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  1. Thankfully I’m in France. At these times when patriotism is conflated with Monarchy I feel like a foreigner in my own country. YOU WILL celebrate the Queens jubilee, or whatever it is
  2. Far as I could see before it was developed Kelham was a decaying dump attractive to the sort of men that like to buy sex from women so desperate to feed whatever habit or escape poverty or other personal issues. it’s ok looking through rose tinted nostalgic glasses at the past but I can see many improvements to Kelham. I’d like to see Attercliffe regenerated as well. Maybe cuttsie had a point about the lack of availability of quality social housing. Broomhall feels safe to walk around these days, well Havelock Square area at least. Modern life must be a real challenge for you cuttsie, what with the Owls being rubbish an all LOL
  3. Sheep sheep sheep…… ger !
  4. Nah. “and they’ll beat United easily enough”. That’s quote of the week
  5. They are a weird bunch aren’t they ? Like stuck in a 1970s time warp.
  6. Noted What do you « reckon » now ? He’s a prophet.
  7. Jethro Tull wrote a song for him « Living in the Past »
  8. A smokescreen for not being able to answer difficult questions. Akin to when Boris starts quoting Latin to show his breeding when stumped during debates. « I don’t know what to say, but look at how knowledgeable and well educated I am »
  9. You’re a bit naive there, these are the very traits that working class Tories love in their representatives. Boris understands this perfectly when he tells a racist or misogynistic joke. Cosmopolitan outrage is far outweighed by the sniggering gammon. Hence a vote winner. This response is aimed at Litotes. Shades of pre 1997 when a series of story scandals led to a Labour govt. You should study history
  10. Sad for him but what an idiot. I’m baffled by folk who put luxury items before common sense. His mistake was being as deep as a thimble « market forces «
  11. Must be one or two years since the Owls averaged 30,000+ ?
  12. To be fair our average ain’t too bad ( winks)
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