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  1. yes we are back in the mix,why do we always have to make a drama out of everything?
  2. sorry due to being ill i cannot help you,but i do drive and notice how many bags you put out for collection,the amount collected is huge,all dumped by selfish,couldnt care less idiots,well done,but we need to stop this or educate these people as well.
  3. well as they say its never over until the fat lady sings,but its getting where shes warming up.
  4. we always do things the hard way,lets hope its not to late and we can stay up,can we though?
  5. RIGHT we can stay up,we can win this and stay up,as long as we believe and win them all,believe,now what do others think?
  6. now we can believe and stay up,lets hope it carries on.
  7. it was rumoured ,he wanted the wednesday job,in fact he stated that now he has all the paperwork,he had unfinnished business,but in my mind that could be risky to consider,i would offer him a backroom job and see how it goes,but i bet hes lots of contacts.i would of considered him,but mr chansiri chose not to,
  8. seen stickle backs at wards centre near trowy,if that helps
  9. i agree only a win and every game after would give us a chance
  10. theres a auction at sheffield auction gallery thursday at heeley go online theres cutlery at good prices,you can ask for a free condition report as well,i dont know if this helps.
  11. i thought that would be okay as long as your GP is happy with that or at least until you find a new one
  12. theres normally lots of nice sets at the local auctions in sheffield,just look at there sites,good prices as well
  13. just read really big issues in the last week ,on another site,they said they are running riot and the council have stepped in hard,i would go and look,but i hate them,somthing about a couple sat on a bench near the pond and 2 ran over there feet and the rose garden in the day time,but council working hard,but it needs the publics help,lets hope it gets sorted so i can visit again,any other reports folks.
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