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  1. I had one at the begining of june, it lasted about 15/20 minutes. My experience of it was ok,they just asked varios questions about my condition and how it affects my daily life and questions about my mobility. I got a letter last week informing me that i had been given standard daily living allowance, £60 per week which has been backdated to december when i first applied.
  2. you will get one off ebay, i just got one for a nissan qasqai
  3. I got asked by a security man to produce id in a bar in las vegas i was 58 at the time 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Around 1998/99 there was an indian takeaway at malin bridge i worked there delivering curries,the guy who owned it was called mr shah or shah would this be the same person ?
  5. I drove through this absolute joke of a system this afternoon towards hillsborough and saw 4 cyclists all of them riding on the footpath, while cars are queing to get accross the roundabout. How far is this idiotic system going towards hillsborough?
  6. it is open now no booking of pegs all pegs in use with social distancing no walking about from peg to peg no sharing tackle check their facebook page for all rules
  7. Cheers mate, i ended up getting a permit and have been quite a few times now i agree with you its a great place.I love the the carp lake have caught every time ive been,only fished the silverfish lake once caught tench roach and bream.
  8. I drove through this yesterday morning going to the parkway about 11-15 and traffic going towards hillsborough was just stood still nothing moving,whoever thought this up needs sacking only an idiot could dream a scheme like this up.
  9. Is there anyone on here fish at tin mill fishery if so what are the best methods and baits to use on both the carp lake and silverfish lake as i am thinking about buying a permit
  10. Ihave been off work just over a year my sick pay has finished so i receive nothing from work, last year they paid me for bank holidays, but they wont pay me for easter monday saying i am not entitled to it i have been in touch with the union but am still waiting to hear from them.
  11. Are you still entitled to bank holiday pay if you are off work long term sick ?
  12. loxley fishery opens thursday you have to pre book a peg,only 15 pegs available to accomadate social distancing pay by paypal or bank transfer £6 first come first served fully booked up to sunday all info on loxley fishery facebook page
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