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  1. I get that it has probably better scenery and is cheaper, but I think that working loos and almost half the travel time means the train wins for me!
  2. Hmmm - perhaps we could propose a slight modification to the HS2 plan....
  3. I take it this will be useful for people living close to one of the numerous stops, but I can't see many people using it to travel between Sheffield and Manchester. The train service is OK, so why travel an extra half hour in less comfort?
  4. Been told about another one by a neighbour - claiming to by the Office for National Statistics, and it sounds a good one to me. Arriving in an official-looking brown envelope saying "On Her Majesty's Service", it wants "The Resident" to fill in an on-line questionnaire on work, employment etc to get a £25 voucher. Two questions alerted me: if its official, how come they don't know the name of the resident? why is the Government giving £25 to everyone filling it in, especially when we are only months away from the 2021 National Census, that asks for this type of info for free? As the neighbour isn't going to fill it in, we'll not know what the questions are of course, but I think we can guess the type of information the scammers want! As it's done online, you'd start off by giving an email address ...
  5. Yes, I suppose it could be the cable-laying, but I wouldn't have thought they'd be at at around midnight, when I had my power cut
  6. My computer in S8 reset itself and the house lights flashed off then on a few minutes ago. Not all electric went off though. Seconds later I heard a couple of house alarms going, so its not just my house that was affected. If you are in S8 or close by, make sure you know where your candles and torches are!
  7. The tariffs that you speak of (and also those using Direct Debit) give the energy providers more power to collect money from your account, make savings by not sending you paper bills, and tying you to the internet. All much easier and cheaper for them of course, and gives them more power now (and significantly more with the next generation of smart meters - as discussed earlier). Not everybody can take advantage of them of course, as not everybody is on the net (and not everybody that is on the net wants to run all their finances from the net). Dual pricing works for companies and those willing to sign up for it all, at the expense of the rest, particularly the elderly.
  8. As he said, the 2 clubs play very differently. As Swansea, the ball was played up to him through the middle and he held it up and brought others in play from the front. Now he's used as a target from the flanks, into a crowded defence, with usually nobody there to help him! Perhaps now clubs know how we play, we ought to mix it up a bit, get the ball to him early in attacks, with midfield runners breaking off him through the middle. at times.
  9. Currently it is 1, as it was prior to 3:30. I thought Dan Jarvis was still "negotiating". We may not even hear until Wednesday.
  10. Exactly! But before everybody thinks all is OK, the most optimistic view of those pushing the current version of smart meters say they will last for 15 years without replacement. Many doubt this, and cite a number of reasons. As the Government is behind the "Smart" meter project and says we can all opt not to have one (see Ofgem on this), the pages I cite suggest that will change shortly. It follows that it is highly unlikely that they would allow people with smart meters to go back to non-smart meters. If I had an electric car, I would certainly be doing all I could to avoid having a "smart" meter!
  11. I found this article that explains that Smart Meters can be used to switch EV's (and other devices) off: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/UK-Energy-Firms-Could-Switch-Off-EV-Chargers-As-Demand-Peaks.html and this is the Government plan that is the link within it: https://www.dcusa.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/DCP-371_Last-resort-arrangements-for-Distributors-to-manage-specific-consumer-connected-devices.pdf
  12. Energy companies put enormous pressure on consumers to have these so-called "Smart" meters fitted, but only because the Government are putting enormous pressure on them to hit targets for installing them. Letters, adverts in the press and on tele all say they will save money, when clearly all they do is tell you what you are spending, and send mobile phone messages to the suppliers at very regular intervals (typically half-hourly) on your usage - that are paid for by consumers in their bills of course. Of course, anybody from the Supplier company, or anybody else with access to the readings, can easily work out when you are in, your daily habits etc - all of which would be of great interest to potential burglars. I suspect we will see a spike in burglaries for those with Smart Meters fitted, and an accompanying rise in premiums for those with them when insurance companies are alerted to the trend.
  13. I think you are talking about "Cadbury's Creme Eggs". Now they are one whole egg, but I think they started off as 2 halves. A company is trying to setup doing a Vegan version - but the image on its site may be of interest: https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-creme-eggs-are-coming-just-in-time-for-easter/
  14. Mirrors - they've got a lot to answer for. Designed to bring you down. How many of you, when faced with the question of what you would take to be with you on a desert island would gleefully request a mirror? or a tape measure? or a tax demand?
  15. I was going to say that you'd also need a degree and sit rigorous exams, but with courses all online, and exam results on estimated grades....hmmm..... perhaps that's the way we are heading. Lets see, what are we short of at the moment and are likely to need more of shortly (HNS staff), and what areas are losing people (hospitality and the Arts). Lets see what the future hold for us after a bit of retraining .... "Is this a scalpel I see before me?", "I came to bury the patient, not to save him", or perhaps "Would you like your drip topping up dear?".
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