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  1. Ah, ok. You're wrong to assume the imposition of controls wasn't about health though. There's nothing Boris Johnson wouldn't do to save his own skin, including risking crashing the NHS. Hell, he'd throw his own baby under a bus to save himself
  2. You do know this is just to try and get Johnson out of a hole don't you
  3. The Guardian also report that Wakeford previously co-sponsored a bill advocating that where MPs defect, a bye election should be called. With a hard right voting record, I'm not sure this is much of a coup for Labour. They should call a bye election and stand someone else as a candidate - they'd win it.
  4. A perfect example of what patriotism is for - getting people to act against their own interests, to the benefit of the wealthy elite.
  5. It's like a form of Stockholm Syndrome or something
  6. Perhaps by way of atonement, Wakeford could quote In The Thick Of It's Stewart Pearson in the commons: "I've spent ten years detoxifying this party. It's been a bit like renovating an old, old house, yeah? You can take out a sexist beam here, a callous window there, replace the odd homophobic roof tile. But after a whileyou realise that this renovation is doomed. Because the foundations are built on what I can only describe as a solid bed of c**ts." Although the first sentence isn't true (while the rest certainly is)
  7. Would be quite funny if they held on to him for a while and then deselected him just before the next GE Mind you, his views on Owen Patterson are identical to mine 😄
  8. I do agree that bye elections should be held in these situations. I wonder if you had the same view over Tory MPs defecting to UKIP when that was a thing
  9. The Guardian are reporting that the MP for Bury South has defected to Labour. Says something about the Labour Party that they will accept a T*ry into the ranks, although he does appear to think his old party does nothing to help his constituents.
  10. Yes. The people who are scrapping it wouldn't want the money going to BLM, so that's where it's going.
  11. Once I'm not paying the licence fee I'll give the money to BLM instead.
  12. We've had ours for about ten years now, they're just as efficient now as they were when they were installed. Can't see a problem with replacing one if needed, as long as the dimensions are the same. Of course the reason these aren't being retrofitted to council homes is because the council has no money, and has been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy for years, which is entirely due to Tory and LibDem governments cutting over half their funding. Grant schemes are for homeowners as far as I'm aware, not councils, and the government totally botched the last green homes grant scheme anyway, because they are useless.
  13. I'm not saying Rees-Mogg is thick, he's clearly not. I'm just pointing out that although he conforms to what a lot of people think makes someone very intelligent - the accent, the Eton and Oxbridge education, the use of Latin and more complex English - it doesn't mean he is exceptionally bright. With the right upbringing, it's possible to create that impression when the foundations are shaky. His grasp of history is clearly not very good, and yet he takes it upon himself to write a history book. That level of self-confidence, allied to a privileged background (which tends to give people the self-confidence in the first place) can take someone a lot further than is justified by their actual ability. A perfect example of that is, of course, Boris Johnson, who has been found out by a lot of people in his life, and is now being found out by the British public (well, those who are a bit behind the rest of us, who found him out long ago).
  14. This is so obviously untrue. People like Rees-Mogg's parents spend £30k per term on sending their kids to places like Eton precisely because it gives them a massive advantage in life. Otherwise they wouldn't do it. That's not 'making your own luck'
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