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  1. If he’s no longer employed by the club therefore under no constraints to not use bad language apart from everyday social conventions. Im struggling with the concept of « Sheffield Wednesday » and « Legend »
  2. Foreigners, only seem to have heard of London and Manchester in my experience. Not sure what " standing in relation to other European cities " means ? Nor do I care really. Having a Premier League football club will raise the profile of the city and be positive for the economy apparently. Well done Blades. Leeds by contrast, although a cultural , media and financial hub, may not have a high profile in Europe.. Aren't we the largest city in Europe without an airport ?
  3. Nobody could argue that irony’s lost on you could they ? 😁
  4. Just show that. Haven't you heard, he's leaving Good lad/lass Can you help Bash Street out ?
  5. Johnson's...sorry ..." Bo Jo" is going to pull out of the contest now isn't he ? 🥺
  6. Please God let this be the case No I'm not. Chukka is a sincere non opportunistic politician. Lets hope Jeremy does. Unfortunately the mysterious men in grey suits won't let him, he's the Tories only hope now.
  7. A pound to a penny that Johnson will withdraw from the contest, he'll find some spurious excuse to save face, eg " I don't want this much intrusion into my private life" " it's not fair to expose my partner to this..." etc
  8. Not so much a fool that he realizes he's not up to the job. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it's crossed my mind that he may have contrived this whole scenario. Tory Press now getting behind Hunt, even they realise Pfeffel isn't up to it. Ive seen snippets of his interview with Iain Dale and im sure Pfeffel was playing a role, acting out, nobody could be so bad or inept.
  9. Terrible thing jealousy. Be reasonable Ormester, they're all suffering
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