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  1. now we have got byers from swansea as well,thats great news,building hopefully a great squad for the season
  2. it would be near on impossible as we stand,theres no money to do it,SCC do the highland fling,the one at western park and a bit of one at norfolk park,but rely on funfair rides ect ,mainly to pay for it,now to do a sheffield show that needs big cash,unless chargable will lose cash,i know first hand and feel honoured to be likened to the old show by many who visit ours at greenhill,but its costly,take example one to put on a stage ,a few bands ,costs 8-10 thousand,the insurance,the ambulance costs(firstaiders),the barriers,the toilets plus the H&S officer min charge £1,000,that adds at least £8,000,if its free entry,as the public would expect,i forcast a big loss, we offer free funfair rides to help families ,but as the council say you need at least 6 for that to work,the main problem is if you dont charge the rate payer foots the bill of any loses,if you do charge thats not fair as it means only people with lots of cash can go,i have a simple answer to it all,let each area work with the local housing & taras. then set up a committee, so say 8 in sheffield,scrap the parks dept existing ones,then let each area ,do there own and that would then let them all have there own theme and the parks dept ,could provide help and as each area has a cash pot that helps,plus many local shops help as well,or something like that idea,with the public deciding each areas theme each year and everyone working together.these are only ideas and i am not saying the sheffield show idea is not good.
  3. good tempo,new players,no bannan or windass, but win 2-1 and it was a pretty hard fought game ,from the reports,on to next game
  4. great news a irish international goalkeeper and a top midfielder ,great news,just hope we can get a forward as well,also hope they blend together as well
  5. so if they repair ect,at the sanctury ,everthing can return to normal,thats a good result,if they get the jobs done.
  6. but you could do soon,i think in certain instance ie football matchs,clubs ect,it should be the rule,also its no harm having the paperwork ,its free and has codes ect.
  7. so lets see who he plays,what formation ect? need a confidence win ,dont we?
  8. JUST GOT MY PAPERWORK,so easy and will help me enjoy a safer freedom,are others getting there certificates of proof?
  9. i have mine ,so easy,not worth not having is it?
  10. the goverment needs to release details asap.
  11. its all odd,loads of dosh ,reports of animals varies,no police,no vets ,its weird to say the least?
  12. so loads of cash,so there was not shortage of money for food,it all sounds very suspicious ? plus how many animals involved?
  13. reading you will need a double jab certificate,to attend match day events,but what about those under the age of jabs?,will they be allowed in?what about season ticket holders?
  14. its all odd,get us all asking,but no answers strange post?
  15. i agree,but if windass ect are kept,add plenty of young legs,we could be okay,we need another forward and a goal keeper asap
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