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  1. We also have "get rekt, scrub" and "Dogshot!" available
  2. I can't work out who's benefiting from that. Hopefully Mexico, who need all the help they can get to normalise their society.
  3. I think it's probably doing what Trump did - playing to your base. The idea is that if you can get voter loyalty from enough people to guarantee you election victory, it doesn't matter what else you do or how crap you are or who you alienate: if you can keep your base loyal by getting up to the sort of antics they like then you're golden. This has worked well for Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Modi and the like, and is probably particularly effective in a first past the post system. Either that or they're just idiots.
  4. What impossible missions could there be in Pickering? Finding someone who wants to house swap with someone in Sheffield?
  5. Hmm, sounds quality 😉 Chauvin took the fifth, so the obvious inference is that he couldn't testify without incriminating himself
  6. Haven't heard of that, what's the bias?
  7. The Guardian (not my favourite news outlet tbh) summarised the prosecution and defence arguments every day in a fairly balanced way, with video clips of the key testimony, or at least what they deemed the key testimony.
  8. And the myotonic seizure he had through lack of oxygen was just him trying to run away, no doubt. You know what 'they' are like.
  9. Surely a random on Sheffield Forum knows better? Edit: sorry, I just realised this is in the Pulmonary Specialist subforum, my mistake!
  10. Struggling to think of any other reason tbh.
  11. You mean "pick and choose what to believe in line with your own preconceptions to avoid ever having to think about whether those preconceptions are correct". No thanks.
  12. Chauvin didn't make a mistake, he deliberately killed a man. You should read the news. They even have it on the telly.
  13. The US doesn't have the death penalty for resisting arrest. Not difficult.
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