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  1. I am not a conspiracy theorist, however invoking that title as nothing more than a derogatory phrase, is useful in dismissing a critical thinker and not engaging with uncomfortable truths. I consider myself to be reasonably well informed and sensible. I do look into things via various sources and try to find all the different viewpoints. I took the vaccine myself, and obeyed the rules (at great personal cost) and largely stayed out of the debate at the time for the reasons you mention, so I resent your claims that I might have 'put the health of others at risk' however that didn't stop me investigating, and talking to qualified medical experts and forming my own opinions. Since the pandemic has somewhat abated and there is a bit of distance between events and the present, it's time to assess what happened and how with the benefit of hindesite and an overview, we came to be where we are today. The trouble with 'Conspiracy theorists' is that they have the annoying habit of sometimes being proved right.
  2. People's health has never been more at risk than it is now. The move to privatise it is now becoming so clear it's hard to deny it. 'The NHS is not safe in Tory hands.' Meanwhile, nobody has engaged on any of the actual points I made.
  3. I think we're easily confused by special offers, bogof's etc into not knowing the exact price of many things week to week. Supermarkets have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to keep the customers coming, and they don't always play fair. Remember their top line is still and always will be, to increase profits.
  4. Blair was young, he was different, he was a very charismatic man, I too voted for him. Times were also very different then, we were surfing on the crest of a wave. So I think we can be forgiven. But we took our eye off the ball, and now with the results of 40 years of free market economics which he willingly bought into, and a fundamental Conservative move to the far right having done us enormous damage, we badly need to rebalance the status quo and put people first. Multi millionaire Tony Blair is not the man to be giving advice. Rather he needs to take some responsibility for the mess we're in.
  5. The council wants us to reduce our use of cars, so it reduces public transport. That makes sense doesn't it? Jeez, we really are turning into a banana republic....
  6. I couldn't care less about Boris' lively sex life. But I do care that he and his cohorts are ruining this country. 12 years of Tories, and we've never been in such a mess. But then when they are so far removed from ordinary people and so out of touch with normal life, it's exactly what you would expect from them. It's no surprise, and it's just not good enough.
  7. I agree. Anyone who took us into an injust war against the wishes of huge swathes of the population, then made millions out of selling arms to the same unstable countries in the name of 'peace envoy' is certainly not to be trusted.
  8. Hardly. But Starmer is a straight bat compared to Boris. However, it's no secret I am no fan of Starmer, for reasons I've already explained. He's Neoliberal through and through. If elected he will change nothing. Labour needs a new leader.
  9. Covid was real. I took the vaccine. Thankyou very much. But I objected to the coersive way they forced it on people who didn't want it. What you inject into your own body should be your own choice, that's all. And I don't think lockdown was necessary. But we'll never know because there's little to compare it with. However, the government were so concerned about the deadliness of this killer plague they decided to party and mingle throughout. There's also a well worn argument that the vaccine damped down our natural immune response, delaying herd immunity, which made the epidemic last longer. And let's not forget the virus was said to have originated from a Biolab in China, that's not 'ridiculous nonsense.' Nor that Porton Down, our own Bioweapons laboratories, were heavily involved in researching it. That notwithstanding, there's no doubt our government are using the pandemic as a scapegoat for all the ills that are currently befalling us, though they have long been predicted ever since the banking crisis. You don't deal with debt by imposing austerity, and you don't pump Billions into the economy (QE) without causing rampant nflation. And you don't shut down the country for two years without some devastating results, so the best you can say is the government may have made mistakes. The worst is that they have profitted mightily from it, which those at the top certainly have.
  10. Me? I can't stand him. He had a golden opportunity to unite the party by working with Corbyn, instead he's split it right down the middle by expelling all the socialists from a Socialist party.
  11. The sooner Labour get rid of Starmer the better. He was supposed to be the safe, respectable, electable answer to 'mad marxist' Corbyn. Not worked out very well has it?
  12. I was asked, so I answered as best I could. Don't blame me if you don't like it. HAARP, lizard people etc very funny. Famous tactic to ridicule people you don't agree with rather than engage in discussion. I had the same problem when I said the banks were going to crash 2 years before they did. I'm no Cassandra, the information was all over the net for those who cared to look, but most people don't bother. We are heading for turbulent times, they know it, and they know that we know it.
  13. I think he does, he's had a humour bypass and he's rubbish, but he takes his role seriously.
  14. You really think this is tin foil hat territory? The fact that this 'plague' was on the agenda and being discussed 5 years ago doesn't bother you? Our freedoms to protest are being eroded as we speak.
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