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  1. Try 'Cruse Beeavement Care.' If they're not right for you, they should surely know of a group that is. Good Luck.
  2. Unfortunately this is the exception rather than the rule. The rules change so often that the DWP are constantly struggling to keep up and implement the changes correctly. Much of it is ambiguous to say the least. There's a high turnover of staff and little continuity. Try getting in touch with them with a query and you'll see what I mean. As for the claiments, many of them are in debt before they even start, thanks to the gap between losing work and getting benefits. The 'fit to work' assessments are another whole area of serious concern as the Stephen Smith case demonstrates, and the sanctions system is iniquitous and evil.
  3. I followed the transcripts of Diana's inquest daily at the time, (as I've mentioned before.) What struck me most was the presses attempt to smear/ vilify certain witnesses. The images the press tried to convey to the general public bore no resemblance to the people appearing in court to give evidence, nor what was said. The missreporting was scandalous.
  4. Why? I want to know what has actually been said, rather than some newspaper's spin on it.
  5. True, but I'll get more idea from them, than from our one-sided media.
  6. The press already seem to have made their minds up regarding Carl Beech, in spite of his pleading not guilty. The media coverage is very one sided, which is why I would like to see the actual court transcripts.
  7. The Diana 'inquest' posted transcripts every day during proceedings, and very enlightening they were too. Nothing like what was being said in the press and media. That's when I first realised media bias was a thing.
  8. There are several victims who seem to have gone off the radar. Maybe they will show up later in procedings.
  9. Of course he does, there might be an election in the offing. But what is promised and what you get are two different things with the conservatives.
  10. Thankyou for that Melthebell, but I still can't find answers to my questions. Do you honestly think we will be welcomed back on the same terms? There are many interesting ways of putting the boot in, and you can bet the EU knows them all..
  11. My guess is, that if by some miracle it does get through, The EU apparachik will have us by the short and curlies, and we will suffer mightily for having the audacity to want to leave. We will be sitting ducks. Same applies if we remain. And where's the sense in having to obey laws we had no hand in creating? No deal is better than a bad deal, as Theresa May once said. Pure serfdom.
  12. In all the mountains written about Brexit, can somebody please explain in simple terms, just what May's deal consists of? Bullet points will do. Will we eventually have to join the Euro currency? Will we regain control of immigration? Will we regain our fishing rights? Will we be free to trade under WTO rules with other countries? Will we have to pay towards an EU army / defence system? And so on. Why are so many MPs against it? And why is May banging MPs round the head for a fourth time until they accept it?
  13. Why is he still in a (very well paid) job?
  14. Even mathamatically challenged Diane Abbott didn't manage to waste half a billion pounds of taxpayers money in botched schemes. In what other walk of life can you do this and not get sacked?
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