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  1. I've got standards fella. Nowt wrong with that.
  2. Nah, she was triple jabbed so not a pure blood matey.
  3. Another one bites the dust 🙄🤣
  4. Nothing new. The bbc has been giving us the middle finger for years.
  5. I'm using my phone if that's what you mean? That's actually very funny 🤣
  6. Yes, you did. Why? You're confused. I'm curious, not sensitive.
  7. Yes, I'm aware of that. So what was the rumour? You are the one who brought it up. Why? Hmmmmmm, I wonder.
  8. The original rumor was edited out before the 1st reply. The only reason itsbeen edited is because it hasn't been confirmed. Unless you are suggesting that I want it to be a migrant? If so I'd like to see you try and back that up Take your time.👍 Edit. Make that the 4th reply 🙄🤣
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