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  1. As a generalisation less unequal society are happier societies. Several years ago several uber wealthy Americans and their families wrote to their government asking to be taxed more. When the gap between the haves and have nots becomes too big, it’s a threat to democracy.
  2. I suppose that’s the thing, therapists learn and study a particular model of treatment eg dialectical behaviour therapy, CBT , psychodynamic approaches etc then try to fit a client into a particular paradigm, whether it’s helpful or not. Social and family systems are important. If you’re poor with limited economic options and in a toxic relationship for example what can therapists do ?
  3. I’ve not read the reports but the premise of not needing qualified therapists to achieve better results is interesting. I’ve some experience of CBT as a psychological treatment and as a therapy it makes sense to me. That said I think there’s as much if not more value in having good quality relationships and an attitude of acceptance of difference by professionals working in the broader mental health field.
  4. Let’s be honest the Conservative Party and its cheerleaders like the Mail and Telegraph have long complained about BBC left wing bias when the reality is somewhat different. Its a pillar of establishment politics.
  5. Part of the revolving door between the mainstream press the BBC and the Conservative Party. Robert Gibb was head of live political programming between 2008-2017 before leaving to become Theresa May’s Spin Doctor, Director of Communication. Nick Robinson, formerly President of Oxford University Conservative Association , Laura Kuenssberg daughter of member of advisory board of the Adam Smith Business School. Andrew Neil, Chairman of Press Holdings Group which owns the Spectator, a hard-right Thatcherite and founder of GB News (LOL). David Dimbleby former member of Bullingdon Club at Eton. James Landale formerly diplomatic editor for the BBC News Channel applied to be Theresa May’s Communications Director. On and on. BBC «left wing bias » my a*** . Gary Lineker’s nothing.
  6. This is the problem with psychiatry, the medical model doesn’t appear to have solution beyond medication, its reductive. Uncomfortable feelings should be considered part of the human experience. People aren’t going to die from anxiety. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is more effective than meds. You do however need a qualified therapist, and the private sector is expensive. Long waiting list on the NHS I suspect.
  7. Anatomie d’une chute. Won best original screenplay at the Oscar’s this year and numerous European awards
  8. Nah, don’t think I am. Seem to hate him. Probably because of his stance on immigration and asylum seekers etc. Didn’t realise I wrote in « hyperbolic » terms, alcoholic maybe
  9. Yes he did do good. Pity it wasn’t for the Blades ( in my opinion, no offence meant )
  10. As an avid contributor to this forum just thought you might have a view on it. If you don’t, so be it. You’re allowed ( I’m sure) to read without commenting. You usually have a fairly nuanced take on things, eg Frank Hesler’s comments about Dianne Abbott, may have been taken out of context. I must say I’m a little surprised you didn’t answer in the 3rd person as per normal. Peace and Love
  11. Why is the right far right obsessed with Gary Lineker ?
  12. Mainly over its dealing with accusations of antisemitism within the Labour Party, additionally it likes to present itself as objective reality when it is the establishments mouthpiece. A lot to go into but Newsnight for example and it’s swallowing of the pro Israel line. ie. Israel good Palestine bad, Its uncritical covering of all things Royal. Lots of stuff. The bland nature of BBC breakfast programmes.
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