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  1. As nobody has replied yet, I'll attempt an answer. I take it you are looking for someone to put a picture onto a dartboard, so you can (for instance) throw darts at a board that shows a picture of Boris or a particularly disliked relative. Simply putting "Custom Photograph Dartboard" into my search engine gave a number of companies set up to sell these online, but I couldn't find any bricks and mortar shops for it in Sheffield. I'm not surprised, as I would guess it takes specialist kit to print onto a dartboard, and I wouldn't think it would attract much passing trade. Hope that helps!
  2. I think you'll find that cortisone injections are different from most injections - therefore special training is needed. Also, the areas they are given into require a more in-depth knowledge of that area of the body to get the injections in the right place - hence specialisms. With a practice with a number of Doctors, there is a greater chance to specialise. In small practices, you may well have needed to go a hospital to get the cortisone. With the Covid vaccine, less specialist knowledge is needed, and dentists routinely inject patients, and have also had general medical training, so would be able to do Covid injections. Also, they'll have needed to do many of the "safeguarding" and other trainings needed to work directly with the public, that volunteers will not have done.
  3. Yours sounds like the Chinese one mentioned in the article, not the newer one. Surprised that the friend of yours got the same result though, as this was after the new ones that PHE say are 100% effective were purchased.
  4. Why are we giving the vaccine to people who do not need it? The vaccine is not as effective as natural antibodies produced when people have had the virus and recovered from it. If we were tested for antibodies before vaccination, that would save the vaccine for those who need it, and not introduce unneeded medicines into our bodies. "the government has faced mounting calls to increase antibody testing after data released yesterday showed natural immunity to Covid may prove better protection than the Astrazeneca vaccine." https://www.cityam.com/exclusive-government-scraps-antibody-tests-at-nhs-sites/ Given that estimates of around 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 of the UK population has already had Covid are seen in the press, that means a lot of people are being given it when their bodies already have immunity.
  5. Have you any other software installed after you have reformatted and put Win 10 onto the PC? I'm thinking if you put some AV software on for instance and 2 products are competing with each other. If this is so, it may not have shown previously when you had Sky if one of them was in "passive" mode.
  6. sounds right to me - and add to that groups gathering together both inside and outside "big name" fast food places, reports of parties etc - the minority of those not obeying the Covid regulations seems to me to be growing. I've stopped buying fresh meat from my local supermarket as I see that the butchers are wearing face masks, but on their chins and chatting together while they work. If key workers are not following the rules, you can bet many many others aren't either.
  7. 2 wins on the trot, unbeaten at home this week and on a cup run. Life just got better!
  8. Thanks for the answer - been bugging me a bit recently when I can't cross roads as easily as in previous lockdown. Well, given they want less social mixing, I reckon closing more down again that will be next on the agena, at least until all the over 75's, NHS etc are given the option of a vaccination. After that, if/when hospitalisations start to come down, maybe more easing will be on the cards again as things start heading in the right direction.
  9. Presumably they are the same people who couldn't work from home last time, so that doesn't explain why the volume of cars has shot up. Nobody seems to be able to logically explain it, unless it is simply down to people ignoring the rules. If this is so, perhaps the police are right to stop people in cars and ask where they are going and why? Perhaps it would be easier for them to check number plate recognition for people at beauty spots etc far away from registered base and then ask them. That way there is a far greater chance of finding wrongdoers and fine them.
  10. If so, doubt they are open under lockdown. Usual advice - ebay, amazon....
  11. There is no evidence that the "exclusion" of Billy Sharp is because of "trouble in the camp". It's a matter of record that United have been hit hard with positive Covid tests, and where other teams have often named the players affected, we haven't. However, Billy was missing from a couple of squads, then made the bench for the last one, as did Jags (and perhaps others - I've not checked). Note that we also gave a 16-year-old his debut, and had another player I've never heard of on the bench last match, and haven't always named a full bench. Nobody is blaming Covid for our current position, but it has clearly affected selection.
  12. Well done Crawley - you have done the nation a great service!
  13. Much as I like my football, there are so many players totally ignoring Covid guidance and rules and being bad examples to others that I'm all for closing it down until Covid is well and truly under control.
  14. Footage on the news of hundreds of supporters thronging the streets cheering Marine on as they arrived for the FA Cup match with Spurs today. No reports of anybody fined. Pictures are around various websites: https://healthyfrog.readsector.com/2021/01/10/police-just-look-on-as-footballer-supporters-ignore-social-distancing/
  15. Sounds a lot when you put it that way, but if you take into account the money from TV rights etc that we've had for 2 years (and counting...), and any increases in sponsorship, we're in profit! If we do go down, then parachute payments take care of increased salaries for a couple of years or so, we'd probably sell a couple of players, and we'd still be able to attract good players to replace them.
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