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  1. No, 4 games, including an England one that was originally scheduled at 2pm. In the middle of the jungle. In summer. In the end they swapped it to 5pm local time I think. A 4th division side now use the stadium.
  2. At least London 2012 got that absolutely spot on.
  3. Yes, the next one is in China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universiade TBH was never sad to see Don Valley Stadium get razed to the ground, the place was a dump. If you want to see a much worse example of sporting venues being left to rot after the event they were built for was held, go and look at most of the Athens Olympics 2004 venues. Absolutely criminal what has happened to those.
  4. Well not ALL of them but yes it is true that taxi drivers are delivering a lot of takeaways.
  5. I could see a fair bit of bedwetting about the fact they are all sat rather close to each other: 5 of them on the sofas at the moment. Sound quality is atrocious.
  6. Did you go to Google Maps and put the details in? It pops up with a route skirting around Lincoln. The A1 between Worksop and Markham Moor is not a motorway. What is your issue with motorways?
  7. Come on now. Thats like saying smokers should pay for their treatment if they get cancer, drinkers should pay for their treatment if they get liver problems etc. Thin end of the wedge.
  8. Correct, and even then if you pay a CCJ off within a month it will vanish. And they aren't going to litigate for the sake of one missed payment, and even if they did this is their own doing and would be laughed out the door by the judge.
  9. They have vanished off Just Eat, doesnt mean they have shut though i suppose.
  10. The jabs could be moving outside just like the tests were. Or, no jabs on days with events and this has already been factored in.
  11. Is there not an email address you can ask someone to get back to you on?
  12. ...that we know of, remember mass testing wasn't a "thing" at the start.
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