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  1. It is ridiculous the money they get, Fulham spent about £105m on transfers so in effect with this money they only spent about £4m.
  2. The Premier League have announced its UK broadcast, international TV and commercial revenue payments to clubs for 2018-19, with Liverpool leading the way having banked a cool £152.4million. So even if you finish bottom you are looking at about £100m coming in. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/premier-league-prize-money-2018-16190849 TOTAL PAYMENTS Liverpool - £152.43million Manchester City - £150.97million Chelsea - £146.03million Tottenham Hotspur - £145.23million Manchester United - £142.51million Arsenal - £142.19million Everton - £128.60million Wolves - £127.17million Leicester City - £123.33million West Ham United - £122.53million Newcastle United - £120.13million Crystal Palace - £114.22million Watford - £113.90million Bournemouth - £108.14million Burnley - £107.34million Brighton - £105.734million Southampton - £104.30million Cardiff City - £102.70million Fulham - £101.90million Huddersfield Town - £96.63million
  3. iansheff

    Help please - where to live

    There are plenty of apartments in the City centre not sure on the pricing though but is an easy walk to the university.
  4. iansheff

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Just seen that Wednesday lining up a move for Jake Bidwell QPR's left back. https://the72.co.uk/131951/sheffield-wednesday-set-sights-on-qpr-left-back/
  5. iansheff

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    I see that The Star says Wednesday have dropped their interest in Powell due to his high wage demands, he turned down a million pounds a year offered by Wigan. Players are getting greedier, is it any wonder though when you read that De Gea wants £350,000 a week and I read that Rashford was getting a rise from £100,000 to £300,000 a week.
  6. iansheff

    Subbuteo as a kid?

    Just seen a subbuteo set on Dickinsons real deal that went for £250, the dealer then sold it for £550.
  7. iansheff

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    The Scottish Sun now report that Wednesday are plotting a move for Kilmarnock defender Stuart Findlay, with boss Bruce watching him against Hearts last week.
  8. iansheff

    R.I.P Niki Lauda

    Niki Lauda, three times world champion has passed away aged 70. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48345660
  9. iansheff

    Tomato Growing

    Last weeks warm weather really brought the tomato plants on after the couple of weeks of colder weather. Put a cucumber plant in last Thursday and that has really taken, might get another this afternoon, I like peppers but never have much success with them the peppers never grow to any size, also have had them with a hole in and found wood lice inside.
  10. iansheff

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Apparently according to the HITC website Norwich are looking to sign Rhodes on the cheap, although they have said it is from the Sun I can't see anything on the Sun website. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/05/19/report-norwich-want-to-keep-sheffield-wednesdays-jordan-rhodes/
  11. iansheff

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    I read that Villa are looking at doing the same if they don't get promoted to the PL. Why shouldn't clubs use their assets to their benefit, the clubs that get relegated from the PL get their parachute payments to cover the high wages they pay the players. Clubs should negotiate contracts that say if we are relegated from the PL then there will be a cut in the wages, as it is, they can keep the supposedly better quality players on high PL wages.
  12. iansheff

    PPI, Anyone Had A Payout

    I had a few car loans back in the 90s and not sure who they were with so I think I will try one of the companies that do it for you as I can't remember who the loans were with. Has anyone any recommendations which company to use or who not to use?
  13. iansheff

    And the Next Football boss to be sacked is ..

    Middlesborough have sacked Tony Pulis. However it says they will not renew his contract so how can it be a sacking? It's understood that Jonathan Woodgate is in contention to take his first steps in management as Pulis' replacement. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-tony-pulis-sacked-middlesbrough-16158880
  14. iansheff

    Westwood worth a 2 year contract?

    Westwood wants to stay and it would be a shame to lose one of the best keepers in the division. Goalkeepers usually have a lot longer career than outfield players, I wonder if the offer of a one year contract is down to his long time on the sidelines last year. Surely he is worth the risk of a two year contract.
  15. iansheff

    R.I.P Doris Day

    Well we have lost another golden oldie a great singer and actress, Doris Day has died aged 97. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48257670

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