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  1. We have and well never agree will we
  2. Roughly? I know around 11 or so people with adverse reactions to the jab. I know around 0 people with adverse reactions to convid.
  3. Can't say I'm too fussed myself. I'm at the point where I now know more people with adverse jab reactions than adverse convid reactions.
  4. Are we talking gangs with knives or gangs with guns or the old fashioned gangs who used fists and the occasional lead pipe?
  5. Very true. It's staggering how these cretins aren't held accountable for their words and action yet Trump is Orange Man Bad and oh so evil.....Because these same corrupt cretins say he is..
  6. Ahh but that dosent count because it's the Democrats lol
  7. In the age of Big Brother I'm sure 'they' will have a way.
  8. Oh my God this is disgusting. It's political correctness gone mad. Mad I tell ya!
  9. I'd probably benefit from that as I don't do many miles per week. My worry that if it's implemented the fuel duty reduction would be a token one.
  10. Forgive my ignorance but is road pricing where you pay per mile with different prices for off peak and on peak journeys?
  11. I'm not sure what they expect either but I do understand their frustration. Fuel duty needs to be slashed in my opinion but I very much doubt it will be. I don't go along with the 'Putins price hike' narrative though.
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