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  1. You’re probably right ! Not like George’s !
  2. We had a flasher in Rivelin last year. As my house overlooks the Rivelin Valley, I couldn’t find my binoculars quickly enough !
  3. I ve got a smart meter. Does that mean that it’s passing on incorrect readings to my supplier ?
  4. Yes it was a shame. I thought he was very attractive. Katya was very upset !
  5. Can’t remember how much I paid, and it wasn’t painful.
  6. I had Laser Eye Surgery at Optical Express in Meadowhall years ago but don’t know whether they are still there. It was very successful.
  7. I agree with you Anna ! Not a very nice welcome from SF is it ?
  8. What an interesting thread ! Makes you think doesn’t it ?
  9. I went to the Catholic Convent High School For Girls lower down from De La Salle. My mother and father moved me from Shirecliffe Junior School where I was very happy. I wouldn’t say that the Convent was a cruel place but it was certainly an unhappy place. We had to pray three times a day including before eating dinner. I was asked by the nuns “ Why are you top in English and bottom in Maths ? “ I couldn’t wait to leave !
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