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  1. Actually thats a very good point I never thought o fit like that .. you would be grateful to stop at the first country with running water and electricity and the possibility of a job however low paid to feed your children ....if they all want to head ot the UK afterwards they sound like economic migrants to me ....
  2. It was Theresa May building the Brexit boat :suspect:
  3. I've heard its being renamed to the Peppermint Hippo ?
  4. I did think that Hillsborough has gone up market and is now a desirable place to live and go out in ? Does anyone still go in the Blue Ball ? :-)
  5. Yes used to like the Chantrey a traditional pub with nice friendly bar staff ... used to go there occasionally for the Saturday karaoke nights wonder if they still do them .... anyways I must consider a mini pub crawl around there sometime and maybe continuing into Chesterfield road and all that has to offer ;-)
  6. I remember Twist .. opened in February then barely stayed open 10 months before it shut just before Xmas what timing !! :roll::confused: ,,, and now Vivian works for OMG !
  7. They sounded like absolute low life - gypsys more like even that is insulting gypsys ... doing a runner and peeing in the streets !! Its not put me off Vito one iota - in fact the owners gracious and dignified response in the face of their quite frankly outrageous, ignorant, obscene and base rude behaviour , endears me more to him and his establishment !!!
  8. What a great idea I would like to try this myself ! I have already done parts of this walk myself before but not it all in one day - by the way shouldn't it really be called the south Sheffield round walk? ;-) I could start and end in either the Broadfield or the Union which are both close to me :-) Alas I think as its 11 hours roughly then I would say that the window for this year is nearly over and its probably one for next year say around June or July with the very long daylight .. but definitely something I would attempt, and some nice pubs on route - though I would probably substitute the Sheaf View for the Tramshed as its mainly bottles ;-)
  9. Its a very traditional old pub with a great interior and usually deathly quiet when you walk in I kinda like its old time character ! Though one cant help the feeling of "this is a local pub for local people" as you walk in ... well with the success of the Shakespeare and the The Ship inn, both nearby, and a real "real ale trail" developing in the area, I cant help feeling that this one is ripe for "renovation" although I hope that if they do they get it right and dont go overboard losing all its character like they did with the Ship Inn ... bring back the wallpaper ! lol
  10. So local Prides ... we have had Wakefield pride last Sunday , and just a reminder that its Doncaster pride tomorrow ,,, and a certain famous local international celebrities birthday :-O So I am sure that there will be a special show in OMG/Desmpeys tomorrow night :-)
  11. They have a pool table now ?? :.O great ! Must pop in for a look ... ;-)
  12. It doesnt seem like people chat anymore in the laundrette , people usually have head buried in phone or less rarely a book ! Which is sad state of affairs .. I usually drop and collect as live so close ,,, though there is the temptations of the wonderful Cafe #9 or the Byron pub when waiting !!
  13. Okay no need to be so snobbish about it .. yes they do and there is no alternative when someones washing machine packs in !
  14. It happened on Sunday Afternoon about 3pm - as I was walking back from the laundrette I heard a bang. I looked back towards the traffic lights junction ... seemed to involve one car narrowly missing another one ... seemed a chunk of wall gone but a car bumper was left there on pavement but gone the next morning :-(
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