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  1. And to be fair this is only an appeal to be allowed to appeal, as far as I am aware you can only appeal if you believe an error was made in the process or calculation of the sentence, and you cant do it just because you dont like the verdict.
  2. You could whack 100 signs up, people still wouldn't read them because the average motorist is thick as two short planks. See my example on page 1 of this thread of me sauntering down the timed bus lane on Chesterfield Rd at 1pm whilst everyone crams into the 2nd lane.
  3. To be fair, the contract wont use those words, thats just press release/PR speak.
  4. Spital Hill one has signs up, relatively sure on that
  5. Maybe he is expecting a full TV advertising campaign, maybe a series of billboards through the city. Not sure what he is expecting.
  6. What "publicity" do you think is sufficient in this case then? Put it on receipts? Nobody reads those either, and most people dont even bother.
  7. Better than that, I saw them. Two of them, very low, just sailed over my head. RAF ones I would assume.
  8. The rules of the road likely stop this from being an option as it would apply to all traffic. I think.
  9. You only have to see the bus lane on Woodseats/Chesterfield Rd past Homebase to see this in action. Everyone at 1pm in the second lane, nowhere near the first, while I sail past them all because none of them can read the signs.
  10. A good argument against that it it's just another thing to confuse the motorist, some don't even see signs ffs (see opening post) , let alone ones that have hours printed on them.
  11. There are countless signs leading up to there that tell you its a bus gate, well before you get to the bus gate itself.
  12. They aren't fines btw, they are speculative parking invoices.
  13. You would assume anyone buying that product would be told they have less time to use them than usual.
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