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  1. Asda made a big fuss about the 100 items with fixed prices, nothing about the large increases, I got a block of cheese the other week, I think it was £2 or £2.10 now £2.50. Just looking at my bill and their own wholemeal bread has gone up almost 17% since last Tuesday. I always check my receipt, a few weeks back I got something off the whoops, think it was 99p. When I was checking my bill I was being charged nearly £3 for meat and I hadn't bought any, the "meat" was the item off the whoops at 99p so went straight to customer services who refunded the difference. I try to keep an eye on the till as they scan the items but it is not always easy.
  2. And had the result gone the other way we all know the united fans wouldn't have gone on the pitch?
  3. Apparently it was the same at Huddersfield with Nathan Jones complaining about the Huddersfield fans.
  4. Think it is closed for good, I went last week and was surprised there was fencing round the entrance and the sign was no longer over the door. Looked on their website and there is no mention of the one at Crystal Peaks.
  5. The other week Asda increased the price of their baked beans by 10%, I bought some today and they have gone up by over 9%. I also got their "Big eat Rolls", they haven't gone up in price but look smaller than they used to be.
  6. Well here is the answer from Rachel Maclean, the safeguarding minister, Cost of living crisis: Work more hours or get a better job to cope with price rises, minister urges (msn.com) Last week we had one clown saying you could cook meals for 30p. It must be lovely living in their world with no money worries, high salaries, generous expenses and very generous pensions.
  7. It has an Intel Pentium silver processor.
  8. I like one for a change, a nice ham salad on one.
  9. See Asda were making a great deal about how they are keeping a lot of prices down for the year, they have increased the price of their plain baguette by 25%.
  10. Thanks Ghozer, I use it every day, don't do gaming or anything like that, as soon as there is a notification for an update I update it. I had a look and saw a 256gb 15.6inch screen with 8gb ram for £299, maybe I ought to consider something like that rather than spend money upgrading this one. I doubt I will ever go for Lenovo again, my tablet is Lenovo and it is rubbish, I got it to replace my other Lenovo tablet that packed in but it is not as good.
  11. I have a Lenovo Ideapad330 1TB HD and 4gb Ram which is almost 3 years old and still has over 900gb of space on the HD. Not had much luck with it and doubt I will ever buy anything Lenovo again. However it keeps stopping and not responding coming up at the top of the screen and can take ages to start again, it also takes ages to open Excel or Word and again says not responding. Clicking on the start menu nothing happens for ages before the menu comes up, this is really annoying when I want to shut it down. Anyone any idea how to improve performance. Is there a chance that if I download the Windows11 upgrade it keeps offering me it will improve the performance, I am reluctant to go down that route as I read some of the things that work on W10 won't work on W11
  12. As soon as I saw the thread title, the words "dental plan" were repeating in my head along with the image of Homer.
  13. Tonight's line up against Sunderland, 2 changes to Friday's first leg with Windass starting. Let's hope they step up to the plate, win the game and get a trip to Wembley,
  14. Well I offered last year and no one wanted any, a bit earlier this year but I have some Marmande (Beef tomatoes), Roma (Plum) and Money maker plants. So if there is anyone who wants any let me know. Some are ready for either planting into pots or growbags and almost outgrowing the pots they are in now.
  15. Tonight's line up at Sunderland, 1 change to the Portsmouth game.
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