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  1. Sharp coming on. Lunny having another bad one according to reports, Get Besic on
  2. To be honest as à Labour Party member and activist I think it's only fair and reasonable that any thoughts and opinions I have should be run past the Board of Deputies to make sure I've not transgressed somewhere along the line. Its the the only way.
  3. Not sure if you're serious with that last sentence. Not going to pay £20million on a player who is finally starting to play well and just as the club have reached 6th in the Prem sack him for going to a football match and making a rude gesture.
  4. " modernity " The Tories are good at getting rid of things that they personally have no use or need for. How many kids of top Tories or they themselves went to State Schools or rely on the NHS for health care. I'm sure if they could get away with it they would privatisé the Police , as I'm sure they could pay for their own security. The Tories and their rich backers from the Financial Services and Banking caused a financial crisis in 2007-8, aided and abetted by de-regulation, Blair govt. just as culpable as previous Tory govts. enabled this. The Tory govt of Cameron and Osborne put that cost onto the poorest by cutting Public Services and welfare costs Modernity my <removed>
  5. Not sure I agree guys. He is entitled to a private life and to make a pillock of himself if he so wishes He is only 23. Personally I find it more offensive when footballers are walking round covered in expensive vulgar bling bling jewelry and £40,000 Rolex watches. But that's their choice.
  6. And the Tories would still be winners
  7. Agree. The offside and hand ball decisions are ludicrous. Until this season, à forward was considered onside if he was level with a defender, now if he's a thumbprint beyond its offside. The lad last night did not intentionally handle, " ball on hand".
  8. Think you meant " still hope he'll depart". Its the hope that kills
  9. Roget is clearly a wind up merchant. He just has to be
  10. LOL Four hours surely not that long
  11. Interesting how different fans see it.
  12. Hendo definitely pulled out of the challenge leading to a goal. Thank God, I presume CW had a word in his ear not to risk himself under the circumstances.
  13. Personally thought K Freeman looked disinterested but others thought he had a good game so....
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