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  1. Agree with you about McBurnie, not convincing for me. Ok he works hard and is effective at what he does and is clearly a team player he doesn’t seem to be a natural goal scorer. He’s become a crowd favourite through his sheer gameness and endeavour. On Saturday he could have ( should have) scored three. I think we’ve started with Sharp and McBurnie up front last few games. Doesn’t seem to work. I think we should be using Mousset more. Nice to see McGoldrick
  2. I have to agree with redbig, one of your own, you do just come across as bitter, for example you congratulate United but then qualify it by saying “ but the leagues poor” ( paraphrasing), it’s the old time and tested adage of the bitter and frustrated. Perhaps you should just concentrate on your own club.
  3. Difficult to predict anything other than a Blades win. Hope Didzy starts we look a much better side with him in it. I suspect Lunny will get the nod over Berge. Usual back five plus Hendo, mid field Norwood, Fleck, Lunny. Have to start with McBurnie and preferably McGoldrick, with Moose coming off the bench. Sharp, however, has deserved another start with his performances lately. Wouldn't mind seeing one of the other new recruits. Season to date has been a non event for L Freeman, and B. Osborne, due to the team doing so well
  4. Well the leagues composed of more than just Spurs Arsenal, Man Utd, perhaps the likes of Sheff Utd, Leicester and Wolves have just been better. Just a possibility. Oh and it's " seem to have gone....." not " seem to of gone..." Me neither Baron
  5. WoW thanks glasgowgal. I'll follow that advice, i half suspected this would be the case. Thanks to your partner. Thanks Steve
  6. Sounds like you're on the right tack Bob. Patricia's suggestion was a good one. The professional services ie. Mental health, GP can be a real let down and disappointment and appear to work to their own needs and agenda. Also appears that AA have a role to play. Sometimes, often actually, the Voluntary sector can be more supportive emotionally and practically. Sounds like you're grieving for the loss of your relationship and insomnia can be a symptom of depression.
  7. Does it fit straight in ? Are there different sizes ? Cheers for thé reply
  8. Some advice please. I appreciate that these are easily available and to buy, eg Décathlon. In peoples experience are mouth guards bought over the counter sufficient to do the job. Forty years ago I bought a mouth guard and had it fitted by a dentist in a professional manner. I'm still using it to this day, it's given me adequate protection. My grandson aged 15 has just started boxing and has been told by his instructor he needs to get a mouth guard. He's entrusted me to sort this out. Any suggestions advice please ? Obviously relevant to boxers, martial artists, rugby and ice hockey players. Cheers
  9. Well. The Premier League supplied all four clubs in the two European cup finals last season, so they're not that poor are they ?
  10. Derbytup Are you really that bothered ?
  11. I’m with Roget on this it’s disgusting behaviour. The culprit seems quite impressed with himself. Not sure what that says about him.
  12. The drive to the game was hazardous. There were floods all over between Elsecar and Sheffield. My mate had to leave railway station at Elsecar as trains cancelled. Hard to believe match was going to happen, St Mary's churchyard flooded. Got into ground at 1-15hrs easier than usual, much easier in fact. Second half like a summers day McBurnies contemptuous look'at that Bournemouth player who just threw himself on the floor was funny. Just told him to get back up.
  13. Official sites contain little to no information
  14. Travelling on Transpenineexpress this morning. Can anyone recommend a web site for updated information on train alterations cancellations
  15. That’s just me being hyper critical. If we’re not playing like Brazil circa 1970 and winning 4-0 I’m mardy. A magnificent team victory. Love watching Mousset. McBurnie turning into a proper crowd favourite. To add. Bournemuff’s gamesmanship left a sour taste
  16. I thought it was a strange game today. A dig in and graft type of game against a desperate side who used every trick in the book. Norwood largely absent, Fleck'below par, they'd obviously done their homework. Jack and Egan not their usual steady selves. Hendo magnificent as usual. Sander Berge will take time to adapt. Sharp great. I thought Lunny and Mousset made the difference when they came on. George and Enda are stalwarts. Bash as usual. Still think we're missing McGoldrick
  17. It shouldn't be. Luton ought to be fighting for their lives. Anything to get above Barnsley
  18. Wouldn't have thought so. Hope you get some good advice on here
  19. Agreed. Big egos involved. BBC wanting to " be" the news.
  20. Need help. What language is this ? cheers
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