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  1. Yes, that's a good point, but why don't they say so.
  2. I think that was exceptional though. Everything shutting down, lovely weather on last weekend before the new rules came into force and people anxious to get away with nowhere to go. And, don't forget, people were being urged to get out into green space for their mental health. More confusing instructions. I'm sure they didn't expect the same numbers you'd get on a bank holiday weekend in high summer. Were people any closer together than they would be in a supermarket queue, or in work? Was it necessary to stop the woman sitting alone on a park bench in an empty park? Are the parks open or not? Where are we allowed to walk and exercise our dog every day? I really don't know any more. My partner tells me the streets are deserted except for shops which have queues of people who didn't panic buy and are ppresumably putting themselves in danger each time they go out. I'd rather the police used their time to investigate the employers who are forcing their many workers to work together in unsafe conditions with the threat of being sacked.. And, since you ask, I am going no further than my back garden and haven't been anywhere for the last 3 weeks with a minimum of another 11 to come, but at least I'm lucky enough to have a back garden, albeit small.
  3. This must be terribly confusing for a lot of people. Aren't there some sort of guidelines to help somewhere on the net?
  4. This is probably all part of the bill that went through on Monday onewheeldave. A lot of 'conspiracy' theorists said it was the start of a slippery slope that would be extended. Most people have no idea what measures it contained (including I suspect some of the politicians who voted it through,) but ancient rights were removed at the stroke of a pen. One of the things for example is the removal of Local Authorities obligation to provide social care support. Nice. Other things slipped through as well, hidden in plain sight. They may well be rescinded at the end of the coronavirus crisis, some or hopefully all, but then again, maybe not.
  5. Is it possible to apply online without going to the jobcentre?
  6. Unfortunately it's not the panic buying morons who are standing waiting in the queue. It's the one's who didn't stuff their trolleys.
  7. I didn't start bringing politics into this thread, nor am I the only one. Unfortunately it's hard to keep politics out of anything that affects the population. It's a question of knowing which aspect to prioritise.
  8. They weren't dealing with an epidemic. If it had been kept up to scratch in the first place, maybe it wouldn't have been necessary to just throw money at it.
  9. He should be ashamed of not having all NHS/health workers properly equipped with PPE. He had enough warning to prepare. Also the testing is a fiasco. At the very least NHS/health workers should be tested to know if they have it. Labour were about bringing the NHS up to scratch, which it desperately needed, not dealing with an epidemic on top.
  10. I posted this a while ago. Boris is onto a winner, whichever way the outcome goes he will be able to spin it into either, 'it was the virus that beat us,' or 'it was my leadership that saved us.' Easy when the media is on your side. We should question everything our politicians do and always look beyond the mainsteam media. That is why we need good investigative journalists with integrity, but unfortunately many of them (such as John Pilger,) have been marginalised to the internet. Boris is the master of spin, accompanied by a genial personality and pleasant public image, but that doesn't make him any less of a liar than he was before the election.
  11. I hadn't been on the forum for a while because I've been very ill and spent quite a lot of the last 12 months in hospital. so your unpleasant slur was quite unnecessary. I have also seen first hand just how much the NHS was struggling before the Coronavirus. Northern General had to be seen to be believed. This is not a criticsm of the NHS staff who work long and hard, but of systems and staff shortages. I compare this with Weston park who have a higher staffing ratio, good funding, and time to care. This is what all our health services used to be like. To leave these people without protection against coronavirus and no testing is the final insult. Boris should be ashamed.
  12. The Labour party's policies to stave off austerity were all carefully costed and funded, but got drowned out by Tory shouts of Labour's 'money tree.' Had these policies been implemented, particularly in the health service, we would have been in a better position to fight the Coronavirus. Now the Conservatives have their own (uncosted) money tree and are throwing more money at it than would have been necessary (fix your roof when the sun shines) with more support. There is going to e yet more austerity after this to pay it back, but of course Boris now has an iron clad excuse. Was the money and loss of life worth it in the Falklands? Or was it a handy diversion for Margaret Thatcher's falling popularity ratings? You decide. On a personal level, I also wish Boris well, and his partner who must also be very worried. (I think political argument belongs in the Conservative party thread rather than here, so will continue if necessary in there, leaving this free for people worried about coronavirus.)
  13. Times changed after the banking crash. Labour changed with it to suit the times. With austerity, the least well off paid a disproportionate price. Times are changing yet again with Coronavirus and the fallout will be massive. It will no doubt hurt the most vulnerable as usual. We need a strong socialist Leader to protect them, IMO Keir Starmer is not it.
  14. Absolutely. Your dedication is hugely appreciated and won't be forgotten. Thankyou to every single one of you.
  15. Time will tell my friend. The working class and now a fair section of the middle class are about to get their faces ground into the mud,
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