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  1. what wages and hours are being offered by takeaways and labourers making people say its not worth working?
  2. nice to see a bit of young player intrest,i would get george hurst back on loan
  3. but with the top ups each week from universal credit and the fact the hours must be there as they have hardly any staff ,plus theres loads of jobs offering minimum 20 or 30 plus hours you have to be better off,our local supermarket want staff minimum 20-30 hours,plus loads more are guaranteed hours ,but you also feel better and it helps you hear about other jobs,plus many employers offer jobs mainly to those they see willing to work and only changing to better there selves,like more hours,or better hours ect.
  4. also then you did not get top up by the state,so things are better ,but some dont want a job
  5. i always thought wages were increased via universal credit ect ,as boris says making work pay,so if thats true these jobs can be filled by people out of work,but in life you have to start somewhere and often the recruits move upwards in that job or take there new skills elsewhere ,which is good,so why wont they take the job and learn new skills and move on to other work? years ago a apprentice worked 7 years on low wages to learn there skills,but also if you work say 35 hours on minimum wage say £9 per hour and you get free food ect thats worth at least 12 hundred pounds a month against being on the dole =about £300 ,if you are married ect you get a top up,if single its a no brainer really.and at least it proves you are willing to work,learn new skills and move up wards within the company or move to a better job,that makes sense to me.
  6. i said theres a lack of people willing to work in takeaways,causing huge problems in that trade and many other manual jobs ,so if the unemployed dont want these jobs or many others,it may be best to invite workers from abroad to come and do the jobs our unemployed refuse to do,i did complain about the food being wrong ,but thats because mistakes happen when you have not got enough staff,causing huge waiting times.
  7. THE brexit bit is the takeaways say they cannot get staff these days,due to no workers being allowed in to do that type of work,also our unemployed not wishing to do that type of work,but to me a jobs a job and when you have any job its easier to get a better job ,as and when,but some intresting views and so i did not agree with,but lifes all about opinions,so i thank you all.
  8. please note thank you mr chansiri ,lets get promotion ,darren has no reason not to succeed
  9. fine actor sad loss RIP FRANK WILLIAMS
  10. sorry folks went to my local chinese take away ordered by phone,ready on time and some free prawn crakers,top service great food,so sorted for this week,might have a kebab next week,i often have a roast with yorkies in the week that answers why sunday is takeaway evening,but i miss my kentucky,but hopefuly they will get staff and normal service will resume soon,re my age i am nearer 70 than 60 put it that way,regarding my family many are of mixed race and i love everyone of them,well most of the time,like most familys do.,re-music i run a big reggae music area at lowedges every year as well,thanks this has been a intresting thread,some parts you got wrong about me,but thats life thank you,but it does upset me that many firms cannot get staff,even though we have many unemployed thanks
  11. so everyone agrees that we should pay people to stay at home and get paid for nothing? we should not be able to buy a takeaway,unless we re-join the common market and get in workers,its madness,theres loads of companys cannot get staff,shops,takeaways and lots more just normal jobs ,then to mention i am racist is awfull,cos i aint and anyone who knows me knows i am not,so dont try to imply i am, its unfair and untrue.
  12. that is one thing that worrys me the ages of many signings,but if they get us up,then we can use a few for back up
  13. a job is a job,even if its minimum wage ,so you think its best to pay folk to stay at home and just wait for there money,theres a huge shortage or normal shop workers .farms ect,so what you say we must pay them huge wages or let them stay at home,some folk go to kentucky,mc donalds ect,ect work hard and get great wages once they have learnt there trade,i tried queens road out of intrest but rats all over the car park put me off,the halal chicken they sell was good though.
  14. although hes made mistakes mr chansiri and darren are doing a good job,also remember that somtimes a free agent ,costs more in wages ,so its not a cheap option as we have paid more wages in most cases to get the players we needed,order that bus for may,i hope
  15. OMG no staff due to leaving europe ,the thousands that are unemployed wont take a job= 46 mins for a 6 piece family feast at s8 last sunday,i go for the family takeaway each sunday,some time 3 lots as we all live close, for the last 6 weeks they have also got my order wrong as well,one week they could not count as in 2 pieces short,another week the covering was awfull,another week i got beans instead of fries,another week was a 10 piece bucket that had 8 thighs,then after complaining i got a freebie that was fine,then last sunday they got worse than ever i got served at 6.45pm,i left at 7.31pm and they even still got my order wrong,a friend lives opposite and says sometimes he watchs the problems as people check there order before driving off and end up going back as its wrong,the problem they cannot get staff,and when they do they leave,they say we need to open our borders as those at the job centre dont want this type of work,my generation said a jobs a job,but now its not like that,they prefer to stay at home and let the state keep them.do others find these problems?
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