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  1. I think if they didn't have to many workers and theres far to many in housing for instance in my opinion,they could move the staff to where they are needed most,i have no wish for people to lose there jobs,i just believe theres far to many in this section and they could be used better in other areas of the council.
  2. used to love my cd collection ,play all types in the car,come to change the car and find I had to get a music stick thing,take all my cds to my mate and now they are all on one,but the cds would be redundant except I have a indoor player,same with music in the garden I have a speaker and its blue tooth now.its called change,but I am not sure its always progress.
  3. the answer is simple,get drivers ,get vehicles and deliver,so you could say order non frozen food,use cold boxes,there must be thousands willing to work,its not rocket science just give them the addresses or put them in a sat nav and away they go,they don't need special training,why not use taxi companys when there cars are not in use,many taxi drivers when not working do takeaway deliverys,make life simple save lives and stop in,that man boris is clueless,even taking paternity leave when he was asked,the great leaders wouldn't even of considered that.
  4. read the book,hes a misunderstood guy really,he speaks his mind and that is what upsets people,some don't like his beliefs,but hes a nice guy,a family man and he has had to over come many difficulties in his life.
  5. so the other 2 a okay,but we still have a problem,is it the way we or he is paying that's a problem,to me if you buy a building/house you pay cash to the owner,borrow cash and pay the owner ect,ect,in other words before the other party lets you have the deeds,once paid in full,then the deeds go to the bank until you have paid in full,not I will send you some cash several times over 3-5 years,its same as a car,not yours until paid in full.
  6. all charges dropped,thats great news,proves if you have the best ,you can fight the FA and win,wonder if we can claim damages?
  7. great news in the sun page 68 swfc found not guilty of the ground sale,now we can get on with football ,when allowed,this should perk up the whole squad ect.
  8. who was the best centre forward for this section my name is derek Dooley as he scored more goals than others,but I may be wrong.
  9. also it cannot go on much longer than may
  10. alan 58 that looks a great team,remember they didn't have to be internationals to be included,so come on,i am biased swfc fan,but there have and still are some great utd players,great Barnsley and other nearby teams.
  11. while we have no football,how about we try to agree on the best british team,including all players from 1900 to now,BUT only from swfc,sufc,rotherham,barnsley,so lets try best 11 inc irish,welsh and Scottish players I would include Dooley swfcs highest scorer springett top keeper for england lane kay swan waddle and theres lots more your ideas would be great
  12. some supermarkets are helping those over 70 or disabled by giving them priority 1st choice delivery ,anyone any details?
  13. how about a happy mothers day column for those unable to visit and say hello in person
  14. as all these venues have been bailed out by scc,will the government pay now or is the writing on the wall,the swimming baths are past there best as is the arena,lets hope boris helps us.
  15. well hes now stated that he a honest,trustworthy businesness man,who has took advice and broke no rules,i believe him fully,but was the advice spot on that's the question?
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