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  1. Reporting today that Barnsley, like Leicester, Bradford, Oldham and Rochdale, has a large south Asian population. Full marks for inaccuracy.
  2. But still should have won at Villa, ball a foot over the line, for about 5 seconds at that.
  3. On réflection Mcabe’s tenure may have held us back. Forget the Bladey bladeness of Mcabe he’s a hard headed businessman. He’s also bitter and twisted since the Prince told him he’s not welcome back at the club. Importantly he owns land between the back of the kop and Shoreham street, unless that’s recently changed
  4. Didzy makes a difference. I think the scheduling of the fixtures haven’t been kind to us. Three away games on the bounce. Five games in 19 days. Spurs had 11 days to prepare we had 4, now 4 days break before Burnley they’ve got 7
  5. This in bucketfulls. Didzy makes such a difference when he plays. Calm, relaxed, assured, confident in his ability. The other players look reassured when he’s playing. Loses his sang-froid when an open net is gaping unfortunately. Berge on song last night. Norwood strangely quiet last night. Mcboozy puts a shift in. Be nice to see our two best players and Lunny back. Something fishy going on with Jack OC. I’m not convinced by the injury narrative Bash player of the season for me
  6. Reasonable assumption to make. He’s a wrong un by any standards. What were the Tory party thinking of ? The party of law and order, family values and financial conservatism.
  7. Labour will always struggle without the 54 seats they relied on in Scotland and it was Blair's Labour Party that led to the massive swing to the SNP. The Tories lost their majority in Parliament and had to bribe the DUP with 17 billion pounds to stay in power. Remember May's message to the health workers " there is no magic money tree" but she " magically" found one when it came to keeping the Tories in power. Boris is a Prime Minister so what does that tell you about the qualities required ?
  8. Working his magic again. Let's be real, they were going down under their previous manager. Can't understand why owners appoint totally unproven ex players as managers simply because they're locals
  9. Sounds like much ado about nothing
  10. Good luck. No idea what's happened but hope justice prevails " do gooders". Dont vulgarisé things with crass comments
  11. Wasn't even close. Embarrassing for the Premier league but depressing for the Blades
  12. Didn’t realise the Lib Dems still existed. Shouldn’t this thread be in the Archives section alongside 19 century writers ?
  13. Tory bigwigs virtually all Public School educated. Eton educated types wanting an enquiry into inequality. You couldn't make it up. Presumably Johnson and his ilk must think they are where they are through sheer brilliance.
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