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  1. Ah, we finally got there. I blame Thatcher. And the space lizards. And the Gorgons.
  2. There is also an irony you are moaning about lack of internet access on an internet forum you typed this opening post on....
  3. Im sorry but they arent going to pump money into a service a handful of people are using. The BBC just switched off Radio 4 on MW this week for the same reason
  4. Another post here for you to answer mate.
  5. Why would it offend me? No rules have been broken. Just amused you are offering your expert opinion on the parking and shops in an area you admit you haven't stepped into for 14 years. Anything to reply to Ecconoobs takedown of your opinion or are you ignoring that?
  6. Not set foot in the city centre for 14 years yet feels qualified to comment on it 😂😂😂😂
  7. Giving the reason doesn't change anything though, not sure what the issue is here.
  8. As a venue though it is hamstrung by capacity, this event could easily sell double the tickets it does, if not more. "History" and "Weight of tradition" can only take you so far.
  9. So looks like it was a 40 year old white man. That will upset a few.
  10. Ive just realised the glaring typo above - it should say I WOULD NOT give a Roku product to my worst enemy 🤣
  11. I would give a Roku product to my worst enemy.
  12. The above is an example of a wider point, doesn't have to be just Amsterdam.
  13. Businessmen don't want one return flight to Amsterdam shoved at the end of the day, or the start of the day, which is likely what DSA will get. They want an airport which has multiple return trips a day for convenience. An Amsterdam flight from DSA at 10pm to Amsterdam that doesn't return until 9pm the next day isn't convenient in the slightest.
  14. The point being how many new bases is an airline like this going to want in a year, they are hardly on the scale of Ryanair. If this airport doesn't open with a range of airlines already in place they may as well not bother.
  15. When I think of West Street shops I think of: - off license - bookies -kebab shop - another off license - KFC - another kebab shop - yet another kebab shop - hey, another kebab shop Etc.
  16. Was the opening post generated by AI?
  17. Well yes. Its not a realistic position to take is it? I recall at some point in recent history a service that got binned that only had on average 1 person per bus on it had a petition with three thousand signatures on it. Where were these 3000 people when the service was operating?
  18. Well private companies operate buses, they exist to make a profit, if nobody want to subsidise them what makes you think they should run services to make a loss? Because thats what you are asking them to do.
  19. What does the fact it is a match day or not got to do with it?
  20. Rang mine last week at 8.30am. Had an appointment by 9.45am. Similar story the last few years, never had an issue. Its not all doom and gloom.
  21. It's either a suggestion or they are doing it, make a decision 😂
  22. Thanks for letting us know. Thought you had gone?
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