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  1. As a semi-retired topper-upper, I'm considering jobs,..... but takeaway jobs etc do not appeal at the present rates.... nothing like the rates I used to earn pre-retirement!! Not looking for great rates, but not pennies.
  2. I thought she was seeing a lot of Johnny Longprong these days
  3. I should be OK for Friday and Sunday, but I'd struggle to be available on Saturday. Could one of the others step in (and possibly be "trained up" by yourself in the next few days?
  4. Time flew so much today that I forgot to call in at Padders Bar as I'd planned to.
  5. I didn't get the Brexit link, but thanks for the thread - some interesting conversation on it. I tend to go KFC either for a change / because I've not planned a meal as I should / it's a classic way to end a good night out. I just wish my KFC was one of the better ones, but it's clearly not. Oh well, it's either move house or put up with it!
  6. All the best to all of you trying to grow your own food. Been there, tried that, and am giving up due to repeat failures to get any significant produce. Full respect to The Daddy for his idea of giving excess output to those more needy, but most of my strawberries, carrots and so on have been enjoyed by needy slugs. Local birds (feathered variety) have also got in on the act, despite attempts at netting. Looking at prices of seed, compost, troughs, netting, and the hassle of regularly watering them, I'm giving in and it's back to the supermarket for me!
  7. Sorry - someone told me he'd gone, but it appears not to be true. Perhaps he was confusing him with either Mousett or that other speed merchant we got from West Brom.
  8. There's a simple solution if you have access to a car - the Queens Road drive-through in my opinion is far superior. We've never had to wait, the orders are always spot on, and (in our opinion) taste better. Sadly, it's far easier to just pop into the local branch unless it's a big order, or we're really organised.
  9. Perhaps, but with McBernie and Goldie having left, I'll be surprised if we don't get another couple of strikers in before the season really gets underway - I can't see us relying on Sharp, Brewster and 2 youngsters as a strike force, even if we revert to one up top. I see another loan for either or both of the youngsters that got games towards the end of last season.
  10. The Blades striker played the last 20 minutes as England Under 19 beat Serbia 4-0, scoring the last goal. Well done to him, and let's hope we see a lot more of him celebrating goals in the coming seasons, especially in red and white stripes!
  11. Man Utd. As per the OP (you). Also, didn't think the Owls were playing in the PL next season, so would find it hard to challenge those who are! Anyway, from what I hear, there are more going out than going in at that other club across Sheffield!
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