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  1. Just seen on the BBC, Brexit Party MEP, Lance Forman in thé European Parliament ranting about control by the " élites". I then took the trouble to Wikipedia him and it's quite interesting. As a child he went to Haberdashers Asks Public school which in 2012 and 2016 was considered the best indépendant boys school in the country. No doubt benefiting from this privileged education and very wealthy family background he went onto Cambridge University. He runs a business paid for by inherited wealth, he is the fourth generation in his family to do so. These people are beyond irony.
  2. I was optimistic until I heard that the Prince is bringing his daughter and son in law in to run the club. They're presumably quite young and won't be steeped in the traditions and culture of Sheffield United unlike Mcabe and family. I'm fearing a boat being rocked.
  3. Sad for friends family and fans but personally never heard of him.
  4. If we are relegated some fans will, unfairly, blame this episode. I suspect Sheffield United as we know it, is about to change forever. Sure we’ll still have a club, but avaricious eyes are watching from abroad. Who knows ? Mood music i’ve picked up from the radio this morning is that Mcabe would be unwise to appeal the ruling. Mcabe only has himself to blame for this
  5. The Prince might be looking to sell or looking to bring other money people into the club. A Premier League club has to be attractive
  6. Good points Suspect you're right on that one. He got lucky with Wilder. Unfortunately, for us Blades, one of the links that bound Wilder to the club has now gone
  7. Wednesday are great against teams in the bottom quarter of the division, Barnsley, Luton, Huddersfield. Watched bits of it I thought it was quite a good game. Shows what I know
  8. To be fair he/she's probably not even aware that they're doing it. So much for brainwashing. That's all fake news. In reality it's a leftist/liberal conspiracy all organised by George Soros who lives in a Mosque and is paid by the BBC
  9. Expectations have been raised after recent performances
  10. He should go and live in exile with Jayda. Scum. Then again those poor people in the six counties I wonder if the parents of that bullied Syrian boy in Huddersfield are still suing him ?
  11. I’ve tried reporting incidents as they are taking place without resorting to 999, I gave up after listening to interminable taped « thank you »’s and “ your message is important” etc. On another occasion I used 999 and received a good response. Fifteen years ago I intervened to stop a violent attack at Sheffield Midland Station. I ended up having an operation after several visits to A&E, expensive medication, and lost time off work. British Transport Police’s attitude towards me was terrible. I later received an apology from Chief Constable SYPolice. I’d never intervene again in a similar situation. The BTP who I dealt with were overweight smoking ignorant slobs
  12. Done well in the past on the pitch to be fair. Does seem to upset people at clubs he's managed eg Boro and Brum. Isn't Boro owner suing him ?
  13. Good signing by Wednesday. Having worked in Brum he's probably used to playing second fiddle to a bigger neighbour. Good luck to the lad
  14. Good start, but very early days. Rather be 10th than where Vile and Norwich are
  15. You could do with the Preston guy. Alex Neil deserves a bigger stage
  16. Baldock made the step up as well, although Stevens looks superb
  17. Agreed about Lampard. What has he done in Management to deserve a Premier League gig ?
  18. I'd say Chelsea goals were more "mistakes" by our players and Lampard has the cheek to say they " gave us" our first goal. Looked a very well constructed goal to me. Bitter Frank.
  19. Police taking a dim view of Blades singing on train. I’m now advised that Besic didn’t play ? Did he or didn’t he ?
  20. Je Pleasantly surprised. Currently on a train in Kings Cross full of happy and soused Blades. Ive not been to the match. Blades who have say all the team played well, Besic was good, Mousset good. McBurnie has a new song apparently, I’ve yet to hear it. Blades met up before game at Earls Court. And we’re off
  21. We’ll see, although a massive mismatch in respect of resources. However, I am an instinctively pessimistic Unitedite
  22. I " get" your new tactic, instead of predicting your usual, from last season, 0-5 defeat, only to be wrong week in week out you're predicting we win in a perverse sort of logic. Shuffle those tea leaves again 😁
  23. Wednesday fans more optimistic than I am, or are they being pessimistic ? Hope we can avoid a cricket score defeat
  24. Ah the old " kissing the badge" routine To be honest not heard anything about Megson for years he's done that " good ", apart from on this board, where is he now, Cambodia ? Give Lee the gig
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