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  1. just out of intrest did have a egg box type ceiling?
  2. thats normally true,hope they dont read this or they will be covering there hands in mud
  3. we cannot change where we are,but both set of sheffield supporters are loyal,good years and bad,but football is about money and to be big and stay big money is king,most teams like wolves,spent big,and stayed up and competitive ,those that dont go down,but good top players want to win things and that counts to
  4. there was a begger years ago in the star,he even had a disability car,its awfull picking on ,peoples kindness
  5. why not look at eckington area or chesterfield thats easier for the peak district and m1
  6. maggie got it right close all the pits ,and now she will left a message somewhere saying get digging the coal,i told you it was a good idea to save it,the countrys now used everyone elses and now,we can use our own ,IF WE USE OUR COMMON SENSE,LOVE MAGGIE T.
  7. we as proper fans support our teams every week,good times/bad times times we can go ,times we cant afford it,but we stick in there any way we can,from birth to death,even many still use a radio or tv ,love there club even when ill or bed ridden ,even man city have tasted the bad times,,okay we may wish for better times,but hey ho we love our club,and when we die it dies with us even with our scarf in a coffin,but our support lives on.thats a true supporter .
  8. hes a top champion boxer and great person,he does have views on life that some people dislike,but was he not born weighing just over 1lb in weight? he says you have to work hard to achieve ,what hes done SIR tyson fury sounds good, top boxer
  9. thats a awfull thing to do,con the public ,who give there hard earned cash thinking they are offering a helping hand ,only to find its a huge con
  10. yes there should be money to re-dress the situation,especially where food ect ,was involved ,its awfull
  11. i read today that a great street market,called hedgerow market was set for a 6 hour market on division street on oct 9th 12noon-6pm with the road closed to traffic,but failure by amey or scc dont know which failed to close road there for the market could not take place,this must of upset folk,businesess and also the people who spent hours advertising and promoting it,who is to blame?
  12. well i tried to book for our area meeting in south lac and its full at 30 no more allowed in ,due to 2 metre rule,okay i have found i am away on holiday that day,but couldnt go if i wished,so it does make a difference, i just find it strange as the rest of the countrys moved on.
  13. does it mean a nice or bad winter?
  14. ONTO OUR NEXT GAME,crystal ball 1-2 wednesday win,what do others think,padders that crystal ball is great love it,and no its not off to blackpool with me,but i may call in and see rosie and ask about whether we end up 1,2,or 3rd in the league,wont matter as long as we go up though,but worth a tenner out of intrest.
  15. crystal ball not exact,have get some new glasses,but a win is a win onto the next match.
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