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  1. Villa were poorest side I've seen this season, although they contained Mousse. I didn't however go to the Burnley match. All that rolling around in agony though.
  2. Your right. It's wonderful how the rich and those of inherited wealth and privileged have managed to convince the poor to keep voting them into office. At my local health centre yesterday morning at 7am in order to make sure I could get a GP appointment for that day, an elderly couple, one of whom seemed disabled ( speech) had walked 2 miles to the surgery. They asked me if I'd voted, I reciprocated, and the man said he'd voted for Johnson and came out with the usual stuff about Corbyn. This was in a town which was the worst affected by austerity in the country, according to research, lowest investment by the govt and they voted Tory, ie. more of the same. Powerful undercurrent forces that persuade people to vote against their own social and economic interest.
  3. Yes that's right it was fundamental to Tony Benn that all front doors were the same colour. He had a chapter in a book devoted to the subject
  4. Ridiculous post. So now you're blaming Corbyn for Boris Johnson being Boris Johnson. How people conveniently forget or choose to ignore the incessant and continued poisonous daily propaganda pumped out by the billionaire owned Media against Jeremy Corbyn I canvassed in my local constituency for Labour and the things that people said on the doorstep were taken straight from the Sun, Star, Mail, Express etc. eg. " why is Corbyn letting on these terrorists out of prison" In fact if the CIA had organised it, it would have been a brilliant " black ops" operation. It certainly worked well at pumping the narrative into the populace.
  5. Obvious really but all games at this level are hard. We'll lose games we are favourites to win and vice versa. I can see us drawing today and winning at Brighton. Watford will be fighting for their life and the Blades have to match them. Tyrone Mings is missing for Vile today
  6. Let's hope not A centrist/neo liberal Labour government
  7. Bad result for ordinary working people and the less well off. I fear that the celebration of the hedge fund managers, oligarchs, and super wealthy will be bad news for the NHS and what remains of the public sector. The poor will be subject to more austerity and we all know that the cost of any negative economic costs after Brexit will be passed on to the poor as after the 2007/2008 financial crisis. My opinion is that Labours bad result is down to a failure to accept the EU Referendum result which Corbyn and the leadership accepted but large swathes of the membership didn't, hence the decision at Labour national conference to not rule out a second referendum. Secondly the huge anti Corbyn propaganda machine that was launched by the Press aided and abetted by high profile figures within the wider Labour movement, some of whom advised people to vote Tory. I canvassed on several occasions in my local constituency and with my MP, ( re-elected) so i know what people were saying on the doorstep.
  8. Never a pen that. Looks like automatics already decided. Fletcher looks a very good striker
  9. Either Kennedy assassination or Cuban missile crisis, whichever came first James Hanratty hung
  10. We need to get winning at home again. Win this one and I think that might mean we've cemented our position for a second season in the Premier League. Our away run will come to an end at some point. No Ming's apparently
  11. Latest anti hero is Geoff the Luton/Stavely fan. He's a tough listen, and then there's bombastic opinionated Romish Mick, and the icing on the cake is Mark, " you know me yeah" " Wednesday take 20,000 to every away match"
  12. Yet a lot of Wednesday fans are still clinging desperately like drowning men clutching at straws to a match that took place " fotty " years ago. I was a young man then, I'm a pensioner now LOL The BBC ought to be subject to Safeguarding procedures
  13. WOW. You're obviously a collecter. You ought to check out the Antiques centre in the Elsecar Heritage centre. Near the entrance to the left as you go in there is a Sporting Memorability section, quite a few old Blades eg 1947 programmes and Owls memorabilia for that matter
  14. Yeah but we're well past the start of the season now when everyone and their mother predicted that we'd finish 20th. So to repeat, as a Blade, I would be disappointed if we finished 17th. I don't think we're being considered as being in the relegation mix at the moment. The bookies had us as favourites but now they're putting 10 clubs below us. You could say anything eg as Nervy-Owl says " " if you go on a losing run" if if if. We could go on a winning run ? Who knows ? Reality is that we're comfortably 8th with several other clubs on losing runs ie. Bournemouth, West Ham, and even Burnley, who are losing heavily The Vanarama league has some good clubs in it.
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