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  1. Interesting posts, and one hit on an important point -the fact that more electricity will need to be produced before we move towards electric cars. As this has not happened yet, we are seeing the start of a problem in this area. I've had 3 power outages over the last year, 2 of which has burglar alarms in my area blaring out in the small hours of the morning. We are not listening to the warnings of the Electric people about consumption, and the Government's idea that the rollout of so-called "smart" meters will somehow "help" us to stop using power has been proved to be totally false. Soon, unless we somehow generate more power, we'll have to choose between being warm or charge up our cars.
  2. Good point - the same applies for potential employers/career paths. Even if the 3 you are intending to follow are your "best" subjects, they may advise that they may not lead well to your chosen career path.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I'm still concerned that most of the political leaflets I get through my door have my name and address on them. If they are been put through doors by volunteers leafletting an area - why have these details on? Anyway, I always shred them, but many other people just bin them. I've seen them occasionally littering the street - either carelessly discarded or fly-aways from bin lorries perhaps. Leaflets with details like these are able to be used by criminals. OK, so political parties can have the en-edited register, but why use them on leaflets that aren't even going to be sent via Royal Mail?
  4. Your first call should be to check if all those colleges offer those courses. If so, apply to them all. You should get invited to Open Days to discuss things and be shown round - maybe also be interviewed - by all means tell them you are looking at all your options. OFSTED publish results of College reviews, including results - that may also be worth looking at. Assuming you will still be living at home, checkout travel from home to each college - you'll be doing a lot of travelling to and from college!
  5. Soldier - Destiny's Child featuring TI & Lil' Wayne
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