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  1. And you bumped a thread after 13 and a bit years to tell us that? Great.
  2. He is entitled to his opinion, he was hardly slagging the city of Sheffield off was he? Think it was a throwaway comment during an interview last week after a game.
  3. Ah, so this was just another excuse to crowbar the closure of Castle Market in. Cuttsie is as Cuttsie does.
  4. Ha! She also carried on watching the "worst programme on TV" in another thread, but I am sure me pointing this out will lead to someone accusing me of "picking on her" again.
  5. Both are being pensioned off by the BBC going off reports, their last event will be the April/May World Champs. All the cook kids watch on Eurosport anyway.
  6. Surely that depends if she goes of her own accord or not.
  7. The same as any other local authority Chief Executive who gets paid more than the sitting Prime Minister
  8. Absolutely not. The one opposite the mosque near Queens Rd wins that hands down.
  9. What a bizarre post. As already said, laws already exist that apply to all drivers anyway.
  10. I would at least expect they stuck to the rules they went on telly daily to enforce.
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