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  1. Agree bassett one, although I can't see us retaining our better players for next season, which will mean adios to O'Connell, Egan, Berge, probably a few more. I think another club might have him lined up.
  2. I've thought that since football resumed last season. I'm not saying the fans of other clubs are any less passionate than us it's just that they ( West Ham included) have witnessed ( enjoyed) top level football for decades and are a little chilled, whereas we were raucous in our support for the club having recently spent six years in the 3rd division. The players get a lift from the crowd and I dare say a raucous intense crowd has some influence on refereeing decisions. All absent this season. Our away support is equally, if not more, noisy. I can't ever see anybody equalling CWAKs achievements here. Hopefully the owner keeps his nerve
  3. That's more often the case than not. The lower leagues are riddled with big clubs fallen on hard times changing managers constantly, one of whom were Wolves until fairly recently, who got lucky with a good manager as we did with Wilder. Another one was Leicester who throughout my life have yo yo'd between third and first division ( Premier). Football is cyclical unless your one of an elite group of clubs who are permanently winning or in contention for trophies
  4. Not a response to your question but why do people have to feel happy all the time ? Feeling a bit fed up ? Take a drug. I know people who say ". I don't feel normal unless I take drugs" rubbish, being anxious or down are normal feelings
  5. Unlucky in both cases for me. Second probably more of a booking, cos of trailing leg
  6. I'm not an Owls fan but if I was I'd be less than happy with your predictions. I'm being polite. Don't think you'll go down
  7. Neo-liberalism is the ideological smokescreen for elitist class warfare on the working class. Such experiments, ie. neoliberalism include Chile 1973 and the neoliberal state the neo cons put together in Iraq after the second gulf war.
  8. You don't think 2-1 away at Man Utd was a great win ?
  9. Ooo ark at her/him, with her/his "hesitate to say". Two wins now by the way LOL
  10. and she's worked for 40 years until last couple of years as a first level nurse ? Incidentally all that training hasnt hasn't included instruction on actually how to administer the jab. " frustrating it may well be". Well I know of two other nurses, one who worked until recently as a senior theatre nursing sister at a Sheffield Hospital and another who worked at a high level both of whom would have been interested but are put off by the bureaucracy. You might argue that they shouldn't be so easily put off but you may agree that in the current situation their input would have been helpful. Good post She's not been " trained" to do any vaccinations yet. All the other stuff could have been done in anticipation of the vaccine becoming available a couple of months ago.
  11. I've no problem with the training in itself, which would normally be rolled out over a year period. But as I mentioned I would have thought that expediency was important. As for the what " if" comment , hypotheticals are endless. I'm also not sure someone employed to administer vaccines in the current situation would have time to get involved in the Safeguarding process. Additionally until the last couple of years she was regularly updated in safeguarding matters. Thanks for the link that article seems to cover it.
  12. It does strike me as people trying to justify their existence/job role. Having worked in the public sector for 40 years I can tell you there are plenty of those
  13. What are you suggesting that I'm exaggerating Annie ?
  14. My mistake Annie, Health Professional Vaccinator
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