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  1. Tonight's line up against Norwich: Beadle, Iorfa, B. Diaby, Ihiekwe, Famewo, Palmer, Bannan, Windass, Musaba, Gassama, Smith SUBS: Dawson, Valentin, Pedersen, James, Hendrick, Paterson, Vaulks, Fletcher, Cadamarteri
  2. Yes it was 1998, I cashed it in and used the money for a holiday to Greece.
  3. Today's line up at QPR: Beadle, Iorfa, B. Diaby, Ihiekwe, Famewo, Palmer, Bannan, Poveda, Windass, Ugbo, Smith SUBS: Dawson, Valentin, Pedersen, Hendrick, Paterson, Vaulks, Gassama, Musaba, Cadamarteri
  4. Today's line up against Middlesborough. Beadle, Valentin, Ihiekwe, B. Diaby, Famewo, Johnson, Vaulks, Bannan, Musaba, Cadamarteri, Ugbo SUBS: Dawson, Palmer, Iorfa, James, Hendrick, Gassama, Poveda, Fletcher, Smith
  5. Today's line up against Swansea. Beadle, Valentin, Bernard, Ihiekwe, Famewo, Johnson, Palmer, Vaulks, Musaba, Cadamarteri, Ugbo SUBS: Dawson, Iorfa, B. Diaby, James, Hendrick, Bannan, Gassama, Wilks, Smith
  6. They won't be happy till they can get all their customers banking online.
  7. Steve Harley has died of cancer aged 73. I used to love Cockney Rebel, I still listen to them today on my Spotify play list. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/national/steve-harley-death-cockney-rebel-musician-dies-aged-73/ar-BB1k2r4G?ocid=msedgntp&pc=ACTS&cvid=4cd910b0f4ad424c92ebd16f5bc026cc&ei=10
  8. Today's line up at Ipswich. Beadle, Iorfa, Ihiekwe, Bernard, Johnson, Vaulks, Bannan, Poveda, Musaba, Gassama, Ugbo Substitutes | Dawson, Palmer, Valentin, Famewo, B. Diaby, M. Diaby, Wilks, Smith, Cadamarteri
  9. Did some work there back in 1982, I think it was someone called John running it then, not sure if it used to be his parents pub. The elderly lady who worked in the kitchen gave us a plate of freshly cooked chips every day. Was a nice pub, very quiet and like someone said a lot of professional people used it, I don't think I have ever been in there since then.
  10. Plus all those extra emissions created by sending motorists a greater distance to get from A to B.
  11. Tonight's line up against Leeds. Beadle, Valentin, Bernard, B. Diaby, Famewo, Johnson, Palmer, Bannan, Musaba, Gassama, Ugbo SUBS: Dawson, Iorfa, Ihiekwe, James, M. Diaby, Vaulks, Wilks, Cadamarteri, Smith
  12. I am wanting some smart plugs to make it easier to turn things on and off rather than bending to switch the socket on and off. I have looked on Amazon and there are loads of different ones. Which make do any of you recommend and are there any that should be avoided.
  13. I had something similar on my laptop a few months ago saying to call a number to clear it, I couldn't get rid of it and I couldn't close the browser so I just turned it off and when I started it up it was ok.
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