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  1. And the most amazing thing is he wasn't even Labour.
  2. You have to remember the Tories are the masters of spin. They will play both ends against the middle and nothing will stick. They will claim the credit when it suits them and deny all responsibility when it doesn't. They will run rings around their opponents, claiming the moral high ground while lying through their teeth. You will never discover their hidden agenda until it's too late. You can never get to the bottom of a liar, and these guys are the much practised, consummate experts. Be warned.
  3. We should all be grateful for the crumbs off the table. . .
  4. Bernie Sanders, good guy, up for US election, now being accused of anti-semetism in the media. He's Jewish for God's sake. Sound familiar? Donald and Doris been sharing ideas do you think?
  5. He's a multi-millionaire. You'd think he could afford one.
  6. I'd hardly call electing a man like Boris Johnson 'a win' in anybody's language.
  7. You have missed the point entirely. banjo is not the issue. There are many, many people who have claimed the media is biased against Corbyn. Many of them very well informed and people with no love for Corbyn. See also my point above (post 9558) about conflicts of interest as to why certain people in the Labour party are biased against Corbyn.
  8. banjo is exactly right. And he is far from alone in thinking it. Even Andrew Niel, not a fan of Corbyn at any time, has said the media has been biased against him, and that he is no anti-semitic, terrorist etc. You do realise that chief complainant, multi-millionaire Margaret Hodge, is a member of the Oppenheimer family who own the mult-millionnaire steel trading Coorporation, Stemcor, one of the world's biggest steel-trading Corporations, and her daughter, a journalist, is now deputy editor of the BBC TV news channel? No conflict of interest or bias there then...
  9. We the public are about to find out exactly how important we are to the Tory government now they're in power with a majority. . . .
  10. Don't forget, he eats cold baked beans out of a tin as well, the scoundrel . . .
  11. Boy oh boy, people are going to look back and wish they'd voted Labour.
  12. Well, they are lies for a start. He is none of these things which you would know if you did your research. I do hope Corbyn sues. There is already an enquiry underway I believe. And yes we all know about Blair's New Labour. He did many such things which is why he is called LaborLite, And why he is now a multi-millionaire. That's why Corbyn stood in the first place; to give people a real alternative to the Conservatives, which again you would know if you did your research. I would like to see Boris' NHS LAW. I bet it's got more holes in it than my Granny's old jumpers.
  13. How could he, when the papers did nothing but slag him off and lie about him and his policies? People couldn't all go and see him for themselves at one of his rallies, and probably aren't exactly Guardian readers. No, Corbyn was well and truly villified by the elitist run media. They decided this election years ago when Corbyn became leader.
  14. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Brexit should have been cross party from the start. It's split both parties. The irony is that Jeremy Corbyn is no fan of the EU and left to himself would have voted to leave. Johnson could not guarantee to 'get it done' either. It depended on him getting a majority, and at the time we were heading for a hung parliament. Corbyn couldn't guarantee staying in either but wouldn't lie about it.. How often does it need to be said that we have years of negotiating ahead before we are out out. By the way, does anybody actually know the details of BJ's 'ovenready' deal? Most people probablyhave no idea what 'deal' they were voting for. |Could be anything in it.
  15. Yes you do. It isn't just about intelligence; family attitudes, family support, the school you go to etc have a big baring on educational success amongst many other things which have been discussed before. It was a mistake (or a huge success depending on your point of view) to mix Brexit iin with a general election. People weren't even sure what they were voting for, a new government or brexit. A very shrewd move Boris.
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