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  1. This sort of thing is ridiculous, but probably all too common. Whoever was responsible should have to explain themselves publicly, and heads should roll. But the more managers you get, the more they can pass the buck and hide behind one another. Cut managers and you cut bureaucracy.
  2. In that case Angela Raynor is a shoe in. . . .
  3. Once the warm glow of Brexit has worn off, and little has changed, attention is going to turn towards why we will still have austerity and under investment in the North, homeless on the streets etc. I suspect people are going to be very upset by this time next year.
  4. 2 people a day die from malnutrition or thirst in UK hospitals according to statistics. The Daily mail has the national figure at 50,000 a year. Whether that's an accurate figure or not I don't know, but it's certainly a big problem. There simply aren't the nurses available to take the time to hand feed someone who can't feed themselves. Too busy filling in forms and sitting in an office with a computer getting the figures up to date to do the job right.
  5. That reminds me of the quote 'We're all equal now, but some are more equal than others.' And then there was the financial crisis and David Camaron who kept on saying 'we're all in this together' when nothing could be further from the truth. . . I fear there will be more animosity and recriminations still to come. Not that we'll hear much about it the actual deals etc - hasn't Dominic Cummings even banned the word 'Brexit' after January 31st?
  6. The figures came from the programme which you haven't watched, and I think is what it was back then. But a 5 x rise overnight rise seems pretty steep to me. Of course politicians have an influence. That's what they're there for. Cut staff and your chances of a successful outcome are also cut. For instance, old people starve to death in hospital because there is noone to help them eat or supervise their diet. Social care is an enormous problem, but is that a reason to ignore it? Again thousands of people are not getting the help they need and are dying as a result. Time was when nursing was a highly sought after occupation, which gave suitable people respected and worthy careers. So what happened? It's not for want of applicants that nursing is in dire straights, but lack of funding. The use of short term agency nurses is also a massive drain on what money is available, and has been for a long time. It needs fixing.
  7. I feel that it was trying to apply a 'business orientated mindset' thar started the rot in the first place. Thatcher introduced the 'internal market' and competition between different trusts, back in the late 70s. That's when admin costs rocketed from £5 to £25 per capita, and have continued to rise ever since. Consequent shortages (of staff and resources) have dragged moral to rock bottom, and an unhappy and resentful staff will find it hard to carry out their duties with a smile on their faces, so yes sadly attitudes have changed. Staff need to feel valued to give of their best, and need the time to care. That's true in all jobs, but in jobs where interaction is with the vulnerable, sick and the elderly, it's essential. I don't think a 'business mindset' will do much to address that, and might well do the opposite.
  8. We could try more equality perhaps, so they don't feel the need to become economic migrants.
  9. That's pretty much what I think.
  10. Well not quite all of us are still here are we? Quite a few people have died as a direct result of Tory policies. How many more have to become victims before people start to take note.
  11. Learning a skill / trade? Company? Better than sitting in a cell all day maybe?
  12. Too expensive? Add in the cost of a taxi home and it's a dear night. Home entertainment has improved perhaps, with box sets, films etc on tap, and then there's the ubiquitous phone apps. People seem to be getting out of the habit of being social which is rather worrying.
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