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The Christmas Logo Competition is back. See thread in Sheffield Discussions for details ×


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  1. Didn’t the other forummers used to vote for the one they liked best, then that was displayed as the Christmas Logo ?
  2. His show last Saturday was appalling ! He had Michael McKintyre on ( enough said !) and the singing group Little Mix with one member missing.! Bring back Parkinson !
  3. I started watching the live shows with interest, but now it’s just got boring.!
  4. I have lots of unwanted goods that I used to give to the British Heart Foundation as they picked them up from my house. However with the Coronavirus outbreak they are not doing this for the time being. Anyone know of any charities that do still pick goods up from peoples homes ?
  5. I think “ Black” is far worse than “ coloured “ or is it just me ?
  6. So, which celebrities, dead or alive would you like to be in the jungle with.? I would choose : Frank Sinatra George Clooney Joan Rivers Freddie Mercury
  7. Two of the so called celebrities I’ve never heard of.( two women) Nothing more embarrassing than when they first walk in to join the well known ones, that the others have to laugh and greet them, and you know by the look on their face that they haven’t a clue who they are !
  8. Yes he did play for Sheffield Wednesday and was one of the best players they had.
  9. I wish I could remember him but I can’t. Did he post on the I’m Bored thread ?
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