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  1. Hope JOC is fit for Monday and more to the point he's still with us after transfer window shuts. Pleased that Lunny is staying
  2. Both signed now. Back ups for George and Enda Fleck starts for Scotland
  3. Sky reporting Max Lowe passed medical at SUFC. Also signing Jayden Bogle. Both Derby players. Reported at £ 15 million the pair, although not necessarily accurate. Aged 20, and 23. Cover for Baldock and Stevens ( I think ?). Hope we sign a striker. Either that or Mousset and McBurnie find their scoring boots.
  4. Van Aken !! He’s still at Wednesday ! Always remembered Wednesday win on penalties
  5. Cheers lads. Feel better now. Not same side without JOC
  6. A lot of fans concerned about the lack of new signings. Personally, I think if we retain the squad as it is we'll be ok, with or without signings, although Wilder says he wants four or five in. A bit concerned that O'Connell May have been tapped up, not been involved in any matches up to now. I'd also like us to retain Lunny. Can someone reassure me that my fears about JOC are unfounded ?
  7. Signs until 2024. Just need JOC to commit and we're quids in for next season. Fingers crossed.
  8. Reported as £18.5 million signing, after Berge and McBurnie doesn't feel real this. I suppose that's the sea the Blades are swimming in now
  9. You're talking about Ronnie Dukes, he and his wife Lee were big on the club circuit when it had some gravitas. Never a Club person myself my understanding is that the scene is long gone. Greaseborough club was meant to be a good example of a thriving club Out of curiosity what's your interest ?
  10. Hard to believe that no ones knows the origin of the name ?
  11. Ps. Apparently Queens Park was an area of North West London
  12. That's an odd one that. Chelsea play in Fulham. So when they win a trophy which High Street do they parade on and to which Town Hall ? I do puzzle over important issues like that. Why " Port Vale" at all, what does it stand for ? Lots of clubs were founded by Churches eg. Barnsley St Peters, Everton ( St Domingos), or as Works teams, eg. Thames Ironworks ( West Ham I think).
  13. Good idea that. Given that the Blades are now being referred to as " Sheffield" in the National media it might be a good idea for the Owls to reassert their identity. Could apply that to lots of clubs, eg. QPR, Arsenal, Tranmere Rovers.
  14. So, did any of your friends eventually leave the UK because of the rise of anti semitism ?
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