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  1. bassett one

    Problem Neighbour

    i agree with all thats been said,also you will have a patch officer that SCC SPENT THOUSANDS TO EMPLOY THEM,ask for a patch officer visit as they are employed to sort out these council tennant issues,also if a council tennant you pay a levy each week to your tennants association,find out who that person or people are that you pay although not a huge amount to help in these situations,and contact your mp as someone said,hope that helps
  2. THIS is another intresting game,they play open football,should be a good game,whats your thoughts on this one?
  3. bassett one

    stolen car destroys park bench&tree

    i think if someone takes a car,no insurance often no licence,a danger to everyone it should be of high intrest,what happens when someone gets killled by these lowlife?we need more police as i believe stop these idiots early and you can save some from being criminals for ever
  4. bassett one

    stolen car destroys park bench&tree

    they seem to break into cars and take them as they feel,one burnt out at gleadless today,collection men of scrap/stolen cars must be making lots of money.
  5. bassett one

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    luxurys are all suffering as most people are being sqeezed money wise,only the wealthy have spare cash these days in my opinion
  6. bassett one

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    whos the next lord mayor? and whos his assistant?
  7. bassett one

    stolen car destroys park bench&tree

    to me its someones car ,although a few years old,that car might be a lifeline to a working person or older person or whatever,this is wrong and what about the damage? the bench? the park and other grass areas ,also the tree was worth about £200 due to its size,its about time the police tried to get answers,but with 22,000 less ,it doesnt help does it?
  8. bassett one

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    sounds like a top game,but i am worried ,as soon as wednesday score they leak goals why?
  9. sounds like a top derby to me ,whats your thoughts?
  10. yesterday some low lifes decided it would be a good idea to steal a car,smash down a 10ft tree,demolish and smash a community bench,ruin the grass in greenhill park whats in these idiots brains,disgusting,if anyone saw this or know the idiots please report them to the police,we as friends of greenhill park are disgusted by such idiotic louts they want locking up,anyone else got any ideas please let the police know thanks
  11. bassett one

    screen repair needed for HUAWEI tablet

    THANKS FOR THE INFO ,i will pass it on
  12. bassett one

    screen repair needed for HUAWEI tablet

    hi its huawei 10 inch and it is the glass screen that is broke.can still tap on it and see screen thanks
  13. hi son has dropped tablet and smashed screen,cannot find anyone to repair in sheffield please please help
  14. this could be intresting as a game,especially as they are desperate for points and have lee gregory.
  15. bassett one

    Sheffield Wednesday's Advertisement Revenue?

    as a wednesday supporter the problem with taxi companys ect that exist only on paper i am worried we could get fined or worse sometime soon,what do others think.or do all clubs do it?

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