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  1. I thinks that's a misunderstanding of how the Labour Party makes policy, although I'm not certain. The National Conference makes policy, and that, I believe was to support staying in the EU. Corbyn as party leader had to go along with policy. Nothing particularly socialist about wanting to stay inside the EU or leave it, arguments on both sides. If you don't like Corbyn you don't like him. Simple as. Just to add. As someone who canvassed for the Labour Party I can confirm that many houses I called at were against staying in the EU and Labours inability to acknowledge that was a major factor in people not voting Labour. Not the sole reason though.
  2. There's another good Catholic for you. Saville was made a Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul 2nd. There's an indicator for you, The NCCL appeared to regard PIE as being discriminated against due to homophobia. Strange times were the sixties and seventies.
  3. Bizarre as it may seem today I don't think there was the same acknowledgement that such behaviour was the abhorrent perversion that it actually is. The word paedophilia wasn't generally known or understood in the 1960s and 1970s. Certain religious groups from that era born of the hippy movement practised it for example. I also don't think the life long damaging psychological effects were fully understood either. As other Catholics, such as Patricia will know, the Priest in Catholic communities had Great authority and power. I could go on. There's been one scandal after another involving " The Church", in recent decades. There's always the same blithe responses, " we've learnt from our mistakes", " we're sorry", etc. It's a dying cult anyway, Priests appear to be very old, they have to cover several parishes, schools which were once full with Catholic children now admit a majority non catholic.
  4. These are meant to be people of God, but you're probably right Me as well Patricia. I was fully steeped in the traditions and dogma of the church courtesy of my mother. I went the whole gamut, primary and secondary education, altar boy, church twice on sundays and usually every day during school holidays. Sheesh !
  5. Report into child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church findings revealed. Vaticans failure to cooperate with enquiry " passes understanding " It's about time this evil cult packed its bags and disappeared into history's dustbin.
  6. Is Scarborough the same as Whitby as far as football support is concerned ? Are Richmond and environs also Boro ?Just interested
  7. They can do what they want to Tommy 2% as far as I'm concerned. If ever there was a wrong un ?
  8. Where do you live ? Whitby isn't it ?
  9. Like a bad smell that won’t go away. The most « successful man in British politics », seems desperate to be relevant. How many more parties on the lunatic right wing fringe of British politics can the system take. Britain First, For Britain, UKIP, Reclaim, now Nigel and assorted conspiracy loony toons
  10. Mohamed Merah born and bred Toulouse. Said Kouachi Cherif Kouachi Charlie Hebdo killers, born Paris The BNP are irrelevant as an electoral force, whereas Le Pen got to the second round in the Presidential election. Macron is adopting the language of the hard right like Theresa May as Home Secretary, and the Tories, which happened after UKIP got 6 million votes in 2019 and were a threat to Cameron's search for a majority. What's a " hard left apologist" ? vive La France
  11. Loob the Chechen immigrant who killed the teacher arrived in France aged 5, he therefore went through the whole gamut of the education system. A point Dominique Schnapper , advisor to the French government on secularism in education conceded in an interview on BBC Hardtalk the other day, watch it you may learn something. You point out Le Pens failure to be elected President as evidence France isn't racist and compare that with the failure of the BNP in UK. Are you being serious ? Again you're saying " your government ". Do I really sound like someone who'd vote Tory ?
  12. We'll see how much of a credible opposition party Labour is when the pro Tory press start talking about Labour positively.
  13. Which anti semites did he fail to control ?
  14. I suppose my point is that French society seems to require a homogeneity of being and behaving and doesn't appear to have the flexibility of a modern progressive liberal democracy. In order to be a good French citizen you must shake off all forms of identity and just be French. As an atheist I welcome laïcité and separation of church and state, but it doesn't seem to equip France with an ability to accept diversity. I've given you two concrete examples of how diversity ( a dirty word for the extreme right and nationalists) isn't respected but you've not referenced them at all in your replies. Il not sure how you construe from what I've said that I'm defending hardline radical Islam other than to take a cheap shot. i suppose multiculturalism works for all in France like free market capitalism works for all wealthy people. Depends what you mean by " works". Unemployment, exclusion, poverty, crime etc in the poorer areas of cities like Marseille and Paris is endemic amongst the ethnic minority population who by French thinking all enjoy equal rights. It's no surprise that a lot of the perpetrators of these lunatic atrocities are radicalised whilst serving prison sentences for drug dealing and other crimes and end up seeking an identity that is at odds with French society. I'm not French, unlike yourself, but spend enough time there to realise that racism is endemic, in my opinion much more than in UK.
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