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  1. Can either Makapaka or Top4718 just post the link to the sodding video ffs, and then we can put this to bed.
  2. Just going to lob it out there...wonder if she still would have won if it wasn't of John Birkhill?
  3. Just tried to find it on twitter, couldnt find it. Yes, a link would be great.
  4. How can something true, that happened, be a conspiracy? And can only things that happen in Sheffield be discussed on here now? It doesnt matter where it happened, it makes a mockery of the whole thing. if they are behaving like that. As I said, its all theatre.
  5. A lot of replying to the poster rather than the post going on here today. Its a perfectly valid point, if they are all milling around close to each other and then only space out and whack masks on for the sake of the broadcast cameras, it makes a mockery of everyone.
  6. This will be nothing new. Do you think Boris Johnson stands a mile away from Chris Whitty out the back before the press conferences? Do you think Holly and Phil stay metres apart during the breaks of This Morning? Its all theatre.
  7. Would be imminently more sensible then making them rebuild something to knock it down again.
  8. Is it? Thought they played at the ground near the Sainsburys Dronfield petrol station?
  9. Who said he was with Peoples Energy?
  10. You really need to be looking at the unit price/standing charge to see what its gone up by the direct debit amount is merely a contribution to the bill and may not reflect the increase properly.
  11. So you want them to rebuild it to then demolish it again? 不不不不不不不不
  12. Not if I am going to get preached at during half time, no.
  13. Surely ANYTHING is better than demanding they rebuild a derelict pub, have the local residents had a bang on the head or something?
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