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  1. Ridgewalk

    Parkour for the over 40s

    Good for you Paulm2. Good luck and don’t let these “old before their time” curmudgeons put you off. I’ve done karate since 1973 and I’m still going strong. 😊
  2. Ridgewalk


    I'll be receiving 144 £ weekly from May 6th. I worked from 1971-2016. I also have an occupational pension.
  3. Ridgewalk

    Pre-emptive arrests

    Surprised this is only just coming into the public domaine. There were other arrests in similar circumstances at the same time, people given a midnight visit and confined to barracks or locked up for the day of the wedding. People çriticise thé French but it seems they're more willing to allow dissent than our ruling elite
  4. 150 !!!!! arf arf. cant wait to here Frog Face’s rationalisation
  5. Ridgewalk

    Britain First banned by Facebook

    Yeah, there's nothing subtle about them is there ? eg. " I'm not racist but .." " ok what race are Muslims then ...?" " Leave means Leave" " PC brigade" " tree huggers" That about covers it in my experience Although there is always the false equivalency argument to justify bad behaviour. " they're all the same" etc
  6. Ridgewalk

    Britain First banned by Facebook

    Having worked in the criminal justice system I noticed that many offenders change their name.
  7. Ridgewalk

    Sophie Jones case

    But not Oakwell ? to be honest I used to go all over, including Huddersfield and Leeds. Was much easier bitd. i also went to Hillsborough loads. Mainly Hillsborough, Oakwell and the Lane, Leeds and Huddersfield quite a bit. No place like the Lane for me. best wishes
  8. Ridgewalk

    Sophie Jones case

    There does seem to be a presumption of guilt in these situations these days. Thats assuming she hasn't admitted it within the confines of the club You used to visit Bramall Lane and Hillsborough and chose Wednesday ! What's wrong with you ? 😊
  9. Ridgewalk

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Eh ? Wonder if someone else has reported it ? I'll have a look Well I should cocoa.
  10. Ridgewalk

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Far from it, but people should be able to sit on a train without being subject to foul and abusive language chanted by drunks. To be clear this wasn't a matter of overly exuberant and tipsy travellers talking loudly amongst themselves it was directed at other passengers and intended to intimidate and disturb. I'll not go into specifics. British Transport Police have my testimony and others would be available if requested. They may have in fact intervened later on the journey. At the very least I would hope the football club send out a reminder to fans that they are perceived as représentatives of the supporters of the club. My grandchildren are season ticket holders at Barnsley. I would imagine cctv is available ?
  11. Ridgewalk

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Neither had I that was why it was so shocking.
  12. Ridgewalk

    Going to a gym

    Good advice about proximity and accessibility. Found that out to my cost
  13. Ridgewalk

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Hi lindylou53. Swearing, as anti social as it might be, I can cope with. This was on another level. Shouting at the top of their voices and chanting referring to everyone as "B's" Agreed. There were police on the station concourse, when'in fact the problem was on the platform then taken onto the train. I did wonder about that actually. It was quite intimidating and nauseating at the same time, pathetic really
  14. Ridgewalk

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Just to be clear to anyone reading the above I didn’t actually write the obscene language “removed”
  15. On thé train from Sheffield to Huddersfield via Barnsley yesterday at 17-45pm. Six or seven males, probably early thirties drunk as skunks and still drinking when they boarded the train, they were accompanied by young children. They loudly abused all the other passengers in the carriage, who were mainly women and children, loudly chanted that everyone else were <removed>, were using loud and foul language eg <removed> etc. They threatened to " take over the train". They were clearly Barnsley " fans" judging by the chanting. Fortunately we left at Meadowhall but heard them abusing shoppers boarding. A woman getting off the train advised people to use alternative carriages. Their foul language in front of other children as well as their own was unbelievable. My wife approached the train driver/ conductor at Meadowhall and advised him of the situation. British Transport Police have been informed as well as Barnsley fc

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