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  1. I'm wondering why this highly vulnerable girl was allowed such unrestricted freedom with no supervision ? Where were her family/carers? The punishment confuses me though. If its accepted he was convinced she was over 16,then why the punishment?
  2. I fail to see what you think you proved but whatever makes you happy.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10438991/Student-20-repeatedly-raped-girl-12-met-Tinder-avoids-jail.html The judge said he was immature for his age and she acted suggestively.
  4. You're absolutely correct there Rockers. I edited my post and used a more appropriate term. Cheers matey 🙏
  5. Yeah it's no secret these days. He allegedly had a thing going with Cliff when he was still called Harry Webb.
  6. I just did. I said there was no need for it. Not sure where you get "woke lefty nonsense etc" from. I'm not a lefty. And woke? Me? 😂
  7. I'd have to agree. To me it's akin to sharing a personal letter or email without the consent of the other party.
  8. That's rather bad form in my view
  9. Many people had friends and family who died but they were denied the chance to be at their funerals. Do they blame Boris? They Probably do now.
  10. Tell that to the people who stuck to the rules whilst Boris was partying. Or those who didn't stick to the rules and were fined. Witch hunt? That's so far from the truth it's almost as laughable as Boris's 'No one told me' excuse.
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