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  1. I have been talking with and observing them. The fact is I'm forty with little work ethic, I've been allowed to think I was ok as I was to the point it tore my mattiage to pieces. Something has to give and thats the dillusion that life could be sd it was, no life is pain and struggle lies and false hopes. If you don't play the game of asset building your ****ed
  2. With all that's gone off, marriage ending, losing home, not having a good work history, bad work ethic, limited understanding of money budgeting......I'm in a hospital bed after being on a motorway bridge, I have no memory of events surrounding my fall, apparently it's something called post traumatic amnesia. I've been well cared for and am considering going to college then uni to become a registered nurse. If it happens is another wuestion
  3. I wish I could be happier, it's what I would like. But when your a low life bum you don't get the girl,house or owt for that matter, I keep trying to get my head into it but old habits.
  4. Decided to fall off a bridge, broke my feet a knee, shattered pelvis and shattered three vertebrae, learning how to walk again. This life is not pleasant, don't be like me
  5. I have had enough. Lost my family ...my loved ones ..home...life ..scared ****less...no prospects...I'm being sectioned. This life is balls
  6. I couldnt handle the job , i was ,making mistakes and really not being able to focus properly getting me into trouble. I am being told it's ok that i am not in work but I am feeling like a complete failure.
  7. As of 2 weeks from now I HAVE A JOB! I was told I was exactly what they were looking for and here i am. I am beyond amazed that they wanted me but they offered me the job on the spot. It's working as an inbound IT role for business broadband technical issues Here is to a whole new life
  8. Done 6 interviews as of tommorow. It hurts how much I've been a lazy arse
  9. even commision based job wasnt interested. What the hell do I have to do to get anywhere?
  10. an interview didnt even call me when they said they would
  11. I am currently doing a course that will give me a comptia A+ qualification and microsoft certifications. I am really worried about my mental health as ive been self harming and sewer slide has been on my mind. I am really trying to push forward, my marriage ended, my education and skills lacking...i feel like a failure and trying to keep going.
  12. been offered an interview at three cranes hotel in town. I am beyond bricking it, and ive lived a very wierd life.
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