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  1. Well, you know I am quite happy to try any new beers - for the greater good of course - would that also include a taxi fare home after such "testing"?
  2. There are radios that you could buy that let you watch your offspring and also listen to the match as well. But be careful - you don't watch to jump up and down and shout out how happy you are when th Blades score at the same time as your offspring gives away a penalty!
  3. That's three of us going for a win!
  4. I like my Padders Bar the way it has always been - please don't tell me it is about to change? Or is it that a certain individual has been exposed to something that might stop him posting stuff about the Bar? If so, great!
  5. Not sure I'm going to try the L'Escargot, as its bound to be tough, seen as how it won the Grand National back in 1975, and died in 1984. That's a long time to keep horse meat!
  6. I take it that I am the (un-named person Mr Bloke is referring to! I'm afraid the actual reason is a little less dramatic. You see, I found Flapper unable to speak and in clear discomfort. Yes, there were the letters LEPH left to one side of his cage and clearly visible to us all, and they had been left as a message. However, when cleaning said cage later, I found the additional letters G and M. Putting it all together and employing my anagram skills, I deduced that the message was that the discomfort was caused by PHLEGM! Currently receiving medical attention and we fully expect this iconic bird to be back to full health shortly!
  7. Right! Every libation is considered! 🍷 Every
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