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  1. I never said it was unusual, just that it in no way equalizes the damage done by the lies perpetrated in the initial front page headline, which in most people's perceptions remains unchallenged.
  2. Not a permanent statue, but designed to provoke long overdue discussion and debate, which it is clearly doing.
  3. Apparently, according to commentators, Boris committed to a public enquiry at today's Prime Ministers questions (BBC2) I was watching but I didn't hear it to be honest, but then Boris don't half waffle on.
  4. Just out of interest, anybody watching BBC2 - 'The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty?'
  5. Heard a rumour that top Red Lion at Grenoside is closed for good. Anybody know anything about it?
  6. Rubbish. From even before his election as leader in 2015 he was considered persona non grata by the media. And it's not just me who thinks so. http://www.lse.ac.uk/media-and-communications/research/research-projects/representations-of-jeremy-corbyn www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/jeremy-corbyn-is-the-most-smeared-politician-in-history/18/07/ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/16/vilification-of-corbyn-in-broadcast-media-fuelled-election-defeat-andy-https:// www.thecanary.co/trending/2019/12/03/heres-proof-that-no-matter-what-corbyn-says-or-does-the-establishment-media-will-attack-him/ And many, many more........ This is important. In a democratic society, we do not want media propoganda deciding our elections or leaders. We are being manipulated.
  7. Why can people not understand that criticizing the Israeli government is not 'antisemitic.' Their actions should be held to account just like those of any other government. And how can 'a well known espionage tactic used extensively by the secret services of many countries' be said to be singling out Israel?
  8. You missed the point in my post. I know Corbyn was interviewed once the election had been called; the media was obliged to comply with pre-election rules of equal air time, but prior to that he was rarely called upon, and did not get a fair hearing. Any publicity he did get, was usually personal. negative, and very biased against him. The newspapers in particular were a disgrace. As I recall, in the run up to the election, Andrew Neil interviewed the leaders of all the parties, (and gave them all a very hard time,) except Boris 'no show' Johnson, who refused to be interviewed by him because he knew he would be unable to do his usual waffle act and would be ripped to shreds by Neil. Neil made the point Boris Johnson was the first leader to refuse being put under scrutiny, and why, in this brief clip. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2019/dec/05/it-is-not-too-late-andrew-neil-challenges-johnson-to-commit-to-interview-video
  9. I am quoting a TV documentary, not my idea. And as for the anti-semitism which I take it is what you are alluding to, it is a far cry from blanket approval of everything Israel does, and anyway as I took pains to mention, the compromising of the great and the good for political purposes is a practice undertaken by the special branches of a great many governments.
  10. Pot calling Kettle. Have you watched Boris and cohorts lately?
  11. When the media is in the hands of a few super powerful media moguls who dictate the political stance of a whole raft of the media, it is exceedingly difficult to get round it, which is why allowing certain individuals to amass total dominance of the media is so wrong. (He who controls the media controls the minds of the masses... - Malcolm X) Did you never wonder why Jeremy Corbyn had to resort to Social Media to get his message across? (- It's the reason why he was so popular with young people,) And drag himself round the country putting on public meetings in towns and cities which attracted thousands, to get his message out? There was an almost total blackout on Corbyn and colleagues. He was not invited on political TV programmes, instead they asked the Blairite brigade for comments, and even wheeled out old hasbeen Blair too to pontificate, never Corbyn. Only when an election was declared did the media rules of equal airtime come into play, and even then the verbose Boris managed to hijack the election into a rematch on Brexit, (he was going to 'Get Brexit done' remember? With his 'ovenready' deal - what happened to that?) Boris refused to answer questions on almost anything else and got away with it, including his refusal to be interviewed by forensic political Rottweiler, Andrew Neil, who would undoubtedly have exposed his shortcomings.
  12. What upsets me is that the 'rules' seem to be quite arbitrary, impossible to police, and often almost impossible to follow, yet people's livelihoods are being sacrificed to them for no good reason. Nor are we 'following the science.' If that were true we would not have cancelled the WHO much recommended testing, testing, testing, and track and trace protocols.
  13. Anyone who saw the recent 2 hour documentary on Epstein will know how far his nets were cast; politicians, captains of business and industry, media moguls, celebrities, royalty, in fact almost everyone who's anyone has come into contact with Epstein, - as has the Israeli secret service apparently, for whom it was suggested he may have been working. Epstein is proven to have had film footage and documentation implicating many of the great and the good in dodgy deals and compromising situations, with which he could blackmail them - a well known espionage tactic used extensively by the secret services of many countries. I suspect sweat is breaking out on a great many foreheads.
  14. It's not the number of 'anti-Labour' newspapers that's important, but the size of their circulation. I would hazard a guess that the 'reporting' and opinions of the Daily Mail reaches far more people than the Guardian. Nor does a retraction or apology, squirreled away at the bottom of an inside page, equal the half page innacurate Headline emblazened on the front page of the Daily Mail, readable from the far side of the garage forecourt. When it comes to the media, it is not an even playing field.
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