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  1. would this be better in the garden section,as it sounds great for gardeners as well,hope it does well
  2. its not there eid festival is it ,as it does change quite each year,so it could be now?
  3. not advertised well is it?, although i must admit it is top class and very well organised and free as well,but we normally show off all our new players, but that seems unlikely due to circumstances beyond our control,also still not even a agm
  4. pity i cant help,but its a nice jukebox,hope you get it working again soon
  5. sounds like some likes closing roads in sheffield ,with the other one annouced closed for filming,take it this is re-surfacing?
  6. what type of film ,is it a big or small film as in tv or cinema?
  7. SOUNDS A GREAT EVENT,pity you put on to late for me to come,never mind i will watch for your next event
  8. hope this new fitness man tony strudwick sorts out our problems injury wise,seems a top man
  9. GIVE THEM ALLFREE BARS OF SOAP,thats what will be the next request from some
  10. FINAL CHANCE TO BOOK A STALL INDOOR OR OUTSIDE FOR THIS MOST EXPENSIVE EVENT WE HAVE EVER HAD WITH FREE SMALL FUNFAIR RIDES,FREE CLIMBING WALL,FREE BUNJEE JUMP FREE ADULT BIG FERRIS WHEEL,OTHER RIDES subsidised plusject free entry,see 3-4 hundred classic cars medieval re-enactment fun dog show and a huge marqee with top reggae bands inc THE WORLD FAMOUS MACKA B PLUS pjs one drop top ska reggae sheffield band abelwell foundation who toured with bob marleys wailers plus irie white from the east coast FINALCHANCE BOOK NOW 15 THOUSAND FOOTFALL EXPECTED n book via stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk ALSO WANTED ASIAN FOOD AND ITALIAN HOT FOOD
  11. I WILL give that a try as it sounds great
  12. PUT A claim in the small claims court,or 1st send them a letter that they must sign for stating your intentions,giving them 14 days to return your goods and deposit,also inform the owners of the site about your concerns and if they are a decent site owner they wont want a bad name
  13. so no boating down the moor area then i take it?
  14. WHAT A GREAT LINE UP of music,top class and varied will try to visit if i can
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