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  1. but can we add players as we stand?
  2. it seems to be getting worse by the day,any idea when they tell us our fate?
  3. i had swfc,forrest,wba and leeds as main promotion contenders ,so this wont be easy or will it?
  4. garys now found a role for rhodes,notice why norwich thought he was so good,lets hope we now get a decent run from him now ,and show all that cash was not wasted
  5. this is another 3 points in the bag,easy no problem
  6. the report said all players/ect on wages above £17,000 didnt get the balance of there wages until a few days later,how many would that be at s6 ten or more?,but it does seem strange doesnt it?
  7. why 21 points,any idea why that would be the punishment?
  8. reading in todays sun ,the players were paid £17,000 ,with the balance of there wages paid a few days later,seems strange if true,any ideas?
  9. LAST FEW TICKETS BEFORE KIMMO FLYS TO THE USA FOR HIS XMAS SHOW call at the tenants hall this mon 9th 5-7pm gresley road s87hh price includes show by kimmo hotfood and drinks and free selection box
  10. hi everything will be kept,some used in our lowedges book in 2020,also the heritage lottery are positive and another grant for our workers from the university and our leading lady heritage expert see okay,so we hope its the start as some magnificent interviews were held only a week ago ie the last farm worker who drove off the tractor,before all the lorrys ect came into the fields to start building,and a lot more,so hopefully its only year 1,but nothing will be thrown,pity you cannot come,but i am sure there will be more thanks,just another one in them days you got a brand new house,fully decorated and a freeeeeeee gas or electric cooker and a fridge not bad ,but theres more to come i am sure
  11. these are the games we have to win,as its at home and a side that will be up there at the end of the season.
  12. just hope telling the FA that we are correct and although they make the rules dont know them ,it doesnt come back two fold,i have supported the owls since my first game in 1960 as a five year old,that was a great season,then the bad times,ect,ect.but this confuses me in some ways,i always thought it fair that if had cash you could invest it as you please,but if they are that worried about clubs folding,why not have a separate bank where you put in the same as you spend to ensure theres no one going to lose money.
  13. just hope we win,as often when you appeal or upset the FA ie like appealing against a football card,they double the ban,but i take it the big boss has top lawyers ect,to look at loop holes in the FA rules,so we will have to await a decision on the whole horrid affair,pity we didnt spend more and go up and that would of solved the problem.
  14. are they waiting to see where we are in the league come april then decide that if guilty which will cause us most harm,ie stop us going up or at the worst send us down a league,it can only happen to swfc,only thing over the years we have not had is a fire.
  15. but hes been successfull at all his businesses ,so that should of stood us in good stead,but it seems otherwise,lets hope we are proved okay,but when do we find out?
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