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  1. Supposed to be cutting out sugar but just had a Magnum.!
  2. Seeing that weeding needs doing but can’t be bothered to do it !
  3. Voted for a Labour candidate
  4. I have been to an autopsy
  5. I have been in a camper van
  6. I think the first series was better than this one. It was more natural, but now they know the first series was a success, I feel they are trying too hard to strike up a conversation . Just keep fishing lads, and let the conversation come naturally. You will get people who have never fished interested then. By the way if you’ve ever been fishing you don’t catch them as quickly as that. Looks like theve “ cut” the film between each catch to make the programme more interesting. You can fish all day long without catching a thing but then the programme wouldn’t be as interesting would it ?
  7. I once won £86 on Lottery
  8. Thank you. I also had sciatica at one time but it was cured by Accupuncture. Still got middle back pain caused by the nursing of patients . (Lifting)
  9. So sorry francy. You’re really suffering aren’t you ?
  10. That’s interesting. I might ask my doctor to put me on what you are on.I can try it can't I ? Where is you pain ? Mine is in the middle of my back.
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