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  1. I get the feeling that they're desperate for another outbreak so they can pounce....
  2. Personally, I hate the adverts interupting programmes, maybe they could try sponsorship at the beginning and end of programmes instead, (gives you time to nip to the loo and make a cup of tea.) I'm not surprised the BBC is popular with older people, which is why some Britbox programmes would bring the viewers in, That, and a few decent films and Arts programmes would help. As for youtube, some good stuff on there too, I'm not sure how they go about buying rights to it.
  3. Sue Gray works for Boris apparently. He's her boss. So report couldn't possibly be a whitewash, could it.....?
  4. I'll look into that. It sounds like a good idea. But what safeguards are there if you lose your phone? (I seem to lose things a lot...)
  5. An excellent piece about Sociology and Economics on 'Thinking allowed' Radio 4 at 4.0pm. Clear, and relatively easy to follow it will be available on iplayer or a pod cast i'm sure. I think we should all try to have a grasp of these subjects if we don't want to be duped by the politicians, so it's important to educate yourself about what is actually going on, or they will sell you any version to suit their own agenda..
  6. All covid regulations are to be dropped, as of next week. No masks, no passports into venues, and no more regular testing. Good, But please note, as far as I know, the measures that were brought in still remain on the statute books...
  7. I recently lost my credit/debit cards. (The bank acted swiftly to cancel and replace them. Thanks) However a week without them was an eye opener. It is virtually impossible to manage without them. Fortunately I had a bit of cash in the house and was able to borrow some from family for a business trip. A hotel I stay at regularly only takes on line bookings using a credit card, so had to find somewhwere that would accept cash, at a price I had budgeted for. Car parking at new holel was pay by credit card, so had to park elsewhere, and hump luggage a distance. A Restaurant for food also were reluctant to accept cash, And various other constant inconveniences without cards. I had to count every penny to make sure I didn't run out of cash, (which was no bad thing, and made me realise how free I am with debit card.) An interesting and salutary experience. Try it sometime. But I bet you use a card to access cash machine. What would you do without it?
  8. As I said, real money is going out of fashion, helped by the pandemic. But beware. Real money is our last freedom. Give the power to the bank's computers and it totally controls a precious resource. What happens when computer says 'no' The government are currently discussing bringing in its own crypto-currency.
  9. Don't you at least find it interesting that ordinary people consistantly vote against their best interests? There are far more 'ordinary' people, than people who benefit from Tory policies. The rise of the number of 'poor' is evidence of that, and is set to increase mightily thanks to the last decade of Tory 'Austerity,' and inflation. Meanwhile the super rich get much, much richer.
  10. It's a serious problem, probably wrapped up in our history and national character. People know my opinion, but I think it's a serious enough problem to necessitate serious investigation.
  11. Better spend it soon Padders. Real money is going out of fashion.
  12. Isn't it just. We need to find out why these people dominate at elections, and why people keep on voting for the very people who will do them down.
  13. When it's partly government money, there would be another party vetting the BBC's expenses, and what it's paying their 'stars' for a start. That could only help. There are plenty of wouldbe stars, just as good, and willing to work for less.
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