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  1. Those 'consistent losers' as you so insultingly put it, are responsible for nearly every small advantage the working class has ever known. Leave it to the Tories and we would still be forelock tugging in the streets and hovels that we were allowed to rent for ridiculous rents, (oh dear, my mistake, that's what were going back to...) If it wasn't for the Labour left (and the unions from which a large number of early Labourites came,) we would have no free education and higher education for all, no health and safety at work to ensure an end to appalling working practices, no improvement to insecure work with low wages and exploitation leading to higher standards of living, no reasonable pension after 40 years of work, free health care for all 'from cradle to grave,' free care for the elderly, mothers and disabled both at home and in care homes, no affordable housing in new pristine council estate homes, with modern facilities and requirements like schools and shops, none and just about everything that has lifted the working class and allowed them equal opportunities and a good quality of life. The Tories aren't noted for doing things for the benefit of the working class, and the unnecessary austerity of the last 10 years and the rush to privatise is proof of that. All of the above had to be hard fought for and hard won. I naively thought in my younger days that the battles had been won in perpetuity, but I have been proved wrong. Unfortunately we took our eye off the ball, and from 1979 onwards and with the arrival of 'free market economics' introduced by the Tories, these gains are being undone. The Tories have made it their business to 'roll back the state' and slowly unpick the welfare state, and replace responsible Capitalism which considered gains against losses and the laws of unintended consequences, with an economic free-for-all where profit, profit and more profit is the only thing that counts. It trumps everything else, and is primarily there for the benefit of the bosses at the expense of the people and the planet. The results after 40 years are becoming apparent to everyone and are changing the prospects of a lot of people , primarily, the young and the poorest. I believe it was the general growing dissatisfaction in the way things were going that lead people to vote for Brexit, and shrewed Boris climbed on that bandwagon to win votes. The way things are going, we are going to need those determined, 'leftwing' firebrand Labour people to pull things back on track and make things fair again.
  2. There's a list of Sheffield care homes with reviews written by residents and other interested parties like family. Try the link below. There may be more from other sources if you look online, but remember it sometimes comes down simply to the availability of places and cost. It can be a bit of a minefield. Adult Social services, as Jane says, is probably your best bet. https://www.carehome.co.uk/care_search_results.cfm/searchunitary/Sheffield/searchchtype/reviews
  3. No, but there's now a steady flow of new leaders all the time in both parties so it's hardly noteworthy. As for the Labour supporters who didn't like Jeremy Corbyn, a lot of them weren't that politically engaged in the first place to follow all the nuances of the last election, and a good many of them only voted Conservative to 'Get Brexit Done,' as that was what Boris cleverly made the election all about. We'll see if Blairite Starmer can bring them back, but from what I've read he's actually well behind in the polls at the moment, which considering Bumbling Boris' poor performance, takes some doing.
  4. Good. But I do fear there will be a sizable number of voters who, when confronted by a question they weren't expecting and don't understand, will vote for the status quo as the default setting. I feel there hasn't been enough publicity explaining it, (and a lot of people put any literature that comes through the door straight in the bin.) I'd like to know if people in safe seats have received much in the way of information about it?
  5. Who indeed? That's the problem... At the moment I c.an't see anyone in the wings who is up to the job.
  6. I believe Starmer is failing. He has disengaged a horde of Labour followers by removing the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, and even those that didn't particularly like Corbyn's brand of politics know he was a decent, non-racist man who didn't deserve that treatment. The rest don't think Starmer is committed enough to bring about real change. He's a bit of a stooge, just a closet Tory. Unfortunately we are going to need the strongest possible, most determined opposition to turn things around in the coming austerity, and Starmer isn't it. Whoever it is, is also going to have to get the media by the scruff of the neck and sort them out, to ensure fair and decent coverage in the MSM. At the moment I don't know how they are going to do that. Up against the establishment, and the power that money brings, the odds are stacked very much against them. Maybe they will allow Starmer to win just to give the appearance of it being even handed, but that won't make a blind bit of difference in the end. Democracy is as good as dead.
  7. I agree. There seems to be a very unfortunate trait in British people to criticise and look down on others who have fallen on hard times, without ever once thinking 'there but for the grace of God...' They seem to think punishment is an appropriate reaction to poverty, rather than help or support.
  8. In other words the media informs us of nothing, it merely speculates, and that alone influences opinion. Yes you're right about the power of language....
  9. Trouble is selfishness and the ruthless 'me first' attitude has now been officially sanctioned as being acceptable by this abominable Tory party and it is spreading across all society. Ultimately, especially in the pursuit of unbridled capitalism and irreversable climate change, it will bring about the end of us all.
  10. On the whole I think division causes complications, but the North should certainly have better and stronger representation. It's like a different country to the south, (south-east?) with its own problems and situations that the south haven't a clue about.
  11. When you think of how Thatcher waged a vicious war against the Unions and crushed them into the dust.... So where is the corresponding Labour vigour to stop this blatant Tory spivvery, lies and corruption infecting politics? The whole political system is rigged by the Tories to benefit the Tories.
  12. I won't be voting Labour in the local elections because of things like the tree debacle, the fact that they sent £15,000,000 back to the government that should have been spent on Business grants, (according to leafletting through the door) and basically are pretty useless. They have had it too easy for too long and take our support for granted. I'll be voting Lib Dem or Green. However the big reason I'll be voting at all, is the extra Referendum question about how the council is run. I will be voting for a change. The committee system made up of elected councillors, could make a big difference. Well that's what I'm hoping, so it's important people realise it's happening so it doesn't take them by surprise.
  13. I agree, but then again, can you tell me what the differences are between the local parties. They all seem to say they're wanting the same things.
  14. I think I have answered the question. The rich have money and influence to protect them, the rest of us only have the power of the ballot box, such as it is. IMO it needs reform to make it more affective for more people.
  15. I couldn't agree more with this. We should have been working and investing in sea power for years and leading the world in sustainability.
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