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  1. Hmm - as Spurs fans have found out, even if the match is before the date of the imposition of a Government requirement that you take proof you've been double-jabbed before being allowed entry to a match, clubs may sign up to that requirement as a "test event". Nobody is saying yet what effect that will be on waiting lists to get into grounds, but I'd suggest you plan to get to grounds VERY early if you found that Wednesday had signed up for it.
  2. Before the weekend, I expect you will have crushed the man-cave, so shed no more tears, it may be unfinished at present, but I expect it shortly to be trashed! With that, I'll leave you both - see ya!
  3. I'll have another and depart early as well - I've just ordered the cab. Try not to worry, you'll soon shed yourself of the unwanted external mancave. A good sleep tonight and you'll be fresh to demolish it in the morning!
  4. Now that will have hurt him! I'm fine thanks Jane - it's our host who's had a bed day. For once, he'll be glad to see the back of us tonight, so he can get his head down and dream of tanks destroying his shed. How are you? Language, language! Even though you are the barman and it's after the watershed! 🤫
  5. I think you two are taking things a bit far. Personally, I would have thought a bazooka would be up to the job, or a couple of well placed hand grenades!
  6. Have a shower and get changed. Then a couple of hours behind the bar with regular customers will be the best therapy you could have for those aching muscles! Especially if any members of your female fan club turn up!
  7. If you decide against Rudd's kind offer of help, by all means feel free to borrow these: ⚒️ 🔨 🧰 We're all here to help you!
  8. That must be some shed! Now what did Michael Caine and his mates use? - that took the door off and then some.....
  9. ... and till receipt which will show the shop details - but pay by cash so it doesn't show (part of) credit card number. You could put your thumb over the name as well for security!! Those who doubt you could cross check the date and time on the receipt against the newspaper and the date/time given on the photo.
  10. Unfortunately that does not always work. If the scammers have kept the line open, then they are the ones that answer, claiming to be the bank. I always suggest ringing another number you know first, to make sure the line is clear. Family know to ring me, just say its a check if the a/m kicks in. then ring doctor/whoever knowing the line is clear.
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