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  1. Does anyone know if this service is back to normal,or is it still NHS staff only
  2. Arrive late,no tickets,charge gates sounds familiar
  3. Go for it, i do mine every friday, shaving foam and razor, have done since i started loosing it in my middle forties.
  4. Could have been pinegrove, but it definately happened Not beat up just got his hand bust with a pool cue
  5. I heard a story someone hit him with a pool cue in the freemasons at hillsborough breaking his hand because he was acting the big man with the wrong person. This was at the time when graham pugh was landlord.
  6. Ihave seen it with my own eyes an old man parked with his wheels just over the white line got a ticket, taxi parked on double yellow lines and they just walked past and never said a word to him.As for the council being aware of the taxi problem i dont doubt that but in ten years they have done f all about it
  7. No problems are ignored, the taxi problem on rudyard road hillsborough has been ignored for over 10 years FACT. I live on rudyard road and see it every week the wardens will ticket an old man or woman but totaly ignore taxis parked wherever they want.
  8. DRUGGIES, WINOS, BEGGARS and all the other scumbags
  9. You mention under insured, Irecently applied to deliveroo for a delivery job knowing i needed buisness insurance, i rang my insurance company for a qoute to be told they didnt do it. Deliveroo supply a list of companies that do it so i rang one, fully comp sdp & buisness came back at£1430 for 12 month, According to deliveroo website they will not employ you without correct insurance
  10. those arriving from france should be made to pick carrots,peas etc,instead of dossin about in hotels
  11. I had one at the begining of june, it lasted about 15/20 minutes. My experience of it was ok,they just asked varios questions about my condition and how it affects my daily life and questions about my mobility. I got a letter last week informing me that i had been given standard daily living allowance, £60 per week which has been backdated to december when i first applied.
  12. you will get one off ebay, i just got one for a nissan qasqai
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