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  1. Can someone tell me what justification there is for shutting the car parks at all these reservoirs etc ? All that will happen is people will park on the roads, which is worse in every possible way. You could answer "to try and stop people going to these places", but all that will do is concentrate more people in parks and so forth, thus squashing them together, which I thought was the opposite of what they wanted. In fact some people can't get to reservoirs or wherever and so have to use the parks, so is it fair on them to crowd out the only place they go for their exercise ? Lastly, if the government want to encourage people to stick with this lockdown they should try to avoid annoying them too much with it, particularly things which are of dubious benefit for it.
  2. Thanks Gawd for things like the Sheff Falcons, they remind us in these surreal days, that life goes on in nature as if nothing had happened. Maybe we're not quite as important as we think we are......
  3. No, a wealthy economy is a healthy economy. All these people saying continue with the lockdown until some impossible set of circumstances come round are ignoring basic facts, people, and the NHS, need money to survive.
  4. In answer to : there may be large numbers of people whose death has been incorrectly attributed to coronavirus. No, I think it's very likely. Most dying with Covid have serious underlying health conditions. The mother in law of a friend of mine went into hospital for an upsurge of a serious existing condition (though she actually had multiple serious health problems), she caught Covid in hospital and sadly died in hospital, but even her family think there's every possibility she may have died anyway. I know of at least one person whose family are as certain as they can be their relative (who had very serious heart problems) did not die of Covid and probably didn't even have it, yet it was put down on the death certificate and therefore counted as a Covid death. On eth other hand there are already more people dying of non Covid causes due mainly to the lockdown, but also people's reluctance to go to hospital due to fear of catching this virus. Most have very little to fear from it but the government's "this virus is indiscriminate" propaganda has frightened them, result : a needless death. But it's not from Covid, and therefore, one assumes, more acceptable..... To put it a different way, I'm simply stating that every parent is 100x more bothered about their child dying from Covid than being a carrier of it. Actually, that's incorrect, it's probably 1000X more, or more even than that.....
  5. Nobody knows for certain whether God exists, nobody has proved he doesn't for sure. But, as I said to an agnostic friend of mine, surely it's wise not to annoy him too much just to be on the safe side !
  6. I fear you have misquoted me again, in order to make your point you missed out this bit : Quite apart from anything else he doesn't come into contact with many people at all at the moment (mores the pity) and certainly not anyone from a vulnerable group so why does it matter that much ? But, as it happens, am I being criticised for just being honest ? You show me a parent who isn't 100X less bothered about their child being a carrier of this virus (as opposed to actually dying from it), and I'll show you a liar.
  7. Just so long as you don't have to drive a long way then there is no reason why you shouldn't walk round Damflask, or anywhere else, quite apart from anything else, it's a much more effective way to social distance than everyone crowding into the parks. TBH the only reason why you should avoid a long drive is because it increases your chance of an accident * with the consequent increase in the load on the emergency services and NHS. That said the NHS are not under pressure at the moment anyway, and don't take my word for it (or anyone else's), ask anyone who works in a hospital. On the subject of avoiding pressure on emergency services via car accidents, I'd have thought a much more effective strategy would be to target the appalling drivers we're seeing even more than usual...... * though if you're a careful driver we really are clutching at straws here. Don't you wish we lived in Sweden....
  8. I'm over 50, though I am slim, very fit and with no existing health problems (that I know of....). I reckon my chances of the chop would be 0.5% to 1%, but probably less than that since nobody knows how many people actually have / have had this virus and not died. So I won't be self isolating, personally I'd rather be living, in the true sense of the word. If it was 5 to 10% chance of the chop then maybe self isolation would be a good idea, but that's the big problem with the government's propaganda, they're not being honest and telling people exactly what their chances are. They're just trying to scare people with "this virus is indiscriminate" rubbish. TBH, as far as this virus is concerned, I wish I lived in Sweden, and the longer it goes on the more strongly I feel that.
  9. You have misquoted me (ironically since you have highlighted my quote....) I actually said : kids who, whilst not 100% immune, are at hardly any risk at all. You said : only the effects of the virus which thankfully are less severe and very often non existent "very often" : if the chances of my 7 year old avoiding death from this virus was only "very often", I'd be worried sick. Thankfully that's insufficiently clear in its meaning, I'd go rather further than that, almost always non existent, is nearer the mark. TBH, compared with the danger of his death, I don't really care that much if my lad is a carrier. Quite apart from anything else he doesn't come into contact with many people at all at the moment (mores the pity) and certainly not anyone from a vulnerable group so why does it matter that much ? Personally I'm so ***** off with this lockdown I'd rather get this virus and get on with my life, and I'm in my 50s (albeit slim and very fit with no previous health conditions). I may have a 0.5% to 1% chance of the chop, but NO LIFE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR NO DEATH.
  10. They aren't all scumbags. I had genuinely lost my money and couldn't get home, a 7 mile plus journey at about 14. What I would say is don't give "beggars" money, if they say they need the bus fare, give it straight to the driver or if they say they're hungry, buy them a sandwich, etc etc.
  11. It was a smart phone. Sorry, but someone who has the money and organisation to get a smart phone, and knowledge of how to use one, is not someone who needs to be begging. Actually, whilst I'm on, we were in Gloucester just over a month ago. A beggar was asking us for money etc saying he hadn't eaten etc. As mentioned before I remembered when someone had helped me when I'd lost my bus fare years ago, so I offered to buy him a sandwich from Subway. He then changed his story to "no, I need the money for my leccy bill". No, he was a scammer, and people like him should be ashamed of themselves because they put people off from helping those who really do need it. Like I did when I lost my bus fare all those years ago.....
  12. Except we do. We know, for a fact, that : 1 - Older people (over 70 but rising with age) particularly with existing health conditions are at a relatively high risk, though even for most of that group the risk of death is still well under a 50% probability. 2 - Risk drops as age drops, right down to kids who, whilst not 100% immune, are at hardly any risk at all. I think its pretty well agreed that people under 45, with no existing medical problems, are at very little risk. Only the most risk averse people from this group should be modifying their behaviour once the imposed lockdown is lifted. 3 - The world economy is being trashed by this, the only question is by how much. Everyone agrees that the longer the lockdown goes on the worse it will get. 4 - As the economy suffers lives will be lost in the medium / long term, though in actual fact the latest death stats indicate that additional non Covid deaths are already occurring. These are facts, though for some reason, some people don't want to accept them.
  13. You appear to be saying it's pointless discussing anything even if you have statistics to back your argument..... Judging by the steady increasing traffic on the roads it's coming to an end anyway. Which suggests that the government got it about right when they introduced it. They knew the British, a notoriously balshy lot who don't like doing what they're told *, wouldn't be able to keep a lock down going for ages. * Which is a good thing, basically it was that (plus the English Channel and the Royal Navy......) which meant we didn't give in in 1940 and, in the end, Germany lost the war.
  14. Who comes out of this best will not be known for years. If some countries have higher death rates now but their economies don't tank to the same extent (so fewer people die in the long term) who is to say they haven't made the right decisions ? The Times reported on Monday that the UK's economy could be down 35% this quarter, as compared with Sweden on 6%. Interestingly Germany could be "only" 10%.
  15. Why ? As it happens, at the moment, we have a government refusing to tell people what many already know, i.e that some people are far far less likely to die from this than others. The government seem to think advertising this fact is some mortal sin. I don`t trust them one bit, but then again they are being led by Boris Johnson, nuff said.......
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