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  1. well if the scc say it will be sorted soon i take it they will sort it,but funfairs,circus ect all have to pay penaltys if the ground is left a mess so i take it will be sorted.
  2. its a very mixed community in pagehall and its difficult,it will settle in time i am sure,but i have friends in totley and all over and they do have problems,same as lowedges or anywhere but most settle quickly,but that area gets lots of problem i agree.
  3. i agree ,scc should and could run events like graves park,its the only way forward,they will say cuts,but i am sure the funfair areas and hotfood and drink would pay to cover these costs,,but there is a lot of rules and that could be the reason.but i remember graves park bonfire it was great.
  4. total disgrace,they need putting in prison,the security must be awfull,maybe it needs stepping up?
  5. it was a great market and there was 4 of us,we bought great clothes,handbags,mens clothes,sweets,had a nice coffee/tea and cakes,the amount of stalls were great and varied,3 cafes (not enough) for demand,ours wins on that one,busy and bustling is the word i would use,i am only saying pity ours apart from food areas is quiet and all them empty stalls dont help,at fleetwood there were no empty stalls,so if we could replicate or try to find out why all there stalls are occupied and we have so many empty.
  6. having visited this top class market,full ,busy WHY CANNOT WE CHECK IT OUT why cannot we send our councillors to look at this vibrant,busy successfull market,i think they could learn from it,what do others think?
  7. WHY HAVE THE MESS OF THIS JOB? OUR UNIQUE DAY INCLUDES we provide the pumpkin we provide the string and candle we also provide the equipment teas/coffees ect dont miss this event at the tennants hall gresley road book via lenya or chelsea or email stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk
  8. TOP PARTY INC BARNEY BALONEY hotfood music,games and the evil norman the halloween tree book now via lenya or chelsea or email stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk
  9. firm after firm going bust yet we are told everything is great,another political lie or is it the truth,seems hard to believe?
  10. 1 stall still available urgently needed a outdoor jewellery stall,book via stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk 1 x scarf type of stall also wanted huge crowds book now. this will be our biggest ever event plus free childrens entertainers inc punch/judy,barney baloney free face painting free entry,thanks
  11. hi if thats the case possibly a downstairs flat on lowedges,i am sec of the tara on that area and although being several miles from town ,its crime rate is average,a lot have bought so that helps to improve a estate,but it causes a stock shortage,we have a big new shopping centre at norton,we have a huge festival,doctors,great schools,can get snowed in sometimes,near to bakewell 20 min ,so i suggest you try that idea thanks
  12. hi i always thought if they are in tempory accomidation ,due to no fault of there own the council MUST re-home them,it may be a bad area or estate they dont want,but at least its a start,a base until something else turns up,also theres other options have they seen the 1st come housing on a 1st come basis,or contacted louise haigh or councillors these are other options,just get a base then you can get a private landlord and put your name on the waiting list,but renew every year,also is there anything in derbyshire,like dronfield hope it gets sorted good luck
  13. hi all sale and bookings sun oct 13th @ THE TENNANTS HALL,GRESLEY ROAD,LOWEDGES SUN OCT 13TH 11AM-3PM we are holding a table top sale and offering excess stock of toys from our tots group PLUS WE ARE TAKING BOOKINGS FOR our magnificent halloween childrens party is on oct 26th with barney baloney hotfood ect plus pumpkin making day we supply everything,we cleatr up mess this is a 3 time slot day oct 27th and always sells out thanks any emails stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk
  14. mccolls at the terminus,but what do you do with the machine,think the idiots thought it was the till or could use it
  15. the old co-op shop was robbed of its lottery machine,although this is serious and very upsetting for the staff last night,its a strange item to steal as i cannot think who would want it,who could recycle it,its a silly robbery and i pray for the poor staff.
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