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  1. Matt Hancock could follow his public calls to footballers by publicly asking that his own wealthy business family , wealthy enough to send him to Public school, also chip in to " the Public good". Whilst he's at it his mate Boris could also make a public appeal to his fabulously wealthy family to do their bit. But no let's draw the country's attention to footballers
  2. That's how capitalism works I'm afraid, market forces. I worked in the NHS for 40 years. Unfortunately 30,000 people didn't pay £35 a throw to come and watch me doing my job otherwise I might have bought a mansion
  3. Makes you reflect on life. We were all young once, with hopes dreams ambitions. RIP Frank
  4. RIP Frank How old was he ? Anyone ?
  5. First derby I saw was 1966 at Hillsborough, United raced into a 2 goal read, scorers Birchenall and Jones, although I'm not sure. Owls fought back to 2-2, great atmosphere with fans all mixed and sat together, much better.
  6. I'm not big on celebrities but probably .........can't think of one ?
  7. Woody also scored direct from a corner against Newcastle in the league cup. Night match in front of the kop. Remember the Leicester one but can't remember the Coventry goal. I went to St Andrews after Brum had gone up and Hockey had signed for us. He scored and then conducted their kop in singing " Hockey is a weir wolf". To be fair the Brum fans loved him. It was their first game after promotion. Don't have characters like Hockey in the game these days
  8. Didn't most of them apart from Ogden and Ludlam ? McAlister was a regular first teamer. Im sure the old grey matter is playing tricks though. I never seemed to have a favourite part of the ground, although I probably watched most of my football on the kop and John Street terrace
  9. I was OT for that match and Leeds home, although I always thought it was 3-0 ? Everton in the Cup, I believe Addison and Reece scored our goals. Everton were top of the league at the time. Seem to remember we played Pompey three times one season and it was something like, 5-0, 1-5, 5-0. The Blades winning two of those and the following season it was 5-1 again. I'm probably wrong though. For all that the Currie era games were great we did have some heavy reverses including 5-0 at OT, at which I was present. Thing I do remember unfortunately was all the crowd trouble. Seems unbelievable looking back
  10. Brilliant read though. We had a great run 1967-68, before losing at Leeds, 1-0. Addison got the ball over the line but not given, where was VAR (spit) when you need it ?
  11. Birchenall, Reece, Jones, Fenoughty, Hodgy, Great memories. Kop crowd at Hillsborough throwing oranges at Springett.
  12. Blades memories apart. My father took me to Leeds v Spurs 1964, first season Leeds were in Division one , Jimmy Greaves scored but Leeds won 3-1, booo. Barnsley 0 v 4/Man Utd, 1963 ( I think), Law, Charlton, Styles, etc Apologies. This is about Sheffield football memories.
  13. That's the scenario I think. With the Northern Hemisphere going into warm weather and summer thé suggestion is that the virus will take off in the Southern Hemisphere, their winter, and " boomerang back" north to us next winter. Not sure how close to a vaccine we are but I've read third semestre of next year. Brace yourselves
  14. Thought McBurnie looked a bit deflated today. Head down most of the match, looked " leggy". One of his strong points is his work rate and he does put a shift in. Obviously CWAK are better judges of a player than me AND we keep winning, but he doesn't offer much of a goal threat eg. could have had three against Brighton. Mousset looks much more dangerous when he plays and his speed seems to frighten defenders. I'm just guessing he doesn't put the effort in during training. Wouldn't be surprised if he leaves this summer which would be a shame. A manager should never change a winning team which probably explains why Freeman never gets a start. Berge ? Time will tell. i'm already thinking ahead to next season, as I'm sure Wilder is. Up to now we've been great this season. Some tough home games to come, Chelsea, Spurs, Wolves, Everton. Our remaining away games are winnable, Saints, Newcastle, Burnley, Villa, although Leicester and Man Utd may be more difficult. Three new lads Robinson, and the other two, ( cant remember names, " Retsos" ?), never really had a look in. Rodwell ?
  15. Enjoyed match. Thought Norwich gave us a good game. Disappointed with their blonde haired lad, Cantwell I think, never in the game, invisible in fact. Billy showing again what a canny player he is. Bash was immense. All those empty seats on the BLUT seem to have been filled. Got some great games to come at the Lane including Cup match. All our remaining away games seem very winnable with the possible exception of Man Utd.
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