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  1. O come on, has nobody seen the connection yet?.....check out the kebabish scene from four lions, this is literally straight up the road from where this was filmed. You couldn't make it up, they must have thought it was a documentary.
  2. Consider it a card that will keep on giving as you upgrade your computer in future.
  3. I have worked for a charity who take vulnerable people on as volunteers, their main expense for said people is one dinner once a week. These people generate thousands a month for the charity with their labour. Most of the volunteers have now been there years and not moved an inch forward because without them the number coming through the door won't allow it to continue operation, so they are literally not being given the help and support as suggested by what the news prints. Some of these people have mental health issues including autism and the company is payed 70 pounds per day, per person. Now for a charity not raking it in that comes in to a nice little earner, any wonder they are still there now?. There is alot of this helping the disabled into work hype going on, but the reality is, it's mostly just another numbers exercise with nice loopholes to make money from. When genuine change and help was suggested I ended up as a mostly one man crew and criticised when it was taking longer to implement and was then distanced from the charity. In stark contrast more money goes to the management than the disabled it supposes to help, go figure.
  4. step closer to detention camps is all.
  5. Case in point, we were at a car boot the other day, the male toilets were out of order and the line was far longer than the disabled toilet could cope with, and would need to be made free for those it is designated for. People very maturely used the "womens" toilet as a unisex toilet and there was the odd look of discomfort but most people seemed fine. Any exploit should be addressed, there will always be fringe elements, I have not yet seen anyone gender fluid who has not appeared to be forcing the view and would welcome a discussion with someone who is gender fluid to explain it further, the moment it becomes a forced issue I will disengage and assume my experience thus far.
  6. They do not and are not required to conform to my thought or opinion on the matter and I have not and will never form an aggressive stance on the subject. What a person identifies as is as you say their right, their choice. I do not share this view and that is mine. It's a binary argument for or against, which is the polar opposite of what is being debated where no lines should exist. I do have a problem with the "did you just assume my gender" argument because to the rest of the world somehow has to tackle how to identify them. Should such a person commit a crime we are not going to say well it's a gender shapeshifter, it will be based on immediate descriptions of the individual.
  7. Non binary gender identity is a mental construct brought into being by human psychological want in a society that has historically been aggresive towards change and difference. I do believe in some circumstances a brain can identify as more female or male in what would appear to be the wrong body for the individual as shown through a variety of tests of differences in brain organization when it comes to neural distribution. This however would be an exception and not a rule. Do these people have a right to their opinions, why of course they do. They do not however have a right to aggressively push that ideology upon others who do not agree.
  8. I worked as an I.T technical manager for a charity for 2 years, helping lots of people. Ironically part of my job was to help people become job ready ( me being unemployed ) and help bolster their CV's, rewrite them, aim to get them some form of certificate etc. Very few of those I worked with would be considered lazy, or unworthy of a position, in fact they often worked hard to meet orders, workload and would even volunteer for extra work on days they were not even due in. They were on job seekers, income support or a silly 6 month contract (those things are simply not fit for purpose and seem to cause more problems then they solve). I have seen people with wages, salaries not work at a fifth of the pace with half the gusto as these people, yet society still deems them lazy, the truth is most of them are not given a chance. Not one of these people would take a job like the one above, job security is not based on performance anymore but a company bottom line, which is often at the mercy of management is poorly managed making it impossible for targets to be met. It's not the employees that need training but the upper management. We achieved great results by treating people as human beings, finding their strengths and promoting their personalities, but in the end none of it matters and more and more work is becoming seasonal, we also noticed a drop off of revenue when benefits were cut, go figure.
  9. Rather than becoming more free to express, history is repeating itself as always. I am a male, I was born male and will die male. I would also play dolls with my daughter if that was her thing, as it turns out she enjoys playing with cars and streaming games online. This whole construct of gender fluidity is a creation by confused children trying to find their identity. I do believe gender should be little obstacle to activity and inclusion but this gender fluid thing is pretty strange. Apart from some animals every species has 2 genders, male and female and that is the way of it, once you start ignoring that fact and push that ideaology on others (and it happens alot) you are inching closer and closer to facism as has been shown in recent years with feminism. A free and fair society should be inclusive of all, that does not mean you have the right to dictate the views of society as a whole and go on the attack when someone does not agree with your new trend.
  10. because you talk alot and never stand for anything, that's the country you live in, you think 250,000 is bad, wait for the real kicking when the banks roll out in 2020 , get ready to manufacture guys, like ALOT!
  11. This was simply the most stupid thing that could have happened, this will easily be used as a recruitment tool for the extremists, well done you absolute idiot!
  12. time for a referendum on if the uk wants scotland to be a part of it?.....knee jerk again north of the border Welcome to the CONDUP Coalition
  13. I would take figures with a pince of salt, in the coming years the economy is going to swing around rapidly to make up for shortfalls so I would expect unemployment to rise considerably in the medium term, only to settle on more productive work which will lead to more stable figures over time with some productivity rises.
  14. If you multi task to any serious degree go with the amd fx lineup namely a 6300 or higher. In terms of multi tasking they are hard to beat in real world usage. I recently went to an i5 system and regret it based on this alone. Sure it gives you more performance (not as much as youd think) in application but the moment you start multi threading the work load your going to hit 100% real quick. Short of an i7 I would go team red. Never had any issues with my workload before this and I am sure something like an 8350 would have you happy enough.
  15. Please do not give any party a huge majority, the damage will be long lasting and painful to whichever part of society is the current social boogieman. Ukip saying vote conservative will get you a true exit but I tell you it will also give you the domestic demon to dance with. All parties will raise taxes after this, that bullet has been dodged long enough.
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