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  1. in 2007 the Oughtibridge stretch was in my friend's garage, that is definitely upper Don the stretch at Mexborough was right up to the top of the flood defence wall & over into the field at the other side, not sure how bad it was at Doncaster itself, but I'd hazard a guess it was over the top there too, so based on that I'd say it was all stretches that had bust their banks
  2. I've always been a big believer in supporting your local team, I suppose some people might say that's easy to say coming from Sheffield, but not so much if you're from a small town somewhere with either a lower/non-league side. True I guess, but I'm fortunate enough to have been born in Stannington, the bedroom window from which I was born overlooks Hillsborough and you could see and hear the ground, so I was always gonna be a Wednesday supporter it was never a conscious decision for me, it was written!
  3. yes, still gets fished... not fished it myself, but Alan Scotthorne filmed a Drennan video there last year I think, testing a new 10m whip there & was hammering the roach have a look...
  4. Centrepin.... Thank you for that I haven't fished a match for over 5 years, but this one's going in the diary
  5. Strange thing this morning, opened the back door to let the dog out, strolled out onto garden with my regular cup o coffee & wandering round the grass (as I do to check for any dirt removal jobs) I came upon an egg Lying on the grass, close to the hedge separating the adjoining garden, the egg was about the same size as a normal hen's egg, and had a hole the size of a 50p piece, and no contents not so unusual you say, it's an egg, but it had a supermarket date stamp on it I'm assuming it's been thieved by either fox or bird, but who leaves eggs in a place where fox/bird can steal them? It's the third one we've found on our property in the last couple of year, one was on the front garden, again on the grass near the front hedge, but the second (which my wife found) was actually buried in one of her plant pots, with the plant still intact what kind of animal is doing this, and is it thick? or are we being subjected to minor nuisance from some jolly neighbour?
  6. my uncle used to go across and collect work parties from here to labour at farms in Stannington & Bradfield (my dad was too young, only 12 when the war ended) he used to collect German's & Italian's...
  7. We got warned off that area in Wentworth a couple of years ago, the fella said that the police use it for training & quite often dog training
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but once you've had it, you'll keep getting it and ignore all the comments about red meat & alcohol, it's different for everyone... a fella at work gets it & one of his triggers is honey! I've never been able to isolate what caused mine get on allopurinol, I've been taking them nearly 2 years & apart from at the start - when my system was adjusting - I haven't had a flare up since It's one a day (after food) & the benefit of that is that it has forced me to make sure I have some food first thing in the morning & there are other health benefits with having a nutritious breakfast too, like not feeling hungry mid-morning & nibbling on crap naproxen is the standard medication, but it takes a while to get to grips with it as it's only an anti-inflammatory, so you may need additional pain relief as well I've found codeine phosphate the only thing to combat the pain, cocodamol's at a push but I'd go for the branded Solpadine Max (red tablets) rather than basic ones, as there's more codeine in them
  9. always been a bit thin on the ground in Sheffield, Greek restaurants... sadly
  10. I read somewhere it was approaching Sheffield from the south east (as you'd expect), due over Norfolk Park 13:32, then to circle city centre & exit towards Wentworth...
  11. Different water that one Hitone1, this one is at the bottom of Black Lane, it's an elongated strip pond which runs parallel to the river used to be owned by Barworth Flockton rolling mill
  12. Sorry, didn't see this until now... a week late!! But at least it's info for next season (June 16th) the stretch running through Centenary Nature Reserve near Rotherham's New York stadium is outstanding absolutely full of roach & dace, I'm told there are barbel & chub present too but I've not tried for them It's deep so be prepared for that, averaging 9ft deep in some runs, but of course there are shallower areas I've fished down there half a dozen times last autumn & had net-fulls of roach, between 60 & 100 fish each time, it's ideal whip water or long rod trotting, maggot over groundbait watch out for the pike there's a small car park adjacent which I have used with no problems (so far!)
  13. I bought a bag of the Steel City blend & a Colombian on Saturday, really good quality stuff
  14. for maintaining the levels of the River Loxley & Don (that's the Flask, not Ladybower!)
  15. Yeah, a really enjoyable watch saved it on planner & I won't be deleting it
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