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  1. At this point it might be easier just to list the Tory MPs who are not sex offenders
  2. Yep, although I think we should give them all real knives for the occasion.
  3. Wow. This is so divorced from reality it's hard to know where to start. Aside from Tory shire councils who have seen their funding increase for voting the 'right' way, councils are on their arses, and are only scraping by through breaking the law every day by failing to provide services that they are statutorily obliged to provide. You haven't had any dealings of note with a local authority since 2010 have you?
  4. It seems Finland are likely to join NATO this year in response to this war, so if Putin was hoping to avoid having a land border with a NATO member by invading Ukraine, that's an 831 mile ballsup on his part, the ****head.
  5. Delbow


    It's what you're left with. Ever wonder whether you're backing the wrong lot?
  6. Delbow


    Top Tories now saying there's no chance of Sunak winning a leadership election. So, down to Johnson or Truss at the next GE. The *cough* dream team.
  7. Not as strong as the Northern Monk stout, but I've just had Acorn Brewery's Gorlovka (6%). Quite strong on the liquorice flavour, very nice (if you like liquorice).
  8. Delbow


    The rich and powerful like to tell us they've played by the rules. The rules they and their friends made, of course. "I would like to assure the House that I did everything that I told myself I should do, in the interests of fairness and suiting myself".
  9. Tempting offer but no thanks. I've started having more 'pits 'n' bits' washes as opposed to showers, no-one's crossed the road from me so far...
  10. Delbow


    Because despite all the rhetoric about 'opportunity for all', this is precisely what the Tory party is about.
  11. Well, one of Corbyn's faults was that he wasn't ruthless enough. I think Labour's manifesto was genuinely what he wanted to do. The winning strategy is to do things early in parliament that you never said you would do (or lied that you wouldn't do - "no top down reform of the NHS") and then trust the British to forget all about it.
  12. You make a good point about being honest with the electorate - if Labour really wanted to change things (don't worry, they don't) they would probably have to copy the Tory tactic of keeping quiet about it or lying about it in the run up.
  13. Yes, which I answered. If you're making an additional point I don't know what it is I'm afraid.
  14. We're talking about it in the context of changing the law. So it's not illegal if it's made legal, obviously. Anything else?
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