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  1. Gogglebox was a repeat and Spank Me Harder was so boring I switched it off.!
  2. Thank you for your advice Jane.xx
  3. Gogglebox and Spank me Harder. Switching between the two.
  4. Yes, I agree. The programme looks very forced and unnatural. The presenters look bored, and the guests all sitting round that big table look false , and just waiting their turn to flog their latest book, song or film. Then making the guests join in with the cooking is hilarious. It’s about time this programme was taken off !
  5. I normally cook Christmas dinner for around 7 to 8 relatives each year. However, the old man opposite became a widower this year after his wife died. He does not have any living relatives himself, so I wondered about inviting him over for Christmas dinner. Do you think this is too soon after his wife’s death, or will he just think I feel sorry for him ? How shall I ask him ? How would you word it ? Your advice would be helpful !
  6. My son was over from America and felt so sorry for a beggar sitting outside M & S that he went inside and bought him a sandwich. He handed it to him, and the beggar pulled a face, and threw it over his shoulder in disgust.! They don’t want food, they want money for drink and drugs.!
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