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  1. Well no they get paid that much because they are looking after a shedload of money, I dont think morals really comes into it. Just look at our politicians.
  2. Its a tricky balance. If buses arent being used as much, what price are people prepared to pay for tickets to keep the services running? Lets also not forget bus companies also have to buy diesel which is also going through the roof in terms of cost.
  3. Still is according to this https://groceries.asda.com/product/white-bread/warburtons-toastie-thick-sliced-white-bread/34537
  4. Not a single review since December there so assume they must have decided that was a poor idea!
  5. There now also seems to be a "Tango Blast" shop down Attercliffe, never seen it open. But I suspect you are right, seems very dodgy. Of course none of these premises will be paying anywhere near the rates they do on Oxford St in London, and they may be benefiting from some generous offers at the start of the tenancy such as zero/half rent, but it still makes you think.
  6. Depends when you are planning on switching it back on again. The power used to turn on and off would likely negate the power you save by keeping it off for an hour. Overnight: no issue at all, although these devices use so little energy relatively speaking.
  7. I would imagine someone else (or others) were covering her role whilst she was gone. Every local authority has a CEO with an eye watering salary. Dudley Council pay theirs £180k ffs and thats a significantly smaller area than Sheffield, and that is more than the sitting Prime Minister earns. Probably a wider topic tbh, does any local authority need to pay someone that much?
  8. This is essentially it. Had they sacked her there would have been a huge and costly legal battle costing ££££££££. I think Boris not going anyway has set a precedent now, sadly.
  9. These grants were not going to last for ever, the country is now paying for all the money that was dished out like confetti. If a route is financially viable with huge loading then it will stand on its own feet as a commercial enterprise, this isnt the case for every route though. Having a go at the drivers is a bit pointless though.
  10. Well he is, technically. The media are a bit sniffy about him, probably because he only spent 3 years up until the age of 22 in this country and no years at all until he was 16. Probably needs to win a biggie to get the media to love him like they have Raducanu.
  11. Dart is a nobody and Norrie is South African essentially, hardly a surprise. Raducanu would be a nobody too had she not won the US Open.
  12. Oh dear oh dear Committee's decision on Chief Executive (sheffnews.com)
  13. Send them an email with the screenshot of an issue, be worth stating that you consider the "clock" (as doesnt the fine go up after 14/21 days?) stopped whilst they look into it.
  14. Baffled that someone has a different opinion to you? Why? Hopefully this isnt the case for everything in life. Sorry my opinion offends you.
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