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  1. Well they said it would happen after the take over and Newcastle have parted company with Steve Bruce, an £8m pound pay off to ease the pain.
  2. Tonight's line up against Cambridge, two changes from Saturday Lets hope if they take the lead they can hold onto it, can't keep giving points away from winning positions.
  3. It is just another way of making more money, have you noticed when buying "white goods" for example a black fridge freezer is usually about £20 dearer than a white one.
  4. Would much rather watch Jonathan Pie than any of those, pity he isn't on the TV.
  5. Today's line up at Wimbledon, 3 changes to the side from the last match.
  6. Think it depends on your GP, I got a text from my GP last week asking me to make an appointment through the link they sent me and had the jab Saturday.
  7. Today's line up against Bolton, a few changes to last Saturday's line up, I make it 6 changes.
  8. Thanks I will look at both of them, I am out Friday so maybe call at the one off the Parkway.
  9. The paint on my car bonnet has chipped and started to lift, no sign of rust but it will need touching up professionally, Can anyone recommend a paint shop that will do a good job.
  10. Managed to take the lead and hold it for 5 minutes.
  11. Is it under warranty, it has been playing up lately with wrong predictions.
  12. A lot of changes as there was for the match against Newcastle.
  13. How many months is it now since they last came from behind to win a match, I am I sure read it was over 12 months and that was a while ago.
  14. Today's line up against Oxford, two changes Bannan and Shodipo for Brown and Hutchinson. Looking at the table the other night when it was 2 - 0 Wednesday had conceded the least goals but then again not scored many, lets hope the forwards can start hitting the back of the net. A round of applause for the U18s they were 5 - 1 down at halftime at Crewe and won 6 - 5.
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