it's just statistically accurate. To put it another way, around 500,000 people die in the UK every year, and I'd have thought the vast majority of them are over 70 and have underlying health issues. Sorry, are you saying pretty much all infectious diseases die out of their own accord ? I mean fully die out so they cease to exist (and before everyone has developed an immunity to them) ?
  8. How many other infectious diseases (which have spread as far as this) spontaneously finish ? Particularly when active steps are being taken to prevent as many people as possible from becoming infected ? Isn't the answer zero ?
  9. I have been putting off visiting Morrisons (Hillsborough), the sight of queues and empty shelves would be too depressing, that's why I been shopping (quite successfully it must be said) at smaller shops. However, this morning, I needed some stuff only Morrisons sells, I can report there were no queues, and minimal empty shelves. Is panic buying over now ? Thank Gawd.....
  10. The last I heard : 1 - Some people have caught this virus more than once, but it's not many and none had it severely the second time. Isn't that par for the course with infections ? 2 - A vaccine will be 12 to 18 months away. Even when it comes out I doubt very much everyone will get it, I'd have thought it'd be like the flu vaccine, i.e. only offered to high risk groups and NHS staff. 3 - There are promising trials of repurposed drugs (and combinations thereof) which lower the severity of the infection (and consequently the death rate) and speed recovery. I heard a report from an "infectious disease expert" (on the BBC though ! ) that these may be available by sometime in April. This virus is out there, it'll never be put back in its box, we just have to find a way round it, like with all the infections humankind has faced. The only advantage I can see from all this social distancing is to lower the peak numbers of those requiring hospitalisation which is logical. The down side is it then slows how long "herd immunity" takes to build up, but it's also trashing the economy, preventing people who need NHS treatment for other stuff getting it (like that guy on TV awaiting his op for prostate cancer) and possibly having far reaching social implications for those susceptible to mental illness. There is no question people will die of other things (anything from suicide to other medical problems not found or treated) because of the focus on the virus. It's a choice between a rock and hard place, the question is which is worse ?
  11. Do they, and China for that matter, intend to keep it up till a vaccine comes out ? If not what will happen when the virus gets out there again (if relatively few people have had it and therefore become immune to it) ?
  12. I agree with this 100%, or 110% if I were a footballer. I'd go further, everyone should be trying to get as fit as possible to increase their chances should they be unlucky enough to suffer severe symptoms. That said, let's remember the great majority of those who get this virus will suffer mild symptoms or none at all. It is likely the death rate is between 0.1% and 0.2%, remember the vast majority of those who have had it (and have not needed hospitalisation) have never been counted in the statistics of "confirmed cases".
  13. How do you know that ? The number of "confirmed cases" is a meaningless statistic. The government's own advice is not to bother contacting them if you think you have (or have had) this virus, unless you have severe symptoms in which case treatment is necessary and you will be tested. Thus the figures artificially exaggerate the death rate, vastly.
  14. I agree with you, they should be more pro active, but I've been swimming for over 30 years and I cannot remember the last time a lifeguard told a swimmer to get out of the fast lane. Actually I can come to think, of it. Me and my lad accidentally got into the fast lane at Hillsborough once (they'd moved all the lanes around) and the lifeguard came down off her high chair like greased lightning to tell us to get out, yet my lad, who was only just past his 6th birthday at the time, was actually a better swimmer than a fair proportion of the adults in that pool *. I'd have had every right to feel annoyed about it but in actual fact I didn't because they should be doing that, though more consistently, obviously. * this is him diving to 8ft one week before his 4th birthday !
  15. Pleased to hear you seem OK now TFH. How much worse was it than a bad cold ? What did your temperature get up to, and how quickly did it go up (relative to the other symptoms) ?
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