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  1. its in the fly zone they use i am told,there are loads in greenhill/bradway,norton and graves park areas
  2. bassett one

    Explosion in Gleadless 20/04/2019

    sounds dodgy that a vehicle from another city,should be burnt out in a pub car park
  3. rep orts have it a persons died due to illness and we send our thoughts to the family,it happened near the st peters greenhill church so sad
  4. well final home game,very intresting game this could be
  5. its the silly D taxis and other things like that ,that can of course cause problems,how can you advertise a company for years,but have no taxis? but if its a loop hole well i dont blame him
  6. need to win this to keep our slim hopes for the season alive
  7. bassett one

    Woodseats Festival 14th July 2019

    what a great top event,much loved by many,glad to hear its still on i enjoy going there
  8. bassett one

    old asda at woodseats

    sounds like a pub or club then,it will be a real booze area at woodseats ,good or bad what do others think
  9. bassett one

    old asda at woodseats

    so know one knows whats its going to be,heard its going to be a pub,like the one at hillsbrough with big tv screens ect.
  10. bassett one

    That West Yorkshire Outfit v Sheffield Wednesday

    well its move onto 2019/20 and make sure we win the league,but its all the change thats needed,hope it doesnt give us a slow start, we are basically to old as a team,the way leeds play is how we need to be ,but that needs fast players and that means young players and that sometimes takes time to gell ,lets hope we can move on and sort it,we have the best owner,supporters and manager ,just need a team and stadium to go with it ,and i am sure we will get there next time.
  11. this bank holiday monday 2-4pm CHANCE TO SEE THE FAMOUS KIMMO WITH free easter egg for each child GREAT HOTFOOD and see this top entertainer for just £1 per child ticket only book at the tennants hall gresley road lowedges this mon or friday 6-7pm 1st come basis what a great deal subsidised by your local greenhill/bradway tara,any questions email stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk
  12. bassett one

    That West Yorkshire Outfit v Sheffield Wednesday

    pity that now we have hooper,fit and well ,looking after him for over a year that hes off to his next big club.we must get up as we lose lots of players and have no cash for 2019/20,good news we have a top manager like i predicted.
  13. bassett one

    old asda at woodseats

    what a mystery this is then,come on guys someone knows or is it top secret ?
  14. bassett one

    old asda at woodseats

    so lots of rumours about the building then
  15. bassett one

    hallamshire hospital cafe in top building

    ITS OKAY saying go up to the other cafe,but theres no reason why the walls are dirty,its not a greasy spoon builders cafe

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