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  1. Is there anyone on here fish at tin mill fishery if so what are the best methods and baits to use on both the carp lake and silverfish lake as i am thinking about buying a permit
  2. Ihave been off work just over a year my sick pay has finished so i receive nothing from work, last year they paid me for bank holidays, but they wont pay me for easter monday saying i am not entitled to it i have been in touch with the union but am still waiting to hear from them.
  3. Are you still entitled to bank holiday pay if you are off work long term sick ?
  4. loxley fishery opens thursday you have to pre book a peg,only 15 pegs available to accomadate social distancing pay by paypal or bank transfer £6 first come first served fully booked up to sunday all info on loxley fishery facebook page
  5. Like i said previously begging for drug money, he smokes,he has a mobile phone, lives in a housing assosiation house. How do i know this ? because i live very near him on the same road and i see what goes on.
  6. He isnt homeless he begs for drug money, ive watched him many times out of my window picking his weed up from his dealer who delivers it to him. At christmas he was begging outside morrisons and went in the shop where my partner works and they changed him £170 what he had scrounged he needs to get off his arse and get a propper job.
  7. A workmate had his motorscooter nicked friday night off taplin road, police have recovered it and its a writeoff, taken by two lads 12 & 13 yrs old.
  8. why are they allowed to do this? why dont the police move em on or arrest em?
  9. Does anyone still fish underbank ? if so is it any good not fished there for about 10 years
  10. 1971 £5 a week take home pay, apprentice sheetmetal worker at ernest h hill ltd fitzwilliam st
  11. every game me and my brother played ended in a fight with us rolling all over the pitch and squashing the players
  12. They wont do anything about it its the same on rudyard road hillsborough, a couple of years ago a resident went round with a petition about this problem most residents signed it and it was handed in to the council and nothing got done. Parking services are a joke they are frightened to death of them ,they will ticket a pensioner but say nothing to taxi drivers
  13. gunsons in hillsborough he has the machine to sharpen chainsaw chains
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