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  1. Very good points. I think most people (except Tony) would agree with this.
  2. I've only just heard about this and don't yet know the details, but what a terrible, terrible thing to happen. From what little I've heard, he sounds like one of the good guys, a kind, dedicated MP who would help anyone no matter what party they supported or what creed they belonged to. I'd hoped Joe Cox was a one off occurence, an aberation, but it seems not. I can't help feeling the general mood of a lot of the population is verging on hive mental illness /paranoia all the way up to psychosis. I hope something can be done about that. And I hope this doesn't lead to MPs no longer wanting to hold face to face surgeries. It isn't what he would have wanted apparently. I feel terribly sad for his poor unlucky bereaved family.
  3. Any good doctor would tell you that they start their diagnosis the minute you walk into their surgery, with observation; how you move, your posture, sit etc. A pone call can't do that. Incidently, Matt Handcock, the previous health minister during the pandemic, family business developed and runs the video app company that is used for doctor's video calls. So no conflict of interest there eh?
  4. They have. The Tories can all afford very decent housing thankyou, what's the problem?
  5. It's also thanks to the welfare state that they had more than their parents. For the first time ordinary working people got a bite of the cherry and made the most of it with better health, decent housing, and free higher education etc. It's notable that now the Conservatives are 'rolling backthe welfare state' the children of these baby boomers are not expected to exceed their parents good fortune. Exactly this.
  6. Stradbrook is nice, but a lot of the houses have been bought, so not sure if there are many council houses left.
  7. At least the Labour party tries to address these inequalities, whereas the Tory party just perpetuates them.
  8. Wouldn't it be lovely if all education and opportunity were equal and not dependent on money. And careers didn't hang on what school you put down on your CV and how you were perceived? Judging by the numpties we have in government at the moment going to a good school is no guarantee of intelligence, but it does engender a strong sense of entitlement and self serving confidence....
  9. Beware this 'Hate crime' syndrome. Unfortunately you can't change human nature by legislation, nor can you tell people what to think. I'm as much against discrimination, unpleasantness, vitriol etc as the next, and I can honestly say I don't 'hate' anybody, but that's more to do with the way I was brought up than anything else, certainly not legislation. I get ****** off in various circumstances, as does everybody, but that's a long way from a 'hate crime.' And you have to wonder what comes next? What misdemenour is going to be seen as a hate crime that you can be locked up for? We are losing our freedom of speech to the 'woke' brigade and 'Hate crimes' are potentially another chance to limit our freedom of expression. I cannot think of a single hate crime which isn't already adequately covered with a current law, such as breach of the peace etc. Let's redress 'Hate' with understanding, education and reason.
  10. I don't know about Rayner, but both John Prescott and Diane Abbott are University graduates, Abbott from Cambridge no less....
  11. On the other hand the Lib Dems are the king makers in a hung parliament, as has been the case several times. Now though they have to share the vote with several other parties which diminishes their power still further. Our adversarial system is built for conflict and dissent. I'd like to see all parties working together in the spirit of cooperation to achieve goals in the best interests of the country, however I can't see that ever happening in Great Britain. Does it happen anywhere in the world? Serious question as I haven't time for a serious investigation. I would think it might happen in some of the Scandinavian countries which seem to have a handle on most things.
  12. The worst show on TV? There's just so many to chose from....
  13. Short memories? The Labour party didn't even exist in 1906 and the Liberals have never won since. If you believe that you'll believe anything... I would argue that our governments are decided by the Tory owned media and whatever message they decide to put out.
  14. This attitude is a good example of what's wrong with this country. It's arrogant and archaic. Our methods of government were originally built by Aristocrats for Aristocrats and couldn't be further from democracy, but those attitudes still persist in some of our politicians belief that they are born to rule. It also more than evident in our second 'House of Lords.' Just because we were the first (debatable) to build a parliament in a similar style to its current form, doesn't make it the best, nor mean that it cannot be improved. Times change, the ability to adapt and change with it, is an important aspect of survival; others have built on it, tweaked it and improved it, and we can always learn from others, again to think otherwise is arrogant beyond belief. As for the 'centuries of democracy,' that is also debatable. Overall, the Tories, the modern equivalents of the old Aristos, still dominate through a quirk of our forelock tugging, class riddled society. The Liberal party were only in power when it was one of two parties. The Labour party is barely a century old, Universal suffrage didn't come in until the 1920's and we were one of the last western countries to adopt it, and don't get me started on the rotten buroughs of the 18th and 19th centuries etc. When I watch TV coverage of our overblown Parliament I am appalled at how ponderous, slow moving and unfit for purpose it looks. Compared with modern, purpose built debating chambers in other countries (including Scotland,) it's anachronistic. They have all the advantages of modern technology and look like progressive, efficient places of work. I also suspect they are cheaper to run. The world has changed, we are no longer masters of the Empire, if we want to stay ahead of the game we have to change with it.
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