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  1. i go down the market to the jewelery shop at the bottom of the ramp
  2. another great musician gone to the pop world above,sad loss,but he left us some great songs in his memory.
  3. i doubt him as hes not got a proven record,like steve bruce,but it also depends who will come and play for him and if they fancy a 12 point deduction that could lead to a relegation fight if we dont go like a steam train in the first few weeks and many top players its about money or the manager and its if they think we can offer both,that could be a problem.
  4. but you cannot say hes not wealthy or not put in millions,we dont have any outstanding bills,no overdraft ,he just needs a adviser for players,a top manager and we will be okay,he says many want to buy him out and,if thats lot is not good enough what can you say,but its not like any other business ,i think he would like to just buy until we get up to the premier,but he cant and that must frustrate him,but i would do it the wolves way its guaranteed as you only loan players for the most and if it fails change them as they cannot sit on the sidelines and just collect wages,no results no contract end of.
  5. as i have said before,hes a top business man,but unfortunately he cannot do what he wants with this type of business with his own cash,unlike other businesses ,hes not stupid,he just would of been better hiring a top manager and a top or maybe 2 top advisers and a old ex player,it was unfortunate we lost steve bruce.
  6. now we could be in trouble as our books/accounts are late,even though we were granted extra time,wonder if theres anything wrong?
  7. what a great day we could of had ,a nice day,nice weather,had lots of calls ect,but lives are the most important and respect for those who have died,sorry but we had no choice,so lets pray that we can resume in 2021 and the we find a vaccine to this awfull pandemic ,so raise a glass and think of what we could of had and thanks for all your support,thank you for all your calls and watch this space thanks to all inc the forum for there support with this space,nothing will be published re this until jan 2021 here.
  8. make it a food/family pub ,with a childrens area and a community room for various activitys in the area and then i think it would be okay,bet witherspoons would make it pay,not saying thats the answer though.
  9. well best thing to do is spend like mad ,go up and that sorts it,if they cannot touch you
  10. they were great yum yum,better than the small ices of today
  11. its a way to get out of contracts with shop owners ie buildings rent,and just save those that make a profit,do they have many in sheffield?
  12. but they are supposed to uphold the law,which they cannot do as they would need to treble there forces to stand a chance,same as parking they could make a fortune if they went round just lowedges early morning and booked every car parked were they shouldnt,ie to close or on a junction,never mind all the rest of the estates.
  13. that makes us sound as unbeatable,got to play the wednesday this week ,bring it on i say.
  14. bet it gets used a lot this coming weekend as its going to be very hot,at one time we had several out door pools,millhouses,longley and may be others,been to hathersage its great.
  15. the other trouble is the police ect make the rules,BUT dont make sure they are kept,been out today more traffic,so they will have to slow down,i hope
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