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  1. So we just accept it and wonder why our governments get ever more corrupt....
  2. Enough to live on, pay bills, and buy essentials (including insurance which will be necessary with everything being privatised,) and save a bit for pensions, rainy days and a bit of security etc. What that is these days, I don't know, but I'm sure it's more than the minimum and the living wage.
  3. Glad it went off without incident. But what happens when they take the barricades down, or are they going to become a permanent feature?
  4. I was also heard about the money spent on flood defences someplace in North yorkshire. They built a wall. It cost £60 million. I wonder was it put out to tender, or did it go to one of Boris's chumocracy friends? Can I find out under freedom of information?
  5. Really ECCOnoob, you surprise me. You'll be calling it a conspiracy theory next...
  6. You raise an interesting point, but surely in the first instance, that's up to other government agencies to prevent. However one of the good things about globalization is that it could be used to raise things like finances to more eqitable levels everywhere and generally mprove things for people. That would increase markets so everyone including businesses would benefit. It won't happen of course, it will go into the pockets of the already wealthy.
  7. First of all I think you need to watch all of it to get the full picture. Re; minimum wage, it's all relative. Any increase must help, but currently the minimum wage works out at about £16,000 before tax for full time 52 weeks a year, assuming holiday pay is given etc. Still far below the average wage of about £27,000. That doesn't take into account that many minimum wage jobs are insecure 0 hour jobs, and contract, gig economy work which doesn't pay for lunch, tea breaks etc or guarantee full time employment. There will still be many people on minimum wage that don't get that. And the cost of living in the UK is very expensive. Many of the working poor still require government benefits and food banks to make ends meet, which surely can't be right.
  8. I think I agree. More to this than meets the eye.
  9. You didn't watch the video then. He explains why doubling the minimum wage would work. Evidence of that is that It's already been tried, and has already worked.
  10. They don't speak for me personally, but each to their own. I am not against Capitalism at all as long as it is responsible capitalism which benefits everybody. That requires an honest government with some integrity who keep their eye on the ball and watch out for breaches and unexpected consequences, Alongside that, we need a decent well regulated tax system which sees to it that everyone (and I mean everyone) pays their fair share of tax, (No dodgy tax accountants looking for multiple loop holes etc) These two things are the best and simplest way of generating income and redistributing it to where it's needed. Get those in place and much of the rest will follow. There would be enough money for projects, infrastructure and a decent welfare system, and the millionaires and billionaires would still have plenty of money for a nice life even if they can only afford one yacht instead of 3. The world is changing, in ways we have only just begun to imagine. It will present problems like environmental issues for sure, but should also be a time of great opportunities and new ways of doing things. It could be exciting and good for everyone, with enough for all and security for all.
  11. True, but it didn't use to be that way, and can change.
  12. Good question. And sadly, I have to say I don't know the answer. I If the ballot box is not going to effective then the only alternative seems to be direct action, and that requires a lot, and preferably all the people singing from the same hymn sheet. You only have to look at this thread/forum to see how difficult that is going to be. Getting the message across is key, and it's a really complex problem with all sorts of side issues it's easy to get diverted into. Mainstream media is not going to help so it falls to direct action like Occupy (remember them?) and social media which now has its own problems beset as it is with trolls and fake news. The same thing happened with the impending financial crisis which was rife on the internet 3 years prior to the crash, but no one was listening or would believe them. There are possible solutions such as the one proposed by Nick Hanauer (link below) and his 'New Capitalism,' but he is just one man, (albeit a very rich one.) and depends on other entrepreneurs displaying some integrity too. I think as the problems become more apparent to more people, more solutions will surface, if they're allowed to. I have hope that this can be sorted out if enough people have the will to do it.
  13. I take it you didn't watch the Nick Hanauer video. It gets rather tiresome having to keep providing evidence for it to be ignored.
  14. I gather the whole of Washington is swarming with armed troops and is basically in military lockdown. Who'd have thought it, in the 'land of the free' If anyone tries to get into the white house there'll be blood on the streets.
  15. 'They' are the people in charge. And that's not necessarily who you think. The governments of course, but really the elite 0.05%, at the top in the IMF, World banks, wealthy doners, Lobbyists, media, etc; the puppet-masters who influence the people we like to think are in charge. They meet up at World Economic Forums and Summits, and conferences like Bilderberg and Davos. Do you never look things up for yourself?
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