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  1. people often ignore traffic signs, but with 22,000 less police in england what can they do,people park next to junctions,but no charges due to no one to police the streets.
  2. going down from meadowhead ,i came to the roundabout and a huge fence type barrier was demolished ,hope no one was injured,it must of been a total right off for the vehicle,anyone know how it happened
  3. bassett one

    Forum with chansiri now off

    is it down to yesterdays managers disgusting interview,or is it to speak about a new manager and he needs time to sort it out,before having a heated discussion about the entire mess we are in.
  4. bassett one

    Xmas market big wheel

    it was in the star about a question by councillor bob pullin about the polution using generators in that area,and could it be solved.
  5. bassett one

    I'm not one for people being sacked..

    when a radio presenter has to doctor the interview and apologise about the bad language ,surely that has to be the end,not a good example for a family club,arrogant is a understatement,we as fans and the club cannot and will not tolerate this horrid unforgivable behaviour
  6. bassett one

    I'm not one for people being sacked..

    after yesterdays interview with radio sheffield ,surely he has to go by mon am,total disgrace to the club,horrific behaviour
  7. bassett one

    Has he gone yet ?

    listening to radio sheffields interview with jos,its was the worst answers i have ever heard and bleep.bleep,bleep as he stormed off ,refusing to answer any questions and in my opinion a total and utter disgrace to swfc,got to go,steve bruce or someone else mon am please
  8. bassett one

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    but 4 promotions is not bad and he can clear out all the failures and get a team together to get us up
  9. bassett one

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    OMG 2 GOALS IN 2 MINS that says it all,they need a new manager asap
  10. bassett one

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    steve bruce in this mornings paper has refused reading offer of a job,so has he got the owls job?
  11. bassett one

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    need a win at all costs,maybe our day for winning i hope
  12. bassett one

    Carpet prices in general

    re-doors i think its fair that a carpet fitter just removes the door as they are carpet fitters not joiners,also they are paid per square yard of carpet they fit,they take the good with the bad,ie HSL takes longer than a lounge or bedroom,what i would advise is lounges,hsl take more footfall than a bedroom so spend less on bedrooms,re-furniture you will find most fitters ,like you to do your best,re-waste from the job thats the customers property and if a fitter took it ,it could be classed as theft,i always get my trusted fitter separate from the shop and i just ask him to collect from where i purchase it from,i also prefer to choose from a shop that has stock as i always find i get a better deal.
  13. bassett one

    Lottery numbers strategy

    my wifes won about £250 since it started and puts her cash on each sat,they did come out once though,this is the honest truth on the euro she only found out because i was in a group doing tickets and she checked them,obviously its wasnt the bonus numbers,but it means they will never come out now?
  14. bassett one

    Replica sheffield wednesday kits for kids.

    its a pity swfc dont have a top name like nike ect on there kit
  15. bassett one

    Room/venue hire in Sheffield?

    try SCC housing they have many halls and do free rooms for health type groups,so ring sheffield housing explain your plight and they must have such a room in the city,good luck

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