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  1. Hey, but at least we're all getting a national insurance cut in January to make it worse. Maybe we can use the extra few quid to pay for our own courts and prisons in our back gardens?
  2. Yeah, most people (not all) deserve a second chance - he had his and now he's sh*t his pot full and can stay where he is until he dies, thank you
  3. In my experience yes, for many it's a lifeline.
  4. This'll take some beating though https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C7PuKPiTT_4&pp=ygUbcGV0ZXIgc2lzc29ucyBhbm5lIHJvYmluc29u
  5. One of the most interesting things about the £38000 per year the government have set the income threshold at is that they say this is the amount you need to be able to support yourself without support from the state. And yet 60% of men and 75% of women in the UK earn less than that. So that means that the government thinks wages in the UK are not enough for around 70% of people to live on without recourse to the state.
  6. Did this rumour by any chance contain any of the following social media bingo words?: Allahu Akbar Muslim Religion of peace Small boats
  7. That's really helpful, thank you. Regulars will note that every single one of those posts is written in the exact same language that Jack Grey uses - he could have written any or all of them.
  8. Yeah, it's a classic distraction. I heard former immigration minister Damian Green on the radio yesterday quietly mention that small boat arrivals were 30% down on the same time last year (don't say that too loudly though!) and he mentioned the work that the French are doing on Calais beaches and work with the Albanian authorities in relation to the reduction. So if that's working, why not do more to support that instead of persisting with the Rwanda scheme? It seems like it's something Braverman came up with in one of her more demented moments and now they've talked it up too much to be seen to be giving up on it, even though Cleverboy himself thinks it's 'batsh*t'
  9. Indeed. If I'd brought this up in a thread about a black man killing someone I'd very likely be piled on and told to stop trying to create a distraction, but apparently bringing it up in its own thread is also not ok - it seems there's just never a good time to bring up the hypocrisy of white racists.
  10. Yeah I know, I was satirising the far right who are sadly on the rise in Ireland and seemed keen to claim that the guy who allegedly did the knife attack outside the school 'shouldn't have been in Ireland' (i.e. not white Irish) but weren't really interested in the fact that it was a Brazilian who disarmed him. I'm aware that Ireland has a great culture of solidarity and I hope that it stays that way, but it's worrying that people like Conor McGregor are promoting right wing shíte and seemingly encouraging the rioting. And as you point out, the hypocrisy of Irish people complaining about migration is pretty staggering.
  11. At least no Brazilian delivery guy who had no right to even be in Ireland didn't step in and save the poor guy, robbing Ireland of its cultural heritage.
  12. Two brothers jailed for beating man to death in Dublin God, I love a good killing by a white person though. So much more relatable than when one of those foreigners they have now does one. When someone with the name Connaghan beats someone to death in a park, you can be pretty sure they're not thinking about Allah while they're doing it, which is always such a comfort to the deceased's loved ones. They should bring back the 'RA like in the good old days, when you knew if someone was blowing your brains out it was one of your own and they'd go to confession after.
  13. Yeah if they want to keep hold of dishonest cops. What you're saying is that a panel of three people, which included a senior police officer, who watched the body worn video and dashcam footage of the whole incident and who were able to cross examine the officers in person and assess the reliability of their answers to the questions put to them, got it wrong, whereas you - Lord Crackhead of Armchair - are able to use your special knowledge and skills to make the right decision?
  14. The decision was made by an independent panel - do you not know anything?
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