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  1. went to the st james shopping centre sat pm,first the queue lane was big causing it to block lane to forward,also checked while there that some said it was easy to drive round ,stood on front and every car that came towards the main exit route had to go over the incoming lane to exit,also 2 cars cant pass on m&s corner,the only part it works is were theres a brick base corner that folk us to cut the turning point,this all or full set up should of been 1 way round/out
  2. but the buck stops at monk and we need a top manager
  3. well what can we say guys? what will be the team be? ideas folks
  4. just sack the blithering idiotic manager and get a top one in asap,we keep taking 2nd best managers as I believe we wont pay up decent wagers for that job,then get top loan players like wolves and we can be back to where we belong in 24 months,you just have to listen to monk ,hes run out of ideas and excuses,the late beloved brian clough another man we wouldn't part with enough cash,would never have put up with this lot,i can see us going down at this rate,finnally monk said on the radio he didn't see any upset fans,possibly because they all had gone.
  5. as I say top manager needed and big clear out ,didn't wolves just loan top players to get up,could be a idea?,but monk has not got a clue,rhodes not good enough? he cannot be worse can he?
  6. I agree with that and then clearout the tat and then instal a top manager to re-build the whole team and take us forward
  7. well another home game,BUT what will happen as its the 3rd match in 7 days ,and will the ageing side tire?
  8. get shut of monk and pay big money and get a top coach,re-value the squad ,and then remove the dead wood and get in top players,its simple start at the coach and then sort it,but pay a decent wage for one,why pay a manager low wages as hes important ,monk is not good enough ,we can do better
  9. Rhodes and westwood need bringing back asap they cannot do any worse?
  10. if its just for your area ,your local tenants/residents association can help you do this ,that would be very easy.
  11. who picks the storm names,i bet somefolk would pay huge amounts to name a storm and that cash could go to the people who study them,possability?
  12. any win will do,but its impossible for even us to lose to this team,isnt it?
  13. disgusting to say the least,but it also means the security is a disgrace as well
  14. I agree and most cannot or wont move on due to the high wages,but the Rhodes situation is odd ,good enough for celtic,great at Norwich and other clubs,but useless at hillsbrough,sounds odd in that context ,but how much is the cost per week in unused players £200 thousand a week or more?
  15. so we must have 1x goalkeeper wages,rhodes,part of van aken wages,centre forward and there must be more,costing thousands a week and monk doesn't want them and teams who want them cant afford them,be glad to get to the end of the year and sort it out,plus the other problem of the FA,i would get shut of monk as well,i don't think he can be trusted with the new season spend.
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