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  1. Calling people scum because of their enthusiasm for pushing kids into poverty and diminishing their life chances is nothing like insulting someone for being a woman, which is what you've just done.
  2. Absolutely one of the daftest things I've ever read anywhere. Because you have a mental health need and haven't stabbed anyone, it's impossible that anyone else with a different mental health need can have stabbed or otherwise attacked someone because of it? Honestly, what nonsense.
  3. That's what we pay forensic psychiatrists about £120k p.a. to decide after making them have at least 6 years training.
  4. There have been a number of stabbings and other attacks over the last decade by people who couldn't get a mental health service because they're underfunded. It's not that they don't belong in a civilised society, it's that a civilised society would ensure they could get the help they need.
  5. As someone who cycles and drives, it's not entitlement to move out into the road to block an unsafe overtake, it's self-defence. The classic is the approach to a traffic island. Some drivers think they can safely squeeze in between a cycle and a traffic island - safe for them maybe, not for me. So I will move out to close that option off, soon as I'm past the island I'll move back in so you can overtake. If there are people so emotionally fragile that this ruins their whole day, there's therapy and/or buses
  6. Grow up pal. No, not a hate crime, that's ridiculous. But a bit of common courtesy and not putting people's lives at risk is a reasonable expectation, at least of any adult* *excludes chronological adults with tiny child minds
  7. Either he is unable to work because of a health condition, or this 'nephew' of yours expects us to believe there has been no job that he's been able to bag despite trying hard for 15 years. The former is fine of course, there are plenty of people in that position. But the latter?
  8. That's good news, they can help address our delivery driver and nurse shortages as discussed in other threads.
  9. Cheers, I actually asked if there were benefits to not insulating homes well though. Or to not heating them at all?
  10. Brexit aside, she has a point. People spend far too much at Christmas and there's no need to eat meat or poultry to have a fantastic Christmas meal. But using that as cover for the failures of Brexit is laughable and ridiculous
  11. I thought it was, but happy to be corrected. Are there benefits then to not insulating homes?
  12. Why don't you ask the nurse instead whether there is something about managing a ward that requires clinical knowledge and experience? Or did you assume that as she's not a middle aged man there wasn't anything she could teach you?
  13. That was a stupid comment full of assumptions unless you know what being a ward manager involves and how they are selected.
  14. Sadly, a bar so low it's more or less on the ground. The PL is a joke now - the main factor in success is no longer which players you have or who manages the team, but who the owner is (because they can then buy the best managers who can then buy the best players). Like every other arm of capitalism, the worst people with the worst morals reap the biggest rewards.
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