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  1. My wife got caught in this today, she`s normally a mild mannered sort but was absolutely fuming..... It took her an hour to drive what would normally take about 10 mins, apparently most of the north of Sheff was grid locked. It is absolutely ridiculous to shut Penistone road, the main route onto which all traffic in the north of Sheffield is deliberately funnelled by the road system, for an hour, or, in fact any time at all. I thought they shut the inside lane of Penistone Rd for half an hour or so around 4.45PM ? Why do they need to do more than that ? But anyway, is this Health & Safety overkill or not ? How many fans have been killed / seriously injured / mildly injured whilst exiting the Hillsborough ground ?
  2. The hold up tonight was APPALLING...…. I was in the queue at about 5.30PM and I`d already queued for about 7 minutes and wasn`t even past the recycling centre ! Like many others I did a 3 point turn and went all the way round via Bolsterstone. As I`ve been saying repeatedly, with inconvenience like that being foisted on road users (including bus passengers remember) Yorkshire Water [or their contractors] should be working 7.00AM to 8.00PM minimum to get the job done as soon as humanly possible, but they`re not. Not by a long long way. They, and other contractors doing similar road works, should be forced to get their act together or pay dearly for it.
  3. As on this thread...... : How long will the temporary 3 way lights at Deepcar be in operation ? (with hardly anyone working on them....) Those expensive traffic models are a waste of space as I found when I actually counted how many vehicles actually managed to drive along Middlewood road at peak hours. It was WAY less than the predicted traffic flow...... Interestingly it was the lights for the tram Park and Ride which seemed to be the biggest problem, even more so than Leppings lane, somewhat surprisingly. Vehicles have to wait an absolute age (going into town) when there`s nothing even waiting to use the junction going in or out of the P&R. That P&R is in DESPERATE need of a filter light.
  4. That`s not ironic, quite the opposite, though the term appropriate isn`t quite right under the circumstances.....
  5. I had to drive down Parkside Rd (Hillsborough) today at just gone 8.00AM, i.e. peak commuting time. There was a tipper waggon with a grab loading spoil and blocking off one direction`s flow. Even worse it was the side with the greatest volume of traffic, that is to say into town. How could that happen ? Whose decision was it ? Surely that should have taken place either before 7.00 or after 9.00 ? That`s a classic example of the fact contractors take insufficient account of the effect of their works on road users, and the best way to change that sort of behaviour is making them pay for permits, which would be more expensive at peak time.
  6. Thanks for that. I wonder what is the total amount of time wasted queuing by drivers and their passengers in all those weeks..... Don`t get me wrong I understand they sometimes have to dig up the road for some work or other, but, for a set of lights like that, which is inconveniencing huge numbers of people, they should be at the very least be putting one a half shifts a day in, possibly two, to get the work done ASAP. As I mentioned above when we pass there as early as 4.30PM everyone has gone home with no work going on. Basically the inconvenience of the road users is an almost ignored priority, maybe charging companies per day for every day the site is blocking the road might give then the required consideration.
  7. Does anyone know how long those road works near the Manchester Rd / Wortley road junction in Deepcar are due to be there ? There`s a three way temporary traffic light in operation and it can be very frustrating to put it mildly. I have to say we went past at about 4.30PM today and there was nobody working on it ! Bearing in mind the inconvenience those roadworks cause I think that`s unforgiveable. I accept they may have to dig up the road but I`d have thought they should, at the very minimum, be working say 7.00AM to 8 or even 9.00PM. Wasn`t there at some time a proposal that companies digging up the road should be charged per day ? That`d perhaps give them some motivation to get the job done as soon as possible...… It seems to me people`s inconvenience is taken no account of.
  8. Maybe you wouldn`t way that if you lived next to it ? I can remember when they were talking about introducing a 50mph speed limit on the M1 though Tinsley as it`s very polluted round there. Loads of drivers came on moaning about it, but I bet hardly any of them actually lived in Tinsley near the motorway. My take on it was those complainants should have been asked if they`d still object to it if they lived near the motorway, and then take a lie detector test if they said they would still object. There objection would only be accepted if they passed the test....
  9. We went down yesterday and it was great, the most kids played whilst (most) adults sat and listened. What was sad is there really weren`t that many people there, I think there`d have been far more had it been easily findable of the internet, including on the Weston Park "What`s On" page. We can`t affect that but we can list the concerts on here, which Nikki has already done. Unfortunately there are only two left this year (the season is from the 26th May to the 28th July). Next year we`ll have to remember to put a thread on here and people could at least find the dates from that, assuming Weston Park / the council don`t get their act together by then.....
  10. Thanks for that. What`s interesting there is both those links, and all eth stuff we found out, was from eth brass bands websites, NOT on the "Events at Weston Park" website. It should obviously be there as well !
  11. Can anyone please tell me when the brass band concerts are on in Weston Park ? Both me and my wife have spent a while trying to find out on the internet and have been unable to, if it`s on the net it`s not very easy to find I have to say ! If it`s not out there on the internet they`re missing out on a large audience !
  12. We hired a Rug Doctor over the W/E, it works well. The carpets / upholstery are left damp so I`d advise using it in the summer and leave all the windows open to speed up drying, a fan or three can also help. Doing all this means the carpet is reasonably dry within a few hours. I would always pay the extra (it was only a few quid) to hire the "upholstery attachment" even if you don`t want to do your suite and/or car and/or mattresses. It`s needed to clean the stairs and also to get right up to the edge of the carpet and into any restricted areas of carpet.
  13. It looks like it is going to happen, I still think t`s a dream isn`t it ? Or is it a nightmare ? Note the date of this thread, before Trump had been voted in and before the EU referendum......
  14. This quote from a representative of the motorcycle industry is what we want to be hearing : Motorcycle Industry Association CEO Tony Campbell said the motorcycle industry will "play its part" in adapting to new measures. He said: "With growing pressure on the environment, including noise pollution, illegal exhausts fitted by some riders attract unwanted attention to the motorcycle community and do nothing to promote the many benefits motorcycles can offer. "All manufacturers produce new motorcycles that follow strict regulations regarding noise and emissions and we welcome these trials as a potential way of detecting excessive noise in our community." Couldn`t agree more.
  15. Not really E, the fact is most of the noise those anti socially loud pipes are producing goes backwards, next comes sideways, with relatively little going forwards. You only have to stand by the side of the road when a loud bike goes past to see (or should that be hear) this is true. The fact is the most significant, by far, action any biker can take to reduce their chances of an accident is to ride slower and more defensively. Relative to that having louder exhaust pipes is almost irrelevant and that`s if they can be heard, which, as I`ve explained, they usually can`t anyway.
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