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  1. It's The_DADDY. At least have the decency to spell my name right.
  2. What you mean is you lied.
  3. My bold. I didn't say that.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell I suppose.
  5. Ive never watched that so I don't know reference. Any chance you can enlighten me? Hold your horses I haven't been proved wrong yet.
  6. I'd like nothing more than to be wrong, you guys have no serious side effects and you both live long and fruitful lives I'd be delighted to buy you both a pint and that way we can all laugh at how wrong I was and how stupid I sounded together.
  7. You've been watching too many David Icke videos matey. Not sure why you felt then need to try and guilt me but whatever. To answer your first question... No I can't. I had my chance when I originally saw the content and I should have downloaded it but I naively thought it would be on the Internet forever. More fool me I suppose.
  8. You could have any one of the number of adverse effects including death. Or you may get no adverse effects. It's like Russian Roulette. I hope you get the empty chamber.
  9. Yeah. I've amended my post to highlight my terrible wording. I think it's pretty clear what I meant but I'm happy to take some stick for my mistake. If that's your opinion then I can live with it. Do you believe regular blue masks protect you or anyone else from coronavirus? Do you believe the jab is safe?
  10. Yeah, that's why I edited my post and was sure to leave in place but highlight my mistake 😂
  11. My bad. I meant stuff like minute particles like virus's obviously they stop mucus and the like. I just badly worded my post It was a figure of speech
  12. Unless you are very old with underlying conditions or just somone with serious underlying conditions then you can catch covid and you may not even know. It's just the flu/cold or if its the Delta variant, that's just hay-fever. Just ditch the mask and breathe fresh air. You only get one life so live it.
  13. Why? You said I made a nasty comment. I say I didn't. If you are offended by my comment then tough. Offence is taken not given. That's the one. Welcome to the party 🙄 We'll done. I'm very pleased for you.
  14. Who knows? I hope not. I hope no one dies from it but people are. A lot of people's lives are being damaged by this snake oil Can I point to something specific and say here Makapaka, have a read of this? No. I can't. Have I read and viewed lots of snippets from various medical professionals about the dangers of this stuff and their predictions for the future? Yes I have. Sadly all but a tiny number of these videos, pdfs etc have been removed. Some may say they are removed because they are all lies and yeah, I can see why they would say that but I believe they have been removed for the exact opposite reason. They are accurate but go against the narative. I've said this a few times but I think it's worth repeating. I hope you are right and I am wrong and I'll be the first person to laugh at myself if it turns out I've turned into the Yorkshire Alex Jones.
  15. Not much. Let me put it this way (don't worry, I'll be gentle) If you chose a profession such as a doc, nurse or whatever then the likelihood is you'll have to wear a mask to stop droplets of sweat, blood, other gunk.. You know that and accept that before you even start training If however you are not one of said professionals and are just a normal member of the public and suddenly you are ordered by the government to wear a face covering to go shopping, the park, the hairdresser, school, college, on a bus or train etc etc for a virus no worse than the flu then it's a muzzle. It's funny, the muzzles most of you wear don't stop anything passing through. It even says it on the box yet the gullible wear one because the talkie talkie moving picture box in the corner of the living room tells them to. My bold. By this I mean minute particles such as the very virus people wear these things to protect themselves against. Don't judge me by your standards.
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