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  1. Bramall Lane last Sunday. There were a group of sharply dressed mods at the match. Where is the mod scene in Sheffield ?
  2. I've noticed the same theme. " we had an off day,.....can't play as badly again....Sheffield United aren't that good..." etc Hé had to get one right eventually it was usually Blades to lose 0-5, 0-6, 0-4 etc
  3. « All he wants is to be top dog in Sheffield » well that’s been easy for him. If that’s the limit of his ambition I wonder how he’s managed to martial the troops into the Prem League. ? You sound like you know him ?
  4. Hendo had nothing to do all game, he must have been astonished/bored. An easy cruise of a win. Lundstram is a revelation. Where’s he been for three years ? Norwood looks to have made the step up really easily despite some concerns. Bash seems to make fewer errors. McGoldrick looks as comfortable at this level as he did last season although he should have scored in both games to date. Starting to wonder what the point of all those new signings was. The back line of O’Connell, Egan, Stevens, Baldock, Bash looks very good. Hope Fleck is ok ? Luke Freeman best man today for me, or Enda Stevens ? Baldock ? I’m pretty sure that it’s not John Lundstram, no one could improve that much. A doppelgänger
  5. You are a card 😂 Careful they’re a sensitive lot. Anyone seen Bash ? Actually BramallLane is a terrific ground.
  6. Ah the memories ! Pipe out and slippers on. Those were the days Alan. When the Queen Mother ( RIP) was a slip of a lass. Jumpers for goal posts, yer could buy a bowl of dripping, five loaves of bread, go to the pictures, buy three bottles of dandelion and burdock and still have change from a farthing
  7. Died on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock
  8. Already happening Well when Methuselah was a lad. 😁 Dont Forget their fabulous tour of Europe, Kaiserslautern and Spora Luxembourg
  9. Can’t see anyone stopping the Wednesday juggernaut this season. Go you Owls , hoot, hoot !!!
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