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  1. " demonsterification" ? What are you talking about ?
  2. Admitted exposing himself to 1000 women as well as rapes and two murders. Why would someone like this be released ? What psychological treatment and offending behaviour work must he have done to be released ? Not sure why that would mean he's ready for release ?
  3. No matter how bad he is he'll be a massive improvement on his predecessor who seemed to have a weak grasp of reality and a narcissistic personality disorder. I didn't like Biden's comment " America is now back to lead the world"...errr.....no thanks
  4. Pathetic isn't it ? A good win for the Blades
  5. To be honest Alextopman. Some names on here, namely cuttsie, Top4718, UKDobby, have very recently reappeared after going god knows where, and immediately the tone is lowered. It's pathetic really and I'm easily dragged in , so apologies to all, but to be honest I can't be bothered. Judging by their posts they're all middle aged to older men which is a bit sad really. They call it banter, but it lacks any sort of wit and wisdom, more just banal turgid comments. I'm with cmonks on this. Cmonks, not worth replying mate it'll only encourage them.
  6. George Best was actually a bright fellow who unfortunately died of alcoholism. Must have been terrible.
  7. Starmer is clueless and classless. He seems to be pulled all over according to the latest fads trends and developments his advisors say will woo the electorate. He's locked into the Conservative and Right Wing media driven campaign of weaponising of anti-semitism to attack the left in his party and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. He's suspending party members , CLP secretaries and even whole CLPs, eg West Ham and East Ham. Those people are the poor bloody infantry who knock on doors and leaflet their areas to get voters out. I've always been one of those people but won't do it while this man is Leader. What was he thinking of with this ridiculous stunt at John Lewis when he should be making political arguments ?
  8. You reckon ?´ Nah,I rather think he'll still be Prime Minister but I suspect you'll still be making immature puerile comments on here.
  9. SIR Keir Starmer, a clueless, classless idiot. I'm a member of the Labour Party and have voted for the party at every election since the early 70s, but could not bring myself to support an idiot such as him. Photographed in a wallpaper shop in a reference to Johnson, drinking pints of beer in a brewery in Hartlepool because he'd been told that was what the working class did. He is so transparent and disingenuous it's embarrassing
  10. Good luck and dont let things get you down monkeygirl
  11. UKIP ha hahahah Tell us that when international finance and corporate elites aren't calling the shots
  12. All games are winnable, who'd have thought the Blades would win at Old Trafford.
  13. Well done Blades, but really, who cares ? Win 8-0 , lose 0-8, seasons been over since about December. Longest season of my life. Isn't it just.
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