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  1. Sobriety hinders a persons enjoyment Drink! 🍺
  2. ??? Padders bar re-opening ??? Done very little!
  3. I've often drunk 2 4-packs in one go - does that mean I have an 8-pack? Surely that's better than a 6-pack!
  4. Did I read that right, that Padders is looking to sell 6 packs? I can see a market for that, as usually I get multiple 4-packs of beer (when I'm not drinking the bottled stuff). Depends on price, but if 2 six packs were cheaper than 3 four packs, then I'm definately in the market for them.
  5. Apologies - someone got it wrong and told me it had been decided, when it hasn't, at least not yet at least. The last official word I heard was that the Government had commissioned and received a consultation on the matter, one of the options recommended was a ban on pavement parking. This is a link to the consultation's results: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/managing-pavement-parking No decision as yet.....
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