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  1. Freemasons at hillsborough when Graham pugh had it , seen some wild nights in there.
  2. Loxley motors on loxley road opposite st polycarps church, did a brilliant job on my qashqai door.
  3. It was later than 1967 when reg hudson moved to west street,i was one of his paper lads up to late 1970. If i remember right the other shop at the end of norris road was berrys, i cant remember the hudsons ever owning that.
  4. Behind nether green club there is a big lake. is it a fishing lake or a sailing lake,if its fishing whats it called,is it private or day ticket, has anyone on here fished it if so is it any good.
  5. Thinking of joining this club, anyone know whats in it, is it any good, best methods baits etc. any info much appreciated
  6. Yes i think steve cullen still lives in liverpool,keith robbo died last year and as far as i know gary does live near malin bridge.If you are wondering who i am, well im dave magill
  7. I can remember doing all that with you along with steve cullen,keith robertson, gary and kevin jenkinson,all of us going to wisewood school,you have a brother called neil if i remember right.
  8. Never actually worked on his boat but did lots of other jobs for him .
  9. I knew Albert green well did a few welding jobs for him,always paid me well and always insisted on having a beer with him after
  10. I have recently retired after 50 years working as a welder, in that time i have breathed in some right s--t far far worse than the sheffield air that is supposed to be killing 700 people a year, i am still here fit and well.
  11. For once i agree with you on something
  12. Maybe I am not as educated as you but I don’t make sly and sarcastic comments to everyone who posts on this forum. I will give some advice watch your mouth because someone will find out who you are and come looking for you.
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