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  1. pattricia

    Back pain

    May I just add that bowel problems can cause back pain. I have IBS which aggravates my back pain.
  2. pattricia

    Back pain

    Acupuncture cured my Sciatic but not pain in the middle of spine.
  3. pattricia

    Back pain

    I’m so fed up of my back pain that I’m going to ask my GP to refer me to The Pain Clinic . Used to be at the Northern General but don’t know whether it’s still there . I take Paracetamol and two Tramadol a day. The Tramadol have always taken it off but they are now losing their effect and I don’t want to up my dose as it’s an Opiod and very addictive. I’ve tried accupuncture and Chiropractors but to no effect. Do you have back pain ? What do you take or what have you tried .?
  4. pattricia

    A book for my IPad.

    Thank you all for your useful advice
  5. pattricia

    A book for my IPad.

    I’m not sure how to clear my history without clearing my passwords.
  6. pattricia

    A book for my IPad.

    Thank you for your help.
  7. pattricia

    A book for my IPad.

    I have an Apple IPad and it’s the best thing I ever bought but I still can’t work out everything it does. Is there a book printed by Apple that I can buy from Waterstones that will give me more information on my IPad.
  8. pattricia


    I like this programme.
  9. pattricia

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    It’s strange that some of the most praised films by the critics are the most boring, yet the critics ravaged Bohemian Rhapsody yet it took the most money at the box office.
  10. Got to be La La Land. It had so many Oscar nominations that I just had to see it, but it was disappointing and slow. What is the most boring film you have ever seen. .?
  11. pattricia

    Best song ever?

    Two good songs there Jaffa.
  12. pattricia

    Best song ever?

    Love the Scott McKenzie track as didn’t realise it was THAT song. Not keen on the Comedy Waltz though.
  13. pattricia

    Best song ever?

    Never heard of any of these.
  14. pattricia

    Best song ever?

    I do have to pick THE song as well by Frank Sinatra : My Way.
  15. pattricia

    Best song ever?

    In my opinion it has to be Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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