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  1. Yes, it was very good. I love any programmes about animals like The Yorkshire Vet.
  2. I like all factual programmes because I like seeing peoples jobs eg : Doctors, nurses, policemen, teachers, air line pilots, air hostesses etc; I feel as though I’m there with them. Very interesting programme this week about Heathrow airport and how they stop passengers to look in their baggage for drugs etc ;
  3. Just had another silent phone call with no answer. They put the phone down at the other end. What I have noticed is that they are all at the same time every day.
  4. Forgot my fav. Programme : GPs behind closed door.
  5. We have a thread on tv programmes that you switch off, so which tv programmes are your favourites ? These are mine : Crimewatch 24 Hours in A &E Ambulance Police Interceptors So what are yours ?
  6. I am so fed up of cookery programmes so I didn’t watch it.
  7. Thanks Zac, I shall take your advice.
  8. Didn’t know of this link. Thanks I will try it. However I did not miss these calls, it’s just that they didn’t answer when I picked the phone up.
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