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  1. For the past fortnight VirginMedia have been digging the pavements up in Stannington to lay their equipment for their broadband . They have no masks or gloves on and are not distancing themselves from each other or pedestrians walking along the pavement. Is this permitted ?
  2. Taken a short walk to find a hill steeper than I thought on the way back !
  3. Hydrangeas are my favourite plants. They are colourful, have a long flowering period and are no trouble to look after. I have lots of them but still have large spaces in other parts of my garden where I would like to plant more. It seems expensive to buy further hydrangeas from the garden centre, so can anyone tell me the best way to take successful cuttings from the hydrangeas I already have ?
  4. Is the first one the Northern General hospital ?
  5. Had my first order delivered from Iceland this morning. Only ordered it yesterday so was surprised to get this slot. Delivery man was very polite and placed the order in the hall without coming in. I would definitely have them again.
  6. Good idea. I will do that.! Going to chemist for Paracetamol and being told it was card payments only. No cash payments !
  7. My gardener is coming to cut my grass this week but how do I pay him if I’ve got to stay 2 metres away ?
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