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  1. When someone gives money to charity why don’t they do it anonymously?
  2. Yes of course. Make sure your electrician is qualified. The cheapest isn’t always the best.
  3. Also please check if you are having any gas work done that the tradesman is Gas Safety Registered. My son is GSR but has been to houses where people have had unqualified tradesmen to fit a gas appliance just because they are cheaper. Is it worth it to have a gas leak ? Is it worth it if you have a gas explosion,and your insurance company won’t pay you out because the person who has fitted it is unqualified ?
  4. Whirlow is the best area but property is very expensive there, but it will hold its value.
  5. There are too many pen pushers in the NHS and not enough “ hands on” . When I qualified as a State Registered Nurse I still had to clean the toilets out if there was a staff shortage. Would the qualified nurses do it today ? No way ! You cannot get them to leave the “ Nurses Station” even to attend to patients.!
  6. Very true. Also always remember, the cheapest tradesman isn’t always the best !
  7. No turkey for Christmas ? How crass ! No more bacon butties? Alas ! But please don’t retort, Its your butchers fault, Its just that he’s run out of gas !
  8. I have relatives in America who say that English people do not complain enough. They seem embarrassed somehow ,especially if complaining about a meal or a restaurant. My American daughter in law asked the waitress in this English pub, if she could wipe the table down where we were going to eat. I’m sure English people wouldn’t do this, but as the table was dirty, she was within her rights.
  9. What’s the difference between monkey nuts and peanuts?
  10. Seen a squirrel in my garden pinching all the bird food, then burying it in another part of my garden. Bless ! I will buy it some peanuts next week to keep it away from the bird food. But then, the birds will pinch the Squirrels peanuts won’t they ?
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