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  1. also the film about buster edwards the great train robber,but whatever,great music,everlasting,sadly lost another top singer
  2. dont know the damage scooter or bikes have caused over england,but who pays out for your car damage if its caused by these uninsured ,untrained people,also if a cars uninsured ,you are normally end up in court,fined,prison ect,plus points deduction,but if its only a small amount ,its too many if it has to come out of your pocket cash wise,its about time these people paid insurance/tax and had some form of test,bikes get lanes ect ,but pay nowt.
  3. but thats no good if they have no cash or live with mum ect,ect.
  4. totally agree,BUT the lotttery when things get back to normal,offer up to £10,000 for community events,so if local people join together ,set up a group,work with a land owner and the police,fire services,scc ect,then local people can enjoy a great night,use local people for hotfood,funfair rides ect,they can make a amount of cash that can be used for the following year or for the community,its easy and keeps your area safer.
  5. just heard we are going into tier 3 via mat hancock according to a email to me for the star is it true
  6. only one for me or several really,i go to woodseats fisheries,top class cooked in dripping ,big cod ,chips peas top class or sheffield market,attercliffe, or brendas ,back of the moor,theres a goodun in bakewell as well,dripping is they key and home made batter,queued half an hour at woodseats thats the sign of any top chippy.
  7. but some person is going to make ,big cash this year as folk buy for the garden instead of going to a proper event due to covid 19,hope theres not to many injurys as many dont normally set off these big fireworks and many not suitable for a normal back garden ,and i cannot see the shops asking or advising whats suitable for there garden,it will be supposed to be 25 metres away ,but it will be okay attitude ,hope i am wrong
  8. sorry bad spelling,but do you agree its 3 easy games after wed eve.
  9. it may be a bit of paper,but if a silly scooter driver or bike rider hits you ,you can claim,as it stands that lot dont have to pay anything,they damage a car and theres no comeback so the car driver foots the bill,wrong they need to pay insurance and road tax.
  10. oven ready and ready to go,no problem,we have it all sorted,OMG what a mess and if we leave with no deal,how are we fixed then with the irish boarder?,all bluther and smoke,i reckon it will be sorted later ,and both sides will say they got the best deal.
  11. WITH no public bonfires this year ,and with fireworks many to big for a normal garden,bonfires this year for many unlike in the past,i worry its going to be bad for animals(worse than normal) as they cannot go to a big display ,then add on its midweek,i assume its going to be torrid and noisy,i also think,we will have more problems than normal,dad /mum ect ,always taken the family to a big event,all of a sudden trying to remember how to build a fire,set off the fireworks ect,ect,add the normal idiots OMG comes to mind.i hope covid doesnt include more lives,via a different version.
  12. VERY INTRESTING facts,i didnt know any of that,do they need insurance,i really believe all bikes,inc electric and scooters need insurance for everyones safety,i get the disabled,who needs these scooters as i am sure as a disabled person they need freedom.
  13. sorry folks,but a point at home,then 3 of the easiest games on the trot,but november lucks a bit tricky
  14. THIS IS a long journey ,but a point is possible,then 3 easy games,so thats 10 points from the next 4 games,what do others think
  15. well its 3 points and off to brentford,the 3 very easy games
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