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  1. If Wednesday have aspirations for automatic promotion they'll have to buck up. The Blades only lost 9 games last season and Wednesday have already lost 4 and it's only 11 games in
  2. Rawmarsh Mick tried that overbearing style with Jim White on TalkSport radio. Didn't end well for Mick. Not heard him on there since
  3. Restaurant has the feel of a Butlins canteen. Too big and noisy
  4. Tommy Lee's a comparative bairn compared to t'others
  5. I remember your promise to do just that two years ago and you've kept it. Keep it going
  6. Hi Ian. I worked with a Boris Tworek at Middlewood Hospital 1977-1980. You're presumably related ? Nice chap.
  7. Seems that there’s a few higher in the pecking order than Wednesday this season. That said it’s early days and the Championship is a fantastic League, a great equaliser, and half of the teams in it could qualify as a Prem League mk 2
  8. Bad choice. And it could have been oh so différent. 😁
  9. Well having been on the « Stop the Coup” demo three weeks ago in London and looking at the drunken Tommy supporting scum the police had to usher away from the crowd I can understand why anyone could mistakenly think that.
  10. Labour is in essence a Remain Party, but has to acknowledge that the Referendum vote went for Leave. Tom Watson and many others want to conveniently ignore that. If Labour was elected then they would try to negotiate a better deal than is currently on offer either from self serving financiers and people who would make lots of dosh such as Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Farage or from neo-liberal remaniacs who've never set foot in a northern town such as Barnsley or Hartlepool and couldn't really care less about poverty, absence of social mobility or real life problems faced by people in those towns. As i understand it a Corbyn led government would put another vote to the People where Remain would be an option
  11. Well I watched it live and the show of hands was overwhelmingly for Corbyn , irrespective of what Emily Maitlis, Laura Kuensberg and the BBC might want to spin it
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