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  1. Justin Smith

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    I agree with you. It`s certainly not all Audi drivers (or, to a lesser extent, German car drivers generally), just a higher percentage than other cars.
  2. Cam we try to keep this thread on the subject of speed limiters ? Stuff about which cars have the worst (as in most aggressive) drivers is better in that thread.
  3. Justin Smith

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    "Say what you want, certainly in this country it, when it comes to German cars (and particularly Audis) it`s a fact* none the less. I often wonder if people who argue this particular point are actually driving on the same roads as the rest of us" * that, on average, they`re driven more aggressively. I had to laugh last night, and I mean an actual laugh not a metaphorical one...... Driving along the S bends from Wharncliffe Side to Oughtibridge at dusk. I saw in my rear view mirror a car overtaking the one behind me, quite an aggressive thing to do there and not something one sees that often because it`s a relatively short section of straight(ish) road between a semi blind bend and a totally blind bend. Then, to my amazement he (because it`ll almost certainly be a man) continued on the wrong side of the road and over took me as well. A double overtake is never good driving and there it`s the action of an imbecile. He then hammered round the corner breaking the 50mph speed limit on the approach to Oughtibridge (soon, thankfully, to be reduced to 30mph) and disappeared at an excessive speed (car leaning over) round the tight blind bend onto the one way system. What a cretin. The car ? An Audi, an Audi TT actually, white or silver I seem to remember.
  4. I`m talking about just picking up a passenger, not actually parking and leaving your car. But, on that point, Leeds Bradford airport give an hours free parking, which we used when we called in there to recce it before using the airport the following month. I`ve not actually picked up a passenger at Donny, but have visited it recently, and, as far as I could tell, there`s nothing to stop you parking briefly to pick up a passenger (as opposed to getting out and leaving your car parked up). Most people have mobiles these days so it`d be quite easy to just briefly stop to pick up a passenger without leaving ones car unoccupied.
  5. We went through Manchester airport today and saw loads of newly installed barriers on the exits to the terminals. On asking the driver of our car park shuttle bus what they were for he said that everyone picking up or dropping off passengers "will now be charged three or four pounds". I was incredulous, but the remembered that Manchester airport have form about brazenly extracting money from passengers, they charge £1 (non refundable) for the use of their luggage trollies.... Aren`t Manchester airport playing a but of a dangerous game here ? Leeds Bradford airport allows an hour free parking. Now the Rossington relief road is finished Doncaster airport is significantly more convenient for everyone living in Sheffield. All they need is more flights and we`d rather not use Manchester ever again, particularly as it`d mean we`d no longer have to drive through Mottram, one of the worst stretches of road for (stressful) traffic queues anywhere. Hopefully Manchester Airport will pay for their greed....
  6. They used to be, but in my experience Audi drivers have usurped the crown
  7. Say what you want, certainly in this country it, when it comes to German cars (and particularly Audis) it`s a fact none the less. I often wonder if people who argue this particular point are actually driving on the same roads as the rest of us.
  8. I can`t believe I`m reading this, I really can`t. It`s such pie in the sky nonsense that I can`t even think of an adequate reply, other than money doesn`t actually grow on trees.
  9. Obviously this is rubbish. Let me repeat, European immigrants overwhelmingly take jobs British people don`t want. They then pay taxes to support the British state for the privilege. As an employer I can state unequivocally that, all other things being equal, I`d probably employ a native Britain over an immigrant of whatever nationality, not because I`m racist but purely because I`d think the Britisher would be more likely to stick around after I`d trained him/her up. So, the fact immigrants get jobs that some British people might also apply for proves the immigrants must be better qualified for that job, and therefore more efficient for the UK economy. And it`s the latter which provides the tax dollars for the NHS etc. What is it you don`t understand about the above ?
  10. So what are the burden(s) of European integration ? I can`t think of any. The most oft quoted is "immigration", but what that really means is those hard working Europeans (usually from Eastern Europe) coming over here doing the jobs most Brit don`t want to do and then paying taxes for the privilege..... Terrible.
  11. The most aggressive drivers are Audi drivers, not all of them by any means, but a higher percentage than drivers of other cars. Anyone who does any reasonable amount of driving must know this. As it happens, partly because certain people * argued with me I did some research on it and I know for a fact it`s true. The list from least aggressive to most aggressive is (excluding young drivers of "rorty" hatchbacks, they`d obviously be the worst) : All drivers (the average) Male drivers. Drivers of German cars. Audi drivers Audi R8 drivers * The petrolhead brigade. I don`t know why they felt they should defend Audi drivers (and to a lesser extent German car drivers), other than they : A - Will argue with anyone who supports speed cameras and stuff like that B - Most of them drive German cars themselves.
  12. Drivers and mobile phones, another example of just how inconsistent and hypocritical (plus selfish, obviously) many drivers are.
  13. You`re wrong. Whilst there is surprisingly little change in the way people who voted last time would vote again, the age profiles of Leave and Remain voters mean any majority for Leave probably disappeared mid to late January this year. To put it in basic terms, the Grim Reaper is restoring sanity.
  14. Justin Smith

    RIP, Bernie Tormé

    Am I getting confused between the Ozzy Osbourne tour and the Gillan tour ? I saw both at the City Hall.
  15. No, you`ve misunderstood me entirely. It`s best of any number, that`s Democracy, it doesn`t just stop at a result one group of electors want. Even if there was a People`s Vote and Remain won bey a larger margin than 52/48 (and, more significantly, on facts not fantasy) that does not preclude UKIP from standing in elections on a platform of leaving the EU.

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