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  1. Hoping to be helpful to those afflicted with Covid phobia or are simply still worried about going out. According to news (sorry can't remember which channel) predicted Covid hospital admissions (worse case scenario) amounts to 10 people per hospital. So is that really so bad or going to overwhelm the NHS? Deaths of Covid sufferers are now rare. The rising infection rate includes all people who have tested positive, (a figure which is notoriously unreliable) not the number who have reported to a hospital or even the doctor, therefore many are suffering only mild symptoms. These are mainly (but not exclusively) young people who have not been vaccinated. So if you've had your jabs you should be OK, and you're free to wear a mask if you wish. Life has to carry on so enjoy it.
  2. Rip off Britain...
  3. There is still a great deal of negotiating to be done. We will see the calibre of the people doing the job by the quality of the results. Judging by past experience of this lot, I'm not hopeful...
  4. It's called 'Gentrification;' tarting up a formerly poor area so the landlord can get top dollar for it. All well and good, but where are the poorer people supposed to go? Or are they just expected to live on the streets?
  5. Because the Benefit system works in deep and mysterious ways that no ordinary mortal can fully comprehend....
  6. Not necessarily. It's not as easy as people think to get benefits, particularly if you are middle aged with a few savings behind you. Many benefits are means tested so you won't qualify. Ill health retirement is not easy to get either as some debilitating illnesses are hard to diagnose and even harder to prove to the satisfaction of our draconian benefits system.
  7. I would argue that many women never retire. Even in this age of equality. it is still the women who do the lions share of the housework, look after ageing parents, look after grandchildren, do charity work etc. And I think the retirement age should have been reduced for both men and women to free up jobs for younger people. Frankly, at 67, a lot of older people are simply too tired to work.
  8. Those over 60 are heir to far more illnesses and disease. I think making people work until they are 68 is a non-starter. Some of us may be living longer but not all, the difference in longevity is starkly contrasted between rich and poor; the poor on average living a good 10 years less than the richer members of UK society. The type of former employment also makes a big difference too. Not all pensioners are created equal, some reach old age in relative good health, but many do not. We already have one of the poorest state pensions in Europe, and a good many UK pensioners are still on the old pension rates, receiving even less. We used to have good works pension schemes ("the envy of the world...." etc) but not any more, they are slowly being eroded and are unreliable, especially in a 'gig' economy.
  9. So sorry to hear this. It's a fact we don't acknowledge that life can be very fragile and turn upside down in a moment. I know from experience. My best wishes to you, I hope you all come through. xxx
  10. Anna B


    Sorry, but that figure has been hugely distorted downwards for the benefit of Public Relations. Of course the Royal Family, plus staff, plus hangers on , etc cost a great deal more than that. It's a bit mental to think otherwise.
  11. I'm less concerned about Matt Hancock's private life (though I do feel for the families involved,) than his incompetence in the job, but it does show a total disregard of morals, ethics and rules where he should be setting an example. Time to go I think.
  12. Lies, damn lies, and statistics... It's a pity we can't trust any of the data. Where else can we get reliable data from? Even the government sources are suspect and/or biased, but we are expected to believe whatever they chose to tell us. Anecdotal evidence often contradicts 'the facts'.
  13. Maybe it's because most of the bones of the body are rarely visible, the collarbone is the exception. It's prominent and visually 3 dimensional to the point where you can physically get hold of it, and it feels like a bone. Does it perhaps remind people of skeletons and death?
  14. If that's his attitude he certainly won't be getting much trade as no one will use him twice. The black cabs and their drivers used to be regarded as the epitome of service, reliability and excellence at one time. Has that changed?
  15. Are people still really in any doubt that the odds are always stacked in favour of the white middle class and stacked against working class folk? At the very least, they seem to get the sticky end of any problem going. White working class boys are the most deprived demographic in the UK
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