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  1. I agree, the more cups you’re in the better. Although, lose tonight and it’s no big deal. At least Wednesday have that Zenith Data thing to compete in for a Wembley appearance
  2. Ergo Labour are going to introduce euthanasia. Hope that helps
  3. Cooke at another underachieving club at Ipswich, also not pulling any trees up , could possibly be persuaded to return to the north. Depends how professionally ambitious Ainsworth is.
  4. Great win for the Blades. Pity about Preston’s 96th minute goal, table would have looked a lot better. Seem to be scoring for fun now though
  5. Through ball from’McBurnie for last goal was fantastic. McGoldrick, who knows ? À fans favourite but may not figure in the Managers plans. Someone told me in the boozer that Berge is quarantining. Who knows ?
  6. Bang on that. People make assumptions based on gender role. Some of us don’t fit the stereotype i’m afraid. Thanks for the reply Good idea but I think I also need « hands on ».
  7. In fact I can iron(y) so that’s one « skill » I’ve got
  8. I’m absolutely useless at anything practical, and I mean ANYTHING. When they were handing out the dexterity and handy person gene at birth I was the one who would have been left out. Watching me put a deck chair up on the beach for instance must be comedy gold, i’m amazed I’ve not featured on a You Tube channel as « watch this useless twerp ». I’m a 67 years old man who would like to become a bit more self sufficient before it’s too late, although probably that horse has bolted. is anyone willing to offer a bit of « hands on training « in all manner of practical skills ? Not bothered if it’s a male or female or however you self identify, , young, old, in between etc. if you’re willing to offer any help it would be appreciated. I’m obviously willing to travel. My uselessness is a joy to behold. Otherwise could anyone suggest a very very basic course ? You could PM me on this board
  9. Yes but……why would Iran arm the Taliban ? I would have thought Israël, America and the Saudis are responsible for most of the unrest in the Middle East
  10. Why would Iran arm the Taliban, and how are events in Afghanistan destabilising the west ?
  11. Hi cmonks I’ve just read an earlier message that you wrote. It would seem that the information re: mask wearing outside and in crowds isn’t convincing either way. Ayup top. I appreciate this is a football message section, so don’t answer if you don’t want to, but what would be your response to cmonks message based on his knowledge and experience ? Do you think that the Covid 19 think is a hoax , overplayed or exaggerated ? cheers
  12. Thanks for that cmonks you’re obviously very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject but nevertheless haven’t solved the dilemma for me. I’m doubly vaccinated and have been for some time now, I’ve had serious cardiac problems and over 65 so fall into at least vulnerable categories. I try to keep up with all the latest risk information and act accordingly. I’ve always followed recommended guidelines as in my opinion it would be stupid not to. I was under the impression that wearing a mask doesn’t offer protection but protects others, ergo if everyone wears them everyone is protected. If I’m in a large crowd of strangers, which I’m hoping to be soon at Bramall Lane and I’m wearing a mask but no one else is, does that give me any protection ? Hope that’s clear ?
  13. Had this discussion t’other night, my mate is planning to wear a mask all through the game. My understanding is that wearing a mask protects others but not the wearer, so if he’s wearing it around thousands of others who aren’t what’s the point ? Another person argued that wearing a mask gives the wearer protection from infection. Who’s right ?
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