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  1. He only ever cared about paedophiles with black or brown skin.
  2. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! So those racists and Islamophobes who unquestioningly gave him money were really just funnelling it to a Muslim family he libeled.
  3. No, she's right. Conspiracy theories aren't a product of people trying to understand what is happening and making a mistake, they are just lies.
  4. And the underpants should have gone in the wash two days ago
  5. The police have released pictures of 10 men they want to interview in relation to violence during and after the game. Prizes for anyone who can find one of the people who pointed out on social media that all the players who missed a penalty were black, who has since posted to point out that all the people the police are looking for are white.
  6. Fewer people were tested in the last 7 days than the previous 7 days https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/?_ga=2.85161369.1873701872.1623652794-2068559630.1612166107
  7. Aww, now you've ruined the fun of the conspiracy theory
  8. Happily, thanks. My 13 year old had Covid recently and despite sharing close quarters with him before and after his positive test, we didn't get it.
  9. Honestly, what would you know. You think the regulator just flips a coin, presumably.
  10. This is absolutely unproven, so why have you said this?
  11. The Peruvian government were using it and then stopped after the study that decision was based on was discredited The evidence for it is patchy and it would appear that most scientists are yet to be convinced I think just calm down a bit Tim. There may be a role for Invermectin but there's no point governments of developing countries wasting money on something that may not help, there needs to be better data by the looks of it
  12. Does any of this evidence come from the makers of Invermectin?
  13. Very occasionally you could buy packets of idli (steamed rice and urid dal dumplings) mix in one of the market stalls but not seen them for a while. Does anyone know if I can get it anywhere in Sheffield, or will I have to go online?
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