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  1. Starmer? I very much doubt it to be honest. Too soft, no fire, he's not the battler the little people are going to need. He can talk the talk but not walk the walk. That 80 seat majority will be the biggest mistake the working class has ever made. They need to know, not only who is on their side, but who is tough enough and capable of making the changes necessary to protect them. otherwise it's a very bleak future for them.
  2. No matter how Boris and co calculated it, I can guarantee it won't be enough. We have real hardship coming down the line.
  3. Yes indeed. Boy are we going to need a politician who will fight, and fight bloody hard, for the little people. Where is that politician?
  4. Whereas another politician can promise exactly the same, with no intention or ability of delivering. They'll be the candidate allowed to win the next election.
  5. I think you have to come up against it to realise it. That's why Jeremy Corbyn did most of his electioneering live from his soapbox around the country, it was the only way he had open to him that couldn't be manipulated in some way. You can only trust what you see and hear live out of the horses mouth in the full context, everything else is open to abuse. And very powerful it was, he garnered an army of fans and grew the Labour party to be the largest in Europe. However, a determined mass media wins every time, until all the people realise they can't trust it.
  6. Not allowed / prevented etc is all semantics. The Establishment rule this country. Democracy is an illusion for the benefit of the masses. Media manipulation, dirty tricks political games etc and worse, are the modus operandi of the Establishment. What do you think they do with their secret meetings, gentleman's clubs, access to MI5 and contact lists to the most powerful people in the country and beyond? They all have the same agenda; to keep on top by fair means or foul and are utterly ruthless in that pursuit. They have the power, money and influence to achieve anything they want. Anybody who hasn't learnt that in this day and age hasn't been paying attention.
  7. Check the rules (if you can...) You may well be allowed to go, if you're prepared to isolate on your return.
  8. An electorate can be manipulated, and is, all the time.
  9. Anybody else think Andy Burnham is shuttling for position in the next Labour leadership battle.
  10. It's happened to me too. Doesn't it make you feel awful? But they would probably argue that they/you are keeping safe, just like the mask wearers do. However it's all part of the damage this blasted pandemic is doing, it's not just about the deaths, sad as they are, if it goes on indefinitely will we ever be able to get back to normal? Trust, once lost, is harder to regain. Sorry, above reposted by mistake. I hope people realise that if we go back into lockdown, it's very unlikely to be for the heralded 2 weeks. It will probably be until Christmas, and could be for the whole winter. That will be far worse than last lockdown when we could at least go in the garden or for a walk in the sunshine. And there will be all the usual winter illnesses on top of covid that go untreated.
  11. Because anyone capable of causing a difference, upsetting the status quo and taking on the Establishment simply won't be allowed to win an election.
  12. Ah, but do they work on our behalf though? It often doesn't seem like it. Do we have any say in how our money is spent? Or what the council get up to ? (Tree felling anyone?) And please don't wheel out that 'well you can always vote for somebody else.' It is virtually a closed shop in Sheffield, and they're all the same anyway. A meaningless cross in a box for a preselected candidate once every few years is not real democracy.
  13. Indeed. In France they are taking politicians to court for incompetence during the pandemic, like not having enough PPE, with possible jail sentences pending. Can you imagine that happening here? Never has it been clearer that there's one law for them and another for us. We are not, and never have been, 'All in this together.'
  14. I've no problem with councils / governments selling land for housing, (is it theirs to sell, or does it belong to the people of the city? just asking,) but they should keep control of the buildings, in terms of rent. If left to builders they will build more expensive houses which means more profit for them. Just adding in a couple of 'Affordable' houses (affordable for whom?) just doesn't cut it. I believe the council also had their own house building teams at one time, building houses at cost and providing good secure jobs. And, if private landlords can get rich by buying 'buy to let' homes, then it's good business. What is to stop the council building good strong council houses and letting them out at a fair rent? Any profit made can then go into building more council houses. There are plenty of brownfield sites ripe for building, and old houses that can be bought and demolished or brought up to standard by the council. Council houses provide long secure tenancies, unlike houses owned by private landlords who can ask the tenant to vacate through no fault of their own, (with correct notice procedures etc) and sell the house from under them.
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