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  1. Why do they never do anything with The Old Courthouse ? It would make a good hotel as it’s in a prime position,but it is left like that year after year. Is it a listed building I wonder ?
  2. I do hope Leicester win.! Jamie Vardy is a Yorkshire lad and their main striker. They are the underdogs but can do it with Jamie.!
  3. Anyway, back on topic. I am not on any waiting list but my neighbour is in terrible pain with arthritis in his knee. He was expecting to be called in for a knee replacement operation but the pandemic put paid to that! I’m sure if he had the money he would go privately but he can’t afford to do this.
  4. It’s a personal choice The Daddy and other forum members should respect your opinion on this matter.
  5. So Meghan is having a bash, At writing ,cos she needs the cash, It will be a best seller, Shes a great storyteller, As we know from that Oprah car crash
  6. Lo,s also have a branch further down on Stannington Rd, next to my GPs surgery. They have always closed on a Saturday. They aren’t too bad at receiving prescriptions electronically but are next to the surgery, so no excuse really.
  7. Sometimes it’s the customers who are at fault. My son, a plumber, actually has customers trying to knock down the price after agreeing to the first quote over the phone, but he just says “ Thats what the price is”. Take it or leave it.
  8. Listen, when you have a full ward of men who have to have bed baths you soon put your blinkers on !
  9. Do locomotive drivers let off steam at work ?
  10. You also get more scam calls if your name and address is in the phone book.
  11. My worst job was working in a solicitors office. You were clock watching all the time. My best job was as a state registered nurse. You got to see some amazing sights ! ( coughs)
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